Joaquín Correa with knee discomfort, no injury for Argentina


Joaquín Correa has some discomfort in his knee but no injury.

Correa came on as a substitute and scored for Argentina in the 5-0 win vs. United Arab Emirates but he is the player who finished the game discomfort. According to Gastón Edul, he finished the game with pain in his left knee.

He had recovered from a knee injury before the World Cup and what he has is not an injury but a persistent discomfort. Nicolás González and Marcos Acuña were under physical observation but are fine and it looks to be Correa who has the discomfort.


  1. Angel Correa and Nico Gonzales both are good players. A Correa performed better than Nico in more limited minutes. But Nico is a pure left winger that would have been useful to replace Gio Lo Celso if Scaloni had wanted to do a more offensive tactic.

    Nico Gonzales is a better PK taker. Correa clicks more with the team and can play anywhere upfront. For me this is good as Nico is injured anyway. Now I hope Joaquin Correa will be replaced as well. I am not sure if it is Garnacho, but Almada is in the reserve list. I want Garnacho though.

      • The problem with Palacios is, he is being treated as the replacement of Nico Dominguez (the very last in the pecking order in the Copa America among all midfielders). Dunno why it is unfair; he is a quality but it looks like MacAllister and Enzo are jumping ahead of him. I hope I am wrong though.

    • Yep, the problem I have is when you replace the left winger Nico Gonzalez with a more right sided player, you end with a heightened possibility of Joaquin playing more because he has no other predominantly left sided forwards competing with him. Maybe this is irrational, but I suddenly lost a huge portion of my faith in him yesterday when I saw him fail to control some ball. The last club game I watched of Correa he made some horrible miss against Bayern.

      • Almada is actually a 10, but is versatile enough to play MC, MCL, MCR, AML, AMR. So similar to Papu/A Correa when it comes to versatility. Almada looked good in our last friendlies in October and is on fire too for MLS. But Garnacho is a bigger profile, a pure left winger. None of our 26 players are similar to him.

        Adding Almada instead of J Correa would be fine but many are similar to Almada. While Adding Garnacho would add something totally new. I like both but Garnacho is my choice (although I know no one in tier 1 Argentina sources have mentioned Garnacho’s name at all)

    • Nico routinely plays on the right flank in Fiorentina and can’t be dubbed as a pure left winger. What Nico exclusively offers over his alternatives is probably his insane work rate.

      The problem with Garnacho is his suitability in the team. Garnacho brings different skills. He’s flashy but raw. Only time I envisage him coming when we need to equalize or break a deadlock. In a high intensity WC semifinal or final when we are behind, I assume coach would inadvertently prefer players like Dybala, A Correa or Papu to come in than Garnacho, who never featured for Argentina or any high intensity game for his club. Thus, his suitability is in low intensity group stage matches where we probably don’t need him.

    • Unreal. Both Acuna and Tucu out??? If true, the medical staff are absolute DONKEYS. Negligence of the highest order to not know banned substances.

      TYC “According to FIFA regulations, corticosteroids are prohibited, a drug used by the medical team of the National Team for players who have groin pain (El Huevo) and tendinitis (El Tucu).

      • Oh man. I hope it’s not true. These past couple of weeks have really been stressful with player losses. I can bear Tucu but Acuña would be a huge hit

        • i dont know if theyre out but theres a serious regulation concern at hand –

          • That is NOT what it says. It states that AFA prefers to use corticosteroids for treatment but that is prohibited by FIFA. So if they need treatment they cannot use steroids to play.

          • I think Scaloni is right sad as it sounds. You cannot have injured players because they are no value. Nico is great at tracking back. Angel will not give you that, but you get better scoring prowess. This means Enzo and Guido will play bigger roles to protect a lead. I would also expect a lot more playing time from Julian And Dybala to cover for Nico. Julian being key I think because he can cover the left easily. On Acuna I would rest him until the second round. Also, Palacios just became super important for us. He can create better than GLC and has legs to run. Stay calm everyone.

          • Right, so it depends on them finding another treatment that’s suitable, because worst case scenario it’s a catch 22 — can’t play because of the prohibited substance or can’t play because without the substance you feel pain. Hope it doesn’t get to that point. My head is scrambled

  2. my predictions for world cup first round is.
    A. Netherlands, Senegal
    B. England, Wales
    C. Argentina, Poland
    D. France, Denmark
    E. Spain, Germany
    F. Belgium, Morocco
    G. Brasil, Switzerland
    H. Uruguay, Portugal

    • Now this is a completely unbalanced team… All too heavy on right, no threat from left. It will be very easy to defend and attack through left flank…

    • He can’t replace Nico. But yes Correa is able to score goal better than Nico. Defensively, huge huge difference.
      I think, Papu will play instead of Nico.
      May be Correa can be a sub for Di Maria or Papu(if he start in place of Nico).

    • Bad loss. We need someone to take minutes off of Di Maria’s back to rest him. Who is Di Maria’s main backup now on the wings? Maybe a slightly more central Angel Correa. But I fear that this loss of Nicolas Gonzalez could force more minutes onto Joaquin Correa and my trust of him is at its all time low. May it be for a reason is all I hope. Happy for Angel though because it was unfortunate for him to miss out

  3. 16-17 players are more than enough to win a WC. Earlier played even less. Our only irreplacable players are Messi, Lautaro (not 100% sure with Julian), Di Maria (clutch) De Paul and maybe Emi. Others have neirly equal alternatives. But a healthy Dybala (Di Maria) or Enzo (De Paul) could replace them.

      • Unless the players are informed in advance. What does it achieve? Unpredictability about Argentina formation and tactics.

        I am not saying this is for sure what’s going on but there is a small chance.

        Ockham’s razor principle tells us that a hypothesis that offers the simplest explanation should be preferred. In that sense I think the simplest theory is that some players are still carrying knocks and Scaloni is not happy about that.

        • Playing Molina on Left wing and starting Foyth and MacAllister, Scaloni seems like he is trying to fcuk with other teams psychologically!! 🤔

        • There has been no speculation that will affect tactics or formation. Nico and Dybala have been peripheral figures for quite some time. Foyth, Acuna, Tagliafico all have like-for-like alternatives (unless all three are out together lol, which is unlikely).

          If there was doubt about a major player like Messi, or Lautaro, or De Paul etc, or rumors about refit between them or Scaloni, then it might have been “mind games” lol.

          • Let me be a contrarian just for the sake of argument. Yesterday Scaloni played back 3 and a half with Foyth in a hybrid CB/ inverted RB role and no recognizable wingback on the right and then back 5 when Montiel came in and Molina went to the left. That’s not how we usually play. What the heck was that all about?

  4. I don’t think it is a mind game. Some players really not fit. That’s what I understand from his interview. Today’s practice is crucial. Change is possible. But it’s not good to push one player out from the Qatar camp…it may have negative impact on the team.
    Scaloni told before, he will only take players who are fit to play the first game. It seems that’s not true. News coming out that Nico already out of the first game. He’s not yet recovered.

    • Yeah but Nico is one of his favorites. Remember Copa America? Papu scores 2 goals in 2 games, and did not play a single more minute. Nico missed chance after chance. Sitters. Yet he kept playing.

      Regardless Nico was very good with Fiorentina last year. If he is out, I will miss him.

  5. All these injury concerns have me concerned.
    What about after we play our three group matches and we going deeper in the bench pool because of cards and additional injuries. A months ago we had depth in our bench. Now we may have to suit Scaloni up as a defender/midfielder.

    • This also speaks to why the winning streak is so important to keep moral and confidence high. I recall some members suggesting we should lose 1 group game to place 2nd to avoid France or something like that. I couldn’t disagree more, win win win at all cost. Team chem and confidence is imperative, especially after facing an injury crisis.

          • So we will face either Denmark or France right out of the gates of group stage ???? I freaking hate France, but they have had our number for some time. Thinking too far ahead but I hope we have a set lineup by then

          • i like Casabalalas comment the other day…our chemistry and confidence is a key difference. Were sky high vs France still working out basics. Similar to 2018. Better to face and shaky team early on, despite their stardom, than later when they work through the kinks and gain chem.

  6. Just my 2 cents, I think Scaloni and his staff want to play mind games with opponents, fans and journalists. I just think that they’re playing smart. I think they know that they a big squad for 7 games to be successful. And there’s no point in showing secret tactics early on. Just my thoughts.

    • This type of things doesn’t work. We not even played a single game yet. After 1st match no changes allowed so opponents will get enough time to analysis our squad and plan accordingly. So im sure this is not a mental game from scaloni

    • The only mind games that are being played are with the players and legions of Argentina supporters worldwide.

      I can only hope Argentina management are being 100% transparent with the players if not with the media and public. Because this kind of uncertainty will be havoc on the morale of the players.

      • > The only mind games that are being played are with the players and legions of Argentina supporters worldwide.

        Players rarely engage in public forums with endless debate and speculation. They live the sport, us fans have to engage with forums because that’s how we connect ourselves to the sport and players.
        Players are “in the circle of trust” and have access to Scalonis plans. What matters is that he’s transparent with them, which i fully believe he is, given how much they respect him.

        Arg are favorites and the opposition are planning around the information available to them so if Scaloni plays 4D chess with the public, that’s totally fine and expected.

        • Players don’t have their minds in a bubble lol. It is very common for players to get unsettled by media speculation and comments from management.

          And this tin foil mind game theory has absolutely no benefits. Nothing Scaloni has said has any bearing on oppositions’ planning in any way at this stage.

          • they’re are not immune to media headlines but they take most of that stuff with a grain of salt because they know most of the time its absolute trash information. Fans on the other hand, run wild with the most moronic headlines and speculate endlessly.
            Players and Fans live in two different worlds.

  7. just before the 1986 world cup 14 players of the national team, along with manager Bilardo, chose the northern Argentina city of Tilcara, which had similar geographical features of the host country Mexico, to practice ahead of the tournament. They practiced with players from the local clubs of the area, and came to know about the deity known as ‘virgen de Tilcara’ (Virgin of Tilcara). Hearing about her miraculous stories, players prayed to the deity to help them win the WC and promised to visit again if they do so.Argentina went on to win the tournament, but they never returned to visit Virgen de Tilcara again. The national team lost the final of the next edition and lost again in 2014. A lot of people started believing ‘the curse of the virgin of Tilcara’ was put on the team.However, the AFA president Chiqui Tapia, who is a firm believer, took the ‘Finalissima’ trophy to her altar earlier this month, in the hope of ending the ‘curse’. Now that the promise has been fulfilled, fans are hopeful again and eager for the world cup to commence.

  8. Joaquin was taken over Angel bcz if it was Angel it would be 4 on the right with the likes of Messi Dybala and ADM already there. Even Nico G can play on the right. With Joaquin there are 3 on the left and without him it would be only 2. Makes sense. I was angry before but now not anymore.

    • Angel Correa can easily play at left. He played many matches in left in athleti. But yes he can’t play as a proper striker a no.9 so scaloni as a lautaro backup chose j. Correa as alvarez is still young we don’t know how he will handle the pressure plus tucu has height which scaloni likes

    • J Correa has a minor injury and Nico Gonzales will be fit most likely in the second game. That means these 2 players are still injured. I don’t think it is worth it to keep them. At least one of them needs to be replaced especially these 2 play the same position: left winger.

      Di Maria is not a 90 minutes player, he needs someone to replace him in the second half. If these 2 are not available then the choice is down to Dybala and Alvarez only (or Papu if want to be a bit defensive).

      I hope and I believe there will be a change.

  9. Bring Angel Correa for J.Correa. One of the big reason for scaloni to select player like J.Correa is lack world class player. If you observe closely after copa only one argentine player ENZO Fernandez signing for his club. We don’t have many alternative. If garnacho shown this form from the beginning of the season it would’ve been different…

  10. What happened to google and internet that instead of Lionel Messi they are saying Lionel Andres Messi Cuccitini and instead of Angel di Maria they are saying Angel Fabian di Maria Hernandez…….

  11. I will be surprised there will be any changes whatsoever. Scaloni could be playing some mind tricks here. He waited long enough for all his players to gain fitness before releasing the list. Dybala and Foyth were the ones he was waiting for and lucky for us Dybala made a remarkable recovery!! Rumour is that Nico G and Cuti were following Scaloni’s instruction to abstain from playing for their clubs which is why both were absent yesterday. Also, he is not Maradona or Sampaoli type of manager deciding the faith of a player based on a performance of one practice match where everyone was playing extremely safe and below par however if he does replace any player it will be because of fitness or of something serious.

    • Foyth was a starter for the national team.
      made mistakes just before the Copa and he was a surprise omission from the squad.
      went from starter to not included at all within a week.
      He ousted Armani and put in Martinez(at a face pace) into the team.
      He doesn’t f around.
      He is ruthless in this regard.
      It looks like he wants a player in and is trying to achieve that.
      I believe it’s Garnacho (just my belief).

      • @ghostdein you may right about Garnacho
        I saw this twitter an hour ago 👇
        Joaquin Correa suffered knee pain after yesterday’s game and could miss the World Cup. Garnacho could be his replacement 🚨

        I don’t know how reliable it’s

      • I like what u said Ghostdheini. Yes a good coach has to be like that. If he is convinced that a player doesn’t fit what he wants, then cut him for the sake of the team. U mentioned the cases of Foyth and Armani. I will add more: LM Quarta/Pezzella and Ocampos/Nico Gonzales.

        Cuti and Di Maria replaced them out of nowhere in the starting line up where usually they were the ones who rotated.

    • Today reportedly coaching staff will push hard 3 players Romero acuna and Correa. And will see how they are responding. I don’t know i don’t like this drama. I can’t take this uncertainty about which players will remain and who is come in. Whatever they want to do do it fast and then announce it to public. We fans have no idea what is happening its unfair for the fans

  12. El_torero
    “hate” is a strong word my brother. You can say “not liking” instead of hate. I am sorry but I haven’t been convinced yet to start liking McAllister. But, why it would even matter? I’m nobody.

    Now that I know there are the players who will play in the tournament, I accept it. But, accepting something doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have your opinion (of course based on one’s own logic). Salaam”

    Exactly my point totally I agree with you bro and probably you said it better English than mine thank you bro again btw I wasn’t referring that hate statement to you as you among the good guys in this blog that I know, salaam

    • I’ll echo this thought and address Insiders comments.

      Dear Insider, i do not “hate” Mac A, I have reserved my opinion until I’ve been able to see him in action for 5 sequential games. So far, it appears he doesn’t have the same attacking prowess as GLC but i hope he shines because we certainly need all the fire power at our disposal.

  13. It looks like Scaloni will change one player for his team. It’s based and evaluated on his training season. No worries he needs to act fast and according to the plan. Mid and defense need minor changes. Still have a room for Thiago Almada, A Correa or Medina

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