Paulo Dybala, Juan Foyth could be at 2022 World Cup for Argentina


Paulo Dybala and Juan Foyth could be at the 2022 World Cup for Argentina.

Dybala and Foyth might both be at the World Cup as coach Lionel Scaloni has opted for nine defenders. According to Gastón Edul, Argentina coach Lionel Scaloni will likely pick those two players.

Should Paulo Dybala be fully recovered and play for AS Roma vs. Torino, the Argentine will be picked to go to the World Cup. If not, Ángel Correa will be in his place.

Juan Foyth played for Villarreal as he was brought on as a substitute. Should Foyth not be fit to play, Facundo Medina will be at the World Cup.


  1. I’ve always said Foyth is like Coloccini. I don’t trust him. Yes, he has spurts of great play, but it is the lapse of concentration he displays at crucial moments that make him a liability.

    Demichelis was the same. When he played well, he was a world-class defender but would lose concentration and fans disliked him at times. 2014 WC goal he let that cross come into Goetze. The cross should have been blocked. Don’t believe me? Rewatch the cross and goal. We were playing for penalties with few minutes left in the game and he is nonchalant in his movement & positioning. He literally zoned out and woke up after the ball was in the back of the net.

    I fear Foyth is a red card away, a penalty away, or what happened in Copa vs Brazil… He was the last man in defense and he stops and lets Gabriel Jesus score. WC 2018 we could have beaten France with the worst Argentine NT that entered a WC, but Royo (who time and time again showed you who he truly is) caused an early penalty. “Oh but Royo scored the goal to get us into the knockout stages!” Yes, but he should have been sent off in that game which means he should have never scored that goal.

    For me, Foyth is a liability in RB and we compromise our play. Heck, I would even try Lamela at RB. Let him be Dani Alves/Hakimi for us.

  2. Foyth over Angel Correa is unwise.

    Correa is a versatile player that has multiple attributes that can add to a game given the situation… both offensively and defensively closing out a game.
    Foyth has less balance than a child on ice lol
    -He gives me a heart attack ever time is doesn’t have inside help.
    -he is a yellow card waiting to happen on every one on one situation.
    – foyth is agile for a person with two left legs

    Just my opinion but an accurate one!

    • True that and if we’re going to shut-up shop and just eke out favorable results against fast teams, Foyth will be included and we’ve to breath a sigh of relief if he starts to play like he’s doing at Villareal prior to the injury. His exclusion previously was well-deserved and now he flew under the radar all these months getting injured during NT games. Lucky guy! If he messes-up one god damn time, I’ll probably be furious for a while as I know we picked him hoping he’ll get his act right atleast this time around.:-)

  3. It’s wise decision to choose Foyth over A. Correa, considering the weakness of right wing back of the team. Molina is defensively not that good while Montiel is average player , single game ( Copa final) hero .

    On the left we have better options Acuna, Tagliafico and even Licha .

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