Nicolás González out for 15 days for Fiorentina


Nicolás González is out for 15 days for Fiorentina.

González was substituted out for Fiorentina in their last league game due to an injury and test results have shown he will be out for two weeks. According to Gastón Edul, González does not have a rupture and will be out for approximately 15 days.

The 24 year old is part of Argentina’s preliminary list of players for the 2022 World Cup.


  1. Scaloni recently said in an interview that he is considering to play 5-3-2 formation with 3 cb as lisandro Romero and otamendi and he is practicing in this formation in trainings and could be an option in some games

    • For shit and giggles,

      ……………. Cuti ……… Ota……………..
      Tagla …………… Lizandro………….. Acuña
      ……… Depaul ……… Paredes…… Locelso….
      …………………………. Messi…………………….
      ………………………….. Lautaro………………….

      It would be interesting to see Taglafico in the right, he is probably better than our other options (i like Foyth there otherwise).

      Also Lizandro as a deeper #5 between the CBs and let Paredes be more offensive minded.

    • I hope not. Currently no teams in the world have the counter to our 4-3-3. So better make that even stronger than experimenting with 5 defenders. We have no wing backs for that.

      If Scaloni needs a back up plan then 4-2-3-1. Scaloni Argentina never play good with 5-3-2, no time to practice this.

  2. including both montiel and macallister wastage of two spot which can cost who knows it can be world cup similar to 2014

  3. @ArgEnQatar vai @gastonedul

    If Paulo Dybala does not reach the World Cup there are 2 alternatives:

    ▪️ Take both Enzo Fernández AND Exequiel Palacios (go with 8 midfielders)
    ▪️ Take Tucu Correa and Angel Correa (go with 7 forwards and 7 midfielders)

    • both enzo and palacios is must, macallister is out don’t need a player who can’t create , in place of macallister there is guido, paredes. i don’t know why people in here behave like macallister is a legend, they says epl is a legendary league but last decade la liga rules world football and previous decade it was italian league

      • The problem is MacAllister is high on Scaloni’s pecking order and that is scary. I just hope the match of Jamaica opened Scaloni’s eyes that he is not a good back up for De Paul at all, where he played against Jamaica (nor Lo Celso’s).

        MacAllister can only be useful if we lead the game by 85th minute or so and we need an extra body to defend. Then that’s fine. But I would be upset if his role is more than that because according to the statistic that I made the guy has the lowest attacking rating out of all players (surprisingly u mention both him and Montiel as they both have the lowest attacking rating).

        • Who care that illogical stat .! What about defensive stat?
          Montiel is essential to NT until a backup is found. Molina is good offensively, Foyth defensively, but Montiel is the balance. Playing regularly is the key.
          Before you said, Allister not adding anything to NT. Now atleast he’s adding something right..? From 85th minutes? Is there any problem from 80th minutes..?

          • what do you mean by balance, you are talking about average player, who is neither decipline neither fast neither good in crosses neither good in aerial ability, neither good in tackle no physicality, tiny build, so according to you this player is balance, this is crap , he is the weakest link in this team

    • the way is see macallister he is defensively strong, he will always do good in central midfield in concentration of defence, he can’t dribble like messi , dybala or locelso if scaloni thinks about defence he is good choice, but he will always fall behind in attacking output, scaloni should n’t choose him thinking on attacking midfield this will be foolishness, bcs here guard is more , macallister can’t handle ball like messi, dybala, locelso when blocking is more, macallister taking position is very good , he allways take good position but he is slow..
      best competition for macallister is with paredes but paredes is elegant in long pass macallister is also good but paredes vision is superb, so you have paredes , you have guido for defence so why macallister, there is needed on right footet attacking midfielder who is good in dribbling , who can create , who can accompany messi, if palacious is injured then macallister can be taken, but enzo is must he brings something different something strong

      • Many occasions will be there you may need 2 DMs. Who is going to be back-up? If any one of the two injured there is no need of third player?
        So, if that guy can play CM also.. isn’t that good..?

        • no we don’t need him, many occasion enzo,foyth,lisandro,palacios,depaul all can play as defensive midfielder if both paredes, guido injured, i would like to bring macallister if what he is doing now if he was little more faster then the current time, what he is doing he is good but at this moment we don’t need him we need player who can give some aggressiveness in place of him, which we can get from enzo

          • Even Messi can play there that doesn’t mean they will use him there. Scaloni will only use the player who play there regularly. DePaul can’t be used as DM as we will lose a great CM. Lisandro will be used as CB, may be as a sub or as a third CB.
            Foyth will make it to the WC? I still doubt..!
            Palacios and Enzo can..but coach will decide who they want in DM position. They both consider as a backup of DePaul.

          • @Insider you speaks about probability injury both guido and paredes , coach don’t need to think both guido and paredes will injured, if situation arrive then 5 player can play in that position among this 5 2 are regular player who plays in that position, the logic you give then every position coach needs more extra player, then the squads needs to rise minimum 35 players, only if palacios can’t recover then he has chance

          • Brightk no need to debate with Insider about MacAllister. I never read his posts at all for more than a month already, but this dude thinks of MacAllister like god. It is useless to argue. It is like u debate with kids.

            When he played shitty, he would say he play pretty good. When he deserves a 4 he would say 7 or 8. When he deserves a 6 he would say 8 or 9. When he played better than that, he would say he is Messi reincarnation (super complete player). Yeah right, his beard only maybe.

  4. River Plate among all Argentine clubs in the last 6 seasons:

    1st in goals [324]
    1st in p/p shots [12.2]
    1st in passes per game [516.1]
    1st in possession [62%]
    1st in big chances created [416

    Nothing but full respect to marcelo Gallardo
    I wish him all the best in his next chapter of coaching hope he will move to Europe soon.

  5. Argentina u17 defeated Peru u17 4-0 in the opening of the ezeiza cup just now. Both our future superstars echeverri and prestianni played very well in that game.

    • Mateo Sciancalepore, who scored one goal in this match is also considered a big talent. He plays for Espanyol B.
      AFA also have an eye on Italy U17 star Alessandro Bolzan. Alessandro is a son of Argentine footballer, but was born in Italy when his father played there.

      • Great job what AFA is doing. They finally took it seriously after not winning the U20 World Cup for a long time.

        I just hope we start producing defenders. Most of our hot prospects from Garnacho and Soule generation to this Prestianni generation have been attacking minded players.

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