Officials announced for Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia at 2022 World Cup


The officials have been announced for Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia at the 2022 World Cup.

Slavko Vincic of Slovenia will be the referee for Argentina’s opening game on November 22 at the Lusail Iconic Stadium in Lusail. Tomaz Klancnik and Andraz Kovacic, also of Slovenia, will be the assistants.

Maguette Ndiaye of Senegal will be the fourth official.


  1. Can anyone please give me a link with which I can watch the world cup with ENGLISH COMMENTARY for free on a computer(not a mobile)? Please I want to feel all the emotions I dont understand spanish and the spanish commentary is killing me…..

  2. Lol..weak people always find corruption..
    That was clearly offside..check the var Again it clear offside..
    Btw as a host country Qatar play world cup…that’s it

        • I just saw. They do not explain anything. They simply transcribed what happens in that CGI image, and incorrectly. The “offside” CGI was not created at the time of the original lofted shot, but later during the jostling inside the penalty box.

          You are not from Qatar are you lol 😂 Your profile name says Jewel Mahmud (one of the most widespread surnames in Qatar), but I do not want to make any assumptions.

    • Not to mention, the ball was punched by the goalkeeper before any of the two Ecuador players involved. That should have invalidated any offside.

      And the Goalkeeper (and another defender) also seems to be in front of the attacker when the knee CGI was taken. Questionable decision at the very very least.

  3. So far I’m not sure Qatar has a couple dozen passes. If they weren’t the host they would never qualify for WC…Ecuador is playing really well, Valencia with a brace. If Qatar is any indication of how Saudi Arabia will play then I’m optimistic.

      • Yeah, I expect as much. Likely SA will be much more comfortable sitting back and defending. Qatar is a mess at the back, they can’t deal with the Ecuadorian press.

    • I don’t think the Saudi’s are (with due all respect for Qatar) walk over team as Qatar was today with every aspect of the game against Ecuador, therefore no comparison can be made from Qatar’s performance to the Saudi’s, though obviously want Arg to win and no one get injured !

  4. Qatar is better than Saudi Arabia, better in ELO rankings, play home, every player play in Al Sadd with months long training camp before the WC and the refs. We will destroy saudis easily too. No need to overrate trash level asian teams.

    • No way, Saudi Arabia has an established team for decades now…..Qatar just started to develop a decent team in recent years. Unless they are the host, they wouldn’t qualify for world cup in 5000 years from now.

    • Saudi never play like Iran. They are not known for parking the bus. I believe at least 4-0 for us. They are not that much better than UEA. And UEA looked like an amateur team.

    • I don’t know much about either but if Qatar is better than Saudi Arabia, then Argentina will obliterate the Saudis 10 – 0. Qatar were fast and physical but their skill level was very poor. They couldn’t string together 2 passess and had no attacking purpose.

  5. A dilemma for Scaloni, field a line up that is likely to be the default one with Mac Allister or go for more attacking thrust against a weaker opponent with Julian Alvarez on the left.

    I personally favour the former, build up chemistry with the most likely 11.

    • Well Lo-ceslo’s injury has put a huge dent in Scaloni’s strategy. MacAllister starting means he doesn’t consider Papu as an ideal person to fill in that role. May be he is not convinced on Papu’s workrate on the left side and thinking of bringing him in against tired legs when we need a goal. I wanted Enzo to start and sub him in with Papu if we needed a goal as Enzo has shown he is able to make those risky passes to move the ball forward , obviously not as great as Lo-celso whose futballing IQ was head and shoulders above both Macallister and Enzo but Enzo has shown a balance of both attacking and defensive skills. This is the only issue I have with Macallister, will he be able to make proper passes to players in good position when attacking and counter attacking? If he fails to do so then Scaloni will replace him with Enzo.

      Regarding using Alvarez on the left wing, he might not be the right player to play as winger role tbh. Unlike City where he is used as a left forward, for Argentina Alvarez playing on the left wing would mean he will need to press, track back and defend and most importantly drop deep, provide crosses and drift and cut into box and him not being a great dribbler of the ball and ability to drop deep like a conventional winger or midfielder, may be Scaloni doesn’t think he is the right fit for that role. Nevertheless, Group stage matches will be used to find the right balance in the team and from knockouts we will most likely see a consistent 11-13 players as we won’t have any easy matches from 2nd round onwards.

  6. First game about to start, happy, excited, giddy and off the whole month and cant wait to watch our beloved Albiceleste get it started.
    The Team is in a good state physically and mentally and let the play do the talking.
    As always, NEGATIVE VIBES help NO one here UNLESS you are begging for something bad to happen, GOD FORBID so you can come on here and say, “see, see I was right”.
    Nobody wants to be that guy

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