Argentina national team land in Qatar for the World Cup


The Argentina national team have landed in Qatar for the World Cup.

Argentina took a flight from Abu Dhabi to Doha, Qatar following their 5-0 win on Wednesday. Lionel Scaloni’s team arrived at 2:00 am on Thursday morning.

A first practice in Doha will be held in the afternoon as the team will be staying at the University of Qatar.


  1. What the hell is happening?? Now gaston edul is reporting j. Correa felt pain in knee after the match and its not an injury but chronicle pain so Correa will keep playing with pain so he will not be 100% yet we can’t change him. Scaloni made some blunders including some injured players in the squad i hope it doesn’t hurt us

    • He shouldn’t have been there in the first place. I am still struggling to understand how JC and AM rises in the packing order. But I am open to change my mind if they can force me to do so by their performance. I’m sure that’s also the case for many who today question Joaquin and McAllister.

      In the last match, I found one thing that I like from McAllister. He has a quick feet. He passes the ball very quickly. Everything else is 6.0-6.5 rating, which isn’t bad. Sometimes, you need a player who provides that average statistics. Just like Augusto Fernandez in 2014.

      They best midfielder in yesterdays games were DePaul and Parades. I’m saying this despite not being a fan of parades.

      @godin11 “hate” is a strong word my brother. You can say “not liking” instead of hate. I am sorry but I haven’t been convinced yet to start liking McAllister. But, why it would even matter? I’m nobody.

      Now that I know there are the players who will play in the tournament, I accept it. But, accepting something doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have your opinion (of course based on one’s own logic). Salaam

  2. Off topic
    Thanks to the long unbeaten run, there is one thing we haven’t seen in the past few years and that is plan B. What if we fall behind and the tactics do not work? Sure, we can make substitutions but what else will change if the plan does not work?

    Why the question?
    Dutch coach Van Gaal explained he has a plan A, B and C. They will play the way Ajax plays and if that fails they will bring on tall strikers like Luuk de Jong (formerly of Barca) and Wout Weghorst. Along with Van Dijk these three tall guys will move in the box and the rest of the team will play long balls and try to force corners and free kicks in the final third. Due to their length and physical strength they will be able to score one or more headers. He did not reveal plan C…

    Anyone has any idea what Scaloni’s plan B is?

    • Noone will reveal their plan. Van Gaal is behaving like an idiot. Announcing them future world champions bla bla. They are 15 match unbeaten streak bt still van Gaal looks over confident. Its world cup you should respect your opponents

  3. If everyone is fit (if ..)

    the team will be probably

    —–Gomez—————–Di Maria
    ———–Paredes—-De Paul

    Tagliafico will be in competition with Acuna, Montiel with Molina and McAllister with Papu but the other are 100% sure.

  4. Nico González with a discomfort in the sole of his foot and in the right hamstring, is the player who generates the most doubts for Scaloni due to his physical condition. But injury is not serious, with which FIFA wouldn’t allow him to change the list.
    This via : Gustavo Yarroch

  5. Here is the current new updated statistics. All the games are after Copa America 2021 (the last 12 games including the UEA game yesterday).

    How do you see the stats?
    For example Lionel Messi played a total of 768 minutes in his last 12 matches) and Argentina scored 23 goals while he was on the pitch. He was off the pitch (being a sub) for 132 minutes in those matches (768 minutes + 132 minutes = 900 minutes or 10 matches) He was absent in 2 matches in the last 12.

    When the team played without Messi in 132 minutes, the team managed to score 2 goals. Compared to 768 minutes with Messi on and the team scored 23. So Messi’s team goal/minute rating is 1 goal every 33.39 minute.

    With him off the pitch, we scored 2 goals in 132 minutes or 1 goal every 66.0 minute. So Messi’s impact is 33.39 – 66 (+32.61).

    The higher the + number, the better impact the player is when it comes to scoring goals.

    Here is the top 14. My new statistics update:

    New ranking:
    1. Leandro Paredes

    (New 513 minutes/14 goals
    A goal every 36.64 minutes

    without him 117 mins and 1 goal
    a goal every 117 min (+80.36)

    2. Lionel Messi

    (New: 768 minutes/23 goals 33.39
    without him 132 and 2 goals 66.0 (+32.61)

    3. Julian Alvarez

    (New 367 minutes 13 goals 28.23
    without 353 and 9 goals 39.22 (+10.99)

    4. Marcos Acuna

    (New 478 minutes/11 goals 43.45
    without 152 and 3 goals 50.67 (+7.22)

    5. Nico Gonzales

    291 minutes/8 goals 36.38
    without him 340 and 8 goals 42.5 (+6.12)

    6. Angel Di Maria

    (New: 590 minutes/14 goals 42.14
    without him 221 and 5 goals 44.2 (+2.06)

    7. Lautaro Martinez

    Lautaro 520 minutes/10 goals 52.0
    without him 202 and 4 goals 50.5 (-1.5)

    8. Rodrigo De Paul

    (New 831 minutes 23 goals 36.13
    without him 159 and 5 goals 31.8 (-4.33)

    9. Papu Gomez

    Papu 349 minutes/9 goals 38.78
    without him 101 and 3 goals 33.67 (-5.11)

    10. MacAllister

    (New 329 minutes/10 goals 32.9
    without 211/10 goals 21.1 (-11.8)

    11. Nahuel Molina

    (New: 760 minutes /20 goals 38.00
    without 140 and 6 goals 23.33 (-14.7)

    12. Lo Celso

    Lo Celso 603 minutes/11 goals 54.82
    without him 119 and 3 goals 39.67 (-15.15)

    13. Guido Rodriguez

    (New: 371 minutes/6 goals 61.83
    Without him 349 and 12 goals 29.08 (-32.75)

    14. Gonzalo Montiel

    (New 308 minutes and 5 goals 61.6
    without him 142 and 7 goals 20.29 (-41.31)

    1. Only these 14 players can be done. Others (midfielders/strikers/fullbacks only) have received too few minutes to be considered as of now such as Palacios, Enzo, J Correa, A Correa, Dybala.

    2. I can not put Nicolas Tagliafico as his stats is like this
    Tagliafico 540 minutes/15 goals 36.0 without him 0 (NEVER come as a sub) If he never comes as a sub meaning he has 0 minute off the pitch

    3. Molina ranking jumped down really bad because Argentina scored 4 without him yesterday in 45 minutes and just scored 1 with him in the second half.

    4. Acuna and MacAllister ranking soar. Acuna and MacAllister were close to the bottom before the match yesterday. Now they are 4th out of 14 and 10th out of 14.

    5. Lo Celso impact surprisingly is not that good using this model.

    6. Paredes is number one? I am also surprised, but in the last 12 matches, Argentina only managed to score 1 goal in 117 minutes without him. That’s a bit surprising but it is real number.

    This is called “players true value plus/minus effect on/off the pitch”.

    • good stuff! that’s quite similar to what I thought without stats:

      – Messi plays a lot with the left side players(fullback and winger) through his entire career due to the way he plays. So their performance is highly correlated with that of Messi.

      – Paredes has always been the key of everything. So you need to put 2 other midfielders around him to bring the best from him.

    • In one match, many getting reversed…this is how it is… Illogical.. and sample is less…Still you have just some games it for all games under Scaloni..

      Still you are checking just for goals…! Do it for goal against also…you will be surprised to see… Palacios at rock bottom….I don’t believe Palacios is that bad…

      And again, Paredes is our best player..true value ?..This good the stat is ..!

  6. Interesting fact. The camp where is Netherlands training there today day temperature was 34 degree celsius. That’s hot for European countries if it continues like that they will struggle no doubt about that

  7. Scaloni always struggled when he used 3-5-2. Before the WC he was telling he would like to use that. Now after UAE match, he should be thinking we never use that again. If UAE can hurt us in that formation, we will be screwed up by top teams.
    Stick to ‘our 4-3-3″, that’s more like 442. When you want to defend, 541 is okay.

    Please don’t experiment in the world cup.

  8. Scaloni is one of the worst coaches in the world. How can earth you can carry 5 injured players. Dybala, Nico, Foyth, Papu, Cuti. He need to drop at lease 2 injured payers from the list asap.

  9. Recently there was a discussion here on some stalwarts who disappeared from this blog. Here are few names I remember:

    1) Johnny
    2) pablo.d
    3) Baker
    4) Kenneth
    5) Julian (ex-moderator of mundoalbiceleste) and one of ex- Argentina World Cup blogger’s

    Few names who were prominent I have forgotten. Hope they all make a comeback and make this place enriching.

      • Thanks EnganChe, for the update on them. Good to know they are all doing well.
        We all will be happy if they all can come back and be around with us for this world cup.

        Please convey our kindest regards to them.

    • Johnny wasn’t very happy the rate at which new members were adding up to the mundo community, he preferred mundo to be a small circle of people like a family. Pablo.D was sick and tired of the drama in mundo and left.

  10. Gaston Edul just has confirmed that no player is in risk of missing the world cup due to injury. Change can happen due to footballing reason.

    I think Foyth will get the axe.

    I hope Joaquin Correa is also replaced.

    Medina and Angel is the realistic choice. For right cb we have Pezzella and Romero, Licha also can play there. So having Medina won’t be bad. He is in very good form.

    I think Montiel will improve as tournament goes on. I don’t care about the negative opinions regarding Montiel and Molina’s defensive capability.

    We can’t waste a spot on Foyth.

    • Yes Medina needs to replace Foyth.
      And certainly J.Correa needs to head home and Garnacho the X factor should take his place.

      I also feel that Thiago Almada is a requirement to this team for creativity sake. Fitness is vital in a stressful campaign.

    • This is the correct news @anu

      Changes can still be made but it is not due to injury but is is due to football reason (not match fit). I think that should refer to Foyth. Out of all the ones that just recovered and played yesterday. Di Maria, Acuna, Paredes played good, only Foyth.

      Nico G maybe if Scaloni is afraid that he will need sometime to get back in form (like Foyth).

  11. This is the world cup. I think Scaloni is very cautious with the team. He’s trying to do the best he can. Players on the current 26 roster as well as backup players off this list can play. It is important to ensure health until 24 hours before the opening day. Hopefully there aren’t any unfortunate problems other than Lo Celso. He said there were some minor issues so you guys shouldn’t be too worried.

  12. Does anyone know if the 4 reserves are currently with the 26 players or have they to be called from some country?

    Serves good if the 4 are with the team, training everyday … Otherwise it will be an uphill task to get them match fit.

  13. shit scoloni always have favouritism..Just bulshit… On which earth j coreea deserve qatar?
    Just shit player like his coach was! Just waste a valuable spot.what his role? Don’t come here with his defensive ability, a attackers must have attacking quality. By romance king language he is there for personal picnic with scoloni.. After maria, Nico Gonzalez is the our best winger with speed and would be great loss if he leave .i hope he will fit on time and stay.. Angle correa atleast better than Joaquin..but not the ability that have Nico..Garnacho! I’m not sure about him..yes he can be usefull in exchange of juaqin not Nico.just hope acuna,nico fit in time.. They are very important.
    Foyth! Maybe fitness issue..he is not that type was embarrassing to see foyth bet many time…I’m confused here too…Otherwise good team.. I think this world Cup, Fitness issue is Going play big role.Scoloni and co should aware of it..

  14. I am getting tensed. So many injuries is a concern. I don’t want another heart break. I have seen too many heart breaks don’t need another one. Im damn tensed regarding the 1st match. We have to win it if we draw it we will be in trouble

    • It’s all about scalonis tactics rather than individual brilliance. If players like Enzo, macallister, palacios foyth can provide good support within their limit that would be enough to cross that line. But yeah that left side looking blank without lo celso.

      • McAllister is not the solution. He looks too conservative even yesterday DePaul or even paredes looked better and all the attacking moves in the left were coming from acuna. Against big teams his more conservative approach may work

  15. “Piers Morgan has revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo’s comments on Lionel Messi in their 90-minute interview will “make huge headlines”.

    The initial portion of the sit-down will be broadcast on TalkTV at 8pm on Wednesday with the final part aired on Thursday at the same time. Clips of the interview that were first released on Sunday have stirred seismic controversy”

    I bet he will talk about messi winning copa America in bad way that is my guess

    • Jesus, do we really need this bullshit right now before the World Cup? I hope that in a spin of expectations it’s something positive but “headlines” are never really good for some people

      • I agree. All the nonsense he’s been saying have lead people to be giving us unnnecessary attention. His obsession with Leo is on another level. Cant he do interview without bringing Leo into it. Now many of fans think he is doing the right thing claiming he’s telling the “truth.” Telling the truth is like a double edge sword – sometimes good, other times bad. Who knows maybe he will soon eat all those nonsense he’s been saying.

    • In Copa the team kept the TVs off and stayed away from outside nuisance. Full focus on football and the next match. Expecting them to do the same in Qatar.

      In the first part of the interview when asked about mentality of ManU Youth players, PR7 praised Dalot, Licha Martinez and Casemiro xD

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