Thiago Almada called up to Argentina national team for 2022 World Cup


Thiago Almada has been called up to the Argentina national team for the 2022 World Cup.

Almada has made the World Cup team. The Argentina account have announced that Thiago Almada has replaced Joaquín Correa in the Argentina team for the World Cup as Correa is injured.

The 21 year old replaces Joaquín Correa as Ángel Correa replaces Nicolás González.


  1. Wrong call as per me. This was perfect for Garnacho. Almada does not have a big difference in terms of time spent with the team even less in game time. And Garnacho so far looks to be more talented. I know small sample size to infer, but it just needs couple of games to see a good player.

    Anyways, Scaloni must have good reasons for it. Hopefully it does not come down to using Almada anyways.

    Vamos Albiceleste !!!

  2. Let’s follow the reserved list, no need to debate on non-reserved players to be called up. Scaloni made the selection long before the WC as preparations. He must have followed all the player’s performances and stuck on that, We all know Thiago and Angel quite well. For me, Thiago is more mature and has chemistry in the team rather than Garnacho. The same thing Angel’s style of playing is more needed than Gio Simeone’s. However, it’s a big blow to lose Lo Celso and Nico. Hopefully, it is a blessing in disguise

    Appreciate the smart work of Scaloni to subs and change the unfit players at an early stage. Argentina never loses whenever Angel Correa plays.

  3. Whew! Lots going on! Ok my 2 cents:

    J.Correa out and A.Correa in:

    Those 2 might, at club level, play in the same position (one half of a 2 man striker team upfront) but their natural positions differ, with J being more central while Angel leaning more to the right.
    All I can say is that this is (to me ateast) good news, J.Correa did not belong in the NT while Angel (again IMO) does. J.Correa has flashes of brilliance but he is the very definition of inconsistency and in a world cup that simply won’t do.
    Angel Correa would be a very useful player when Argentina switches to a 4-4-2 where he can take Maria’s role on the right side of a 4 man midfield, leaving Angel (maria) to go to the left side of the midfield 4 and take up Celso’s (and sometimes Nico Gonzalez’s) role as follows:


    ——Dimaria—————–Paredes———-De Paul—————Correa————

    Argnetina might not use that line up in all the games but when they (hopefully) go deeper into the tournament and go up against the likes of Denmark or possibly France and then possibly Holland and Brazil or Uruguay (don’t sleep on them), the 4-4-2 setup will become very, VERY important and Angel is the closest thing to a Dimaria replacement (not quite AS good but close) in Scaloni’s 4-4-2 system.

    Nico Gonzalez out, Almada in:

    Nico is a big loss but in all honesty he’s been struggling with injury since the very start of the season and has yet to play regularly for his club, hence for a player of his type i.e. a fast, physical runner, nothing short of 100% fitness would do and he’s clearly not a 100%.

    Now Nico’s replacement is generating alot of chatter and many people act surprised but the writing was clearly on the wall when Scaloni named his reserves (Musso, Medina, Almada and Correa) thus it was always gonna be Almada ahead of Garnacho.
    Personally I used to follow Almada very closely when he was playing for Velez but then I stopped when he went to the MLS, where I thought he would end up in obscurity like Barco did before him but apparently (and thankfully) that’s not the case and Almada continues to flourish, even if MLS is a sub standard league (and I’m being kind here).
    Thiago is an impressive player, who is able to play anywhere on the left half of the field (CM, winger and FW). At Velez he often played LCM (Celso’s natural position in the NT) and he was excellent and it’s there where he learned to put in the effort, track back and defend, something that he simply didn’t do when he was playing as an enganche.
    This type of profile (LCM, LW, LFW) is apparently something he continues to do at the MLS to a great success and while I – again- reitirate that the MLS is not up to snuff, having a young talented, fit and HUNGRY player like Almada who could theoritically cover for both Nico and Celso on the left side is a big plus.
    Would I take Thiago over Garnacho? well in all honesty I would take them both and leave out MacAllister and Foyth who to me serve no purpose but that seems like an impossibility.
    In all cases, Garnacho’s exclusion isn’t that big of a deal because, as I said before, the 4-4-2 setup will become Argentina’s go to formation in the latter stages of the tournament and Almada is far more adapt at playing in such a system than Garnacho who still has a lot to learn about tracking back and defending. Also if being excluded from the NT (while never really being on the reserve shortlist like Almada) angers Garnacho so much then he could f**k off and go play for Spain. It’s the LACK of personalities that has gotten this team thus far and including an 18yr old C.Ronaldo type diva is just ain’t worth it.

    • Thanx god finally something that make Sense as somehow some even managed to start talking shit and trash about DIEGO too as what on earth he has to do with this ? for GOD’s sake ! or that it will be a disgrace if Arg will win Wc with one MLS player, OMG !

      U are completly right as things are getting like mixed with very bad combinations in here and i do literally mean that as reffering to insults against DIEGO and that it would be disgrace if Arg wins Wc with MLS player on abroad, madness i say

      Everyone let alone DIEGO imeadtly and let him reat in peace and please everyone do not judge Arg by one player included now from MLS as i rather want u concentrate what @mamoun elpipita wrote in his post !

  4. Loss of jaquin and Nico is big blow. for Arg.Angel and Almada both r talented but not equal enough to play in place of Jaquin and Nico. These two are almost alround players.a coach can place anywhere in field

  5. You guys must be joking right…Yes Alamada plays in MLS…The same guy played with velez a season before that and did really well for them at the age of 20. BTW Alphonso davies, pulisic,Mckennie, reyna all played in MLS (to name a few)

  6. Csabalala
    the fact that you insult and speak this bad way for a dead human shows to me what kind of human you are. How much more if that human is DIEGO MARADONA. SHAME ON YOU is the less i can say. i lost any respect about you.
    i am not speaking about the football critics you did of course. i am speaking about the bad words. so on behalf of DIEGO and all those like me that we grow up with him and we cry together with him about the country i am saying you are the IDIOT and the CLOWN. Not DIEGO.

    • So tell me without laughing Maradona was not an idiot or a clown as a coach. Worst NT coach ever, way worse than Sampaoli. Blame Sampaoli is OK who is at least a coach but blame the coach Maradona who was never a coach rather a joke is not? Grow up!

      • just because i am grow up i am telling you that i am not speaking about the football. you know very well what i am talking about. you can use many words to make critics to much more for a dead.
        so to end it DIEGO was NOT a clown or idiot at all.
        And since you want to speak in football terms yes DIEGO was NOT a coach.
        BUT somebody put him in bench. DIEGO didn t go to be national team coach alone by himself. so you should blame AFA president which wanted to use DIEGO.
        something last. to use your words the real idiots and clowns then are Sampaoli and Bielsa. because these so called real coaches didn t arrive at all the team where DIEGO the not real coach bring the team. to QUARTER FINALS of world cup. ONLY with his personal football player experience and aura DIEGO bring Argentina to quarter finals. imagine to could be and real coach. D10S !!!

      • @Csabalala Well how about Bauza for example at least he should had have time to study to become an coach as Diego was not an coach, but managed somehow in WC better than many who are known as coach as for their lifes as DIEGO IS KNOWN OBVIOUSLY FOR SOMETHING ELSE WHICH OBVIOUSLY AT LEAST SOUNDS LIKE THAT U MAY HAVE NOT PAY THAT MUCH ATTENTION IN THE END, PERHAPS ?

        As that is Ok as i’m not asking u to do that either rather stop mocking and insulting him and let him rest in piece, for GOD’s sake !

  7. Im biased bc I follow mls but I really enjoy watching almada. In reality won’t be used much but I feel like he would bring more of a spark the j correrá.

    I think young players with random sparks are what can win world cups. Not saying almada is one, but the likes of a Enzo, almada could be changers.

    We’re all in the same interest here, win the World Cup. I love how people are critiZing, yet Scaloni has given us no reason not to trust his judgement.

  8. If garnacho was in the reserve list and someone else got called he wouldn’t have liked that at all. He wasn’t in the list that’s the only reason he couldn’t get called. As I said before he started to play games with man u to late. I wanted garnacho really bad but scaloni had to go by principle. He had to choose from his reserves. It’s unfortunate for garnacho being the direct back up to nico. But we can’t cry over spilled milk.

  9. Call me a video game player, call me what you want… But I pray we won’t have to play Almada at all this tournament.
    You can say he did well when he came in against Jamaica or Honduras or whatever team that was that barely knows the sport.
    You can tell me that he is great amongst MLS players.
    But …
    Soccer is an international sport that brings in billions and billions of dollars a year. If he is good then he would have been picked up by a European side that is in an A League. Not MLS. MLS is a D league. D as in doodoo. Clubs generate money and rely on the best players to perform and reel in that money. There are scouts observing every pitch in the world to make sure no good player is overlooked. There is no argument about it. There is not one top player in the world that is in MLS at the moment. United States coach would never pick one of his players from MLS if he had the choice, but he doesn’t.
    I don’t want to rant to much, I just know that if I had the choice I would call on Garnacho or even Lamela without hesitation.

    • After brilliant MLS player of 2018 WC Pavon and Meza, we brought Almada… Brilliant… This is the very reason Argentina never wins trophy despite having brilliant players, because the management is shambolic. Garanacho is better than Almada anyday. Why? Simple- Garnacho now plays for Manchester United, many clubs are looking to sign him and noone bats an eye on Legendary Almada… Our Left side is dead. If somehow Di Maria can’t play then the best we can is to go to Tie-breaker.
      Apology for my negative comment. Our players do not have pace upfront.

  10. Oh no Jack! is right.
    Garnacho strikes again. It seems like he got really angry for not being selected.

    Someone posted on his twitter: Garnacho is not selected because he is spaniards and Garnacho put likes on that.

    The dude really has a character.

    • Does it really matter? Is that the character you want in a tight knit group? There are plenty of stars that come up from Argentina every year. This guy isn’t even drawing regular minutes at a crappy MU team. Scaloni hasn’t lost a game in over 1,000 days. READ THAT AGAIN. We are making these giant assumptions that this guy is going to be a star. Maybe today based on his trajectory but injuries, playing time, maturity all have a hand in where his playing career goes. If we win a WC, nobody will give a crap about Garnacho’s tantrum, and he will look like a dip shit for his behavior and have to make amends to make the team. Maybe he should ask Icardi how poor behavior affects your career.

    • So glad i didn’t grow up in a period where a stupid “like” button would define my entire life and character. I say this with sarcasm btw because i don’t think we should put too much weight on twitter behavior unless its egregious. The kid is ambitious, and i’m all for it. Hopefully we get to see him after the WC.

  11. Guys relax. Let’s be honest, you may need 60 minutes from Almada the entire tournament. Same with Tucu. Nico is a big loss, but Palacios does many of the same things and he is more creative. We will go as far as Dibu DePaul, Angel Lautaro and Messi Cuti and a few others take us. Before we rip on Almada, remember, he was a young superstar in Argentina. He got sold because Argentina sells all their players, even Julian for nothing. Also, he plays with garbage in MLS. So when he plays with stars like he did the last friendly with Messi, he was damn good and dangerous. Let these guys find their place. Scaloni has been correct all along. We should give him the benefit of the doubt. Smart of him to not take players at 60 or 70 percent fit.
    And for the record, I would take Almada over Tucu even if Tucu was healthy. Who here is willing to say “ we would have won the wc if we only had a healthy Tucu?” Nobody. So relax.

    • Dybala, Cuti, Paredes all are fine and 100% safe.

      The only one who is in danger of missing out is Acuna. Today they will have a traning and will decide if he is fit enough or not.

      Acuna is very very needed. We can’t lose him.

  12. According to Edul, one of the finalists before choosing Almada was Ocampos. Good thing it is NOT Ocampos. Almada is fine too me. Hope he will play with confident when given minutes.

        • My friend, winning a WC is crazy complicated. Only few countries have a chance and we always do. Scaloni wants players that can run all day. He does not want a static team like previous generations. Trust me this kid will help more than Tucu. We both want the same thing. Maybe Garnacho deserves more looks but he is not as multipurpose as Almada. Almada is an attacking midfielder. This is what the team needs as really Nico was that and he tracked back which is what Almada can do. Angel really replaced Tucu.

    • He’s not from the MLS, he was in Argentina prior. He was considered one of the big cracks in Argentine football. He was very good in Argentina. Very good.

    • He played MC mostly for Atlanta and he did well. He and Papu would play Lo Celso’s and Left winger position both. It is good so MacAllister got more competitor there.

      Not really head and shoulder above others but MLS is a bit strange. Seba Driussi who is obviously an average player is arguably MLS best player there. However Almada is a better player believe me.

      In Olympics last year Almada and Ledesma were the only one who played good.

  13. Roy, let me ask you this. Scaloni had a chance to cap-tie Garnacho, and now there is a major risk that he may go back over to Spain. Do you think this is Scaloni’s first major misstep? It appears Garnacho is upset over this decision.

    • If he wants to go back to playing for Spain, so be it. We don’t need players who are undecided which nation they want to represent , this is not a club. Even Icardi chose Argentina over Italy!Garnacho does look a great propspect but if he pissed and wants to go back to playing for Spain then he is more than welcome to do so!!

      • Icardi was closer to Argentina than Spain or Italy because he left Argentina when he was 11 or 12. Garnacho was born and raised in Spain. His father is Spanish. We have a lot of these kids now because of the economic issues over the last twenty five years. It is salient to be able to capture the kids of the diaspora. We want to win and now we are winning at all costs but when an opportunity presents itself, you have to pounce on it.

        • Yes not because he didnt even play in MU till last week. Big face for nothing. Then let that CR funboy crybaby if this is true. Prestianni is bigger talent than him.

    • Ten Hag has repeatedly said Garnacho needs to grow up. Bruno Fernandez even said in an interview that Garnacho did not have the right attitude when he got there. Current players usually protect each other and don’t say things like that in the media. That must tell you Garnacho’s attitude is above a minor issue.

      Garnacho is only 18 and obviously very immature still. What happens if he doesn’t get a minute of playing time in the WC? How do you think he reacts? Also, lets not forget these player decisions are not just Scaloni. Do not forget Messi has a say in the matter too, and Messi just might say, with Garnacho’s lack of experience, that he’s not worth the trouble at this point.

      This reminds me of a young Riquelme. He was not chosen for 2002 and fans had the same reaction. The same Riquelme soon afterwards bitched his way out of Barca. In interviews when he was older he admitted he acted like an ass during his time in Barca. In another interview he said Bielsa was right not to pick him bc he wasn’t in the right mind at the time.

      Every Argentine footballer’s dream is to play for the shirt. If he pouts bc he didn’t make the team and goes and plays for Spain, then he really doesn’t care about Argentina that much. So be it

      • Yes agreed on every word about young Riquelme as about Garnacho too etc…as he is free to choose where ever he want’s to play, though that is total disrespect towards Arg as nation as disrespect can wreck his or anyone’s whole life too etc…

  14. I don’t want to hear any more injuries, especially about Acuna. Both Lo-celso and Nico missing out is a huge blow to the left flank and our team as a whole. Espeically,both were very familiar to Messi’s game and had great chemistry with him. A.Correa plays on the right wing for the most part in Atletico and we already have Dimaria, Messi and Dybala on that flank. Julian Alvarez have played few matches on the left flank for City and looked okaysish. I wouldn’t say he was great but he wasn’t bad at all. Alamada has only played what one match that too few mins, not sure how he will fair, i.e. if he gets any mins but it will have to the experienced guys filling in the left winger/midfielder role now. Papu, Macallister and Enzo all play on the left side for their clubs. If we start Papu and we need a goal who do we sub in for him? Dybala? He is very capable of playing the left forward role even though he will not put in much defensive work. A.Correa will run back and forth but he is not as good as Dybala when it comes to creating and scoring. I am really thankful to almighty god that he helped Dybala get his fitness back just in time.

  15. Would have been unfair to almada cause he was in the reserve list. If garnacho was is in reserve list I’m sure he would have been picked. Look at it as we now have lots of players who can score from long range. Angel alvarez and lataro close up.

  16. We are officially a world cup laughing stock now. Scaloni is humiliating the great nation of Argentina by selecting such a piece of crap from MLS. I’m sure Diego Maradona want to jump out of his grave to slap Scaloni.

    A WC contender with MLS player???? Seriously???

    If we win this cup with a MLS loser, this will be a international disgrace. Football god will not let this shit happen.

    I’m so sorry and angry right now.

    • Maradona with Ariel Garce, Jonas Gutierrez, Diego Pozo, Mario Bolatti, Clemente Rodriguez, 40 years old Veron and Martin Palermo in 2010 WC. Dont make me laugh!!! Maradona and his friends! That idiot coach cost us a WC with a godly generation. Half of them werent even there in his squad. Clown!

      • Argentina league is 10 times better than MLS and all the players you listed are 10 times more reliable than Almud.

        The problem is that Almud has a unaccetable loser mentaility. He chose MLS in his 20s. We didn’t punish player like that at all, and now we’re even promoting this pathetic behavior.

        • Karl, you clearly don’t watch a lot of Primera. Argentine league is filled with players from other South American countries and has beens from Argentina. All our young stars get sold before they even play serious minutes in Argentina. Julian being the exception. One of the best plays for Boca in Zeballos and he is injured. We all love Argentina but don’t be disillusioned by the garbage that hangs around in Primera

      • @Csabalala ”Maradona and his friends! That idiot coach cost us a WC with a godly generation. Half of them werent even there in his squad. Clown!”

        Wow ! U might need to consider your words chosen a bit more carefully, when talking about DIEGO ARMANDO MARADONA !

        As what u just said is totally and completly unacceptable and more than disrespectfull against all Argentine’s as nation and also for many others who respect DIEGO for their entire lifes, no matter what year we are talking about, Ok !

        As if i will be the one deciding i will never ever let u enter this website known as mundoalbiceleste, but obviously i’m not the one so all i can say that shame on you as i don’t get it how can u be an supporter or fan of Arg in the first place as saying things like u just said or wrote etc..,,

        Also , Because, posting something like this at the very doorstep of beginning of an another WC that quite frankly is timed really badly and also played in somewhere, where it should not be played, because Qatar has enough money allready ! But, because FIFA want’s more theese kind idiotic WC’s are played in the middle of winter in a such a wealthy country as Qatar,

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        All what i just said about Saudi Arabia as completly controlled country more than any other in this world at this moment or the very present and therefore i can’t even accept that FIFA will let a country like Saudi Arabia to play in WC which offcourse is arranged obviously not that far from then as it could had never be arranged in Saudi Arabia, so they chose Qatar as Emirates are together with Qatar just hapoen to be some one’s very close to Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, though Saudi Arabia is completly closer and fully controlled as the King of Saudi Arabia own’s every person’s life in there no matter how rich ir poor they will be as infact they have confesticated most of the money from their country’s Elite who used be friends with their X King etc..,also their power reach far beyond Saudi Arabia and they should not be allowed to participate in WC as Russians fir example after they started their invasion on Ukraine etc..,

        Therefore i was very pissed when FIFA put Arg in the same group with them, not because i’m affraid of them, but, because of all in justice they have done for their own country+ others too as i won’t be mentioning any more further names, but even i so not really want to watch that game, stil, i have to, because that is somehow in me as oermanent that one can not replace as fan of Arg for life and now on top of everything gåhas hapoened inside the last days as pretending fan of Arg, which u are obviously not as what u wrote about DIEGO, says more than enough at least for me so please don’t even bother to reply as i won’t reply ir wrote or talk with u never ever again, though i’m not like the Saudi’s for example who might wish after what i wrote about them to get ne killed as well, even as i said it is common knowledge to all or at least everyone else than people living in the Saudi Arabia as i don’t want to even think about how much the people living there are suffering, maybe not from things as we know more commonly as acces to pure water or aome food Crisis, no, not at all, as something much more deeper that we can’t even imagine !
        Though i do hope that all those people living in there will be Free one day, but not til’ the King and his 2 remaining SON’s are in power and that will be a quite long time indeed so i quess iwon’t see that day coming, but Still i do wish them to be free one day at least to be able to talk and think freely, even now i may sound like a Saudi King lecturing you about what u wrote about DIEGO in your post, but remember why this very website has even once been created, though it may not relate straight to DIEGO as the name also is not mundoDIEGO or anything like that, but i think u understand what i mean and if not, well k won)t blame as obviously once u wrote those words about DIEGO there is nothing more to say or talk, stay well where ever u are and enjoy whatever u are up to as also may u live long and wise enough to learn, maybe one day from youtår misstakes as we all have to obviously at some point !

    • Are u really serious about what u wrote or does it sound like some funny joke’s of your own as i obviously don’t know your joke’s neither i do not obviously want to know or hear something like u wrote again never again as are u even fan of Arg ?

      Seriously i can’t belive that u wrote something like this mixing DIEGO’s name in it too?

      karl November 17, 2022 At 4:56 pm
      We are officially a world cup laughing stock now. Scaloni is humiliating the great nation of Argentina by selecting such a piece of crap from MLS. I’m sure Diego Maradona want to jump out of his grave to slap Scaloni.

      A WC contender with MLS player???? Seriously???

      If we win this cup with a MLS loser, this will be a international disgrace. Football god will not let this shit happen.

      I’m so sorry and angry right now.

      Well, after what u wrote i bet there will be many more angrier than u ä, though i u derstand your frustration, but not over one single player never Mind where is playing at very present and what on earth has this to do with DIEGO and that it would be as International disgrace if Arg will win the WC ?

      Wake up, or go to support another team then as u seriously don’t sound like fan Arg for real !

  17. I hope I’m so wrong about this. But I think taking almada is a bad decision.. I would have taken garnacho or gio over him…
    I’m really nervous about this

  18. Almada is a good player with a deadly shot. He can play attacking mid and has played left side of the pitch as a winger as well He’ll probably be in Europe next year anyway. Please stop the negativity, I highly doubt he will be starting for Argentina. Everyone needs to get behind the team and Scaloni. He has earned my trust so I’m going to trust him….Last I remember we hadn’t won a trophy in 28 years before he took over. I trust the process.

  19. Finally the right Correa is in and the right Correa is out.

    I don’t know much about Amanda, maybe he is the right replacement. But, as people have expressed, Garnaco could have been an option too. His age should have not been an issue if he performs.

  20. Almada’s highlights on YouTube will probably get thousands of views in the next hours 😊
    I thought Scaloni would prefer Garnacho over him, but Almada is a huge talent as well.

    • He is not good but young who will work ass off if needed. I think MLS players like him are overrated but we should take him as this world cup will be injury ridden. MLS even make Riqui Pigue from Barca make him look like Messi.

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