Joaquín Correa out of World Cup for Argentina, possible replacements


Joaquín Correa is out of the Argentina national team for the World Cup with a replacement expected in the next few hours.

Correa is not going to be at the World Cup. The Argentina account have stated that Correa is injured and that a replacement will be named today.

With the announcement that Nicolás González is out for Argentina and Ángel Correa has been named as a replacement, there are reports of three names as a possible replacement. According to Gastón Edul, one of Gio Simeone, Thiago Almada and Alejandro Garnacho would be one of the replacements for Correa.


  1. I hope I’m so wrong about this. But I think taking almada is a bad decision.. I would have taken garnacho or gio over him…
    I’m really nervous about this

    • why nervous? when we have Dimaria, Papu and Almada on the left. the problem is finally resolved. All of them are highly creative and Almada and Dimaria are particularly fast. All of them fit into Scaloni system

      • Agreed as Dominquez would had also, but i quess as Olive said Almada was left as replacement in case of injury so was A.Correa too, so i understand the loss of Nico as i’m Still recovering from Lo Celso, but at the moment those 2 names were the closest with Dominquez, though he was not closest with Scaloni and CO. So i trust in them, even i did not want Mc Allister included, but also i hope he will do his job if and when he might be given as anyone amongst the current 26, though it also obvious that some are or may not be 100%, but til’ any and hopefully not more any further news about more replacements all we can do is just trust and wish and support La Seleccion as our beloved Albiceleste !

  2. Why Alamada? Why not Buendia? Buendia played in Epl. He experienced top level of football. I think this is a wrong selection. Thiago Alamada is a wrong selection. Scaloni can barely play him in crucial matches. I don’t have any problem with other selection but this is a wrong selection.

  3. I’ve never seen Almada play a full game on the left of attack. If anyone has seen, what’s he like there? It does give a good additional option for Lo Celso’s role, so maybe it’s a good idea given that it’s clear no single player can replace Gio and we may have to mix and match. Still concerned of his complete lack of elite football experience but he’s talented. It also seems that Scaloni has a clearly defined pecking order. Gonzalez out – Correa (the most undeserving exclusion) in. Correa our – Almada in, as he was also in our most recent squad and unlike Garnacho has made his debut. Scaloni probably considers it unreasonable to take an uncapped player to the WC, it’s easy to forget Garnacho is uncapped. They were the most predictable replacements based on Scaloni’s thinking

    • Yes, Olive those 2 were the most obvious as it also hard to forget that Garnacho is uncapped and knowing anything at all about Scaloni therefore everything u said was the most obvious about those 2 replacement’s as for Almada i have only seen him once as for in those last friendliess so i can’t provide any more for that, but if anyone can i will preciated a lot !

      • Yes, Medina can only play as LB OR LCB, but not as RCB as at this moment i can’t really think of anyone who could even be as replacement for RCB if that will be the case ? But, would not Mind to hear some suggestions as now there been allready some replacements and we all kind of knew in the end that Scaloni was speaking about at least more than one player,though none of us wished that, but just please not Acuna as i will wrap him with something to keep him safe til’ he be able to play again even 45 min from him for some important games will be enough for me, specially if he just will be able to add more danger from the left as that will Open more space for right etc, and viceversus too ! Also Tagliafigo will now be very needed if Acuna not able to play a whole game for example, though i quess Arg Still has Medina, but i will prefer deffenetly those 2 LB’s currently with Arg’s 26 !

  4. I have been observing Almada closely. He has tendency like Riquelme to shoot from distance when necessary. For me his game fits MCL (Lo Celso) position more than left winger because of his tendency to shoot from distance and does killer pass. He is not too fast but not slow. Garnacho or Nico Gonzales are faster than him, so again although he can play left winger but his best attributes match AMC or MCL/MCR.

    Almada is my second choice. So it is good for me.
    Injured Nico Gonzales and J Correa for a healthy A Correa and Almada definitely an upgrade for sure.

    There is one more player that is under the observation, it is Acuna. I hope he is fine. I have yet to hear the name Foyth in danger. Nico G and J Correa are removed because of injury. Foyth basically not injured. Maybe these 2 are the final changes.

    • I truly hope u are right about that as thanx once again for the news and update’s etc…preciated as allways @el_principe, as also i think that even i do not want say this, but it is true that injured J,Correa and Nico G. will basicly not give us what they have done before, though for Tucu i alkways wished instead A,Correa, hopefully i’m not wrong about, but as i said those as injured and not able to play at their best or even close to that, as that must be the case otherwise players as i understood are not that easy replace at all according to FIFA’s rules etc..,so as it may well be that Acuna also not fully fit, but hopefully able to stay and also Di Maria needs way or another someone to cover him and as Nico G, now out and also Dybala just getting back to i deffenetly think if fit A.Correa can at least cover for Di Maria on the right as some were saying that he has also played sometimes on the left, Still Almada seems more suited for the left or even more for Lo Celso’s position as basicly for the left as for now i could see used players as Acuna and Alvarez too if talking about Nico’s Direct replacement at the left as i think for the right Di Maria and A.Correa, though maybe A.Correa can also play on the more left too, though he also may be more known as centerally, but as he been even used i think by El Cholo Simeone as right back at some point, lol, must have been before Molina’s arrival and when ATM was basicly out of RCB’a, though i seen him working good also deffensive wise, not really any wonder or surprise when playing for El Cholo Simeone as he prefers clearly to play more deffensive, which for me injustice his way, as there is many ways in football to play, but also i do agree that if A.Correa would had been playing in other european team for sure he would had scored even more than in ATM, though actually he has been more better for my eyes at least when playing as for example any other ATM’s forward as i understand that ATM is not easiest place to p,AY as forward, Lol, anyhow i have alkways had faith in him, though sone times he been more quiet than other times, though as such has been the case for ATM for quite while, though recently i think their most weakest part been their defence and specially defending set pieces etc..,Ok enough of Simeone and ATM…and rather start praying now for Acuna and also for all the rest of current La Seleccion that please, just no more injuries and players dropping out as it been a quite a while since i remember such a Late changes, though obviously and previously there been many players who were not fit at all to play, but Still kept their spot’s on the LA SELECCION’s team, but no need to go now backwards and remember those names etc….

  5. —————–Lautaro
    —-Gomez——Messi——Di Maria
    ———-Paredes— De Paul

    end of the discussion.

      • Risky for what ? Too much talent ?

        The dude won the respect of Ten Hag ! Stop to read bullshit from internet, the guy is perfect when you need crazyness in the field during a difficult game without rythm.

        Nobody trust Almada who never played a big game in his life (MLS …) is a option in serious games

    • What do u mean about full back as is there some news about that too, hopefully not, though Foyth did not convince at all, but also it is true that he has hardly played at all, well i quess we could say that very same from some others too, but please i hope truly not Acuna or actually anyone as if Foyth has an injury issue too, i don’t even know who could be added as RCB, as still even if that will be the case, as all this is getting to feel lime a horrir film or a true nightmare, Still if any one( hopefully not, will drop out more) i doubt Scaloni to make the call for Garnacho, though i would like him be added as he clearly brings another kind of option with his speed and quality too, but i quess Almada had more time with the team even Garnacho had once been called with other youngsters and most propably got to train at some point with current LA SELECCION or those who are Still remaining and have not been dropped out as injured, OMG just that one word as injured or 2 words as dropped out make me feel really not goid at all….

  6. Now in a weird turn of fate Garnacho actually makes sense. Why? We have no conventional left winger (even Correa isn’t one, imagine that). Simeone is a pure striker, Almada isn’t a left winger.
    -we call up Garnacho as a positional replacement
    -???Scaloni calls up Simeone and makes him the backup striker to move Alvarez to the left???
    -???We call up Almada even if he’s not a striker or a left winger and still move Alvarez to the left???
    -consider 20 more question marks for this one: we cross our fingers that Acuña is good and make him a left winger? Yeah that one’s weird because he plays on the wide left either way

  7. Garnacho >>>> Almada. Choosing a MLS player will be a forever curse, and a guaranteed early exit at WC.

    Almada is even worse than Maxi Meza in 2018. MLS = horrible loser mentaility.

  8. Scaloni said “CAMBIOS(plural) yesterday.
    Probably not the last one dropping out.
    Hope Romero is fit.
    I feel bad for the players that are missing out on their dream.
    Would prefer Garnacho.

    • Yes i do also fell bad for everyone left out as some obviously were left out at more earlier stage’s than others and as the 26 confirmed without Lo Celso as obviously not fit play at least after surgery, Still not sure if he could have played at some stage, but i do understand also our Arg’s coaching as theese are very hard call’s for everyone as specially for players as every player dreams to play at WC and in the end they out missing, because of injuries as some were injured allraedy some time ago and some may have just recovered as for the WC and some obviously now not, also i’m sure this is not good for the whole project as they been working long as team in terms of coaching, players, staff and everyone involded in the project, but on the other hand everyone also knew that theese kind very Late very sad things might occur the way or another as some were injured maybe before than others, but offcourse is not ideal at all for anyone amongst the team, but is what it is and also same for every team, though at this stage i only care for Arg players as there been so many players dropping out lately from many teams that is very hard to keep on acount on that, as also this has allways been part of Arg’s WC history, though at 78 i can only remember young Diego left out by Menotti, though their made have been some who could not be included as injured etc..,but that is so long time ago that i’m starting to feel like really old suddenly remembering about 78, lol!

      Any how i truly hope now that no more replacements, even Foyth did look like completly lost, but for RB posession i really don’t know any other options now as those as Molina, Montiel and Foyth as for CB posession Cuti is so needed, though Still don’t know when we will see him play, but i hope that we will when the time is right, as i was glad to see Acuna for 45 min as he looked good, but obviously also not fully fit as i fear there are also others who just got backed from injury, though also Paredes played and Di Maria too, but i think and hope that they as Acuna and Cuti can play at least 45 min per game as minimum as they did again UAE, but Tucu also played, though can’t remember how many minute’s, but in his case i hope that knock he got wither while playing against UAE or during training, as that may let us breathe more calmly at least for while and hopefully after some time we all will be able to breathe again as normally, though it is different when Lo Celso and Nico are now out and also the latest been J. Correa, but for him i think Arg might have more easy way to balance his lost as Lo Celso’s loss is obviously the hardest one, but Nico’s also quite similar, though not exactly, maybe the same, but even Tucu’s loss now with Nico means less height and as Nico known as goid header also i think Tucu’s present at the box during corner’s may had made it harder for Arg’s opponent’s to defend Arg’s corner, though Ota, Guido and Cuti and Lautaro might get that heading job done as Licha was impressing me with his heading against UAE and were also passing the ball a lot SPECIALKY at first half with Paredes as sometimes they were allmost side to side and keeping our Arg’s play alive with Acuna creating good at wide and very high up too;when Arg was moving the ball at first half against UAE, though i know this was against UAE Still it was quite obvious that Licha was very involded with Paredes and Arg’s own beast RDP who again for me is the real difference maker with every sense and everything with Arg’s game as he was constantly directing not only Foyth, but also clearly Di Maria to get Messi more involded in the game as there were some flashes from that legendary duo, but with RDP’s oresence i think they are, when fit and on form even better than before as they been clearly the one’s from current La Seleccion with involded so much and been so important for Arg with Ota too for so many year’s allraedy, but Still as we saw from Copa and Finallisima they are just like getting better as aging old wine etc…

  9. Our two very important players on the left flank Nico and Lo-celso who had great chemistry with Messi are out!! This is another huge blow to us and which is why I believe Garnacho should be picked. I was initially against the idea of picking him but after watching last few matches of Man-utd , this kid is a star in the making and we could use his pace on that left flank. With Julian , Lautaro and Dybala we are okay in the Striker position. Garnacho has been playing as a left winger and we could really use his pace to penetrate from the left flank like Mbappe in 2018. Can’t wait to see who Scaloni picks.

    • Yes, obviously there is difference from Almada to Garnacho as Garnacho allraedy playing at EPL, though not from the begging as was expected with new Coach and new system as basicly everything ETH had done til’ now is that he prooved Licha being worth for his price as Garnacho voted last year’s MU’s best youth player and now lately been on Fire, so form wise even Almada got also voted by MLS, though can’t remember as was it for the best of whatsoever, anyhow with due all my respect EPL is quite different level than MLS, but again this decission is purely from coaching staff so i don’t know their thoughts that well, but as Almada allready named as one the back up’s i’m affraid that Garnacho will not be called, but i hope to be wrong as i would like to have that speedster…

  10. Now if I may put on the tinfoil hat for a while –

    Garnacho is being presented as a wunderkind and future Ronaldo by English media. And he plays for Man Utd, worldwide broadcasting darling. Players like that sometimes get assistance from football associations for business reasons. Might be wise to have him in the team. I mean… I am an avid follower of The Old Lady, and I did notice Juventus started getting a lot of last minute penalties and questionable decisions in their favor since 2018.

  11. if Garnacho is picked he will be the world cup revelation kid Just like Mbape was last time.
    Knowing his character He will be wanting to prove himself. Simeone will be a good option…. not sure on the left though….but he is a warior.
    But I would go for Garnacho….Boss will decide.

    • Hopefully so! As Still super sad for Lo Celso and Nico too, but at least J.Correa will be eventually changed as nothing personal against Tucu, but as from before i was not so happy of his inclusion instead of A.Correa, though now Arg has lost 2 players for height as Nico been a good header an d Tucu at least had height, but seriously for me personally never performed like for constantly steady period of time, rather either lost form or got injured as now….

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