Juan Foyth out for 6 weeks, could miss Argentina matches


Juan Foyth is out injured for six weeks and could miss the Argentina matches for September.

Foyth was substituted out injured for Villarreal on Sunday in their 0-0 draw vs. Getafe and it looks like he will miss more than a match. According to Gastón Edul, he will be out for six weeks and will be closely followed by the Argentina national team.

The injury appears to be to his left knee and some reports even state that he will be out between 8-10 weeks. Argentina play two matches in September in the United States and he will not be discarded just yet as the team will follow his progress.


  1. He is an injury prone .it is better for scoloni to exclude him in a crucial tournment. And give more playing time to licha.Our key players pay more attention on thr physical fitness before WC.

    • It’s a blessing in disguise. Just stay where you are now and get good amount of minutes, then after the WC go wherever you like and start new challenges.

      • You are right. Barcelona could easily buy another RB and rot Foyth on the bench or sell him next season like they did to Depay and Aubameyang.

  2. Messi is having bad times with PSG, which only means good for Argentina. Whenever Messi cant vent his footballing abilities in one way, he fully focused in other team. It used to be good for barca, bad for argentina. Hopefully Mbappe become even more selfish.

    • The selfish act Mbappe is pulling at PSG is unprecedented across all the leagues. Messi is standing there wide open nobody marking him and shameless Mbappe just ignores him and decides to run and dribble past multiple players only to shoot 20miles wide, not once but multiple times last season and this season already!! How can Galtier just be a spectator to such self centred and ego centric display from this man child. He will be the reason PSG will crash out from Champions league.

      Even though it hurts to see the GOAT being treated like this by Mbappe and his bitches , it will only benifit the national team. Messi will be super hungry and desperate to score and with Mbappe and Neymar trying to outshine eachother, Messi doesn’t have push his aging body for this ungrateful team, which means he will not arrive burned out at the world cup.Hopefully Juventus signs him next season, they are the only one who can actually afford him and need him.

      • Juve would be perfect, he can play there centrally and dominate the game similar like Dybala but much more effective.

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