Lucas Martínez Quarta scores for Fiorentina in 2-1 loss vs. Bologna


Lucas Martínez Quarta scored for Fiorentina in their 2-1 loss vs. Bologna.

Martínez Quarta scored his first goal of the season and the first goal of the game vs. Bologna on Sunday. A cross inside the penalty area was spilled and a second ball, a low pass into the area found the Argentine who scored to give Fiorentina the 1-0 lead.

The 26 year old is part of the preliminary Argentina national team list for the September games against Honduras and Jamaica.


  1. I say we should not be worried about Messi lack of goals. He still not giving 100% to PSG to avoid injury, also Mbappe and Neymar are having internal war and Messi dont want to get involved in those sort of things, he already have 7 ballon dor and other 2 are fighting for one. I say after WC, messi will be beast without WC concerns.

  2. If no injury happens our Left flank seems quite secure both offensively and defensively. Acuna is a left winger turned left full back ,which is why he is quite good offensively and very safe defensively and his substitute Tagliafico is even better in defense and can also play a CB and he is not bad offensively either and add work horse Nicholas Gonzalez on that left flank.

    Prior to Copa victory, our right full back position was a mess. Scaloni had tried multiple players but non of them impressed until Molina was selected ( however he had a bad semi final in copa). He is also a work horse , super pacy and quite good both offensively and defensively. Montiel other hand is an average player but he is a back up player. I have watched few Sevilla matches this season and he hasn’t been as bad as its been discussed here. The only reason he is benched is because both other RBs in Sevilla are Spanish. Of Course he hasn’t been great or outstanding like Licha in Man United but even starting RB Molina hasn’t done much either but in his defense he is new and slowly integrating in the Atletico Madrid. Montiel is a backup RB , will only be used if Molina is injured , suspended or has received a card during a match and is in the verge of getting a red, which is very likely scenario as Dimaria and Messi both like to play in the right flank.

    However out of all three, Foyth is without doubt the best when it comes to playing defensive game. His game doesn’t involve pushing forward and attacking in Villarreal and may be that’s why he looks so safe in their right flank. Scaloni won’t be able to execute high pressing attacking game with Foyth in the right flank. But in terms of a defensive minded RB, if you look into Villarreal’s champion’s league run last season, he was able to easily handle every winger on his flank ( he did struggle against Coman in the second league a bit though). Super-Hyped Vinicios Junior couldn’t do anything against Foyth in both fixtures. If we are defending a lead in a do or die match in the world cup my first preference would be Fotyh no doubt!

  3. I am also concerned about Montiel’s form because the implications of not having a back-up to Molina are far bigger than just not having another proper RB on the bench.

    As I said before, simply bringing in Foyth as Molina’s sub is not a straightforward sub. If Foyth has to play then Scaloni has to change the formation and system as well. This probably means that Di Maria cannot play on the right anymore because there would be no-one to play decoy while Fideo cuts onto his left and drifts inside. A proper RB simply making those runs deep into opposition territory is in large part what allows Di Maria to wreak havoc on the right flank. Without this maneuver it would be a lot harder as the opposing team will be just double man marking him. That’s why an overlapping fullback is crucial for Di Maria’s success on the right hand side. Foyth is great at interceptions and standing tackle, an excellent diagonal passer but his offensive contribution resembles that of a defensive midfielder not a modern fullback. Moreover, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Foyth chose 8 as his number which kind of reveals how he seems himself, as a midfielder who plays centrally!

    • I think foyth is capable of repeating montiels copa final performance. In a 4 4 2 he can play there well. Foyth as a sub of Romero is much better. Foyth is equally or more beneficial than Pezella as a ball playing CB. So montiel also would be an automatic pick as there is no other option as a sub. Montiel can make decent forward runs and crosses. But no consistency in his forward runs. If we expecting a Montiel from that copa final currently foyth is better in that position. But as enganChe said a RB sub who can overlap is much better. Then that means scaloni should give preference and believe in his system rather than the players club form.

      • montiel in copa final didn’t give any attacking output, he solely focused on defense this was his standalone task this is why montiel looks good in final, in that case foyth is 100 times better than montiel..

        • Hahahah monteil is 100 times better right back than foyth…. At least he can go forward unlike foyth.
          Montiel doesn’t have pace but still he can do much better job than foyth.

          • your words or thought give me bigger laugh, lol.
            i think many people in here forget foyth played previous copa , he did quit well then and he defensively always good

      • Defensively Foyth is excellent, however as I said playing him as a RB has implications for the entire right flank and who can play there at the same time. Depends also on the opponent, if we are playing Saudi Arabia we should be controlling the game and playing attacking football. If we meet France in a play-off game then certain adjustments might be needed.

  4. I would really like Scaloni to give good 45mins each match to both Enzo and Foyth in RB position to see how they fare against relatively easy opponents. Unfortunately, Foyth has injured himself but Enzo can be played instead of Palacios and MacAllister as both have been given ample time during which they have been more than satisfactory.

    Also, I would like Messi to play as a out and out striker in both matches and not drop down deep or play from the midfield. He needs to bang in goals to uplift his confidence. Last year he had long covid and injuries and that is why we all thought he was done. I refuse to believe that age is causing his goal drought. This man is still able to easily dribble past multiple defenders and provides super assists every match. Once he scores some bangers he will regain his confidence. Right now his lack of goals is psychological and not physical!! Messi’s superior futballing knowledge help him find himself in goal scoring positions multiple times in a match and which is why we need him to be back to his clinical form before the worls cup!!

    • Messi is a 10 now. He does it for the NT and club. His days as a false 9 are over short of a Lautaro injury.

      Personally I welcome it, a 10 can lead a team better (a la Diego) and also he can play that position at an elite level into his 40s.

      Messi doesnt need goals for confidence, he needs a team.

      • Yes, I agree with you he is now a no-10 but unlike other playmakers/AM like Drbruyne or even Neymar , he is able to find himself in a lot of goal scoring positions. And again unlike Ligue 1 or even Champions league, where you can afford to miss chances , in world cup Argentina can’t afford to miss chances and which is why Messi needs to be back to his scoring form. Yes, at his age you can’t divide your focus and energy equally into both playmaking and scoring which is why Messi is creating more and Lewandowski and Benzema are scoring more but Messi is different. Even playing in midfield and dropping deep and being ignored passes near the box numerous times in a match he gets a lot of chances which is due to his Supreme positional awareness and futballing knowledge and we will need him to finish those half and easy chances in the world cup, which is why Scaloni needs to help Messi get his scoring form back.

    • The game of PSG is totally different from that of Argentina. Even as a no 10 he can score goals playing for Argentina. From defense mid field to forwards all settled nicely in a shape where Messi can turn into a beast mode. Yeah I mean 2 ball playing CBs Romero and lisandro and and from right Molina and de Paul. Paredes is very capable of making out of no where through balls and passes and in left lo celso who is capable to control that side with Acuna. All are capable of making good string of passes and 1-2s even in the final third and playing in closed spaces which makes Messi to unleash the beast in him.Adding lautaro and di Maria to it we can see a wide range of ways for messi to be get benefitted from the team mates. Messi can hide and roam where ever he want. Adding to this all these players are exceptional in defending and pressing. Even if Messi lose possession they can handle it. If all goes well the Worldcup will reach in Buenos Aires.

      • What a team . My starting eleven for the worldcup.
        Emi Martinez
        Molina Cuti Lisandro Acuna
        De paul. Paredes. Le celso
        Messi. Lautaro. Di Maria

        Still we have so much depth on the bench.
        Rulli, Otamendi, Tagliafico، Foyth, Guido, Papu, Palcios, Enzo,Dybala,Nico ,A Correa. And many more

  5. Gallardo is not succesful in domestic leagues, he won only 1 Primera Division with River since 2014, until Boca 4 Primera Divisions and 2 Copa de la Liga Profesionals. Ofc River fans always have to talk about Libertadores, but Boca have 6 and River only 4. Until Gallardo is here Boca will dominate Primeras imo.

    • Gallardo from 2014 have won 14 tittles.
      if you want to see only domestic leagues ok.
      As about Libertadores from 2014 Boca have 0 and numerous international eliminations from River plate.
      it depend how you want to see things.
      1 European fan can interest more for win champions league than domestic league and 1 other can interest more for domestic league win than champions league.
      As i said it depend how you want to see things.

  6. Olive my friend. i read calm your post again and really i agree with everything you said.
    Just only i want to say that for yesterday game Gallardo have big fault but this is only a tree of the forest of our problems.
    the team is poor and quality is very low compared with the last recent years.
    it is better to avoid go back more than from last recent years because we will CRY BIG in end if we think go more back.
    So for me the big problem is the head. Brito. he is in beginning of his leadership but till now i have see that he is not even close to D Onofrio.
    the man have make River a supermarket. whoever wants is coming and buying in any cost.
    when the man see a dollar jumping like monkey.
    Plus the production of players need time and the idiot selling very fast everything he see. what future you expect this way my friend?
    IF D Onofrio end his tenure and left the club with big financial hole then he have to say it openly to don t blame him unfair and turn our attention to D Onofrio.
    if not then he should change his philosophy or resign.

    But the truth is we don t have financial issues. we have start to rebuild Monumental. to increase the capacity and make it modern stadium. you have see already that the field is brand new and modern from recent years past. Now they make modern the chants and soon they will start build the new chants.
    there is not exist financial issues in the club.
    The issues is in Briti s head.

    Anyway my friend. Now we should concentrate to next game with Banfield and to next games to succeed save the season.

    • I agree. The situation is interesting because at the beginning I was really positive about Brito. He was going to continue things Donofrio did and as soon as he became president he made signings like Barco and Quintero which at first I thought were incredible, but both players haven’t shown their talent or been consistent. Then Herrera, Gomez, Pochettino, and Gonzalez Pirez are just significant downgrades from our level a couple of years ago. Mammana and Solari were the best transfers. I really like Aliendro but sadly he will be out for a while. Borja is a good striker but he doesn’t fit our system. Our squad just doesn’t make much sense. I don’t see Gallardo’s philosophy and I’m not just talking about yesterday. Hopefully the stadium remodeling and branding helps us in years to come, but right now on the pitch things have been in decline for two years and really worsened since January. The team itself needs to align with all the modern and glamorous rebuilding they are doing to the brand. In the end results are what matters most. I still think we can salvage the season because mathematically it is very possible for us to win the league if we actually get points.

  7. Armani, Montiel and Pezella to a certain extent shall never be given a free pass to represent the national team, whether we like it or not. I’m not being reactionary, but this is the high time we should reconsider our available options.

    1. Musso can be far the better alternative to the veteran River plate Goalie. The guy plays in Europe and has been performing at an substantial height for quite a long time.

    2. Talking about Montiel, the guy has never been promising, since the inception. In short, he is a bang average footballer on his best day. There’s a reason why a 36 year old Navas (soon to be 37) has always been priortized ahead of the young blooded Argentine and now he seems to be on the verge of getting benched for a 20 year old Spaniard. Sounds harsh? I know, but this is what it is.

    In my opinion, there’s no point securing a spot for another RB, when we have two players of scintillating quality in Molina and Foyth to cover that spot.

    3. Lastly, I can’t complain much about Pezella. The guy is calm, composed, good on the ball and a fine defender, afterall. But the factor which bothers me the most about him is that he’s not that fast considering the requirements of the modern game.

    I think Balerdi can be a better alternative, but I doubt if the Marseille defender is on the radar of Mr. Scaloni.

    • Case of Armani…we discussed many times. Unless he’s injured he will be in WC squad. Musso and Rulli deserve the spot.
      Montiel case is worrying. Backup to Navas and now for a 20 years old too..?
      Pazella is still good, but only when the team is defending as a unit. Romero, Lisandro and Otamendi will be first choice.

    • last years is true the level and quality of teams have descreased significantly.
      that is why those games transformed lately from wild classic Argentine style beautiful games to just dirty games. the problem is that the wildness became violence last years and this is both sides fault. the reason is mostly the quality that decreased and the fact that after Madrid final Bosteros couldn t handle their defeat and after they bring violence AND inside pitch.
      the violence was out of pitch all the years. now Bosteros have bring it and inside pitch unfortunately. To make clear something other thing a wild game and other thing dirty violent game. there is difference for me.
      Anyway if you are not fan of one of those teams or you don t have interest for Argentine league then you don t have reason to watch those games true you are wright.

  8. Cox, Olive
    Can you please explain something to me. It seems many people talk about how good Gallardo is as a manager. Why doesn’t he get more interest from European teams? It seems he has been at River for a very long time and has won many trophies and championships, but very limited interest from big clubs or even medium clubs. Why is this?

    • Gallardo is very successful in River plate. His results speak. no reason for me to add something. He have create an era for us and he is a symbol and legend of our club.
      He and his family is part of the big River plate family.
      Many clubs in past had interested in all those years for him. you are wrong.
      Not from European giants but from many clubs. Every time that a season was ending always a club showed up. But we succeed with an one or another ways to keeping him in River. Gallardo loves and he is emotional for River and all the River family we love him very much.

      Now you ask me if he is a good manager.
      Honestly i don t know. Some people can say yes some people can say no. no argue.
      Personally i don t give a damn for this. it is more than enough to me that he is successful in River plate and he bring our club to glory in past years. i want him stay in River many years more and i trust him 100% that he can bring us to glory again in future years.

    • Not an entire explanation because I really don’t have one but Gallardo is comfortable in River, with an important position of authority and an entire club and group around him. If he chooses to stay he stays. If the media has been correct in the past few years then he has had interest from PSG and Real Madrid but these clubs are turbulent and if you don’t win immediately you can be sacked. In Europe it’s basically a merry go round of coaches so the second someone’s sacked the club finds another world class coach. Unless a big project for several years comes along and trust is given to him I don’t think he’s going to be jumping to leave, unless he really wants to take a risk and live out a few years with changes and insecurity

  9. Boca won the superclasico 1-0. Extremely boring, terrible game. Awful football from both sides with no real chances except the corner that Boca took advantage of. The only semblance of okay football was at the end when River made a couple of changes and started to attack more but it was too late. Despite the lack of football today, things always happen in Superclasicos with Rojo getting sent off for an above the chest foul and a controversy about Aliendro who got stepped on or kneed in the face? It’s hard to tell what happened but he went off bleeding and with a black eye. I always support Gallardo but today he lost the game himself, with a very odd formation that we haven’t played this season that I can only guess was maybe for counter attacks but in the first half every counter attack failed and River lost every duel without any possession. Solari didn’t play in a comfortable role and was subbed off without doing anything. Embarrassing because Ibarra has only been a coach for two months. Boca is well positioned now to fight for the title and if River doesn’t lose confidence I can only see both teams fighting for it because the rest don’t have a deep enough squad.

    Cox, right now my thoughts are that we have no excuses but to win as many games as we can and get points. I hope that we also put in a fight for the Copa Argentina so we have something to play for if the rest fails. If we don’t get better then I hope we make a lot of changes to the squad in January and get rid of the many average substitutes we have (even though they aren’t to blame today). After so many player sales over the years it’s clear that this team either doesn’t have the tactical qualities to play what Gallardo wants or the attitude to fight for the shirt (the only players that did that today were Palavecino, Beltran, and Enzo)

    • He was elbowed in face when the ball was in the other side.
      we will see his condition next hours.
      As about the game no comment my friend. my blood is boiling still and i will write to you about our team tomorrow when i will be calm.
      for now i will say only that this is not football. my friend.
      this is something else. other sport.
      2 poor teams play an awful game and win the one that play dirty and allowed to introduce the kick boxing sport in a football game.
      that s all my friend.
      i will write you my critics for our team tomorrow when i will calm.

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