Gio Lo Celso injury could be worse than feared, tests to be repeated


Gio Lo Celso’s injured could be worse than initially feared as tests will be repeated.

Lo Celso was substituted out for Villarreal and while initially it was that he could only be out for Argentina’s opening game at the World Cup, it now could be worse. According to Gastón Edul, tests will have to be repeated on him as it’s feared that it could be worse than expected.

His injury changes the plans and there is concern within the Argentina national team staff about his injury.


  1. Gio Lo Celso condition is not looking good, doctors will do one more study to sure whether he needs a surgery or not.

    It he needs surgery; he will be out for 8 weeks.

  2. New studies for Lo Celso. If the injury is muscle detachment it would be 6/8 weeks and goodbye World Cup.

    The idea is that he comes to Argentina now and start his recovery

  3. If Lo Celso can’t make it, logically all the back ups will be called up (Palacios, Enzo, and MacAllister), but if there is a surprise. It should be Almada. He is the natural Lo Celso’s position other than Papu. But again we need Lo Celso. Hope he is fine.

  4. Dont understand why Lo Celso is not built strong muscle and try to be fit. Pedri from Barca build Muscles and he look really strong now. Dont understand players like Lo Celso insist on playing for Villarreal just coming back from injury when he could have taken extra caution. It is stupid.

  5. Why this horrible destiny affecting Argentina all the time? One or other bad factor keep on affecting us in the world stage. In 2006 it’s in the form of bad tactics, in 2010 it’s in the form of bad selection, in 2014 it’s pure unluck. In 2018 again disaster as expected and no luck there as there is no injury for any of those bad players and now in the form of injuries for the main players when we are playing at top level.

  6. It’s really annoying to see so many key players of this team are injured: Lo Celso, Dybala, Di Maria, Nico Gonzalez … Lo Celso is important for the team, when Di Maria plays(on the right), Lo Celso will be used as the left midfielder. Otherwise, Lo Celso will play on the right and Nico or Papu will play on the left. Now almost all those players will be off or uncertain. There is less than 1 month for the plan B.

    It seems to me the only alternative is: De Paul, Enzo, Paredes, Papu. De Paul as the right midfielder and Papu as the left playmaker. Not sure if that works because all of them except Enzo has tough time with their club.

    • Atleast its good that this injuries happening before the final list now scaloni have enough time to think and choose the replacements now with all these injuries scaloni will be tested lets see how he would he react and adapt to these problems

        • But both players r different profile plus if enzo gets injured or suspended for card accumulation what will you do?? Papu is good but doesn’t have the stamina do defensive work consistently for 70-80 minutes he will be exhausted after 50-55 minutes

          • Well you can get everything. Other teams will suffer injury also. We can use Papu for 60 min, get a goal and sit back.

      • Well said bro ! Some people think , Locelso is indispensable player for Argentina NT . Indeed he’s an average player though he did perform well in a few games for NT.
        Even no club wants to buy him with his current form.

        • Agree. I dont think Arg. can win WC with Locelso as top midfielder. He is not top top quality, Messi carrying make him better than he is.

          • I don’t know what games you guys have been watching but it’s not the NT.
            GLC – Paredes – RDP are like a section of Voltron. Each play a unique but critical role and as unit they’re great. You can’t just slot in another player like fifa video game and expect magic.

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