Nicolás Fernández Mercau joins Elche from San Lorenzo


Nicolás Fernández Mercau has joined La Liga club Elche from San Lorenzo.

Fernández is the latest Argentine to join the club following Federico Fernández joining them from Newcastle United. The 22 year old left back can also play as a left winger and has reportedly signed with them on a five year deal.

Elche now have a total of six Argentine players. Javier Pastore, Axel Werner, Lucas Boyé, Ezequiel Ponce, Federico Fernández and Nicolás Fernández Mercau.


  1. I think everybody needs to take a deep breath on Messi and the rest of the guys. These guys are all very experienced and I would rather have them save their legs for the WC than for their club team. I also can guarantee you they are not taking any risks for injury as the WC is right around the corner.
    I think this will be the final call up for the WC
    Martinez Armani Rulli (3)
    Molina Cuti Otamendi Acuna Montiel Pezzella Licha Tagliafico Foyth (9)
    LoCelso DePaul Paredes Guido Papu Palacios Enzo (7)
    Messi Lautaro DiMaria Correa Alvarez Nico Dybala(7)
    The only bubble guy left off here is MacAllister which I personally don’t know what he has ever done playing for a lousy team in EPL and not that critical in any NT games. Palacios is a fantastic playmaker when healthy and critical as an option in my opinion.

  2. Reading these comments here sometimes make me feel sick and stupid! For the folks who’re quick to jump their guns, please get Argentine citizenship, be a world-class football player, score more than what Messi did and win us the worldcup. We’ll all cheer for you!

    Pure psychosis from these so-called fans of the NT. God damn it!

      • Same here, brother! Except that I look for comments from certain folks whose perspectives I really like as it gives an extended reading time about the team and players we all support.

  3. Wholeworld can scored but Messi. Very painful for fan like us to watch Messi game at psg at late night days after days. Poor fininishing, Terrible free kicks, no pace and poor body language everything is there and if this continues Argentina will have to suffered at the World Cup. AND don’t excuse about Assists….

        • Excuses?????

          So according to your logic
          Dibu should be replaced since he can’t keep a clean sheet
          De Paul is shit for Atletico
          Paredes can’t get game time
          Acuna can’t keep a clean sheet

          So why not criticize them????
          Messi plays as a CAM for Argentina, so he is not expected to score 10 GLS just chip in a few

      • Messi is definitely phenomenal. No doubt on that. But when last he scored from free kicks after moving to PSG? He is making good assists. But those two assist balls if Messi would get today from anyone, it is difficult to believe Messi could score them! Second assist one today was to score by Messi in one touch but rather he received, procrastinated and passed to Mbappe who scored in one touch. These are the reality. I will be more than happy if Messi can improve himself before WC…

    • WTF are u even talking about??
      Yes the finishing wasn’t great but other than that it was a brilliant performance
      Btw aren’t assists part of the game????
      Have you forgotten Messi’s assists in the final against Italy??

      Terrible free kicks?
      Dude no player scores free kicks every game

      And btw Messi without pace made 9 successful dribbles
      Stop comparing the performance of a 35yo Messi to that of a 27 yo Messi

      Last season Messi had 6 league goals for PSG and he scored 5 in a single match for Argentina

      De Paul hasn’t been good for Atletico but I don’t see anyone crying about it and saying that he won’t perform for Argentina either

      Watch the match, not the stats

      • Yes Messi is the sky high best performer from our starting 11. Not even close. The performance of Emi, Molina, Paredes, De Paul, Lo Celso, Di Maria even Lautaro is much bigger worry. Neither of them play good for their standards.

          • I don’t know should I reply or just ignore your comment.
            Maradona and Messi are playing in two different eras and they are both different in their personalities. You don’t have the concept of single player single handedly wining the tournament anymore.
            Messi needs a well functioning team and with Messi, that team turns into world beater. I’m ignoring your knee jerk reaction about Messi not scoring as well as your petition to include Enzo.

  4. It’s very concerning for Arg that Messi becomes very poor in shot accuracy and scoring. Today and last match, he got lot of chances, but very poor conversion!!!

    • True. Very poor finishing by Messi for last 3 matches including this one. He tends to pass when he should go for goal and either shoots wide and high or gets blocked by keeper and defenders when getting relatively easy chances for his standards. His finishing needs to improve otherwise many chances will go begging for us.

        • The amount of chances he has wasted, even Mascherano would have scored half of them. He seem to have completely forgotten when to pass and when and where to shoot. Looked gassed out in the last 15 mins, totally stopped running. He has to score some bangers to get his confidence and scoring boots back!! It seems more mental and psychological problem he is going through when it comes to scoring. The whole PSG team tried their best to help Messi score today but he wasted all of the chances. He provided great assist to Mbappe for the first goal and second goal was also his assist. His playmaking skill is still unmatched and no-1 in the world but the once cold blooded killer has totally forgotten how to score!!

        • he is too indecisive in front of goal tonignt, if he wants he could have score atleast 2 goals, he was too frustrating to watch with too much dribbles in the box, JUST SHOT THE DAMN BALL LEO!!!

  5. I think it’s very safe to say our two main strikers will be Lautaro and Julian. Alario wasn’t comfortable enough being second choice so now he moved to be third choice. Simeone might be evaluated by Scaloni in training during the friendlies in the chance he’s called up but the chances of him making it are 2%. Lautaro as a starter, Alvarez as a rotation option Dybala as a makeshift striker seems good enough. And then there’s the Correa race where Joaquin is winning by far now. I don’t think Scaloni will drop one of his favorites especially that now he’s playing well and he insisted on him when he wasn’t.

    • Toro, Alvarez, and Dybala are the best “9s” at our disposal.
      J Correa shows flashes of brilliance but he isn’t consistent. We might see his form tank soon for months.
      7 Spots, think were confident with 5 given their form keeps improving or doesn’t decrease but the final 2 are a mystery since their form has tanked or are injured. I guess J Correa and Nico are the most reasonable assumptions given Scalonis historical preference.

      5 locked (i hope) – Toro, Dybala, Alvarez, Messi, Di Maria,
      2 open – A Correa, J Correa, Nico, Ocampos, Simeone, Garnacho, Alario

  6. Dibu Martinez saved Villa’s ass today! Other than that amazing lofty cross from DBrunne where the defender should have checked Haaland, Emi was awesome! I am glad he plays in the fastest league and mid-table team where he faces world class teams week in week out. His experience will be very beneficial in the world cup.

    After two amazing goals last week, It was quite surprising Pep didn’t sub Alvarez in. May be he didn’t want to sub out DBrunne or Haaland or Gundogan.

    • Messi is playing in a no-9 position in the first half today and Montiel is starting. Just want Messi to bang in some goals and Sevilla defeat ungrateful Bankruptilona today!!

  7. I think Gerrard is done and Villa will be 20th in the standing by tomorrow. Emi is the only good thing in Villa now and he posted on his instagram a couple of days ago: “keep fighting, I love this team”.

  8. Cuti is back. The Spurs won 2-1. I wouldn’t say Cuti play that good because Fulham goal was partly his fault. He was a bit late going back to defend which resulted in his man Mitrovic, scored a good goal. But other than that he was solid. Well his first game in around 20 days.

    My rating for him 6.5

    Next week Cuti vs Alvarez/Haaland of City.

    Now City vs Villa. Have mercy on Emi please Julian.

  9. An Argn DePaul is different and better than a club DePaul.At the moment thr is not much time for Enzo to play with others and unite with current team. Arg playing as a very good unit nowadays..

  10. ————–[ Muso] ————–
    -Romero. Otamendi.martinez-

  11. Without injuries the squad will be imo: Emi 100% Armani 100 Rulli 80 or Musso 20—Taglia 100 Acuna 100 Ota 100 Cuti 100 Lisandro 100 Pezzella 100 Molina 100 4 from Montiel 90/Foyth 90/Macallister 90/Palacios 90/Enzo 40 Paredes 100 Guido 100 De Paul 100 Lo Celso 100 Papu 100 Messi 100 Di Maria 100 Nico 100 Lautaro 100 Julian 100 Joaquin Correa 100 Dybala 80 or Angel Correa 20%.

    • seems about right.

      Its funny, as i was reading the comment, i switched the #s for Paredes as thought to myself “csabala you are trippin’, paredes aint 40%” 🙂

    • Hope this time around you won’t come up with those endless lineups and formations. It’s great to see you again. Let’s hope that our turn for winning the WC is Qatar 2022.

  12. Enzo is not only better than palacios he is better than our starters also except only DePaul maybe but he is also out of form right now don’t know in which condition he will reach qatar. De Paul is struggling in Atletico and not getting enough minutes is a big disadvantage even in the match against Italy he wasn’t impressive

  13. It is too early to predict the final 26. Before the season started it was almost certain who the final 26 was. Now the emergence of Enzo changes something. It all depends on 2 main things for me: September friendlies and October-early November players form.

    September friendlies and the seleccion training is crucial for Scaloni. Let’s see who he trusts the most and who impress in the training. That will be huge because for the next friendlies against UEA in November it will have been the real World Cup squad already.

    For me 3 spots still open: back up goalie, back up midfielder, and one extra striker (A Correa is 100% out? not 100% for sure)

    • 9 defenders 7 midfielders with Papu and 7 strikers? Why not only 8 DEF and 8 MID with both? No need for 3 RB’s makes no sense. Taglia Acuna Ota Romero Pezzella Lisandro and 3 RBs? With Papu thats 8 attackers its more than enough, just like the 8 defenders. Foyth can play in RB, CB, DM too as Lisandro too. 9 defenders is too much.

      • yes 9 defender is too much, that is one spot wasting and if scaloni go for 4th goalkeeper this will worst of all, it will also waste another spot, a lot of people overhype or over possessed by recent success bcs success comes after lot of time, i don’t know why scaloni so much possessed by armani it always feels like before emi forced into squad he is number one goalkeeper for him, he still seems to be his number second, while both musso and rulli deserve that,
        a wrong decision can cost from nowhere, i think the recent success argentina got it has lot of credit goes to player like messi, dimaria availability in final, and emerging player like depaul , lautaro
        with messi in the team argentina was always good team,

        one think to notice despite player like quarta,pezella, ota though ota is good but he got some error defence wasn’t always looks bad thanks to samual i think he brings some strength in defence.. in last copa argentina didn’t win by dominating everywhere , a lot of people praise montiel performance but montiel has one mission that he do it in that final very well to defend one specific mission this is why in copa he looks good,

        scaloni is not a perfect identifier of talent, i think argentina is strong bcs of it’s coaching staff like walter samual, aimar, ayala etc

        • His obsession with Armani is annoying. Scaloni has best chance of winning WC but should avoid Armani at all cost. He should rather concentrate on increasing Midfield players.

      • > No need for 3 RB’s makes no sense.

        I assumed 9/7/7 with GLC, Paredes, RDP, Dominguez, Palacios, Guido, Gomez, + 3 RBs. Now with Enzo’s rise and everyone’s current form, I’m not sure Montiel should be prioritized over an 8th midfielder when Molina and Foyth offer contrasting styles, get more minutes, etc. I’d prob go with 8/8/7 with Enzo over Montiel but if that report is correct, Scaloni will go with Montiel as Enzo has “very low” chances to make it.

        • @Choripan
          Foyth had a great season last year but he is not a natural RB and doesn’t provide much threat when pressing forward. Fullbacks tend to get booked a lot, especially with Messi prefering to play on the right side for the most part, Molina will have to do extra work to cover him. That means he might even have to commit fouls to stop opposition’s counter attack. If Molina gets suspended, Scaloni will need a natural RB to execute his high pressing game flow which Foyth doesn’t offer. Montiel had a decent first season, and had some good matches this season already. Navas gets picked over him because he is Spanish. However, I pick Foyth over both Molina and Montiel when defending a lead in a knockout match. Hence, it make sense to pick 9 defenders with three RBs

          • I think our CB’s and defensive mids lead in card count but regardless, you have really solid arguments for 3 RB’s (tactics, high press, yellows, etc). It’s also consistent with the other side – 3 LBs Acuna>Tag + Licha if we’re desperate.
            Foyth may not be a modern fullback but part of the reason why he’s isn’t going forward as much is also due to tactics, it’s not just his lack of desire or ability. I actually think Foyth will surprise us with his attacking output. He lacks pace, quick 1-2s, high press, etc but his long balls, dribbling, through passes, etc look really good. We also have Di Maria and energizer bunny RDP owning the right flank so fullback progression might not be as crucial compared to defensive output.

    • Unless Palacios gets injured before the world cup, there is no way Scaloni will drop him. He is the first midfield sub to come off the bench for any of Depaul, Lo-celso and Paredes. Yes, he will not start any match and if any of our regular midfielders are suspended then Papu or Guido will start ahead of him but when it comes to sending someone off the bench ,it has always been Palacios. He fits so well into Scaloni’s game plan that regardless of all the injuries he has had, he always gets called back when he regains his fitness.

      If 7 mids are selected then it will be DePaul, Paredes, Locelso, Guido, Papu, Palacios and the 7th will be between Macllister vs Domingez vs Enzo! (i.e. if Enzo is selected for the September friendlys, which he should )

    • @Insider i think only 15-16 players r sure other 10-11 players still needs to maintain their form and remain injury free to get the selection otherwise there r lots of options. I feel sad for garnacho. Ten hag absolutely killing his chances to go for the wc. If ten hag had given regular minutes even if it was 20-30 minutes cameo he has a decent shout for the left wing position

      • No not 15-16 are safe that’s for sure. Around 22-23 are safe. Only these are not safe:
        A Correa/Dybala/J Correa/maybe Simeone

        Other than them, all others are 100% safe. It is confirmed by all the tier 1 medias and many more.

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