Paulo Dybala comments on Argentina, World Cup, AS Roma, Jose Mourinho


Paulo Dybala spoke about the Argentina national team, the World Cup, joining AS Roma and Jose Mourinho.

Dybala is in great form at the moment for both Argentina and AS Roma. Having scored for Argentina in the Finalissima and having a great start for Roma, the Argentine has been selected for the Argentina national team.

Having missed out on the Copa America last year, Dybala is set on being at the World Cup for Argentina. Speaking in an interview with TyC Sports, here is what he had to say about being left out:

“At no point did I get angry or had a bad reaction towards the coaching staff. That year was not my best because of the injuries. I am someone that is very self-critical and always trying to give my best. When I saw the result, it made me very happy for the group. They were my team mates where I have had good friends for a long time.

“Two titles were won, the team is very close to the people and there’s a lot of hope. A nice atmosphere has been created and we also live it that way. There is trust and a good atmosphere. You have to be calm and continue in the same way.”

He also spoke about the 2018 World Cup:

“Back then it was another team and there were different team mates. Things are prepared differently, beyond the fact that it would have been nice to have another outcome and have more minutes on the pitch.

“It is something that is already in the past and now we have to point to what is to come.”

Regarding Juventus:

“Sadly, last year I had a lot of stoppages due to some injuries at Juventus and I couldn’t get continuity beyond the fact that my numbers, for the minutes I played, were very good.

“Having been left without a contract caused a whole doubt to be created about what was happening with my form. It was unexpected because there was an agreement to renew but then things changed on the part of the club and the coach, who had a new project. Today, Mourinho opened me the doors to be able to go to Roma.”

About joning AS Roma and staying in Italy:

“There was the FIFA games in September and then the World Cup. I played for Juventus for many years and it was difficult for me to go to another club in Italy. I know the league, I played for many years and I knew that it wasn’t going to cost me to adapt. Today, I’m here with the illusion of being (at the World Cup).

“The people with me try to take the best decision knowing all of the projects that are coming. It was taken very fast, it was a weekend in which Mourinho called me and we had various chats. Also at hom with Tiago Pinto, the Roma sporting director.

“A coach like that says few things but in a direct way. We had a lot of chats about the club, the city and his ideas. Incredible players arrived and of a lot of experience, joined a young group that was working and won a title last year.”

In regards to Jose Mourinho’s comments that Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni should send him a bottle of wine to thank him for signing Dybala:

“The mister has a lot of things like that, I don’t know if they communicate. Walter Samuel was working with Mourinho at Inter and he knows how he is. An outsider sometimes has an image but when you meet him personally, he is an amazing person.”


  1. So the whole European teams crazy about 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 or what. Everyone using that now. Argentina and Brazil don’t play that way. Only Bielsa, Passa, Sampaoli like that formation.

  2. El cuerpo técnico de la Selección Argentina ve un gran potencial en Thiago Almada, y lo quieren en una de las 5 grandes ligas europeas. Su convocatoria es pensando a futuro.

    • Poland is weak. Lewandowski wo elite supporting cast is not dangerous. We will beat them easily. Mexico match is a harder test. They always drink blood agains Argentina.

      • In world cup no easy match. You can’t underestimate anyone. They have Lewandowski. No place for any slipup. Otherwise we will face mighty france again and may again gets knocked out in 2nd round if we face France in final thn the whole situation is different as French players relies on speed and they will be exhausted deep in the tournament plus after playing 6 games we will be in rhythm and everything is possible

  3. Glad to see him enjoying football again with Roma, the system is really made for him and many teams including Marseille play in the same way with a box to box in a very advanced position, next to the number 10 behind the striker and 2 very offensive fullbacks, a 3421 quite conservative, rely on the pressing of the offensive players. Quite interesting to see that all the playmaker of the selection Di Maria, Messi and Dybala all play in that formation with their club.

  4. Gio Lo Celso, Paredes, and De Paul seem to have good friendship on and off the field and they often post their pictures together sharing happiness. De Paul and Paredes even have the same hair color now.

  5. Look up the following video on YouTube
    Shaka’s Power Rankings… FOR THE WORLD CUP: Argentina at the TOP | ESPN FC

    and this is interesting because Shaka has always talked down and criticized ARGENTINA for as long as I can remember…..10-12 years if not more but changed his tune to my surprised after they won COPA

  6. Only Lisandro has received his USA visa. He is traveling to Miami now.
    Romero is expected to receive it and travel tomorrow. He will miss the match vs Honduras. Probably Lisandro too, if not on the bench.

    Otamendi-Pezzella vs Honduras & Licha-Cuti vs Jamaica probably

    • This visa situation is strange. What am I missing?
      No visa problems for Dibu, Alvarez, Mac Allister traveling straight from England to Miami but Cuti & Licha had to stop in Buenos Aires to get the visa there. Why?
      Edit: I know it has to do with the English mourning Isabel, but why was it only a problem for some of them?

  7. Latest possible line up by TYC:
    Emi Martinez; Molina, Cuti/Pezzella, Otamendi, Acuna/Tagliafico; Paredes, De Paul, Lo Celso/Enzo; Messi, Di Maria, Lautaro.

    Latest news: Lo Celso and Acuna have recovered and train normally with others. Only Armani and Dybala train separately.

    If that possible line up is correct, as I predicted months ago, Enzo JUMPED to sixth in midfield rotation order above MacAllister and Palacios. It seems like Scaloni thinks of him highly now. I don’t think Papu is dropped to sixth though.

    It is quite obvious that Scaloni will play most of his starters against Honduras and probably some reserves against Jamaica.

    News update: Cuti and Licha have just gotten their US visa.

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