Marcos Acuña and Nicolás González under physical observation for Argentina


Marcos Acuña and Nicolás González are under physical observation by the Argentina national team.

Acuña started and played in Argentina’s 5-0 win vs. the United Arab Emirates on Wednesday. According to Gastón Edul, they are the two players under observation.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni stated after the win that there could still be changes to the 2022 World Cup team.


  1. I am always against taking not fully fit players. I still believe not fit Aguero was one of the reasons we failed to win against Germany 2014 Final. I am one of the Aguero fan ever.

    Its Sad to see Nico is injured..a player Scaloni always believed.
    Replacement? A.Correa? Can be..but…I think Ocampos can be the best choice for the role what Nico doing. I don’t know he’s in preliminary list..or not.

    • “I still believe not fit Aguero was one of the reasons we failed to win against Germany 2014 Final”
      And what about fully fit Rodrigo Palacio?
      Both fitness and quality matters .
      I hope J correa does not become next palacio. I still don’t understand what J correa can provide what Garnacho , A correa can not provide. If its about Lautaro’s back up Alvarez is there and in the worst case Dybala is a better back up of Lautaro than J correa.

  2. One thing for sure though, after the match and the first 2 days together with the 26, Scaloni does not believe that these 26 are the best 26 he could create. That’s for SURE! That’s why he wants changes while he still can.

    Gaston keeps reporting that should there is a change, it will be from the 4 reserves: Musso, Medina, Almada, and Correa. I have yet to see the name of Garnacho being mentioned at all. As of now it is more of a fantasy wish than a reality. I myself would be extremely happy if one of Garnacho or A Correa makes it as he deserves it, but let’s see if his name will be even mentioned.

    The ones that have the highest chance among the 4 are A Correa and Media to me. Maybe not Almada as he already takes 7 midfielders. What for so many back ups of Lo Celso?

  3. As written here on mundo Scaloni’s word’s were ” We have a few little problems, we have days to decide the list. We can change it, hopefully not but there is the possibility.

    “I am not saying they will be out of the list either. There are several who were left out of the team today because they were not fit to play or there was a risk.

    “I can’t guarantee those players are okay. In principle, they are but you have to be cautious.”

    Paulo Dybala, Cristian Romero and Papu Gómez did not make the bench in the win”

    OK, first of all he can and also most propably will not reveal anything else that there is/are? a concern/concern’s?

    Secondly or as second option we can either concentrate on the word’s he said, though that, maybe will not indicate us anything else than speculation etc…

    So by this Logic i can only figure out til’ now that there is/ are a concern/concern’s?

    So,then i will start think who might be that concern or concern’s ?

    As i have really not any other option as look back to what he said and to his word’s as they were translated here in mundo, then word’s from him as for example THEY appears on 3 times as THOSE at once, also A FEW LITTLE PROBLEMS, though i’m not the one can read his mind, still according to theese word’s or this stranslation here on mundo as that is the only i have looked at, though i’m aware of what other member’s have wrote and willing to also belive some of those News as obviously i have to pay attention to repectively a Gaston Edu’s word’s as he is speaking about Acuna and N.Gonzalez.

    Well, itruly hope i’m wrong, but if Acuna is under that radar as monitored one, yes then there is even a more concern than allready before with Lo Celso as he was brilliant at the first half and looked like good old Acuna playing with LA SELECCION as he allways are allmost every time looks so good and lively for Arg NT and is very important player for LA SELECCION and this bring only to one conclusion as if there were those who not were on the either on the pitch&bench, though from that i can’t really make any conclusion than there was a reason why they were not on either pitch&bench as that reason with Papu as members here on mundo were saying that he has an cold as that soundi a pretty good reason for me as also for Cuti as he was not either on the pitch&bench and have not also played in the last 4-5 spurs games and as we all know hon important he is and also hon important Lo Celso is, but Could not make it to the list as Cuti did, then obviously i hope that the Coaching team is just waiting and giving him even more time to recover as like i allready said Acuna is now even more important as there is no Lo Celso, well we all know now important Cuti is too so the difference from this to is that Acuna actually played 45 minutes and very good 45 minutes as if he had anykind concern at the the moment why would our Coaching to risk him as game against UAE was not an WC game, so i hope i’m right and that Acuna as he played a very good 45 minutes is not having any concern to be changed to Medina or some other player for the left as maybe even more attacked minded as there are several names offcourse if this would be the casecwith Acuna unable to palo, but again i do wonder why would he played against UAE as 45 minutes if he was under radar to or allready known to have some concern that he Could not play in WC ? As this not make any Sense to me, though i might be wrong, but i hope not as Acuna truly very important !

    OK, then Cuti for example, OK we know he has not played in last 4-5 games for spurs, but we don’t know the whole story of it obviously, though i’m praying he was just faking, though even he might had a concern, still i do not belive that if Lo Celso was left out of 26 as said to be unable and went for surgery, so now i’m thinking if Cuti had any more serious would they had done the same with him as they decided with Lo Celso as also do we know who decidecin the end for Lo Celso as was it him, i doubt it, so either Arg’s Coaching as they were forsure monitoring this super closely, but what if Spurs( i do not know if Lo Celso is still owned fully by them or which team own’s him now etc,) or the one’s who now own Lo Celso forced him to for surgery, well this we may not found out i quess at least before WC as at 2014 REAL forced Di MARIA for example etc…So OK let’s say spurs still own’s Lo Celso as they own also Cuti and we all know hon Spurs values theese 2 players as obviously not as us here on Mundo as for us Booth are super important, but for Spurs Cuti forsure is more important than Lo Celso as Cuti is been considered as one their current best or maybe even THE MOST IMPORTANT player for them as Lo Celso they clearly are intrested only in money as typical and common subject for Spurs as money etc…

    All this make’s think as i wish i’m right that Cuti will be fine for WC at some stage even he did not played or were on the bench against UAE etc…

    So who else did not play or were not on the bench as Papu most propably having cold and Dybala just been backed as Palacios played allready for Leverkusen and did fine, though set backs to injured players are common to known as more than bad thing’s, but as there were so many who did not play at least as i don’t know exactly who were on bench amongst those who subbed in or where there any more ?

    Anyhow many did not played….also all the name’s that did not oalyed were not mentioned at mundo in that interview Scaloni gave as i don’t know if he just did not mention also the name’s who did not played or if they were left out by accidently what was wtitten here on mundo ? As per Scaloni word’s ” There are several who were left out of the team today because they were not fit to play or there was a risk.”

    But, Gaston Edu is talking about Acuna and Nico G., well Acuna did play and Nico G. did not, but as iallraedybsaid hon important Acuna is also imartelee Nico G. very important too and as Both playing for Arg at least mostly on the left, though itseen Nico G. playing for LA VIOLA on the right too, still as Lo Celso obviously allready out, well itäisellä as obviously that left side is the most concerned and now even more by Gaston Edu as Acuna and Nico.G are the one’s been monitored etc…

    So the final questions are no as 5 days before the start of WC for Arg, will any News from any source will be reliable one’s ? Honestly i don’t know as i would like to know !

    Anyhow in the end all i can say that there is a concern or perhaps concern’s, which i hope are just less than ” few little problems” etc…otherwise Scaloni would not mention anything NOR will Gaston Edu, i quess ?

    So according to all this i may have to accept at least a concern asti truly hope not deffenetly 2 concern’s meaning that both Acuna and Nico G. will eventually had be changed, whichnintrulynhopevis not the case, but somethingbmakes me think that one may have to be changed and as Acuna played and Nico G. did not, well in my very poro Logic it might be Nico G., which is another curse, ( exuse my word’s) so close to the WC, but it Could be Acuna too or even innthe sorat case scenario both of them by Gaston Edu as they seems to be the one’s monitored….but, again if Acuna why would had he played ?

    Also this is very hard alkready after Lo Celso i’m kind of gettin’ even more broken to pieces, but if is that one must be replaced then, even both deffenetly need to be at WC and both deffenetly deserve to be there as well, still if i have to ultimatly wish for onlynone instead of as one allready killing me as after 2 i will be dead for sure !

    I don’t know why it is so hard everytime and maybe also that’s why if i had to right now wish or decide between by those 2 as reported by Gaston Edu, then i wish Arg Could at least keep Acuna, though i don’t know hon Nico,G will be replaced and by who as offcourse i wished that A.Correa would had been amongst the fianl 26, but he can’t really playbon the left, i quess as the issue after Lo Celso is obviously there, but also i was notvthat convinced by neither foyth or Montiel, but offcourse both are important, but if there is no issue with foyth as he played also though very poirly, but has not palyed latelybthat much as Montiel has and therefore Montiel’s from is even more at least for me a concern, though Molina did not convince me neither, but at least he was on the left and not in his normal right and somehow looked a bit more solid than Montiel who was also playing more as wingback or direct replacement for DI MARIA, but looked awfull, sorry to say for him and everyone here on mundo, but if he would be usea latervon also lime this as some players might TaKe more time recover and can’t play more than max 45 min’s then i would swap him directly to A.Correa, but as i said all theese News from players not fit yet or will they even be fit make’s me a completly wrecked and broken to,pieces so this all is very, very hard for me as i quess itbis the same forveveryone else supporting Arg too….

  4. This is getting bad to worse. No idea who all will be fit to play by the time we reach the crunch knockouts. I would even say rest the key players like cuti romero against Saudi. Get him as much time to heal.Someone can cover up for him for sure against Saudi.

    Emiliano Martinez
    Cuti Romero

    We need as much as our 26 players to be fit and ready to backup for others but without this 5 we wont make it for sure. 7 matches guys stay fit this upcoming 7 matches which will seal your legacy forever.

  5. Unfit players cause problems in team chemistry.we found that in past.we have couple of technically fit players playing at the moment. But a coach can’t go for that players bcz that affect thr. unity also. Although Team need 100%
    fit players in major tournmnt

  6. Garnacho is a super pace player but he is not equal to Nico. Nico is almost an alround player. better to replace another same type of player in his place.

    • he is not experienced enough. losses the ball too many times , imagine we are all out attacking with many player in front and he losses the ball and we hit by a counter attack.

  7. Big loss if we loose either of Acuna or Nico.
    If Nico has to go then bring on Garnacho, if Acuna or Foyth then Medina.

    I have a feeling it’s Nico … And the replacement will be Angel Correa.

    A question, are the 4 reserves still with the team training or basking in some island?

  8. Argentina was playing after 1.5 months and if you expect all the players to have the same old chemistry and commitment of COPA in a practise match then we are only fooling ourselves. We are going to have to use the first 3 match to rebuild the chemistry. It is going to be frustrating in the group stages and we will rely on individual brilliance for the most part but since our core players have been playing for 4 years they will eventually gel and we will start to see the lethal pressing and passing from 3rd group match or may be knockout round. But expecting national team to perform like clubs teams playing twice a week is not fair to the players and team management. I don’t see any team beating us but we will have to start off with a win and build from there. I didn’t watch the interview but rumour is that no body is injured and journalists are just spicing things up and Scaloni actually said if anyone is not fit we will have him replaced but right now every thing is fine.

    • No that rumor is bogus. He himself said that all players r not well and there is a possibility that he may change the 26 man squad list. Not 100% sure but they are observing players.
      Just add https: before this link

    • Right, I remember in the early stages of Copa America we were frustrating and disconnected BUT we won games. I remember tons of people here getting mad about playing poorly but while we won and increased our confidence we slowly got chemistry up to the point of going from struggling against Paraguay to beating Brazil in the final. I don’t expect to see the types of performances we had against Uruguay or Italy in all of the group stage matches but as long as we win and have that upwards arch going like in Copa we should be good. We are lucky our matches scale up in difficulty because winning the first match is very important

  9. Here mundo members are very happy with our performance. But rewatch the game and observe the facial expressions of the coaching staff and watch the scaloni interview in tyc sports YouTube channel. Surely seeing their expressions i can say they don’t like the performance atall. Rightly so our defense looked shaky and uae could have scored 2 times now foyth looked unfit. He was out of position and was jogging when counter attack was happening their winger was easily beating him in pace. Surely he is not match fit and if he is not fit thn no point include him in 26 man squad better to give chance to someone else. Even i doubted previously regarding nico’s fitness as he hasn’t played any game for atleast 2 months now its not easy. Lets see what scaloni does

    • I totally agree with you. 5-0 look good on paper but Scaloni is one of those guys where u can tell easily whether he is happy or not happy. He did not look too happy yesterday even after we scored each goal. Plus after the match, in his interview he talks about possible changes right away.

  10. As per Article 24 of FIFA WC rules, teams can replace players with injuries or serious illness 24 hours before their first WC match. So technically we have time till Nov 21st – another 5 days !!!The replacement player need not necessarily be from the 55 man provisional squad. The only conditions are that FIFA Medical Commitee should validate the injury & the replacement player needs to wear same jersey number.
    Its jittery to see the fitness issues in left side of pitch – first locelso & now possibly nico g & acuna. Acuna is virtually irreplaceable. What Medina does , Licha can also do as a makeshift LB. So with Acuna , i feel management shld be willing to take a chance even if it means he has reduced minutes for group stage. Also fact is we dont have a LB backup. If Nico G is unfit , thats again a big blow. But my wish is to see Scaloni taking a leap of faith with Garnacho. He can be that impact sub. Angelito always prefers right side of pitch & what we will be missing in the event of Nico G absence is pace on the left side.
    While Foyth was bad yesterday, i am not overtly worried on him as he has just come back & maybe didnt want to exert. As long as he is fit , Scaloni shouldnt knock him out. We need Foyth, Molina & Montiel as options for RB as that is a weak position & any of them may have an opponent specific role.

    • quite a few sub20 players around including Jude Bellingham, Facundo Pellistri ( Uruguay) , Musaila & Moukoko ( Germany) , spaniards . Obviously lot of them do have more club minutes. But for argument sake Garnacho brings in what Argentine lacks ( pace in Nicog absence) & the surprise element.

    • Thanks for the info. Now I will say we do have an in-form Tagliafico in Acuna’s position but he doesn’t have the same crossing ability (he’s not a Foyth type full back at all and does have a good share of assists from low crosses and getting into position but I don’t envision Tagliafico doing the type of assist Acuna did today for example). I think it is crucial for us to have both as options so we can mix and match based on what the game requires. Losing Acuna would be serious. I would also take a chance on him

  11. According to edul 1 fullback that could be foyth but that could be tagliafico also. He still not trained with the group but if tagli is injured we r in big trouble. If foyth and nico is out i would pick medina as lb also he can play as cb and in good form recently and play acuna as a left wing and pick garnacho for sub role thn we don’t have to worry about left wing also don’t have to worry about garnacho’s lack of defensive ability as acuna will play majority of minutes

  12. Call me crazy but I don’t think this has anything to do with Acuna or Nico. This has to do with Foyth. Let me put it this way. He absolutely SUCKED out there. Out of position, slow footed and not the guy who plays for his club. Maybe he is “injured”. Acuna isn’t going anywhere if he played a half. So if he goes and Almada arrives no stunner there, or Angel. And against a good side, you will need more than DePaul at midfield. I hope this love for this pedestrian player MacAllister doesn’t cost us the cup. Palacios is better than him. And Enzo is better than Paredes. There I said it.

    • Macallister played well and enzo was a lot less productive than him today. Mac is not a flashy player and has good positional sense, I think unfortunately Lo Celso not being at the WC will be a huge hit because he really was the owner of that LCM role. From the game today it is clear that Lo Celso in terms of offensive and defensive balance was the best for that role. Papu will be utilized in the situation we need to get forward more, and Mac or Enzo when a more balanced approach is necesary. I think Mac is better in tight play situations and Enzo when there is more space to maneuver. Agreed though that Foyth should take the bus back home.

      • If Foyth stays and has to play for any reason he will cost us the game. This guy has never done much for the NT other than being tall. Send his ass packing. And where are all the Montiel haters now. And if Acuna is really hurt you need backup on that side not Molina and Montiel. Between Pezzella Ota Licha and cuti that side is covered

  13. I would also say, this worldcup Argentina is going to see some crazy support going. These Asian nations are absolute fanatic Argentina supporters. The magical 12th player. As the tournament progresses this will get more intense. This might push us over the line. VAMOS!

  14. Many mundo fans here just support football with emotion not logic at all. You say scaloni should take garnacho based on what exactly? few good games he had recently while we have players like A.Correa that have been tested and delivered. No way in hell. The boy is extremely inexperienced, what he has only had like roughly 10 senior caps for Man u, have not been tested against tough opponents in the EPL and comparing him to Messi, Ronaldo or Mbappe at 18 is complete nonsense, those ones were already giving “world best” kind of performances, demolishing world class defenders and keepers. The boy is good but let’s not be ahead of ourselves yet. I would say wait until next world cup. We have alot of options – Almada, A. Correa, Lamela, Lanzini… I don’t know whether those last two can still make it though.

    • You are too underestimate our player…you know mbape…how old he started and Champion with france…(ooo…that’s different think…alibi)

      • @kronos mbappe before wc reached ucl semis with monaco team and he was the star of that team and mbappe debuted for france in point comparing mbappe with garnacho. Mbappe was already a star

    • I’ll bite. Even though he has a really low sample size, he has a goal or assist every 45 minutes playing in the most competitive league, that’s pretty crazy for an 18 year old. It’s also the quality of those plays that gets me all excited. He is as direct as CR7 and Mbappe, and the fastest player we have seen in such a long time since Messi, ADM, and Caniggia. This kid could wreak havoc on tired legs.
      Don’t get wrong, I do like A Correa but as i mentioned below, we have Messi, Adm, De Paul, Molina, and Dybala on the right. Can you say we’re covered on the left? J Correa, Papu, and Acuna with the latter fitness a major concern. I usually don’t get excited by younglings because I’ve seen too many drop off but this kid has that x factor, high confidence, and his form is 🔥.

      For Lamela, I’ve been very vocal about his inclusion, i love his style but come on, Scaloni has completely ignored him. Lanzini too, definitely not on Scalonis radar.

  15. Was able to watch the game by taking 2 hours off from work. my thoughts

    Not much in the game as such. 5-0 is a good run. No one came out injured. Left mid and full backs are major problems. Not that other teams don’t have any. It is important to have healthy 100% match fit players. You need to win 7 games in one month. This has physical toll. At least we should control that. I thought Scaloni said the same, when he mentioned everybody who boards the plane should be able to play first game. We have some concerns here.

    Rodrigo DePaul is the engine of this team. Whatever happens in Atletico Madrid, he is the boss here.

    Every time Angel Di Maria scores an wonder goal, I think save it for the world cup final. This guy will be critical. I like the fact he is settled in the right wing. I also feel he is going to take up some of the play making responsibilities in GLC’s absence. Got some hints in today’s game.

    McAllister is OK. He takes the safe option in passing. This won’t cut always. He hardly takes anything vertically, crossing the lines.

    There is a lack of arrogant and confident player. Don’t know how this world cup will play out. Sometimes you may need that edge. This is where Garnacho could have helped. He could have been a wildcard, not a starter or key member.

    J Correa is the worst striker to play for Argentina in a world cup. I really don’t understand how he gets in as a number 9 replacement. My biggest fear is the most critical chance will fall at his feet. Before you all jump, he didn’t score a goal today. He somehow got a goal today. If he turns out to be lucky like this, I don’t have a problem. Bring five J Correas.

    I am getting a feeling there are couple of changes coming to the roster.

      • Bro there nothing special about macallister he is just ok/ decent player imo but I don’t think he deserves all the hate he getting from some pple
        Yh I get it everyone is entitled to do whatever they like, hate or love whomever they will but logic side you must have justification to hate or love player especially when you are arg nt support all in all he is the nt now it’s obligatory that we support whomever wears the sky blue t shirt however we have right to have our opinions on who deserves or who should play that is normal among the true fans . As example back flick pass to messi or chest down from him to di maria and both results goals if that was gio lo celso, enzo or any other player ppl will be raving all day long the hate towards macallister in this blog is bit overexaggerating imo

        • Unfortunately Mac A is going to be directly compared to Lo Celso and frankly there isn’t a comparison from the games I’ve seen. GLC is much much better offensively and most would agree. The thing with GLC is that he easily creates the plays you mention but he also passes between the lines, long balls, quick 1-2s, etc… hes much more of a vertical and dynamic player and might be equally as good defensively.
          Honestly, I’m a bit frustrated because I know he has attacking potential but he’s not shining in that department. Take the 1st goal, Mac A passed it to Di Maria and he immediately stopped running and just looked at ADM, Messi, and Alvarez take off and score. He should have chased them like a lunatic in case of a deflection or for an added passing option. Instead he just stopped, showing his lack of attacking instinct. The other play you mention “chest down pass to ADM” again, he passed (a very easy pass) and then stood there watching ADM doing his noodle magic and score. Mac A could have rushed the keeper or fill the space in case of a rebound or something but again, Mac A just stood there.

          • Some comments just because of your hate. We scored the first goal and don’t expect him to run in that situation when we counter attack. That’s the duty of forwards and pacy wingers/players. He wants to be at the middle to make sure they don’t lose the ball and you will be counter attacked back.
            ADM is Just Infront of the keeper and everyone knows ADM will score there.
            How many times MacAllister run to box, near keeper, but the pass never reached. May be you don’t see that.
            Somehow you need to make some points against you. At least he’s not Messi or Di Maria, just a good midfielder. You are comparing him like that.

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  17. In 1978 Luis Cesar Menotti did not select the biggest youth talent, a 17 year old Maradona, for the WC.

    Scaloni did not choose our current biggest youth talent. Maybe, just maybe he corrects that mistake this week.

    PS I am not comparing Garnacho to Diego

        • Really like A Correa but we have ADM, Messi, De Paul, Dybala, and Molina on the right.

          Not too many options on the left. Papu and J Correa and Acuna uncertain

      • My biggest wish (I know it’s is unrealistic):
        A Correa instead of J Correa
        Garnacho instead of Nico (only if he is injured)
        Almada instead of MacAllister
        Medina instead of Foyth because clearly he is not fit.

        But most likely only 1-2 changes. Foyth will be replaced by another defender. So Media is the lone challenger here.

        Then Nico replacement should likely be A Correa. Correa can play anywhere, left too although that’s not his natural position. Garnacho is a long shot. Scaloni is a huge EPL fan but it would be a huge surprise if Garnacho gets in.

  18. @Sabellista Good to hear from you too my guy..Anyways, against Fulham Erik ten Hag brought Garnacho on at a time when Man United needed a big play and the kid delivered. Saudi Arabia is not a better team than Fulham. Garnacho is still inexperienced but at the same time we can’t deny his quality on the pitch..It’s all about picking and choosing your battles, like using Garnacho when needed, I’m not trying to say Garnacho should start ahead of this player or that player. I have been watching Argentina youth football for a very long time and trust me, Garnacho is the real deal, his name is already legendary. I think it’s a huge mistake on Scaloni’s part to leave him out of the 26 man roster. Moreover, Garnacho is in good form and peaking at the right moment. I could understand if he was just all hype with no end product but this is to the contrary. Garnacho is currently playing in the Europa League, getting minutes/starting in the EPL while racking up two goals and two assists in his last four games. What has Joaquin Correa done over the last six months to justify a world cup spot? No Garnacho is not green, he is one of the most highly sought after 18 year olds in the world right now, Argentina need to take advantage of this young phenomenon. The young man is on a team with some of the most respectable names in the game heading into the 2022 World Cup.

    Brazil in terms of LB and RB are not as talented going forward hence the reason why Tite selected so many attacking wingers.

    This certainly will be Messi’s last World Cup so I’m very nervous, I just think the team lacks other game changers outside of the likes of Messi, Di Maria and Lautaro. I like Julian Alvarez but he always seems nervous to me, like lacking confidence. Even though Julian scored, he kicked the ball straight at the goalkeeper’s legs which could have easily gone to the other side of the goal post.

    Argentina had the same sort of problems on the flanks against UAE that I notice against Jamaica. Teams are going to exploit this, especially the national teams with good attacking wingers. Montiel is not convincing, the only positive is his penalty taking ability. Two of UAE’s best chances came from Molina’s side of the defensive zone. Molina is not a polished defender, he is going to struggle at this year’s World Cup . I like Foyth but he is not the same person that played last season in the UCL, his injury earlier was too serious for him to get better and be in good shape and form in time for the World Cup hence the reason why he was struggling against UAE, playing as if he was afraid to re injured himself, the opportunity that UAE got against Argentina with the ball over the top was a perfect example of a player who is not fully ready for the World Cup.

    Scaloni doesn’t want to find himself in a position where by the time he reaches the knockout stage half of his roster will be suffering from niggling injuries, like new injuries and injury relapses from the recovering players.

    • @kidulthood
      Thank you for this. 100% facts on Garnacho and J.Correa. J. Correa is Ricky Alvarez 2.0.
      I don’t understand a player known for speed and close-control dribble, yet never see him make an impact.

      I really don’t understand why not even Lamela could take J.Correa’s place on NT. Some things don’t make sense to me. Yes, Garnacho is a world-class talent. It doesn’t take long for a player to show you they are special. This is one of the reasons I don’t rate LoCelso the way others have. I agree he was been the best we had available but I believe if Enzo plays his position, the tango is back.

  19. Our group’s result
    Argentina 5-0
    Mexico 1-2(sweden)
    Saudi arabia 0-1(croatia)
    Poland 1-0(chile)
    Going by today’s match Poland is the strongest opponent and Saudi Arabia also can be tricky as they look like a solid defensive side

  20. I hope scaloni quickly take a decision on injured players. We want a clarity about our squad. Cant remain tensed 24 hr before our match. Today we clearly saw locelso missed big time. Only way to counter that to field a proper good quality left winger and if nico is injured we don’t have any left winger in the squad so angel Correa or garnacho is a must otherwise our left side will be dead and top sides will crowd the right side and messi and dimaria will be completely shut out.

  21. I think Papu is good, or at least I hope.
    Now the concern is acuna. Tagla hasn’t been feeling well, or he has some issue. We need one or both of them.
    Nico is not the biggest loss, but I was hoping he was there. If Garnacho gets the nod, then he better get a sit down from scaloni about tracking back and helping defend.
    This may be time to think about Angel, which I’m sure they are discussing.
    Btw, our team seemed a bit off today. Passes were lazy at times, foyth always seems to be a nervous kid when he plays for us, and our defense had to make too many last second saves.
    Other than that we looked ok.
    If Papu is not ok, then we may be in serious trouble. He isn’t that important to us, but now that LoCelso is injured, Gomez may be very key to the cup.

    • If fifa gives a badge for world cup to sew on then we wear that. I don’t think we can wear the copa crest at world cup, but I don’t know since this is the first copa we won in 30 years 😂 😢

  22. Other than Nico Gonzales the one that should be under consideration is Foyth. Today Molina, RB had to play left back. Foyth looked very rusty today. So Medina instead? Especially if we keep a slightly injured Acuna, then we need another body at LB.

    • Thinking more positively, I think Romero is going to be absolutely fine and he’ll stay in the squad, per Gaston Edul he’ll be in for the 22nd and he also confirmed Dybala is recovered. Papu has a cold so he’ll be fine. It’s been confirmed several times that Tagliafico is only recovering from a recent match and has no injury, he’s just resting out some fatigue. The only real question marks are Acuna and Nico, I don’t know why Acuna is a question mark but according to the article I guess there’s something to look out for, but I’m still optimistic about him. Nico is the only one it’s hard to be completely sure about

  23. From Scaloni’s interview it sounds like there WILL be a change but he was addressing the players who were not among the subs today. Among those, Cuti and Dybala are believed to be recovering. No idea why Papu was not among subs, the one who is in danger looks like Nico Gonzales as his status is: Not yet recover.

    So folks get ready for Angel Correa vs Garnacho battle for the replacement.

  24. I wonder why Acuna? He looked very lively today. He is extremely needed too as 3 of Lo Celso’s replacements like MacAllister, Enzo, and Palacios are more defensive minded than Lo Celso. So Acuna’s presence will be very needed if one of these 3 are the one to start. If Papu starts then Nico Tagliafico is OK.

    Nico Gonzales is a good player but if he is injured, Angel Correa or even Garnacho is just as good as him. If Scaloni out of nowhere talking about changes, there must be something that he is not pleased with. Maybe only health reason or maybe more than that? Foyth today looks like he needs more time to be back to his best.

    Watch the 52th minute, Foyth is known to be pretty fast (at least not slow) but he looked really slow against an UEA winger. Being slower is a sign that you are nowhere near your best.

    • @el_principe Nico’s defensive work is underrated. You need to have two lungs or exceptional stamina to run from and to both ends. Angel comes close to defensive aspect.
      Yes, offensively Garnacho is better to an extent. I think Angel will provide a greater cover than Garnacho.
      We can’t deny Garnacho’s X factor however this team is defined by a system which is why you see players in poor club form are able to play well in NT. Let’s see what Scaloni does here whether he calls Angel or Garnacho.
      If he calls Garnacho for Joaquin, then it makes sense but not for Nico.

  25. Acuna was good in first half and played as a modern right back. Why he is still under observation? If nico is not fit I would really like Garnacho based on his directness towards the dbox. I know Scaloni will most likely call Angel Correa. But Angel is not for left side in my view.

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