Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni speaks on Lionel Messi, possibly last World Cup


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni spoke about the 2022 World Cup possibly being Lionel Messi’s last.

Lionel Scaloni commented on the 2022 World Cup and the injuries to the team. In an interview with TNT Sports, Scaloni also spoke avbout Lionel Messi. Here’s what he had to say:

“Messi has made a lot of people happy, not just Argentines. It could be his last. It could be… Hopefully it’s not… I believe that he is happy on a pitch and he has made a lot of people happy.

“If we call him like he is supposed to be called, there can possibly be more games of his. Because the world of football asks for it and that’s obvious.”


  1. I am not worried people !
    So here is what’s on mind for what its worth.
    1. We have a good bunch of group games which allow us to slowly up our game.
    2. It is clear we are going to setup as a team that is hard to score against and we with the defence we have we are more than safe. Ota, Romero and Licha with Emi are more than capable. Tagliafico has been a fresh change in recent months and with that kind of a back lineup they will be able to support Molina/Montiel in defensive duties. Personally I would love to have a look in at Licha sooner than later. He brings a different class of verticality imo.
    3.Glad that post injury finally people have realised the gold that Lo Celso was/is. At any rate it is what it is but here again I think although we may not have a exact replacement for him we do have creative players like Papu , or just all round players like Enzo, And not to forget we can always count on the all round workhorse Angel Correa to do a job.
    That said I believe and want Paredes and De Paul to start the tournamentand am confident by the end of the group stage they would have regained enough chemistry to level up.
    4. I still don’t understand the hate Alexis gets round here. But he is a lynchpin of his club team where he is encouraged to have the most touches on the ball. Granted he should not be a starter but the guy plays at the highest level with excellent consistency so must be good enough to be in the squad.
    There is one thing this team always shows that we can count on “Hunger”, “Hustle”. We will run more we will cover for each other.
    The only thing that s going to be pivotal for us imo is verticality.
    Also I trust Scaloni to make the right calls with the roster we have.

    • World cup is not the place to experiment. All matches will be tough. We can’t afford any slipups here. We have to win all the 3 matches. Any slipup means we will face France in r16 again. We should not underestimate any team remember 2002 wc campaign??

      • I don’t think I have talked about any kind of experimentation. The only change is Celso which is obvious.I am happy with the roster.

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