Argentine Champions League preview: Lionel Messi, Ángel Di María, Leandro Paredes


The Champions League group stage continues on Wednesday with 13 Argentine players which could take part in the games.

Lionel Messi and PSG play against last place Maccabi Haifa. The Argentine leads Ligue 1 with seven assists but will want to score his first goal in the Champions League this season.

All Argentine eyes will be on Juventus against Benfica as Ángel Di María, Leandro Paredes and Matías Soulé are up against Nicolás Otamendi and Enzo Fernández. All four players are also part of Lionel Scaloni’s preliminary list of players for the Argentina national team’s September games.

Gio Simeone will look to make it two goals out of two games in the Champions League. The Argentine made his Champions League debut and scored for Napoli against Liverpool and will want to do the same against Rangers.

Sevilla desperately need a win as Marcos Acuña, Gonzalo Montiel, Erik Lamela and Papu Gómez play against Copenhagen. Both teams lost their opening game in the Champions League.

Julián Álvarez and Manchester City host Borussia Dortmund. The striker will want to score his first goal of the tournament.

Alexandro Bernabei and Celtic are away against Shakhtar Donetsk. The 21 year old was on the bench against Real Madrid in the first game and has only played in one league game out of seven for Celtic.

Nicolás Capaldo and RB Salzburg play Chelsea. Capaldo took part in RB Salzburg’s first game against AC Milan last week.


  1. I swear this new coach of PSG is a glorified version of Poch. Does he even know what man management is? He is playing Messi week-in week-out after every 3 days since the start of the preseason. Isn’t he aware of the fact that Leo is a human and not a robot? He needs rest, my man looks tired.

  2. I don’t understand why leo paredas chose to be psg bench warmer when he can be key player team like juve add to that juve has been wanted him last two years

  3. Argentine players are always underlooked and undervalued when it comes to the transfer market. This is not an opinion but a god-damned fact. Marketing plays a crucial role here, but it’s not the only way to sum it up. Even Messi is not rated as the way he should be. For instance; Dybala is a star and has been the talisman of a gargantuan club like Juve for numerous years. There’s no doubt that he is a well known figure across the world of football. Yet he was ignored, despite being free.

    In my opinion, the world of football needs healing and erradicating PR is the need of the hour for restoring the order of the game.

    This is the reason why Argentina winning the World cup at Qatar is a must. It’s non-negotiable at this point. Vamos.

  4. A lot of our players on the bench tonight: Acuna, Montiel, Papu, Di Maria (just recovered from injury), Julian Alvarez. Messi, Paredes, Lamela start.

    It seems like Sevilla not doing good and the coach has yet to find their best starting 11.

    • Lopetegui is in trouble and probably hanging by a thread. Desperate to get points. Acuna has played quite a bit already, Papu is at that age when he should not play as often anyway and Montiel is not having a good season. Plus a lot of teams are rotating anyway due to a number of games in a row.

    • I think some of Sevilla’s players are protesting the coach and want him to leave the club. I have this feeling since the start of the season. Some players looked careless and indifferent to the Man City defeat. Acuna, Bono, Gomez, and Navas all on the bench tonight.

  5. I see some here discussing Morata and I wanted to chime in lol:

    Seriously, how does Morata continually play for the best teams in the world (RM, Juventus, ATM)? It seems like he keeps going back & forth between those teams.

    All of the chances he misses game after game and year after year – and yet still a starter?

    Did Gio Simeone ever get this chance? How about Icardi on the bench since Inter (yes he brings baggage, but he can bag more goals than Morata too)?

    There are some things I don’t understand in world football – like Zapata being such a strong looking forward, yet producing nothing while being an undisputed starter. The price tag of Jack Grealish, the respect Salah has had over the years above Mane (look at Liverpool without him now). The over-emphasis on Colombian, Uruguayan, and Chilean players, along with their price tags over the last 8 years whereas they produce few stars, whereas Argentina has high-quality year after year.

    For example, the world is looking for “the next Louis Suarez,” so Liverpool pays max pricing for Darwin Nunez. What will “the next Messi” go for? $15 million? How much was one-hit world cup wonder James Rodriguez (RM, Bayern)? How did Alexis Sanchez end up in Inter -he’s been done for over 5 years? Why get the services of Vidal and not RDP or Guido?

    World Football is out of order. It needs a great reset! Argentina must win this world cup and bring the sport to a correct perspective & fix Argentine value in the transfer market.

  6. Looks like Barca will never learn. They blamed Messi when he was the reason for their UCL contention but left real culprit like busquets etc.

  7. Joao Felix in Atletico overall 7369 minutes 29 goals 16 opta assists, Angel Correa 17606 minutes 60 goals 47 opta assists, Angel played in half of the time right winger or right midfielder, he is a good presser and defensively strong unlike Felix. Simeone switch from 4-4-2 to 3-5-2 is very bad for Correa, he is def not a wingback or a zentral midfielder and Simeone prefers Felix and Griezmann over him.

  8. Direct chance to compare our 2 DMs in one match. This is a rare case as there is almost no chance for guido and macallister to play in UCL. First real test for Enzo. If he can play a good game then it could be considered as great as this is his first game against a quality opposition.

  9. I would like to introduce the world deadliest duo in Europe (probably in the world): Joao Felix and Alvaro Morata.

    In the last 6 games:
    Morata 1 goal 0 assist
    Felix 0 goal 0 assist

    What a perfect combo!

    • Besides their price tags and history of failures in multiple clubs (Morata) , them being non Argentine makes them even more deadly in Simeone’s eyes!!

        • It doesn’t matter what I say! 😂 But its pretty obvious that Simeone bought Felix for around $141 million which is why he is under immense pressure to justify the amount they paid for this Portuguese Andy Caroll! Additionally, Atletico Madrid is classless club and are not even as rich as a midtable EPL club which is why they are handling the whole Griezmann saga so childishly.

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