Gabriel Batistuta scores in charity game


Gabriel Batistuta scored in a friendly game earlier this week.

Batistuta is once more scoring. The legendary and most prolific number nine in the history of the Argentina national team turned back the clock.

The 53 year old striker took part in a charity game earlier this week in Italy where he scored in the Partita del Cuore 2022 event. It was a pass from the legendary Francesco Totti and Batistuta would score.


  1. Enzo hot topic here… His performances have been really great so far. Several MOTM performances and now voted midfielder of the month in his first month. HUGE plus that he has proved that he can join a new league & new team and instantly become a key player. Just like Romero did with NT & Spurs, Licha with MU. If he can do it so naturally with Benfica, I’m sure he can do it with Argentina.

    I have been so impressed that I decided to compile his passing statistics from his first 10 competitive matches in Europe… I was not disappointed.

    Enzo (10 matches) – 5 league, 1 UCL, 4 UCL qualifiers

    1123 touches (112 per match)
    885/985 passes (89.8% accuracy) – 88.5 per match
    91/113 long balls (80.5% accuracy) – 9.1 per match
    9 key passes (0.9 per match)

    I know it’s a small pool of matches and it should be reviewed again end of season bla bla bla…
    But so far these passing stats are VERY impressive for a 21 year old who has just moved to Europe

    • Actually it gets better when you compare the league stats with the top stats of the other leagues

      Primeira Liga
      Touches 118.2 (Enzo)
      Passes 92.8 (Enzo)
      Long balls 10.8 (Enzo)

      Touches 106.7
      Passes 90.2
      Long balls 8.7

      La Liga
      Touches 94.0
      Passes 68.7
      Long balls 7.3

      Serie A
      Touches 92.4
      Passes 70.6
      Long balls 9.5

      Touches 92.0
      Passes 72.6
      Long balls 8.4

      Ligue 1
      Touches 103.3
      Passes 83.0
      Long balls 9.2

      Yep, our guy has seen the ball more than any other player in Europe’s top 6 leagues so far

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