Alexis Mac Allister renews with Brighton until 2025


Alexis Mac Allister has renewed with Brighton until June 2025.

Mac Allister will be remaining at Brighton for another three years. The club announced on Monday that the Argentine has signed an extension with them, keeping him at the club for what would be six years.

The 23 year old joined them back in 2019 from Argentinos Juniors where he would spend a year on loan at Argentinos Juniors and at Boca Juniors. He is part of Argentina’s preliminary list of players for the 2022 World Cup.


  1. Lo-Celso ex coach at Betis Quique Setién, under whom he scored 16 goals and 4 assist in one season could be appointed next coach of Villarreal.

  2. Nico Paz was called up to the UCL against Leipzig for Real Madrid. I hope he gets a debut if they have a comfortable lead or something. Once again a moment to appreciate Scaloni and his team’s scouting

  3. Actually I want Emi to move somewhere after thr World Cup but Emi is Batigol kinda player, loyal to one club. Aston Villa have too many holes to fix. Starting with 2 of their CB but it wont be easy ad Mings is England international. He is Maguire part 2 but play for England. Then Konsa needs to be removed too. Cash and Digne are Okayish.

    In midfield they need all new players as well. Upfront only Watkins is above average. I don’t believe Aston Villa will make the CL. The league is too tough. This year probably even Liverpool won’t make it. I want Emi to play for a CL team.

    England top 5 will always be: City, Liverpool, Spurs, MU, Arsenal (not in order). It will stay that way until Emi Martinez retires from futbol. Then I can see NewCastle catching up. Aston Villa maybe a tier 3 team. Slightly below the likes of West Ham.

    • Amigo I will put Chelsea in there aswell
      Spurs midfielder isn’t that impressive plus Hugo Lloris has in mistakes in
      Epl is strongest and toughest in the world anyone can beat anyone, I agree current Aston villa squad is top ten at best but I believe they will seriously back Emery Aston villa a long with Newcastle will soon challenge top 6 mark my word

  4. Aston Villa is delighted to announce the appointment of Unai Emery as the club’s new Head Coach. 🟣
    From Aston villa official twitter
    Foyth, rulli and lo celso feeling like orphanage by now
    You must feel for lo celso it was unai Emery who was responsible to his move to villareal

      • I Won’t surprise either but Danny Levy will ask serious money which I will doubt Aston villa will pay btw Aston Villa have rich owners and they are ambitious, I can also see Foyth following Emery to villa as centre back not as righ back

    • Villarreal almost made $60 million off of Foyth if not for that injury. So , they would want the new coach to persist with Foyth once he is fit. Unlike high pressure matches, Rulli has always been good in league matches and yesterday too he saved Villarreal multiple times. They will stick with him. However, Lo-Celso will need to step it up a notch now. Even without goals and assist Emery has been continuing with GLC as his game is more than just stats. On those occasions where most players go for side passes to keep the ball, Lo-Celso goes for attacking passes and his ability to hold on to possession and move ball forward when pressured was highlight of last season champions league run but now under new coach that might not be enough to keep him in the starting lineup.

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