Gio Lo Celso suffers muscle injury, could miss Argentina World Cup opening game


Gio Lo Celso has suffered a muscle injury and could miss Argentina’s opening game at the World Cup.

Lo Celso was substituted off injured for Villarreal in their last league game and results have shown that he does have an injury. According to Gastón Edul, he has suffered a muscle injury to his right foot and will be out for three weeks.

It would mean that he will be a doubt for Argentina’s opening game at the World Cup vs. Saudi Arabia.


  1. almada is similar to meza, what the hell they are talking about almada is an attacking midfielder, meza was a winger. talent wise they are different almada is a creative player who can play anywhere in upfront , meza is not creative player he can’t defend he can’t cross, his pace not similar to nico gonzales, but he can dribble and can give passes, two player two different position, two different role to implement, how people in here talk like foolishly that almada and meza is similar, almada is our talent and quality who’s role goes similar to gomes, and he did it very well in his opening match, we need similar type of player in upfront to accompany messi. we have goal scoorer messi,lautaro,dimaria. locelso thiago gomes main role of this player to help messi to keep the flow of messi level of creative attack in upfront, with gomes we have advantage of his finishing but disadvantage of his lack in defence.

    • I believe when people say “similar to Meza” (at least for myself) they mean that both Almada and Meza were not proven in NT. If Almada goes to WC over Nico Dominguez, Lamela, Palacios, etc. then it is similar to Meza situation. Nothing to do with talent. Talentwise, Almada looks like he could become a superstar. However, I don’t rate him until I see him in Europe.

  2. An Unfit player surely makes coach and team in trouble in the middle of a tournament. Taking such players cost the result of Args progress in previous tournmnts.i think it is better to include a fully fit players almost equal to current group..

  3. Almada is similar to Meza’s if he gets included. Let him prove himself in a proper league. I still think Lo Celso will make it.

    • Definitely lo celso will make it but you can’t compare meza and almada , almada young talents technically gifts he has something special in him meanwhile meza unless, never liked him and was bit older at the time while almada is very young still serious chance move to Europe and probably will if he continues his form in mls.

      • I would be happy to any Argentine player doing well and are world class. For me, he’s a bit too raw and was over-eager while playing a sub-standard opponent. I don’t think he can assert himself against quality opponents. Several of our starting xl has that in their game and feel like he will purr than roar when playing higher caliber teams. Just my take but happy to see him flourish.

        • @haslin Agreed. Almada situation is very similar to Meza or even Pavon. How did they play over Dybala is beyond me. I think Almada was only included in those friendlies because it was in the USA and he plays in MLS. If they take Almada and leave Lamela or Ocampos out, then this is the same Argentina World Cup blunders over and over again. Injured players and poor player selection.

          I hope all these injuries are fake because it’s all of our starting players.

    • Almada is similar to Meza? are u kidding me? OK who is Meza? He was 24-25 in 2018. He was overrated. He was useless. He was trusted a lot by the coach. He was very versatile. Plus he had ALOT of fans here in Mindo. All those definitions fits MacAllister NOT Almada. MacAllister also 24 (if im not wrong too lazy to check google), useless in NT, trusted a lot by the coach, very versatile and had a lot of fans here.

      Who is Almada? He is 21 not 24. Highly talented, NOT overrated for sure. Just because he plays for MLS doesn’t mean he is done and rubbish. And definitely not useless. He did well in Lo Celso’s role when he played for us and he has a lot of qualities. Excellent playmaker, can shoot from distance and so on.

      Plus when Almada and MacAllister were together in Olympics, Almada was the only one shining there and MacAllister was the worst one among all. Watch all the 3 games if u don’t trust me. The only reason why Almada was benched in all 3 matches was he was viewed as MacAllister back up, that’s all.

  4. Unpopular opinion
    Enzo vs almada since lo celso won’t match fit till last match of group game personally I would take almada over Enzo Fernandez don’t get me wrong Enzo is top talent however position he plays we already have established players leo paredes and Guido, as almada he has something different to offer technically gifts can be our secret weapon I liked how he played last friendly match I even heard messi liked him too during last intl break in training sessions

    • Yes very unpopular because its rubbish. Come on Enzo is right now the top 10 midfielders in the world and almada is a mls player. If you want to pick for another player thn i have no problem bt to drop enzo that’s like dropping messi for picking luka Romero

  5. I’m familiar with such injuries, they can become niggling injuries if aren’t allowed to recover properly.
    Celso is an essential component of the midfield and if there is any chance that he will recover before or even during the early stages of the world cup, which seems likely, then he must go.

    Papu has shown that he can cover for Celso (Colombia WCQ game) and De Paul (Chile game WCQ) quite well. Papu’s best games for Sevilla were when he played midfield because of his ability to control the ball and play out of pressure in tight spaces. Another adavantage of playing central midfield is that he gets enough space to make those incisive passes that a classic “enganche” is known for, the kind of space that he wouldn’t get if was playing left forward. Watch Sevilla’s matches from last season and early this season and you’ll see what I mean.

    regarding midfielders, I don’t know if any of you have been watching, but Nico Dominguez is regaining his form and is playing quite well, especially after starting so poorly. I’d take him over Palacios and Allister any day of the week and twice on Sunday
    Honestly I would love to take 1. Enzo 2. Nico and 3. Almada in addition to the 5 established midfielders. Heck Robertone and Zaracho would also make decent options and I’d happily take them over an injury prone Palacios and MacAllister, who is a talented player to be sure but one who really has not impressed me in any of the 5 games he started for the NT.

      • I’m with you Principe, Alexis started 4 or 5 times for Argentina (twice in WCQ and either twice or 3 times in friendlies) and he was down right awful so I don’t see him anywhere near the NT….at the moment! Still, try not to be so harsh on the kid, Alexis is talented and capable and don’t forget that he’s only 23 yrs and has alot of growing up to do.
        McAllister is an enganche/forward who is now playing CM in England. Such a transition isn’t easy and he’s still learning how to balance his defensive duties with his attacking instinct. I think if he keeps playing in the EPL he’ll find that balance and become a real force and again, he has the time to grow and improve.

  6. A healthy Lo Celso is a great asset for the team. An injured Lo Celso is not.
    If he recovers in 2-3 weeks, he won’t miraculously be in top form. Fact – he will then have played 25 minutes in the past month.

    Taking an injured player can be considered an insult to a fit replacement player.

    • If its a minor muscle issue, that rest could actually be an advantage. The wc is a long gruelling tornament. You want to get there nice and fresh, especially a 3 man midfielder. I am not worried if any of our players miss future league games, infact it makes me worry less one of them will catch a real wc killing injury.

  7. This sucks man!! We really needed our core players play the friendly and first group match so that they can get their team chemistry going again and work on the high press. But with half the team injured its not looking good right now. Damn!!

  8. Not a wise idea to take all the injured players as there is a chance for it to recur during the world cup thus pushing us against the wall.

    We will have to drop certain injured big names and take Thiago Almayda and Garnacho.

    Why in the world was meza brought to the preliminary list … Is it one of the Argentine coach curse? Maybe there is an outside chance that meza will part of the 26!!!

  9. Good news. Cuti is considered not fit enough for the Marseille game tomorrow. I think Conte has to choose to play Cuti tomorrow or against Liverpool on the weekend. He realizes that Cuti is too tired to play both. He chooses Liverpool.

    Good news because Cuti still has 4 games to play. He will skip tomorrow match. so that means 3 remaining matches. Liverpool, a EFL cup game and an easy game against Leeds. Maybe Cuti will play against Pool and Leeds.

  10. According to edul there is no doubt lo celso is going to qatar but only doubt that he may not play the first game and in worst case scenario he may miss the 2nd game

  11. hahaha its hilarious how easy it became for people to forget how crucial glc has been for us……..dont forget losers the only goal against columbia in the semi came from his brilliant pass…..

  12. If Enzo starts in his place in game 1, LoCelso may not play again! It will be as it was for Cuti, and Emi. They never let go of opportunity and remained starters.

    • But question is will scaloni play enzo in his place?? Or start mediocre players like McAllister or palacios?? Even papu can start but surely he can’t do the defensive work in actual big games. Locelso coming back from injury will not magically perform from the 1st match. He will be rusty and may will need 2-3 matches to get his rhythm back

      • Enzo is more physical than papu but yes papu can play. Let the match come thn should decide by this rate we can’t be sure who will be fit for that game

        • We don’t want to be physical, we want a player going forward with his dribbling skills, offensive intelligence etc and can shoot from anywhere. Papu is the best choice no doubt.
          I think J.Correa will also be good in this type of games but as the third forward in place of Nico.

    • First match is against Saudi, arguably the weakest team of the world cup. We don’t need a midfielder who would defend well. Papu would be perfect for the Saudi game. Papu-De Paul-Paredes.

      I think with all these injuries, there is one name who is a dark horse to make it. It is the MLS rookie of the year Thiago Almada. It is a long shot but Almada played Lo Celso’s position in his debut and did really well. He also played left winger. And I am sure he can play De Paul position too.

      I don’t want Lo Celso out but the race of the 7 or 8 midfielders just get more interesting.

    • If Enzo starts and plays first two matches and performs good then Lo-Celso will have to start from the bench until he shows he is fully fit and in better form than Enzo or whoever fills in for him.

    • Its a big call now for scaloni. Will he risk calling an injured player?? Big big call. This will define the wc for us. It will be risky to call so many injured players at once. Like dybala paredes locelso all r injured and may not recover before the deadline. Dimaria is close to recover that’s a huge relief but our midfield suddenly become major concern

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