Pity Martínez of Al-Nassr has pericarditis


Pity Martínez of Al-Nassr has confirmed that he has pericarditis.

Mundo Albiceleste learned and first broke the news on Twitter through one of their sources that the 29 year old has a heart condition. Pity confirmed the unfortunate news on Sunday through an Instagram post as he wrote:

“Soon I will be in the field giving the best of me. It is a pericarditis and it is necessary to treat it and nothing else”.

Once regarded as one of Argentina’s best young players, Pity scored a goal in the infamous Copa Libertadores final vs. Boca Juniors in 2018 which was played at the Bernabeau in Madrid. He would go on to join Atlanta United for one year before joining his current club Al-Nassr in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


  1. The ref disallowed MacAlister’s goal because he thought the offside Brighton player impacted the way the Leicester defender cleared the ball. The Brighton player did not touch the ball.
    Total speculation and guesswork by the referee, this is crazy, I hope VAR is not used this way in the World Cup.

  2. Wow what a game by Alister, I said it before and I will say it again for those fellow Mundo mates who always douted him, “you won’t wear a number 10 Jersey if you are not special”

  3. MacAllister on the right track…from starting I am telling this guy can score goal.. ..A goal scoring midfielder…real deal.
    Unlucky for that disallowed goal..still he got the double..!

    • You mean me? Come back to me in 5 years. I will remind you. It is also perfect that people talk about him under the thread of “Gonzalo Pity Martinez” because we had a lot of players like him: looking good and then by time, you see the real quality.

      5-7 years ago everyone worship Pity Martinez here. Including that famous Outlaw also named himself after Pity Martinez with the name of “Gonzalo”.

      • Honestly you didn’t even come to my mind and that wasn’t you, it’s generally speaking, even me have my doubts a bout Alexis MacAllister but fact is that he is having a good season so far that’s all
        El principle even though I disagree with certain things about the beautiful game still respect your knowledge and your opinion about our players.

        • I don’t follow mediocre players like him sorry. You guys can go ahead follow his developments. But I will just remind everyone here. 5-7 years ago there were guys like Pity Martinez, Meza, or Benedetto and many more. They were worshipped by many. I was one of the very few who doubted their qualities and of course everyone attacked me. Now the whole world knows who Pity Martinez, Meza, or Benedetto are.

          Just because I love Argentina does not mean I support every player with the Argentine passport including those who are NOT national team material. If they are not national team material, I won’t bother watching. If they are good and will be the back bones of our seleccion for years to come, I will watch every single match of them. That’s why I watch and will watch all Cuti, Emi, Licha matches.

          • Its the death of logic mentioning Alexis’s name in the bracket of Meza, Pity etc. He is playing quality opposition in the best league on the world. There is no comparison. He is making people eat their words.

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