Alexis Mac Allister talks about Argentina national team, World Cup, Lionel Messi


Alexis Mac Allister talked about the Argentina national team, the 2022 World Cup and Lionel Messi.

Mac Allister has consistently been part of the Argentina national team since the start of the year. The Argentine has been playing well for Brighton and could make the Argentina team for the World Cup.

While not an automatic starter with the Argentina national team, the 23 year old has taken part in Argentina’s last three games. Speaking in an interview Star+, here is what he had to say:

“Scaloni has a very good relationship with the group. I value that he always tells me the truth. One time, he told me that he saw me in the trainings and that I wasn’t going to play. I felt yes but he told me the truth and I valued that a lot.

“They received me very well in the national team, my team mates as much as the coaching staff. Playing with the national team is another world. You feel it when you put on the shirt, when you enter the stadium. You are representing a country, it’s the maximum. It’s what we have dreamed of our entire lives.”

In regards to the World Cup:

“It’s the highest objective we have, clearly we are thinking about Qatar. We have to think about what is the most important thing and that is to play well with your team, to be well physically.

“Maybe before the qualifiers, they didn’t see us as candidates. But after the qualifiers and the Copa America, which was very important, they started to take into account that Argentina are on the right track and today we are positioned in another place.

“Then there is the other reality, which is ours. And you have to keep your feet on the ground, that there are other teams that are ahead of us. We have to be calm and to do things well. But I believe that the team is on the right track.”

He also spoke about Lionel Messi:

“At first when I greeted Leo… my hands were shaking. I didn’t know whetehr to greet him or not. I’m a very shy guy. But in the end, although he is the best in the world, he is still a very calm person. Quiet, who hands out. With all the respect as always, but he feels like just another one.”

About playing for Brighton:

“It is by far the best league in the world. At first, I was amazed to see so many great players, but you get used to it. More or less, you feel up to the task. We have been getting good results at important pitches.”


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