Gio Simeone scores for Napoli in 6-1 win vs. Ajax


Gio Simeone scored for Napoli in their 6-1 win vs. Ajax.

Simeone was brought on as a susbtitute for Napoli and scored his second goal in the Champions League. A pass into Simeone in the penalty area and he would score to make it 6-1 for Napoli.

The 27 year old now has two goals in the Champions League, his first against Liverpool.


  1. Chances are high for our players to get cards due to their nature of play. Our defenders cuti otamendi are aggressive. Pezella due to slowness could be forced to commit fouls. Lisandro is comparatively better. Our midfielders will have more duty defensively so there is high chance of getting yellow cards as we have already seen all 3 of our midfielders got yellow cards in the copa final. Against Italy it was not a problem due to their lack of forward play. But in WC the games would be held in 4-5 days gap against good attacking teams. So if we face Brazil in semis and if there is no de Paul or Romero or lo celso means it would be harder for us. Enzo is the only one we can depend on both defensively and forward play. The rest mid field subs won’t offer that. I mean playing macallister or papu against Brazil from the start would be suicidal. May luck favour us. And it’s sure that it’s gonna be one heck of a difficult path. I believe in scalonis tactics. May god help us. But I believe in the statement that as we get more power and strength the responsibilities would also get higher. And the end result would always be more sweeter if we achieves that.

  2. It’s a bit scary as some of our players are injured and some out of form or either on bench and the list is going to be out soon.

    Praying all will go well for Argentina

  3. why occampose is on the bench….!!! Too much disrespect all over the world for our players
    Occampose was in beast mode 2-3 season ago
    I remember during the start of scaloni era he was a fan favorite like depaul. Just like depaul he too helped us to change the dynamics of the team
    But somehow national team forgot him, he was never given supports like nico gonzales had

    • Ocampos was a regular for Scaloni up to 2020. The reason was that Scaloni used to choose Ocampos over Di Maria. Remember Di Maria complained that he was at his best at PSG but never got called up? Up until the point where Neymar asked Di Maria, “Are they all that crazy in Argentina or what? (that someone like you does not get called up). But then Scaloni finally gave a proper chance to Di Maria just before the Copa America with no guarantee starting.

      From that moment, Di Maria played with a chip on his shoulder. He continued to impress until Scaloni was convinced that he could choose just one of Di Maria or Ocampos.

      The deciding facfor was Argentina vs Chile at home in a WCQ match just before the Copa America 2021 where both Di Maria and Ocampos started. Ocampos played really bad there and Di Maria played pretty good which ended a disappointing 1-1 result. From that moment, Ocampos fell down in pecking order and eventually out of Copa America squad and Di Maria permanently replaced him. Other wingers like Nico Gonzales, J Correa, and A Correa kept their spots. The rest is history.

  4. Some strikers scored 4 or 5 goals get big money move. But Simone consistently scored many goals but didn’t get big money move. I sometimes don’t understand the perception of the transfer window…

  5. Gio is very good striker. He is always fit and his Ariel play is good for a no.9 striker and his ball control is not very bad. I can’t believe Scaloni not giving too much opportunities for him. He is always paying attention on unfit players and not gives importance to no.9.Gio is always fit that is most imp.thing in a tournmnt. I think

  6. There is huge difference in playing proper striker and playing correa …. Scaloni also seeing RB too… Pable maffeo. If simeone continues to get goal from bench it will be hard for both correa

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