Walter Kannemann called up to Argentina preliminary list for World Cup


Walter Kannemann has been called up to Argentina’s preliminary list for the World Cup.

Kannemann has found himself back in the Argentina team. According to C├ęsar Luis Merlo, Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has called him up.

His club Gremio have already been informed about it. The 31-year-old center back last played for Argentina in a 6-1 win in 2019 vs. Ecuador.


  1. Some of you are so negative. We have a few minor injuries and Lo Celso might be more serious and some of you have all of a sudden lost hope in this team. Lo Celso is decent but Mac Allister or Fernandez can do a very decent job in his place. We have Cuti and Otamendi, if one is injured we have Licha or even Pezzella. Why are some you saying we are now relying on luck or bad performances from other teams???? Ridiculous.

  2. Kannemann is an old school defender, good stopper and tackler but cannot pass anywhere near the quality of Senesi, Medina and Balerdi. He’s a more aggressive version of Pezzella. In my opinion only useful if we are trying to preserve a lead in the last 15 minutes. He’s probably a backup of a backup, nothing more.

    • i just don’t get who he’s going to be prioritized over.

      Licha, Otam, Romero, Pezz + 4 or 5 fullbacks if Foyth is in. Maybe hes hedging against injuries in the last few league games?

  3. Now that Lo Celso is out of world cup, i keep my hopes low and any blow against decent team would be bearable. I think only saving grace is Messi and Scolani, i dont see other factors playing in our favor.

  4. Tried already prior to or around Copa’19 and he’s not good…Waste of space. Balerdi, Perez and Medina are certainly better.

  5. Only players i trust who will stay injury free, quality and give all are Messi, Lautro, Emi Martinez, Licha and Ota. I am sure Di Maria will get injury before or during world cup unless we use him like in Copa, Locelso is not monster mentality and injury prone, Paredes is monster mentally but unfortunately injury prone. So in summary, our World cup depend on luck and mediocrity of other teams.

      • Im following this team from 2006 but i didn’t watch many games in 2019 because i was still recovering from the disappointment of 2018 wc failure i stopped watching international football for long time in that period so i missed some initial matches of scaloni era

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