Lionel Messi assists twice for PSG in 3-0 win vs. Nantes, reaches 6 assists for season


Lionel Messi had two assists for PSG in their 3-0 win vs. Nantes.

Messi has not scored in four matches but has four assists in his last two games. The Argentine assisted twice, both of which were goals by Kylian Mbappe, as he reached six assists this season in Ligue 1.

In six Ligue 1 games this season, Messi has three goals and six assists. In the opening match of the season vs. Clermont Foot, Messi had two goals and one assist.

Against LOSC Lille, he had one goal and one assist and against Toulouse, he had two assists. With his two assists against Nantes, Messi is now the first player in the top 5 European leagues to reach 100 assists since the seart of the 2015-2016 season.

Per SofaScore, here were his stats:

119 touches
2 assists
1 big chance created
4 key passes
5/5 accurate long balls
73/88 accurate passes
9/13 successful dribbles


  1. Simione is a real Motherfucker…..stupid ugly bastard son of a bitch for ruining Angels career……stop being an Argentine if you will put equally/less good players ahead of your argentine player

    Dont see much difference between Angel and Felix. The portuguese motherfucker (always hated him) is yet to score

  2. He is one of my least favorite NT players, but I can’t deny the fact that he had a good game today a brace from set pieces. Info He had a goal of the season contender from open play ruled out for offside. I need to see more tenacity and movement from him to convince me that he can be selected ahead of Enzo. But MacAllister looks like an improved player.

  3. It is clear DePaul’s game doesn’t suit Simeone’s tactics which is why he hasn’t been able to reproduce national team’s performance with Athletico. Many great players have struggled if the coach’s strategy doesn’t suit them. Messi also struggled due to Pochettino’s poor management. There is nothing wrong with Depaul, which will be clear when he dons national shirt and starts supplying those accurate long passes and cut backs.
    Again, Simone’s lovers will start whining here when we talk about how he has ruined Angel Correa’s career and is now in the verge of doing the same to Depaul.

    Regarding Montiel, it is the whole Sevilla team which is struggling. They have a very incompetent coach who with so many good players us struggling to draw a match against midtable team. With poor strategy and poor players around, anybody can look medicore. Moreover, Montiel is our backup fullback. Molina is indisputable starter for national team and his game is very much in sync with Leo , who needs good chemistry with fullbacks.

    Regarding Leo, we should all thank Messi for turning into a playmaker and shouldn’t complain about his poor finishing because he is 35? Its not because he is 35 and is getting old that is affecting his finishing. If a man can pass a pin point accurate ball from great distance from right/left flank into the box or dribble pass through 4’5 defenders and put the ball on a platter for Neymar and Mbappe , age has nothing to do with finishing. Messi needs to score some bangers and he will regain his scoring form and without his finishing form Argentina will be at a disadvantage, because Messi superior futballing knowledge helps him get into scoring positions numerous times in a match. Hopefully Scaloni will wake that sleeping monster in Messi! Some members on this site simply lack the brain power to comprehend constructive criticism.

    • Seriously Simeone is very mean to Argentina players. He knows for sure that A Correa and De Paul, especially the first one, needs to play as much as possible before November to prove their worth to Scaloni. Correa so far just got 1-10 minutes on the pitch. That’s really bad. How can you do that to someone who is fighting for a spot in the seleccion being an Argentine coach?

      It is not like Correa competes with 2 world class strikers or something. Morata is never a proven striker. He is in Spain national team because Spain only produce good midfielders nowadays not forwards. Felix is quite overrated. Not as good as advertised. Griezmann is MLS level striker now. Last season anytime Simeone started Correa. Correa finished their top scorer. What he does to Correa is just unbelievable.

      I am sure before the season started, Correa asked Simeone about his status and that he needs to play a lot. Maybe Simeone lies to him or something, otherwise if he knew that he would just play 1-10 minutes every game, he would have asked to be transfer listed for sure. Correa is very reliable for Argentina. He always played good whenever given a chance for the national team. We can’t afford to lose him. He is a good teammate too. He gets along with everyone.

      • The way they are handling Grizeman’s case, makes its clear what kind of respect they have for their players. A.Correa is wasting is peak years at that toxic club and both him and Depaul should ask for a transfer in January!! Especially, it hurts to see a quality midfielder like Depaul restricted to a subordinate role.

  4. I watched the clip above, messi had a great game. he was man marked by many. though he didn’t score, he is a very mature player. he prefers harmony in the team than goal. let’s not start mbappe selfishness. messi s really the 🐐

  5. It baffles me to acknowledge how some of the Mundo users are rather concerned about Messi’s league goal tally than the flaws we should be addressing about. It is no longer a lie that once a cold blooded finisher has now completely evolved into a classic Enganche (aka the number 10). IMO that’s greatly gonna benefit the NT, with the number of chances this guy can pull out of nothing.

    • The issue ain’t Messi’s finishing prowess, but it goes far beyond that and the matter in question is Rodrigo DePaul’s lack of sharpness and Montiel’s living of the hype from single Copa Final game.

      Rodrigo seems lost, two horrendous performance in a span of week is alarming. The man is on the peak of his game and playing like he’s past his prime. Seems more like a mental imbalance. Consulting with Mr. Scaloni and the national staff is the need of the hour for him to get rid of this trauma. He’s destined to be the future captain, can’t see him in such sorrow.

      Now speaking about Montiel, he had one objective in his life and he fulfilled his purpose that with 100% perfection. That day was the Copa final, 2021. Eternally grateful for that, but I belive it’s time to move on. He’s a below average player and nowhere at the level to play for a nation like Argentina, who are aiming for accomplishing the pinnacle of the game.

  6. I am just surprised to see some comments here that Messi can’t score…!!
    Some say Messi should have scored from Mbappe assist but he couldn’ he passed the ball back..!!

    These people knows the game or what .? They didnt see that the Mbappe’s pass cleared by a defender further away from Messi to score…that’s why he control and assisted back that ball.
    And at the first goal..they say Messi wouldn’t have score that type of goal…now a days…!
    Just check previous games…you will see different types of excellent goals…and for this first goal..check how Messi made Mbappe a free space…Messi drew attention from the defender near to Mbappe…then freed Mbappe to shoot ..this is a brilliant move… normal for Messi…
    Messi was marked very tightly whenever he’s near the penalty area. So, you need bit of luck too to score. Messi didn’t have that yesterday..that’s it. There was an incident one defender blocked the Messi’s shot with VAR..
    Whoever thinking any player should score from free-kick in every few matches…check the free-kick conversion rate of every players…who ever Played football…this is not easy as you think….

  7. Anyone who critisise leo Messi doesn’t understand football and shouldn’t watch the beautiful game easily for me messi is the best player ever.He is going to win world cup in three months time. You must appreciate the guy still doing at age 35
    If you think messi will do what he used do when he was at age 27 than you f..king stupid.

  8. Looking like 2006 Zidane out there. No head butts and title secured.

    I don’t know why people criticize this masterful performance. If it were Xavi, DeBruyne, Pirlo, etc., everyone would lose their minds.

    This shows you how great Messi is. People criticize him because of the standard he has eclipsed.

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