Nicolás González out of World Cup for Argentina, Ángel Correa called up


Nicolás González is out of the 2022 World Cup for Argentina and Ángel Correa has been called up.

González has been ruled out of the World Cup. The Argentina account on Twitter has stated that following Thursday’s training session, González has suffered a muscle injury.

Ángel Correa is instead called up as a replacement. Correa was part of the preliminary list of players but was cut from the original list of 26 for the World Cup.


  1. To everyone who is saying scaloni is making a mistake by picking Almada. Almada is more mature than Garanacho…He has played 100 matches for velez scoring 24 and creating 10…If anybody wants to complain that Almada plays for MLS…Players like alphonso davies pulisic reyna mckennie are also from MLS…Almada is way better than pavon and meza

  2. It will be foolish in my own opinion, Scaloni to pick Almada over Garnacho. It’s quite obvious Garnacho is the solution to our left wing. For heaven’s sake Scaloni needs to make bold decision and right decision. Picking Almada will be terrible choice. Right now am frustrated coz Scaloni might do the opposite.

  3. I hope Scaloni won’t fall into the same mistake that Sampoli fell in 2018 wc, by choosing overhyped players like Meza and Pavon. I will still maintain my stance on Garnacho, he is not ready. He should take veterans like Lamela, Lanzini or even Almada. Our team is not “Man U FC”

  4. Thiago Almada is a huge talent imo, but he is the same profile as Papu and a little bit as Angel Correa. Small and creative. Garnacho or Simeone. Simeone seems a better team player, who doesnt cry in Napoli rather fights like a warrior and helps in his limited playing time. A classic CF.

  5. J Correa is OUT! Edul confims!

    The candidates are 3: Gio Simeone, Almada, and… GARNACHO!

    Gastón Edul

    1 min
    Los candidatos para reemplazar a Joaquín Correa son Gio Simeone, Thiago Almada y Alejandro Garnacho.

    Gastón Edul

    3 min
    Ahora: Joaquín Correa queda desafectado de la Selección Argentina

  6. Now everything makes sense. Why Molina was tried on the left wing, and Foyth took his place in right back. No tinfoil mind-game nonsense lol.

    Will miss Nico and his explosive dribbles down the left and workrate, not so much his wastefulness in front of goal. He is young. He will be back stronger next time.

  7. Nico G is huge loss. However, He didn’t start in the Finalissma but we were fine against Italy without him. Scaloneta is a system that includes player variations with different tactics not about first 11 in my observation. Not all the attacks come from the Wings. Di Maria played on the right but he was roving around. If one observed yesterday’s practice game, that’s not how I expect the team to set up vs Saudi. And the team will adapt a different approach vs Mexico and so on.

    For those with short memories and worries, Lautaro and Alvarez showed some promise in the September friendly. Alvarez was operating from the left. And yes, Angel Correa can operate on left too without a problem. I’ve seen him play there for Atletico a few times.
    This team is not built to stick attackers in the same position like the EPL.
    Scaloni is always talking about the idea of how to face different opponents and exploiting spaces in the final third. Unlike Mundo fans who fret about line ups and wingers. Flanks are the responsibility of the full backs in modern football. Tactical question to some of you who were the conventional wingers for France last WC?

  8. Foyth proved us yesterday that players who missed many games in the last few weeks or months should not be selected. They lack rhythm and fitness.

    Nico G is probably not the last to go. We have so many players who just recovered or have muscular issues.

  9. This is a bigger loss for us than Lo Celso. Nico’s strength in the air is crucial for us in both offense and defense. He is also the only winger who can share playing time with Di Maria without sacrificing too much creativity and pace.

  10. I have one question. Why Scaloni continuously choosing Mac allister over Buendia. Is Mac allister better player than Buendia? I don’t think so but yes Mac allister played more minutes this season compared to Buendia. But if you consider creativity in midfield Buendia is better. Also work rate is not bad for Buendia. when we need replacement for Lo celso then Buendia is better option.

  11. The players we want to be replaced are not the ones being replaced. well that is it guys it was fun while it lasted. I don’t know whether…we can…still win with this unbalanced team so many players are likely going to play in uncomfortable positions which might not favour us. First it was Gio now Nico…

  12. Someone correct me if i’m wrong but A Correa possesses similar swiss army characteristics of Nico but on the right. He’s played ss, right winger, rcm, and i think he even played rb few times. For defense and tracking back, im not worried at all given simeons style. Only issue is if he can play as effective on the left…

    Also, i hope this doesn’t mean ADM goes 👈 . ADM, Messi, De Paul, and Molina on the right = ‎️‍🔥. Hope we don’t have to sacrifice last minute.

  13. Simeone wasted his talent. Sad he’s in the list. Feel even worse about Nico. He’s a great player and has a great work rate off the bench. Would rather have garnacho than correa. Hope that we win since acuna is recovering and our midfield is solid even without lo Celso.