Juan Musso, Facundo Medina and Thiago Almada as Argentina reserves


Juan Musso, Facundo Medina and Thiago Almada are set to be the Argentina reserves for the 2022 World Cup.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has picked one goalkeeper, one defender and one attack minded player to be reserves for the team. According to Gastón Edul, should anything happen to the players, they will be the back-ups.

Musso of Atalanta would be the back-up to the goalkeepers. He was part of the 2021 team which won the Copa America.

Facundo Medina of RC Lens would be the reserves for the defenders. He last played for the Argentina national team in October of last year.

Thiago Almada of Atlanta United is also one of the reserves. He played for Argentina in the 3-0 win vs. Honduras in September.

As we reported, Paulo Dybala and Juan Foyth are set to be at the World Cup with Ángel Correa and Facundo Medina being the reserves.


  1. Angel and Joaquin is two different type of players. Joaquin is more valuable alround player. He can be deployed in any position. But angel is a player who is more threat near penalty area.. I think is angel is more suited in attackingmidfield role.

  2. Barcelona and MU want Enzo Fernandez. Barca starting bid likely around €60 million euro. Someone posted here a stupid site called transfermarkt where his value is only €35 million and say that all teams use that to bid players. Really? why the broke Barca wanna pay €60 million as a starting bid then? We know Benfica would want much more than that.

    • You will always go low when calling site like transfermarkt stupid. They clearly study players all over the world and mention their market value. Even in T Y C they were having a report regarding this market price mentioning transfermarkt.

      You told he already valued in market 100-120 and shared a link, but it was clearly speaking about buy-out clause. And you even didn’t understand that, I was pointing you that.
      Now you think why MU or Barcelona go for around 60 as starting bud? You have any idea how market is working? I thought you understand football and it’s market. Many of your points, I really started to doubt that.
      Current value, current form, potential, how young the player is, expectations of his future value, how many years left in his contract, what is the buy out clause of the player, willingness of his club to sell the players for that price…so many so many things are related to selling or buying price.
      I don’t call you kid…you called me that once…and just remind you that, I am a fan of Argentina since Maradona.

      • By considering the all these factors, and depends upon his form and fitness, I clearly know his selling price will be even more bigger.
        Two months before he was valued by transfermarkt 20 million and now 35, if he continues his form, it will be around 50(even more if he perform well in WC) by January..and 60+ when the season ends.

        I understand all these since he moved to Benfica. That time his price was less than 20. But still I predicted, he will be one of the best Argentine midfielder ever played football. A real modern midfielder.

        Even in the last day I shared a heat map study here, that clearly show the best inform Argentine player is Enzo.

      • To summarize for those that don’t speak Spanish –
        They are confident with the 3 Keepers, 9 Defenders, and 7 Mids that everyone expects. For the attack, Messi, ADM, Alvarez, Nico, Toro are 100% in. The final choice between 3 Dybala, A and J Correa.
        They think Dybala is in as backup to Toro so Scaloni will cut 1 of Joaquin or Angel Correa.

  3. A week after Garnacho Luka Romero scores. Soule is getting more minutes this month than ever. The big three is slowly starting to take shape

      • It won’t be fair for others if we select Garnacho now but I always felt that we should take some youngsters to launch at world stage. You never know what they produce and they don’t have to start as well.

          • Joaquin understands scalonis system and if you look at the wingers , they always go back and defend.
            The work Nicolas and Joaquin especially the former, you will only realise when they don’t play.
            That is why I always mention it doesn’t matter who plays as long as they follow the system, we will be good.
            That being said we definitely need a creative spark so that Messi is always in final third.

          • i think J Correa defending ability is overstated. The past few games he seemed defensively apathetic. Nico, on the other hand, is a little defending machine, tracking back non stop, can play in multiple positions, and has fantastic heading ability. Most importantly though, J Correa is so inconsistent with scoring and that is such a crucial aspect of attackers, not defending. We simply cannot afford another Higuain miss in a world cup where chances are very limited.
            I understand the need in Scalonis system so that’s why Nico is there, but 2 “defending” left wingers might be overkill. we could use a direct pacy left winger that has the X factor. On merrit, Garnacho certainly shouldn’t go but with 26, think we can afford 1 unexpected call up. I usually don’t get too excited over newbies in hot form but there’s something about this kid that the team could really benefit from.

  4. Angel Correa must be very sad knowing this. I blame Simeone for this. A great team player who never create any mess in the dressing room. One of our “super saiyans” meaning: Someone who always plays better for Argentina than the club level joining the likes of Emi, Cuti, Otamendi, Molina, Acuna, Paredes, Guido, De Paul, Lo Celso, Papu, Palacios, Di Maria, Messi, and Lautaro. These are all the super saiyan clubs. 2 of them are out now: Lo Celso and A Correa.

    Other than these, none of them are considered “super saiyan”. The term super saiyan is created by Emi Martinez.

    About 6 months ago it looked like almost all of the Copa America squad would make the World Cup squad. Now some of them do not make it.

    The absentees include: Aguero, Marchesin, Nico Dominguez, Lo Celso, LM Quarta, A Correa, Musso.

    The World Cup new ones: Rulli, Foyth, MacAllister, Enzo, Dybala.

    If I am being completely honest, I prefer the Copa America squad. Although Aguero, Marchesin, LM Quarta, or Musso probably don’t deserve to make the WC squad due to various reasons (retired, injury, not good enough). But man A Correa doesn’t deserve the exclusion.

      • Gaston Edul posted the latest news. A Correa only will be in if Dybala is out but Dybala is likely in. The chance of both Dybala and A Correa (Foyth out) in is very slim as Scaloni is leaning toward 9 defenders than 8.

    • Kun was on fire right before his heart problem. If he kept it up, and there’s no reason to believe he wouldn’t have, he would be going to WC. Such a shame!

  5. Good decisions.

    So far, Scaloni has taken right decisions except I expressed doubts over the inclusion of McAllister and Joakin Correa. However, I am willing to give Scaloni the benefit of doubt accepting that he knows something that i don’t or can’t know.

    He deserves the credit to include Enzo despite his short cameo and considering Foyth.

  6. Coaching staff almost made a decision to go for 9th defender.

    So the last spots;

    Dybala vs Angel Correa.
    Foyth vs Medina.

    All depends upon the fitness of Dybala and Foyth. If no issues, both will be going to the WC.

    Also there is again a rumor that Palacios spot is still not confirmed. Coaching staff closely monitoring the condition. Thiago is fighting for this spot.

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