Guido Rodríguez could start in place of Leandro Paredes for Argentina


Guido Rodríguez could start in midfield in place of Leandro Paredes for Argentina.

Lionel Scaloni is expected to make changes for Argentina in their game vs. Mexico and the latest report is that Guido Rodríguez could start in place of Paredes. Per Gastón Edul, Scaloni is thinking of starting Guido.

Scaloni would also have Papu Gómez on the bench with one of Enzo Fernández and Alexis Mac Allister in his place. If both Paredes and Papu Gómez start on the bench, Rodrigo De Paul would be the only player in midfield to start against Saudi Arabia and Mexico.

Marcos Acuña is expected to be in the starting eleven in place of Nicolás Tagliafico with Lisandro Martínez starting in place of Cristian Romero. Gonzalo Montiel is also set to start in place of Nahuel Molina. This would be the starting eleven for Argentina:

Dibu Martínez; Montiel, Otamendi, Lisandro Martínez, Acuña; De Paul, Paredes or Guido, Enzo or Mac Allister; Messi, Lautaro and Di María


  1. I think Scaloni is hitting a panic button which may transmit across the team. 5 changes are quite a lot. I would only change in Acuna and Enzo. Rest are fine IMO.

  2. Saudi Draw is not the best result for us.

    Suppose this match ends in draw, and in the unfortunate case of us getting a draw, then things won’t be in our hand even for a 2nd spot.

    Saudi Arabia: 4 points
    Mexico: 2 points
    Poland: 2 points
    Argentina: 1 point

    But a Poland win is great.

    • If Poland wins and we draw then
      Poland 4 pts
      Saudi 3 pts
      Mexico 2 pts
      Argentina 1 pts
      Now if we win and also Mexico wins Mexico 1st poland and Argentina on 4 that will be decided on goal difference. But Poland will park the bus against us playing for a draw

  3. Shoot MacAllister is confirmed as well. So 4 are confirmed. The last one should be Guido. Man… hope Scaloni is right this time. Why would he be that defensive minded? I don’t get it.

    • Expect some low-key creativity via Lisandro long passing…

      Acuna to offset a somewhat bland midfield (creativity wise). I expect him to spend a lot of time high up the pitch.

      Also, perhaps a much more involved De Paul.

  4. If Saudi lost, they need a win vs Mexico right? Especially if Mexico also lost tonight. How much money will they pay to get 3 points from Mexico then? Sorry but this is more embarassing than S Korea-Italy 2002.

  5. Let’s see if Saudi coach will hold another ”inspiring” speach in the break. My prediction for second half: red card to Poland and/or penalty rewarded for Saudi.

  6. If saudi cant win in football terms they can still win by VAR tearms. What a joke. At this rate they will reach knockouts. Far worse than the Korea team in 2002 WC. Fifa can easily be bribed.

  7. That weak ass penalty awarded was even worse than Ronaldo’s yesterday. FIFA openly cheating in plain sight, with millions watching. In normal scenario both Lautaro and Messi goals would have stood but with Saudi oil money it was never possible. Also this Polish side is fast and they are able to keepup with the well rested and pacy Saudi players. Something for Scaloni to pay attention to. Also 10 mins of injury time??

    • Honestly I thought FIFA and corruption was behind them but………it’s been interesting thus far.

      For those who have Neflix …….a very interesting series on FIFA, a Must watch and of course ARG in heavily mentioned

    • Refree will award couple red cards to Polish team now in the second half unless Poland make few substitutions. FIFA trying its best to help Saudi qualify.

  8. Few weeks ago I was in the car with my friend and he asked me who ARG playing first and I said KSA and then he said, “They better watch it MBC, you know”, we both laughed and that was the end of that conversation. For those who don’t know, MBC is their Young Prince who took over the country few years ago and turn that country upside down.

    INTERESTING now after seeing some weird things

  9. What the hell is that penalty for. I am sure whenever a Saudi player falls inside the penalty box they r gonna use VAR and get a penalty.

    They want to have a middle eastern team in the second round. Saudi have truck load of money they have filled that in qatars pocket. This is ridiculous. this is not football.

  10. Honestly I don’t like the trio of Montiel, MacAllister, and Guido starting. They are too defensive minded. My stats show those 3 among the worst when it comes to team scoring. I don’t know hope Scaloni is right this time but it is a really bad idea having those 3 starting.

    Those 3 are good when protecting the lead, not when we need to win. If those 3 then it is a big gamble from Scaloni. Still hope for Enzo somehow starting or I would be hoping for better subs in the second half.

  11. If Denmark manages to beat France today then France can’t top the group. A draw between Saudi and Poland would be ideal heading into the 2nd and 3rd round of matches for Argentina.

  12. For Argentina, a draw between KSA and Poland would be best. In that case, the standing going into the third round would be (given that Arg wins):
    1 Saudi 4p
    2 Argentina 3p
    3 Poland 2p
    4 Mexico 1p
    That would put pressure on Poland to attack in the last game, which opens up spaces for us to counter.
    If Poland wins against KSA, they would have 4p going into the Argentina game, which allows them to be defensive as 5p would be enough to qualify for round of 16. Given how difficult Argentina had to make a goal against KSA, I doubt a defensive Poland would suit us.

  13. Maybe Cuti isn’t fit and that’s why he is sitting. Molina I don’t understand and Tagliafico is just an average player. Probably should have been left home. What is Paredes though? Everybody is looking for great midfielders. He gets booted from PSG and can’t really do much in Juventus either. And the NT he is just a pedestrian role player. The guy in his current form shouldn’t even be called up. Everybody bitches about Almada but this stiff Paredes hasn’t done crap in about 2 years. That’s a fact. And if all that’s not bad enough he doesn’t run worth shit and stands around. Guido should be starting over him as well as Enzo. Hell I’ll even take MacAllister as a 5 over him. He just isn’t that good. He never was.

  14. NOT even 20mins into the game and the Polish have 4 yellow cards already.
    Good providing they miss the next game but want them to win this game obviously

  15. Win tonight and we will go far in this tournament, I Don’t like midfielder of Guido, MacAllister and de Paul Way too slow and predictedble but I will take anything give me victory even if the kit man starts.

    • Only 3 out of 5 changes are confirmed so far: Acuna, Montiel, and Licha. Among the midfielders, Paredes is confirmed not to start but the replacement has yet to be confirmed.

      The same as Papu’s replacement, no confirmation yet. They can be Guido-MacAllister or Guido-Enzo or even Enzo-MacAllister.

      Scaloni made Cuti decision in the copa final only less than 1 hour before the game. So we’ll see.

    • What if Saudi wins last game by 5 goals?

      I feel most secured result for us is Poland winning 1-0 (not to top the group, but somehow to reach next round, even if we get a draw today)

  16. Poland win against Saudi is good.
    Least the scoreline stays, better for us.
    So 1-0 will be ideal. Poland can do us a favor like that.

    In that case even a draw (preferably not 0-0) opens door for us.
    Poland : 4 (+1)
    Saudi : 3
    Mexico : 2
    Argentina: 1 (-1)

    We can do a Nigeria on Poland in the last match in that scenario.

  17. 5 changes.

    3 in defence, 2 in mid. Only confusion is whether maca or Enzo. Maca is more likely.

    Montiel, listandro, Acuna, Guido and Maca.

    Except for Maca/Enzo, all of them are regulars in XI and performed in big games. So even changing 5 players won’t cause any issue.

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  19. I think scaloni should be able to this line up….

    =========[ Emi. M ] ==========
    ==========Messi ==========
    ==lautaro ========Alvarez ==


  20. —————-Lautaro——————–
    Di Maria———–Messi———–Dybala
    ———-Guido————–De Paul—–

    Alvarez for Lautaro
    Almada for Di Maria
    Enzo for Guido
    C.Romero for Otamendi

  21. Gaston Edul: Decision made. The fifth change on the line up: Guido will start ahead of Paredes. The coaching staff had very bad opinion about his form. This is a big chance for Mac Allister to start also, as he is a better fit compared to Enzo.

    The line up: Dibu, Montiel, Licha, Otamendi, Acuna, De Paul, Guido, Enzo/Mac Allister, Leo, Lautaro, Di María

  22. Argentina plays best when there are at least 4 attacking players.

    When Argentina played Italy in Finalissima, Argentina had essentially 4 forwards.
    Apart from Messi, Di Maria and Lautaro, the fourth one was Dybala coming in for Lo Celso. Lo Celso himself brings a lot more to attack which other midfielders don’t.

    When Argentina beat Estonia 5-0, we had:
    4 defenders,
    2 midfielders(De Paul & MacAllister)
    and 4 forwards(Alvarez, Gomez, Messi, Dybala)
    I will take Lautaro for Alvarez, though Alvarez is almost as good.
    And I will play Di Maria over Gomez, though Gomez isn’t bad.
    Di Maria can play left right centre everywhere.
    MacAllister isn’t bad, but I like Enzo.
    (Correa & Almada can also be used as a substitute)

  23. 3 are confirmed by Edul:
    1. Montiel starting
    2. Acuna starting
    3. Paredes won’t start

    So far these 3 are the changes. Who will replace Paredes? Maybe Guido, but not confirmed yet. More should be confirmed.

  24. One strength of this team that has contributed to us winning for the past 2 to 3 years is playing, running and pressing hard for one another to get to the 50-50 balls or to reach the 2nd bounce ball faster than the opponents, coupled with skilful moves from players with more flair. I believe if we played and pressed like in the Copa final, it does not matter which specific player plays, and we would be able to play a good game against Mexico. Vamos Argentina! They have got what it takes to win.

  25. The lineup will be different than rumors..this is what we want… please don’t give any idea to anyone regarding team list until it officially published.

  26. Tata Martino knows very well argentina. I am not overpessimistic nor over optimistic. Line up must be balanced and 3CM . For me my line up is a little bit aggressive 433
    Dimaria #Messi

    Acorrea/Alvarez play as a LCM ,Dimaria can be on the right or left it depends.

    I think Enzo,Guido,Depaul plus acuna may not solve left side paralyzed problem but it is reasonable .It depends on if you want to be more aggressive or not . Thus using Acorrea or Alvarez instead of Enzo will be better solve the left side paralyzed problem.

    prepared for the worst.Mexico isn’t weak at all.

    • Sometimes im asking myself if some guys here are trolls or very serious with their sarting XI …

      I mean who can be really serious and propose a starting XI with Angel Correa, a striker, as a midfielder seriously ? Even on Fifa it will be not a good option….

      Guys wake up, stop to be crazy ! No, Messi cant play as a Right winger, no Di Maria dont play as a Left Winger since 13 years, no Angel Correa will not play as a midfielder.

      This team need balance not to create some weird starting XI never tried before ….

  27. Let’s wait for the confirmed line-up.
    last time Gaston Edul had Acuna instead of Tagliafico but Tafliafico played.
    Scaloni is maybe trying to play mind games.
    If true though then he has panicked a little.
    The midfield of De Paul, Guido, Macallister has never played together.
    Isn’t our objective to score goals?
    Mexico has 1 point and a draw against us would give them 2 points, a win against the Saudis 5 points.
    If Poland win today they have 4 points, the even if we beat Poland we need a better goal difference.
    Let’s hope Poland draws the game against the Saudis
    If that’s the team, then hopefully he gets the subs right.

    • mind games. He hasn’t got a clue. No same mind would have played a 2 man midfield in a major tournament something he hasn’t done in any of previous games. If he had a same mind, he would have thought long and hard when he selected his squad and the team he played against Saudi. Both Parades and De Paul have struggled for form and fitness since the start of the season, yet u play them both and play them slaughter to the Saudis. Di Maria has been completely struggling for fitness since joining Juve with repeated injuries. Cuti had been unfit and short of match fitness since the start of the month. Acuna has struggled for form at club and being a master of all trades but not particularly excellent at any, he is waste of space if he is not at 100%. All these choices he had before announcing the squad but he stuck with his premeditated team.
      Coming into 2002 world cup, Bielsa’s team played brilliant football finishing way above the rest in qualifiers. They also had a 32 match unbeaten run. By the time the world cup came Bati, Veron and Ortega way out of form but Bielsa stuck with them. we know that history. Stubbornness and not responding to the situations and thinking too high of yourself. Typical Argentina managers of the last 28 years.

  28. Meanwhile..Ole had a pole.. question was Argentina will qualify for the second round or not..?
    30% believe, we will crash out of the group. Unbelievable response from the people.

  29. TYC announced that Licha, Acuna, Montiel, Guido and Mac are starting.
    The only uncertain seems to be Mac or Enzo but as for now it seems Mac is a head of Enzo starting

  30. @shaan89 From the way you’ve been commenting, it is clear who is matured between us. You call me “irrational” and “illogical” . Is like you took the words of my mouth, these describes you comments – irrational and illogical. A team had an off day you are projecting your frustration, negativity and anger on them like they have not doing well all this while, that is why i called you “plastic” and if you are as “intelligent” as you claim to be you will know the team does not need negative heavy criticism what they need is just enough. You know something like a wake up call, not trying to crush or rip their spirits. People like you need to grow up so that you will grow in life.

    • Bro, As long as Argentina wins, if u say me anything doesn’t matter. We need a win. If you think Argentina would win if you say something bad to me, then say it.

      Today we need to be more united than ever…

  31. What I don’t like in Parades is he seemed to get pretty cocky and lost temper sometimes. Remembered he lost control and got the yellow card at the PSG vs Bayern champion league final, and PSG conceded a few minutes after. There’re more examples than this.

  32. Just ignore obvious troll WC2022. Responding does nothing but keep feeding the troll. Or if you must respond, no words, just copy this.

  33. I saw somewhere Romero Licha starting…there are so many confusing lineup. I just hope 3 point whoever starting…Don’t need to too many changes..just play copa style.. Hit a early goal then defence solid.

  34. Jeez Argentina, they got a favorable draw but still have no clue how to triump over Saudi Arabia, Mexico, and Poland: these teams range from extremely weak to below average teams. What would happen if their draw put them in the group of death like Spain? I wonder.

  35. Scaloni should not have fear in bringing Dybala at some point in the game.
    5 subs must be used. Tired legs will slow our already walking engine, need fresh air, fresh legs to run the final 3rd.
    Starting Julian Alvarez on the left flank and keeping Angel Correa on the bench is not wise idea either. Angel C. brings in something special which is missing in Julian.
    Walking Messi is like having 10 men team. He needs to sacrifice for the team by coming off and allowing a fresh leg to try a trick or two. I also don’t like the idea of Messi taking all the corner kicks & free kicks even penalties, give it to someone who can surprise the opponent now that all teams know where Messi kicks each time.

  36. 5 changes are way too many. Originally 3 but then after the players talk it becomes 5. What I am worried about is if Guido, MacAllister, Montiel. We are not a high scoring team with those 3. Although we would be solid defensively yes. I say we would be lucky if we get 1-0 in the first half if those 3 start.

    If Enzo starts, it is more balanced, not too defensive as Enzo and De Paul both can make killer pass. But let’s see the final line up.

  37. Does anyone remember the last time we scored from a corner? It seems that from a couple of analysis I watched Mexico is weak from set pieces and the extra height factor from Guido could be a bonus in that regard. The last clear corner goal I remember was from Guido’s goal against Uruguay, but I could be missing some.

  38. Ideally we should play 4-3-3. Scaloni should make changes only based on fitness issues. I would prefer to see Parades playing unless he is not at his physical best. Too many changes adds to the confusion.
    But I frankly dont care who Scaloni chooses & how they plan to fight the Mexicans. Jus need the 3 points badly. Even if it comes through Diego’s divine intervention, i will take it.
    If we get knocked out today, it comes out that we are far behind global order & need to now invest on youth. Scaloni should stay for the journey he has started.
    If we win convincingly or even in a tight match, it may be the wounded tiger bouncing back for a deep run in WC .We will all have answers to all the trolls who have been ridiculing NT last 3 days.

  39. This is a very good change imo. Scaloni learns really fast.

    Guido Rodriguez is extremely hardworking and is very good defensively. He could easily be converted to a centre back judging from his physique, tenacity and tackling accuracy. He will make our midfield solid which will allow De Paul to push up at will. Let’s not forget how good de Paul’s long range efforts are if he is given the opportunity. His attacking long balls are also one of the most accurate I’ve seen in world football. I’m sure many giants are well aware of his attribute as they were his past victims.

    As for lo Celso’s replacement, this is a bit tricky. Both Mcallister and enzo are more of central midfielders who don’t pose much threat in the final third. Messi and Di Maria have to work extra hard to unlock stubborn defences while Martinez has to capitalise on every single rare chance that we will be getting in the game. Hope scaloni makes the best choice for this position. VAMOS !

  40. Today, one of the most important day. A do or die situation.
    This type of situation created so many hero’s. I am waiting for my hero. Come on Argentina.

  41. Looking at the training camp – all players and coaches are laughing and smiling … It looks like they forgot the ‘world laughing’ defeat. Which is good in a way that makes us believe that their the mental blocks are opened up and they free to play a game.
    Sampaoli 2 should take them to the basics. I have all my friends laughing at this defeat of ours when almost all top teams sailed through. Hope my team can bounce back.

  42. Mexico like to attack using wide areas by creating overloads and exploiting space out wide, plus they tend to have attacking fullbacks who will likely be high up the pitch on a regular basis. Also, expect a frequent switch of play from one flank to another. Tata Martino likes his 4-3-3 and a possession based football, vs Poland they had 61% of the ball. IF they continue to play like that we should have some space to use in behind as well, perfect for Fideo.

  43. I still think we shouldn’t change paredes that guy moves the ball faster than anyone else in our midfield (except lo celso), if we are playing with 3 midfielders I think his weakness could be covered.
    We don’t have to be negative, they have to enjoy the football and pass the ball quicker.
    I still don’t know why de Paul is playing he was poor against Italy and he was poor again.
    He is out of form he just can’t pass the ball without taking 2-3 touches. I hope he prove me wrong otherwise we are doomed.
    I m really worried now not because we lost to saudi arabia it is because we couldn’t score a single goal in 40 mins, we just didn’t create enough.
    Only some good display against Mexico can take away this anxiety from me.

  44. And now it’s macallister is rumoured to start in place of papu. So Acuna has a vital job in his hands . Macallister needs to help him defensively. So with guido and macallister the passing fluidity won’t be that great. De Paul needs to step up. Dont lose balls in the middle. I also hope it would be Enzo rather than macallister. Coz Mexico may go for pressing tactics. And his natural instinct as a DM may make him to play the safer option. It’s a real curse for us that all our players with creativity like buendia lamela or even lanzini is injury prone or out of form or playing as a just a sub.

    • Yes the absence of lo celso has been more impactful than it seems. We all have the opinions that in a team which has good chemistry is not based on any one individual. And we thought we could have easily replace lo celso. But reality is not that easy.

      • No almada is not agile enough….. May be in future.
        I thought almada could be our element of surprise but those hopes are dwindling day by day.
        Garnacho should have been better replacement for gonzalez.
        But i trust scaloni he has won us copa and i want him to be our coach even if we got knocked out in the group stages. He is doing the best he can do with this group.

  45. To be honest, I am not too worried about this game. I think the 11 above is probably the best for Argentina, it’s necessary to have 3 midfielders to keep the balance. If we play again in 4231, either Guido or Paredes, we will be punished again. In addition to those changes I would put Correa instead of Di Maria.

    • Too much tinkering and too many changes have their downsides too.

      If it’s Dibu; Montiel, Otamendi, Lisandro Martínez, Acuña; De Paul, Guido, Enzo or Mac Allister; Messi, Lautaro and Di María then that’s a pretty different team. Can they click? I mean it’s a new back four and a new midfield and only the front three are the same.

      • Not a big problem i have seen many games with lisandro otamendi in qualifiers or friendly and montiel and acuna is also among the regulars. Only midfield is different but guido depaul also quite regular. Only major change will be Enzo or McAllister.

      • Btw don’t forget in 1990 wc after the loss against cameroon Argentina had 5 changes in the next game and we reached the final. In a do or die after our midfield was horrible its obvious to change things.

      • I do wonder though, does Acuña count as a change? He and Tag have been used so interchangeably in the Scaloni era it’s almost like one has as much chemistry with the team as the other, Acuña even came off the bench last game. A similar argument can kind of be applied to Lisandro since he’s been interchanged a lot recently and a change of one good center back to another good center back is not as big a change as one midfielder to another. I do think the big risk lies in midfield but the big reward can lie there too, given Paredes’s poor performance and the bonuses of Enzo and Guido

  46. De Paul needs to get his shit together. 50% of the time he is Xavi the other 50% he is Neymar without the skills only diving like a pathetic loser.

    He needs to learn something called sportsmanship and taking advantage of loose balls from Messi instead of just hanging around with him and being his bodyguard

  47. Paredes is better overall but as of late he has been out of form. A more defensive minded player is what we need I’m HOPING Guido can fulfill that.

    It seems like we are always open to counter attacks that start from our middle. Someone who can actually get the ball out of the bottom half of our side is a must.

  48. I like this because Guido is very calm and he also knows Mexican football very well. Paredes is sometimes too sloppy. In Scaloni’s era, he has been a regular starter but I really don’t remember any impressive performance from him.

  49. When Argentina beat Estonia 5-0, we had:
    4 defenders,
    2 midfielders(De Paul & MacAllister)
    and 4 forwards(Alvarez, Gomez, Messi, Dybala)
    I will take Lautaro for Alvarez, though Alvarez is almost as good.
    And I will play Di Maria over Gomez, though Gomez isn’t bad.
    Di Maria can play left right centre everywhere.
    MacAllister isn’t bad, but I like Enzo.
    (Correa & Almada can also be used as a substitute)

  50. I wonder what Argentina would do if they are the same group of Spain and Japan? They would probably win only their game against Costa Rica.

  51. Some people have been worried about asado and claiming that it is toxic for the body and bad for athletes. I am curious, if mamoun (our resident doctor) reads this comment — is it actually bad for a football team to eat beef in moderate to high quantities? Can it contribute to lower physical performance? I know that protein is important for muscle growth but is it better for them to get it from non-red meats? I know our team has eaten asado during our 36 unbeaten run anyway so it’s odd to use it as a reason for our loss when there are many other footballing explanations but it is a curiosity I have. If it has any bad effect I would rather them stick to the yerba and save the asado for later

    • I think it’s perfectly fine and a great source of protein and iron. It’s probably premium quality beef too. Plus, I am pretty sure they are eating other stuff to balance things out. I guess it also depends what is on the parilla, I hope they stay away from chorizo and vacio for example.

      • It’s nothing new. They eat beef all the time. They grew up this way. Have you seen Messi photos at home in Paris, he has a custom asado grill there.
        I don’t know the statistics, but I bet you if you looked it up that Argentines eat the most beef in the world maybe. Daily.

  52. While Enzo is not similar to Lo Celso I think he can provide much more balance than what we saw against SA. Let’s hope he can venture forward a bit more, despite not being much of a dribbler or runner I would like for him to get into shooting positions and he can also give a sweet chipped pass over the defense, kind of like Kimmich. He also has good through balls, and also a crossing ability I didn’t see at River because of his positioning but I have seen at Benfica. I think Enzo – Guido makes more sense than Enzo – Paredes but we’ll see. I think height, while not a deal breaker, can prove to be important and I know that when Guido was finally given his chance over Paredes in copa he scored a header.

  53. This infact will be a key change, Guido offers more defencively, plus De Paul whos a box to box, Enzo who can add more creativity. Still would like to see Di Maria as an impact sub and add one player in the midfield.

  54. On a more lighter note, are our players the most tattooed team at the World Cup? I mean these guys get a tattoo for every square inch of their body they are going to start having to rent out other peoples bodies for real estate.

      • I totally understand that growing up in Argentina. But these guys are at a whole different level. They’re skin is gonna look like a giant ink blot when they hit 60.

        • Every couple of years you get those tattoos touched up. It looks fresh and new. I am advocating their tattoos but for whatever reason they want to get a ton of tattoos. As long as it’s not on their face, I guess it’s fine.

    • “they are going to start having to rent out other peoples bodies for real estate” hahaha okay that actually made me laugh. But I don’t agree with the other people who are using that as some sort of reason for our loss. It’s just like the Almada thing — irrelevant. I know the Brazilians are also very tattooed, doesn’t effect them obviously

      • Tattoo is not the reason for our failure but San completely agree that when you get old, our skin wrinkle and it won’t look good and some of the letters may look completely different.
        I’m surprised though Messi being one of them.

  55. People here are too quick to forget 3 years ago Paredes made the team of the Copa……….also was instrumental in winning the next copa….now just one bad game and he has become trash

    • It’s not one bad game my friend. The thing is there are better options than him at the moment. He is not losing his job because of a bad game, he is losing to better options. Nothing is given, everything must be earned.

    • You made two contradicting comments: first you backed up the decision to rest the tattoo guy, then you went hollering about his instrumental impact in the last Copa Anerica. Make up your mind, do you want pussies playing on the field like what we saw in the opening game or men fighting for their country? Paredes is a shifty and overrated midfielder. You tell me his market value.

    • Something that took you there doesn’t mean that it can take you any further. May be Scaloni realized that Paredes is not in form and due to lack of match practice it will be better to slowly integrate him into the team by playing him last few mins and once he rediscovers his form he can start again. Since we lost the supposedly easiest match of the tournament we don’t have the luxury to start our out of form players so that they can find their form and rhythm. Guido has been in sublime run of form and was also targeted by Man-utd until they went for Casemiro. He adds height factor and gives freedom to Depaul and Enzo to venture forward. I say its a good call.

  56. Paredes needs to be sitting. This guy has been on borrowed time for over a year. Honestly both Guido and Enzo are far better at his job than he is. Maybe that’s the wake up call some of these guys need that starting spots are not guaranteed…to anybody.

  57. Offers a lot more solidity in the midfield. Only thing is I do like Paredes’ ability to break lines. If he’s not fit I would have like to see Enzo in his position.

      • I can tell by most of the comments that Paredes for Guido, at this moment in time, is the better decision. I guess I’m a little biased because I do enjoy his flair 😂. He has been sluggish as of late but guido offers better defensive stability. All this to say … you’re right lool

        • The only unfortunate thing is while Paredes is incredible at breaking the lines, I just haven’t seen it much for Argentina. At club level I’m impressed by some of his smooth passes but at Argentina he doesn’t do it as much. Could be tactical though. Either way Guido is a good longer passer

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