Ángel Correa scores twice for Atletico Madrid in 2-1 win vs. Girona


Ángel Correa scored twice for Atletico Madrid in their 2-1 win vs. Girona.

Correa has reached three goals this season for Atletico Madrid. The Argentine started game for Atletico on Saturday and scored after only five minutes.

A cross into the penalty area found Correa and he would score from close range to give Atletico the 1-0 lead.

The second goal was purely Correa. The Girona goalkeeper would try to pass to his defender but Correa would pressure the goalkeeper, steal the ball and score.


  1. Simeone with a very good header goal again. I don’t think we should ignore his great run of form and especially after his move to Naples, he is showing how effective sub he can be when coming off the bench with better service from the midfield.
    7 forwards will be picked, Messi, Dimaria, Dybala, Lautaro are 100% confirmed. The remaining 3 are between N Gonzalez, A.Correa, J.Correa, J.Alvarez. Scaloni is surely looking at Simeone, especially with Lautaro’s dry run obviously due to Inter’s poor overall form, N.Gonzalez’s reoccurring injury, J.Alvarez’s lack of playing time, gets around 15 to 20mins and not playing as no-9 for the most part, A.Correa being used as a sub around 60 min mark and not being a no-9 and J.Correa’s injury and poor finishing. Out of all these, the only natural inform no-9 we have is Simeone.

    This would be my final 7 forwards


    Nico Gonzalez when fit is the best player on our left wing to pick out Messi’s long passes on the left wing and is also a work horse. Both A.Correa and Alvarez are getting extremely limited playing time and both aren’t playing as pure striker. Correa most of the time as second forward and Alvarez on the wings and only plays as striker if Haaland is subbed. Angel Correa’s passing crossing and overall decision making currently is far superior to Julian. Meanwhile Alvarez even with limited time has been able to score few goals, however his ability to make runs from the midfield and pick passes still looks like work in progress.

    • My final 7 would be
      Di Maria
      N Gonzalez
      Simeone/Angel Correa

      Our main difference is for me Alvarez is guaranteed and for you he’s a doubt. About Nico G, that’s slightly assuming he gets into form and starts playing, although before the Copa America he was actually out for like 3 months without playing football and he still did his role.

    • It seems like both Simeone and A Correa can be super subs. They always make impact when playing as a sub. Maybe a little too late for Simeone but both he and A Correa look more lively this season than the starters Osimhen and J Felix.

      Lautaro form is a bit worrying. In Copa 2021, Lautaro went through such a bad form that we needed Aguero to rescue us for 2 games before getting back to Lautaro again. Hope it won’t be the case this time in the World Cup.

    • These will be my final 26…with 8 forwards
      GK – Emi, Musso, Rulli
      Def – Romero, Ota, Licha, Medina, foyth, molina, Acuna, Tagli
      Mid – De Paul, Guido, Lo celso, Paredes, Papu, Enzo, palacios
      Forward – Messi, Di maria, Lautaro, dybala, Alvarez, simeone, nico, A correa

  2. Hey Anuporno! Brazil defensive midfielders in the season Fabinho benchwarmer, Casemiro benchwarmer, Fred benchwarmer, they will start MU bencwarmer duo with world class (irony) Paqueta and Neymar Richarlison Raphinha (overrated) trio. Who is capable from this team to decide a big match with his qualities? Neymar (scored 2 KO UCL goals in last 5 year) Vinicius (100% benchwarmer, same position as Ney and cant defend what Tite hates) and thats all? Gabriel Jesus? Maybe wont be in the squad, didnt score in last 20 NT matches, Tite doesnt like him. We have Messi, Di Maria, Lautaro, Dybala even Julian Alvarez and De Paul who is capable to decide a big match. Brazil is sinple not enough to win the WC.

    • We will see. Brazil is not the only opponent we have to beat there is france, spain, Germany, England, Netherlands, Portugal,croatia, Senegal,Belgium. We have to be ready always and need to pick the perfect squad. Brazil has weaknesses doesn’t mean we have a free ride. We can’t be overconfident because of recent performance. Noone here wants Argentina to loose or Brazil to win its just our scepticism because we are heading to a very tough tournament and we haven’t won it for 36 long years. Plus seeing so many injuries we are not even sure who will go to qatar eventually

  3. I believe Scaloni will consider all of the inform goal scorers for the WC. Messi and Dybala are the only two inform goal scorers. Lautaro drought continues for the club.
    Julian Alvarez and A.Correa deserves more chances in their club, but they don’t get it.

    We can’t expect many goals from Nico and Joaquin etc.

    Di Maria is crucial..!

    I want our midfielders scores goals at least often. Unfortunately, it’s not happening.

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