Paulo Dybala scores, assists for AS Roma in 2-1 win vs. Empoli


Paulo Dybala scored and had an assist for AS Roma in their 2-1 win vs. Empoli.

Dybala reached three goals in Serie A this season in AS Roma’s win on Monday. The Argentina received the ball from outside of the penalty area and struck it into the corner to give AS Roma the 1-0 lead.

Empoli would draw level but Dybala would have another trick up his sleeve. The 28 year old would send in a cross to Abraham who would score.

He is now on three goals and two assists, having scored all three goals in his last three games.

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  1. Looks like Barca will never learn. They blamed Messi when he was the reason for their UCL contention but left real culprit like busquets etc.

    • Please tone down the profanity. Neither I or you manage one of the biggest clubs in Spain, Simeone does.
      He puts RDP and Griezmann in second half most of the matches.
      I think it’s fine as long as we avoid any injuries before the World cup as well as get sufficient playing time.

  2. Sporting-Spurs 2-0. Cuti played well. Sporting is a counter attack team too like the Spurs. Both late goals have nothing to do with Cuti. He was solid overall. His passing accuracy maybe close to 100%. Defensively they did not challenge him much because most of Sporting offense came through the middle.

    • I already knew it. On the weekend it was an easier game so they started their “bench” players like De Paul and Correa. The CL is more important, so they get back to the original starters. Here comes the shitty Felix one of the biggest flops of all time.

      • Throughout all these years i have been watching football, Felix is one of the most overrated players i have ever seen. I don’t know about you, but personally, i haven’t seen anything special about him. Simeone is guilty for supporting this hype in expense of other players chances. I don’t think that many coaches would bench rdp and correa for simeone’s favourite boys.

        I dislike everything that has to do with German teams but now i would like seeing Leverkusen screw Simeone and his bitches!

  3. Some of us was stated that it was baffling how Inter didn’t go for Paulo but to me it was more baffling that no one actually wanted him even he was free agent. That was ridiculous on top. This is exactly how Argentine players suffers in transfer market unfairly. There is so much hype about Varzilian even they are below average. During 2014 world cup some of their players was shit yet they were hyped as world class even in this forum some of us was dying praising them and rest of is history. No one ever can take the 1-7 buzz from my memories.

    • Brasil have very good marketing and they use their brand name much better than us.
      what you say is true but the problem is not them. they are doing their business. the problem is what we are doing and how we sell our brand and our products.
      in this department we are far back than Brasil unfortunately.

      Anyway don t speak much and loud about that subject.
      AFA and superliga teams presidents sleeping now !!!
      you will wake them from the deep sleeping !!!

  4. Very happy to see Paulo in form, the poor guy suffered alot physically since getting COVID early last year. If he stays fit and maintains his form he can be essential for the NT. I still remember how good he was when he played with Messi and Kun against Chile in copa19 and I really can see a Dybala-Lautaro tandem with Messi just behind them causing some serious havoc, especially if Dimaria is out injured.

    Another argentine forward who is in form is Chime Avila, I really feel bad for the kid because he is a fine striker but oh so unlucky to get 2 ACL ruptures back to back.
    I’ve been keeping an eye on him and he’s playing more as a right winger than a striker in the last few games and hasn’t lost a beat. Still the chances of him making the WC squad are -sadly- about as high as Trump telling the truth.

  5. Why are the comments always so off-topic in this blog?!

    People are talking about Joaquin Correa cheating on Lautaro’s wife, Simione, Angel Correa under a post about Dybala’s goal and assist.

    Talking about Argentine super-classico, Dybala, Messi in PSG vs Barcelona under a post about today’s Champion’ League games.

    This blog needs a few moderators.

    • Your comment per se is also off-topic, hehe
      But I get your point, some of us have been calling for moderators or ignore/block button for some time to avoid toxicity/trolls. In the end of the day it’s a free forum to talk anything Argentina NT and it’s unfeasible to expect all comments to strictly be on-topic of each post

      Perhaps a daily discussion section apart from Roy’s posts could be a good idea?

    • Everybody can speaking polite and respectful for anything they want related to Argentina. this is fine and very normal thing too especially in 1 dead period for national teams football.
      what you want us to speak? exist game of national team and we speak for anything else?
      in those dead period of times i interest for River plate the other for Messi in psg the other for Correa the other for Simeone and whatever else related to Argentina. there is nothing wrong or bad on that.

      thank God the romance king era have passed (i hope without return) and the forum is just fine.

      • Hey everyone, I appreciate the feedback.

        As for the comments, the site has always had a pretty liberal open door policy when it comes to discussion. As long as it’s about Argentina or a player, it shouldn’t be much of a problem. Although we have had some problems.

        Part of the reason why the ignore button has not yet been implemented is due to, ironically enough, spam accounts. There are several of them and it does weigh on the server. Once most have been deleted, the comments section will be revamped!

        I very much appreciate the feedback and everyone’s overall comments!

        • For what it’s worth, “open door policy” is best despite some concerns. Comments mostly stick to Arg or Arg players, no need to get all draconian, you’re doing a fine job.

        • Trolling is bad no matter what. I am not talking about trolls. But IMHO you should encourage people to discuss the article at hand (e.g. Dybala performance / Roma victory in this case). All forums have this basic rule to stay on topic.

          Regardless, thank you for giving Albiceleste fans around the globe this place.

        • No but you ask to do something that i don t want and the majority of friends here don t want too as you read from the posts generally.
          so speak free your opinions and don t try to make the police to the rest of us.

  6. Theres a rumour that Lautaro Martínez’s girlfriend cheated on him with Joaquin Correa. If this is true Scaloni has to drop Correa. Toxic for team chemistry.

  7. Can’t believe Inter went for has-been Lukaku instead of Dybala , who was available for Free!! They must be cursing themselves.
    This man has booked his ticket to the world cup!!

    • I was really looking forward to Toro + Dybala. Their chem and experience playing side by side would have benefited NT. It was a really stupid decision on Inter’s part but i guess they were still hot on his scudetto year.

      • It’s mind-boggling that Inter didn’t seal Dybala FOR FREE when it was his priority move. I was also very excited for their partnership..

        Next level stupidity by Inter board + greedy agent of Dybala + Chilean Alexis Sanchez refusing to leave sabotaged this move. Now they are stuck with thin forward depth – injured Lukaku (loan, no buy option), 36yo Dzeko, Correa

        In the end Paulo listened to NT staff and prioritized the importance of preseason to gain form and fitness to compete for WC spot. Good choice. I think the absolute best of Dybala is yet to be seen
        Reminder that he has a puny €20m release clause…

  8. Bravo Dybala! I swear he only scores bangers. Dybala will be our Gotze for the WC. Scaloni better effin call him up!! Toro, Dybala, and Alvarez are our 9s.

    • Again, thats the type of goal which you often needed in major tournament.

      Messi & ADM are the only two capable of that in our team, so Dybala can be the third. He definetely can be an impacful super sub. We’ve seen his winning assist againts Uruguay and last minute goal againts Italy.

      Bringing someone like J.Correa will only gives you flashback of Palacio missing every single chances he had in national team. Unlike Higuain, J.Correa cant even score in none crucial game.

      • Yeah, Dybala is that X Factor like ADM and Messi. Agreed with J Correa. Although he has done well and i like his pressing, i can see him missing some crucial chances that Messi, ADM, Dybala, and Alvarez would bury.
        I’d take A Correa if it’s between those 2.

    • Thank you, wonderful game (especially the ending even though it was suffered), love to see that it’s now becoming a habit to beat the brazucas in their own home. I really like Campazzo and Deck

      Brasil decime que se siente, tener en casa a tu papá!

  9. on a sidenote angel correa has around 5 and a half years left in his career and massively under utilized and appreciated thanks to motherfucking simione and “overlook argentine and welcome brazil/france etc. players” culture

    • A.Correa scored 13 goals + 9 assists last season as winger forward, he’s probably the only one that didnt gets burried by Cholo.

      He also scored in 2-1 win last year in their last game to helped them securing the title.

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