Alexis Mac Allister to start for Argentina, five changes expected


Alexis Mac Allister will start for Argentina vs. Mexico on Saturday.

Mac Allister will presumably start in place of Papu Gomez. According to Gaston Edul, Mac Allister will be in the eleven with four more changes expected in the eleven.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni is set to make five changes to the eleven which started vs. Saudi Arabia. Marcos Acuña will start in place of Nicolás Tagliafico, Lisandro Martínez for Cristian Romero and Gonzalo Montiel for Nahuel Molina.

Leandro Paredes is also expected to be on the bench for Argentina as Guido Rodríguez would start in his place. This would be the rumored starting eleven:

Dibu Martínez; Montiel, Otamendi, Lisandro Martínez, Acuña; De Paul, Guido, Mac Allister; Messi, Lautaro and Di María


  1. Mexico will park the bus against us and attack when we loss ball.. they will not use The Very High line of Defense …. today bench Dimaria and Messi

  2. Looks better than the first starting with all those not fit players now remain di maria and messi whom fitness still lack. Di maria if he plays at 100 % he wont finish the game nor the tournament thats why he should play 45 at 100 % and not 90 walking around this is messi role.
    There s no win in a world cup with people that don t defend you couldnt perform with 8 defenders

  3. the Poland’s win put us in the same predicament we were 20 years ago in Japan. Sweden needed a draw and we had to win. I believe that Poland will try to draw against us. Before all we have to past Mexico…. I’m so nervous!!!!!

    • The number of chances we missed in that match was mind boggling. I was a very young boy watching that match with my family and to this day I remember that match like it was yesterday!! However unlike that match today we are playing a must win game in the second round of group stage match.

  4. disappointing playing a player who only passes sideways ,so this means all scaloni cards are on messi to do every thing to much negativity

  5. Now we see how great the tactician Sabella was. He put 5 defenders in our first WC game against an average team Serbia to make sure we didn’t loose the game! He knew how important the first game is.

  6. 4. of our most important matches in the last 12 months:
    1. Final vs Brazil
    2. WCQ at home vs Brazil
    3. finalissima vs Italy
    4. First WC game vs Saudi

    Scaloni used almost the exact same squad in all those 4 games but Paredes (injured in finalissima) and Lo Celso (injured in the WC). Others, almost exactly the same but Tagli/Acuna rotation or Molina/Montiel rotation.

    This time he changed completely, I know
    Paredes->Guido are part of his “17 starters” so maybe no different but Licha is quite new. He did not play much before for us. MacAllister also only had less than 10 caps.

    It is a very brave decision by Scal. The good news is even if we just manage to get a draw, we can still win the group by this combination:

    -Winning against Poland with more than 2 goals margin.
    -Mexico-Saudi a draw

  7. Too many changes, looks like Sampaoli 2.0 all over again….. No clue or options when we need a goal, just a long ball to Di Maria and expect him to do some magic. Lo Celso is a huge loss…. Messi is easily closed down by 2 or 3 players and no outlet…. MacAllister is not capable of filling of that hole…..
    No good vibes…. Feeling like a draw or loss again today….. Apart from Di Maria & De Paul every1 looked down when they are 1-2 down; This team might not go far….

  8. In my opinion its good results for us… Beat poland and maxico and top the group… No GA matters now… Beat both team 1-0 still we top the group….

  9. One thing for sure today is we will find out how mentally tough our team is today. Like I said Mexico is there to win today.
    This game is a World Cup final for Argentina. They need the win to advance and for confidence. I hope the players are more confident than the fans.
    Poor Tata. If he wins he will be hated in Argentina. If he loses he will be hated in Mexico.

    • This is simple. If our players don’t run for 90 minutes we will lose. If we score 1-0 and sit back we will tie or lose. The objective here is you must score 3 on Mexico. Anything less is danger zone for us.

  10. We need fast and tall players which is why MacAllister and Guido are starting. MacAllister will also be covering for Acuña and Guido will be covering for Depaul to play more attacking game. Expect a lot of crosses into the box from Acuña today and tall Guido could be very useful and pacy MacAllister will be needed in the back when Guido is in opposition box for heading opportunities. Poland winning and topping the group means they will park the bus against us. Today we not only have to win, we have to win big as it might come down to goal difference now.

  11. Ok..after losing against Saudi, there were a plenty of talks. But..the final & actual thing is that, if we lose today against MX, not only today but also with Poland, Argentina really should go home, take rest & be better prepare for 26 WC, right?? Bcz, accident may happen one time, we lost against KSA accidentally, ok..fine, no prblm. If u again lose with Mexico or Poland, then you really should go home, really should go out!! Ok??? We really don’t deserve this WC.

    Very hopefully these things won’t happen. Argentina will win all the matchs from now & the final as well inn shaa Allah! Our knockout stage begins from tonight..
    VAMOS!!! 🇦🇷🇦🇷💪💪✌️✌️

      • Im Talking about four years ago they needed to win. They pressed and couldn’t get the goal and conceded by some dodgy goal keeping!!

    • What we learnt from last word cup.. ???

      Same tactics same old players, no Aggression, no pressing,, only passing with hope of Miracle..

      With messi ,dimaria we need speed,youth and quality midfielders to compensate their game..
      Sadly DePaul is ruined at ATM,
      Paredes had a bad season at Paris and now just started in Italy,
      Locelso lost

      We can use easily
      Guido-Enzo-McAllister- trio as they are playing for their clubs,,,

      Missing a speedstar like young Garnacho,,

      Hope messi will score a hattrick

  12. This is what our striker couldn’t do against this ksa team, no one was pressing enough on that Saudi Arabia defense. Every cross was useless because there were no striker in the box to receive them

  13. It is what it is hopefully the replacement players will step up.Whoever playes let us win.

    I know this sounds illogical as a theory, qatar will definitely want Argentina to reach as much as rounds possible. More rounds Argentina plays more revenue obviouslly. Argentina fans are the most dedicated and passionate of all. All wanna have a look at Messi in his swan song.

    So what i m saying is qatar will somehow make Saudi and Argentina to qualify for the next rounds. Means they are pleasing everyone. How does this sounds 😂😂😂

  14. Dears, Firstly Soudi team is not bad at all. All asian team are playing good football in this world cup.
    Secondly we will easily win against both Maxico and Poland if our player don’t panic. Hope we will top the group.

  15. I know normally Scaloni doesn’t like to make many changes but you can’t reward players for losing to Saudi Arabia by having them keep their starting role. As such, players had to lose their starting spot to send that message to the whole team: represent the shirt well!

  16. We were unlucky. They took 2 shots and scored both. Here they are shooting all over the bar. Also Poland with 2 shots against the bar. What is consistent is Saudi is high intensity and high line team

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