Lionel Messi to be available for Argentina national team from PSG next week


Lionel Messi is set to be available for the Argentina national team from PSG next week.

Messi could be with the Argentina national team as early as January 7, days before the final list is announced. According to Fino Yossen, Messi has asked PSG coach Christophe Galtier to withdraw from the team start next weekend.

He will be available starting January 7 as he has a priority clause in his contract. When Messi first signed with PSG, it was reported that he had a clause in his contract which prioritized the Argentina national team.


  1. Cuti Romero has a discomfort in the right calf. He and club don’t want to take a risk, that’s why he is missing the game against Marseille tonight.

  2. With Loceslo virtually out of the world cup, suddenly our creativity in the midfield looks poor. Dimaria can’t play over 60mins and need to be used very carefully. Same with Papu , he isn’t very good compared to Locelso in passing, creating or holding the ball under pressure but he is good in getting into scoring positions and has better finishing. He also can’t last over 60mins and if we are trailing then we currently don’t have any creative midfielders to sub in for Papu!! Enzo, Palacios or MacAllister aren’t the correct substitute when trailing or looking for a goal. 22 days are left for the first match and now we have three core players tentatively out Dybala, Nico and now Locelso. Nico Gonzalez has been struggling with his fitness lately and his role in the team requires him to be extremely fit. In 2014 we had similar issues, our core players weren’t fully fit. Dimaria, Gago and Aguero , which is why we couldn’t keep up the dominance in the final after some players were subbed.

  3. Seems like Only Messi, Dimaria and Emi care about World cup. Others are reckless and play until injured for Club.

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