Players recovered, football reasons could be reason for possible Argentina change


Players recovered, football reasons could be reason for possible Argentina change

Nicolás González and Marcos Acuña were two players that had reportedly been under physical observation by the Argentina national team but have recovered. According to Gastón Edul, the two players will be ready for Argentina’s opening game at the World Cup vs. Saudi Arabia.

In regards to González, if not the game vs. the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it would be the second game at the World Cup. If there is a change in the Argentina national team for the World Cup, it would not be because of injuries but because of football reasons.


  1. Foyth needs to be cut. This dumbass is toxic to our team. If he is in the squad, he will very likely be sent to defend a lead in knockout games and he will ruin everything.

    • Idiots like you should stop using the word toxic just because you learned it. Do you even know what it means. For you to sit on your ass and call someone who’s making personal sacrifices to represent his country toxic is very low of you.

  2. I also thinks nothing will change if not someone is seriously injured and didn’t recover yet. This squad drama is unbearable now. I always said why would nobody asking nico Gonzalez fitness as he didn’t play for long duration. Ffs its a world cup not a Sunday league tournament. Its not copa that Romero can afford to miss whole tournament and play in final and help us win it. Without proper players we may not reach that far. Thankfully dimaria paredes dybala recovered in time and lisandro otamendi depaul messi are fit now. Lisandro also looked tired yesterday effect of playing United’s each match each minutes. If Romero is injured lisandro has fatigued imagine playing otamendi and pezella again in cb position that’s a nightmare plus Molina montiel hasn’t improved their defensive ability a bit and foyth looked completely unfit and rusty. To top it acuna is not 100% and tagliafico fatigued. Im concerned really concerned.

  3. Such last minute changes are not good for the team morale just before the cup. Any reason other than injury would have a negative effect on the family that Scaloni has created.

  4. I doubt you can change players for football reasons.
    As far as I know you have to prove the injury of the player to change in this phase.

    “The regulations drawn up by FIFA for the Qatar 2022 World Cup establish in Article 24, paragraph 3 that teams may substitute players who are unable to compete due to injury or serious illness up to 24 hours before their first World Cup match.”

    “Furthermore, the rules add that replacements do not have to be selected from the original 55-man provisional lists that 26-man squads did have to be chosen from.

    Also, the replacement must wear the number of the injured player he has replaced on his jersey.

    Finally, FIFA stipulates that the Medical Committee shall certify that the injury renders the player ineligible to participate.”

    Source: MARCA

    My suspicions are Scaloni is trying to sneak in Garnacho.

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