Gio Lo Celso scores for Villarreal in 4-0 win vs. Elche


Gio Lo Celso scored his first goal of the season for Villarreal in their 4-0 win vs. Elche.

Lo Celso joined Villarreal on loan in August has his first goal of the season. The Argentine received the ball inside the penalty area and at a difficult angle struck the ball and scored to give Villarreal the 2-0 lead.

The 26 year old has been named in Lionel Scaloni’s preliminary Argentina list for September. Argentina play Honduras on September 23 in Miami and on September 27 against Jamaica in New Jersey.

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  1. In the post match Analysis, Gary Neville said “I don’t know what has changed since Brentford”.

    But the below comment exposed him and showed how shameless Gary is. He is mean and can’t admit Licha sent their clueless, pricey defender (Lord Harry) to the bench.

    “It’s actually really clear and obvious what the change has been since Brentford. Ten Hag has dropped Maguire and Shaw and trusted his own signings. He’s also done the right thing by keeping Ronaldo at arms length. Gary Neville can’t admit that because they’re english and Ronaldo is, well, Ronaldo.”

    • Dadir10 well said you are spot on bro
      Those English pundits will never admit that man utd problems was those overrated overpriced English players they will always look excuses for them
      Look Jack grealish 100 million and pep doesn’t even fancy him he will trust Julian Alvarez more than him for sure.
      I remember few weeks ago Erik ten Hag said varane and licha are best due but he couldn’t play them together at the start of the season mainly of British media but since he lost to Brighton and Brentford badly he had to act on his way or he was going to lose his job that is why he stuck with licha even though British media were picking him up due his height but ten Hag knew licha will die for him and he just did that for him, believe me lich martinez still hasn’t reach his best but once he hit the ground running and reach his best, I will wonder what they will say

    • England soon will be jealous of what we have in our disposal. Their best defenders are Maguire and Stones. Maguire is a joke and Stone is not City first choice. In the Spurs Cuti is considered a legend in the making and they already say that they wish they would go after Licha instead of Bastoni, a move that was never materialized. In MU Licha is already considered their most important player by far.

      Both Cuti and Licha should challenge Van Dijk this year for the best defender in the league.

      Maguire and Shaw are Bournemouth or Nott Forest caliber players now.

  2. The truth is people here need to grow up. Here people are like:

    “Licha had a shitty debut for MU”. He is not good enough for the NT.

    “Licha was the MOM against Liverpool”. He should replace Otamendi in the starting line up.

    “Enzo scored 2 goals.” He is a must start for the NT!

    “Senesi played really good for Feyenoord” Why don’t we call him up?

    “Senesi’s team losing 0-9” He is not good enough.

    People need to grow up. Just like Riquelme once said that people say that this guy is world class that guy is world class after a couple of matches. If you want to be considered a really good player, prove it for at least 1 full season, if not more not just a couple of matches.

    For me the difference between a mediocre player and a great player is consistency. That’s all.

    Look if Chimy Avila scores 7 goals tomorrow, u want him starting instead of Lautaro? Or if Ledesma kept a clean sheet against Madrid and made 20 saves in a game then he should start, not Emi Martinez right?

  3. Hmm, what do you know? I thought Lo Celso was not dynamic enough, kind of low energy and Enzo Fernandez is ready to get a starting spot at Lo Celso’s expense…how about that?

    • To be frank, there is no one in our midfield like GLC in terms of energy and stamina except De Paul. GLC is the corner stone of our midfield and there is great chemistry between him and Messi in particular and the rest of the team in general. IMO, Enzo isn’t fast and can’t fight on the ball a lot. He falls easily and that isn’t good for a midfielder. I see many players that try to get a foul instead of passing the ball quickly and creating counter attacking chances. To me, Enzo is in that category. Overall he is a good player, but he needs a lot of improvement.

    • Good thing Scaloni is our coach because anyone that’s watched a single game of Enzo at Benfica will see that his running and hustle is at the levels of Paredes and has nothing to do with what Lo Celso and De Paul give us progressing the ball up midfield. Now I’ve said it before that he did play higher up the pitch at River which is true (getting more assists, goals, key passes, 1° for passes in the opposition half, etc) but Europe and national competitions are different than the Argentinian league and while I’m curious to see him higher up the pitch in Europe his best role at this level is as a 6 in a double pivot. That’s how he’s been playing. I really don’t think a Enzo-Paredes-De Paul midfield or —please save us— a Lo Celso-Paredes-Enzo midfield (as I’ve seen some rogue people calling for) would work in an important or tough game. Now maybe I’m completely wrong and Scaloni experiments with that later this month and it works for some tactic but right now watching Enzo at Benfica and seeing him at River he doesn’t look De Paul or Lo Celso-esque at all. He’s a slower more lethargic possession style footballer (which is why I really want to see how he plays in the champions league to see what he does for the first time playing with much less possession). It’s not to say that this difference means he can’t play some role in the WC because he is one of our most in form midfielders but switching him for any member of the LPD now seems preposterous.

      • I would also say Palacios is more of an asset than Enzo, because he’s more experienced, played under Scaloni, knows the teammates and better chemistry as a result, can score goals, can defend, a genuine box-to-box.

        Needless to say, real life is not Play Station or fantasy football where you can insert your favorite in-form player and be done with it.

        • Agree Palacios is more mature and will be a great subs. Only is injury prone is the main issue. Enzo is a young and promised player, need more time to deliver, but not too early to join N/T

      • Im sure enzo will prove u guys wrong. And i can’t believe so much overhype for lo celso he is good but nowhere near what here some people want him to potray.

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