Argentina possible XI, several changes to the team for World Cup match


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni had his players train on Friday with a possible eleven set in place.

Lionel Scaloni is set to make a few changes to the team which lost 2-1 vs. Saudi Arabia. According to Gastón Edul, the back line would change as three of the four players who started vs. Saudi Arabia would not start the game vs. Mexico on Saturday.

Marcos Acuña came on as a substitute for Nicolás Tagliafico in the first game and Acuña is set to start vs. Mexico. Cristian Cuti Romero was also replaced by Lisandro Martínez with Lisandro expected to start with Nicolás Otamendi.

Gonzalo Montiel in place of Nahuel Molina is the final change in the back line. In midfield, Enzo Fernández is set to start in place of Papu Gómez but one of Guido Rodríguez or Alexis Mac Allister could also be a surprise inclusion.

Up front, it would be Lionel Messi, Lautaro Martínez and Ángel Di María. This would be the possible eleven:

Emiliano Dibu Martínez; Montiel, Otamendi, Lisandro Martínez, Acuña; De Paul, Paredes, Enzo Fernández; Messi, Lautaro Martínez and Ángel Di María.


  1. I think we need to play more midfileders than attackers, Even teams like Saudi over power us in midfield and cut off the connection with Messi, At least a 4 man midfield is needed to cope with this. Could Di Maria play as a midfielder like he did during the RM days. Or else play a diamond Formation in middle. With Guido, Depaul, Macallister, Enzo combo with Di Maria as an impact sub.

    So England and Netherlands also slipped not a massive slip but still drawn. Now whoes next? Tommarrow is a massive day for us. Such a crunch day.

    With all the chaos we are having because of the loss. One doubt, whats with this Garnacho topic, would he have made a massive difference if he had played vs Saudi? I dont think he would have much such a huge impact, look we had Messi, Di Maria, Lautaro these are elite players if they couldnt cut it how could Garnacho make such a difference. Offcourse he is pacy, young and all but its not like he is like Messi at 2006 WC.

    Had he may have selected in place of Almada? Both are different profile players, Both play in different positions. May be Scaloni wanted more of a midfieder. I m not saying anything bad about Garnacho or doubting his talent, But just saying. I think one player who may have made an impact was Dybala who is a proven player who can create genuine fear in opponents. Atleast he should have been used as a sub for 15 minutes considering Scaloni had 1 sub remaining. Thats a mistake i think from his side.

    • No, you idiot, nobody says Garnacho’s inclusion would make a difference in the opening game, but from a strategic perspective, having players like him on the bench would be a good supply for the knockout stages when starters fade or get suspended. It’s called bench depth that should not be fielded by MLS fraud players.

      • If Garnacho’s inclusion wont make much difference even against Saudi then how the hell he would make a difference against much stronger teams now onwards.

        He is not selected end of story, the WC is already going on, just move on, why the hell everytime saying Garnacho, Garnacho…Just accept it and hope for the best.

      • Burger off you Garnacho fanboy. He didnt make the selection, deal with it. Let’s support those that are taking to the field, they’re donning the shirt. Enough with the Garnacho delusion.

  2. Unfortunately there is way too little moderation of this forum. Every tournament you see the same trolls pop up and post crap just to piss off Argentina fans. Roy Nemer, you need moderators because I don’t think that was your intent when you set up this forum. Nothing wrong with disagreement, but when trolls just post vitriol to anger fans that’s bad.

    • The only way is to block adding new user account 1 month from start and end of the tournament. Over a period of time, we have seen trolls polluting the website with their negativity.

      • You need a moderator to apply some common sense across the board. Many people have left this site for the reason that this board is not managed…frankly at all. There needs to be a way to take conversations offline through messaging if two members want to take the discussion further. Frankly this website is no different than the comments section of any website. If that’s what the intent is fine, but somehow I think the passionate fans may want this site to be more than a comments section.

        • I guess Roy, Siva and others are busy with world cup. But to your point, you think those trolls want to have a decent conversation.
          Their main intention is to poke fun and insult. They will rear their heads only at the time of defeat. If we win, they will keep silent.
          Anyways, I do agree this site should have strict policies.

        • May be an ignore option will be great to start with so that those posters comments will not be viewed. I care less if I don’t read any posts from certain users.

  3. I think scaloni should be able to this line up….

    =========[ Emi. M ] ==========
    Depaul =====Enzo=====Palacios
    ==========Messi ==========
    ==lautaro ========Alvarez ==

  4. If Argentina failed to qualify for the knockout stage with these weak teams in the group, this will go down as the biggest choke job in the history of NT. Scaloni will lose his job for sure.

  5. The latest practice is pretty much like this (NOT according to me, but the real reports):

    Emi; Montiel, Licha, Otamendi, Acuna will start.

    In midfield Scaloni tried Paredes-De Paul-Enzo combination and then he replaced:
    Paredes with Guido
    Enzo with MacAllister

    Then he replaced Guido with Enzo.

    So make your own guess. The back line seems confirmed pretty much tho (Montiel starting already confirmed by Edul just now).

  6. I believe each and every members of the group, wants Argentina to excel well in this World cup including some of us who have been labelled as plastic fans. But one thing I won’t shy away from, is giving constructive criticism should the team flop. That’s a promise am committed to keep.

      • Where is constructive criticism in calling out Almada on every post who by the way may not even have the chance to play?
        Disagreement is fine but when the troll post again and again about same stuff , how is that going to help the NT?

        Btw, I’m not talking about you.

        • Of course he won’t get a play time because he’s fraud, but if someone from a higher pedigree, that will be give a few minutes.

          • @WC2022 bro, you’re under every comment bashing Almada. Your obsession with him is very odd. He’s a fraud because Scaloni thought he was good enough to make the team as an alternate? You sound miserable kid. If it makes you feel any better neither Garnacho or Almada would have gotten playing time to make an impact. Those guys haven’t been tested or tried with the current team but yet, you stay obsessing with the 25/26th guy selected smh Jesus

    • You see the World Cup, 2 main teams have been very inconsistent already: Netherlands and England. They both got outplayed by their opponents and both were lucky not to lose. England looked very good in first match.

      Don’t be surprised if Spain, Brazil, and France would look mediocre in the next days. And Argentina would look very good because it is very hard to consistently look superb from the group stage game 1 until the final.

      I only remember 2 teams that managed to do that well: Saviola WC U20 team and Tevez Olympic 2004 team. They both were way too good for other teams throughout the tournament.

  7. I would take everything mr Gastón Edul says with grain of salt. There is no way Scaloni will make so many changes. Especially Molina and Paredes. If they are both fit they will play. Papu and Tagliafico are 99.99% being replaced but both Guido or Macallister starting unless Paredes is not fully fit is inconceivable.

    • If Romero is out and Otamendi @ RCB, it’s reasonable to assume a more defensive fullback in Montiel will partner with Otamendi to stop Mexico’s pacey forwards. For width on the right, De Paul, Di Maria, and Messi can handle it. Licha on his own at LCB can nullify speedster Lozano but since we lack width on the left and to avoid solely relying on ADM and Messi as saw against SA, Acuna also makes more sense.

      ——————Messi – Di Maria
      ———-Enzo – Paredes – De Paul
      Acuna – Lisandro – Otamendi – Montiel

      • Molina is faster, superior in attacking and not bad in defending but his recent form has been poor. May be Scaloni wants to ensure safety in the back and wants to go with Montiel but he has been quite error prone too.

  8. —————Lautaro—————-
    Dybala/Alvarez/Almada—Messi—Di MAria
    —Enzo/Guido——-De Paul———

    Replace Paredes by an attacking player like Dybala, Alvarez, Almada.
    Even Correa /McAllister / Papu Gomez will do.
    But we need more goal scorers.
    We need at least 4 players who can score.

    • 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷!!

  9. @el_principe I’m not this WC2022 user, nobody has time on their hands to create multiple alias accounts. I don’t have anything to do with this person, just want to clear this up…Always respect you too bro..

    I’ve said earlier Argentina would top the group..So how is this bad? Pointing out problems doesn’t mean I’m rooting for Messi to fail, in fact I want to see Messi win the World Cup, that’s why snubbing Garnacho was a huge mistake.

    I was never a Barcelona fan, just watched the games because of Messi and haven’t watched a Barcelona game since he left.

    Since the World Cup I haven’t been on YouTube (especially ESPN FC)…So if I want to talk badly about Argentina, YouTube would be a perfect platform. Constructive criticism is good too, it will make the team and the AFA better off in the long run.

    • i am crazy person and i have crazy ideas but can you tell me how can you be so sure that Scaloni or someone of his staff or Tapia snub Garnacho? Because one crazy person like me can think too that maybe because Garnacho snub AFA in resent past “somehow “to keep both doors open (Spain and Argentina) happened what happened. maybe somebody could get pissed because Garnacho choose Argentina because happened to open 2 spots from injuries recently and the player didn t want to miss world cup and since in Spain didn t exist empty spot he show his interest for our team. As i said i am crazy and i say crazy things but you how can you be so sure and speak like that? No need to answer me.

  10. Also, I don’t think Neymar will miss the whole WC.

    At that level, with top notch treatment, he will likely be back by QF. Brazil can easily reach quarters even without Neymar. So those who are celebrating that “Brazil will now have it tough” are probably celebrating a little too early.

    • Brazil lost Ney and Danilo. So now they will have to rely on Dani Alves and Thiago Silva who both are 37+. Even if Ney is back I don’t think he will be 100%. He will not be effective shooting from distance or take FK with that ankle. Plus he would be afraid of people tackling him. I really want Brazil to finish second.

  11. Ole has a slightly different look.

    Dibu Martínez; Montiel, Otamendi, Lisandro Martínez, Acuña; De Paul, Paredes/ Enzo Fernández, Mac Allister; Di María, Lautaro and Messi.

  12. Mundo List of Plastic fans:
    1. WC2022
    2. Asaph Mark
    3. Anuparno
    4. shaan89
    5. iceman
    6. Kidulthood
    the list goes on…
    Nobody is forcing you to support us, you can go support others like Brazil, Portugal, France, Germany…the “so-called” favorites for the world cup.

    • Sorry I don’t have the capacity to include a list of Messi only fans because this would be longer than this web page can fit. Another longer list for dellusional fans.

      • last time i checked this forum is not for “Man U FC” if Garnacho is not taking go support other Man U players team like England, Portugal, Brazil…Your negative and toxic comments are not helpful. For christ’ sake let’s catch a break

        • Then kindly enlighten me, what made Almada more important than Garnacho. And by the way his team, Atlanta is ranking 11/14 in the Eastern Conference. Looking at stats, our beloved Almada is no where near top 12 goal scorers nor top7 assist providers. And mark you we are talking about MLS 😂😂😂.

    • @MessiArgWeGoal, I am following this group since 2016. Though I do not comment often, but I read always, comment sometimes. Do u think a plastic fan would do that?
      Become a bit more logical and intelligent. Irrational and illogical people do not do well in their life. Get matured mate. Regards.

      • From the way you’ve been commenting, it is clear who is matured between us. You call me “irrational” and “illogical” 😆😆. Is like you took the words of my mouth, these describes you comments – irrational and illogical. A team had an off day you are projecting your frustration, negativity and anger on them like they have not doing well all this while, that is why i called you “plastic” and if you are as “intelligent” as you claim to be you will know the team does not need negative heavy criticism what they need is just enough. You know something like a wake up call, not trying to crush or rip their spirits. People like you need to grow up so that you will grow in life.

  13. Kid/WC2022 who happens to be the same person:

    I always respect the old Kid as his passion as a fan to Argentina especially somewhere around 2012-2014 is second to none here. Also because he always went against the real troll here named Outlaw. But then you somehow became strange. Maybe you got too disappointed with our 2014 WC loss in the final. Then you would disappear and appeared again being a fan who wouldn’t support Argentina anymore because there was no black in Argentina. Up until now, I will not classify you as a troll as I remembered your contribution especially in 2012-2014.

    Then lately you appear with 2 names: Kid and WC2022 who I know it is you. You make them play a bit different role. Well here is my take. I will reply politely to Kid and I will be very nasty to WC2022 although I know both of them is you.

    Maybe deep inside you really want Argentina to win the WC this year, but maybe you have that fear again like what you felt in 2014, so that’s why you kinda curse the team (when being WC2022) and praised all other mighty teams (including Saudi Arabia). But I am sure if Argentina will go really far and win it all this time, you would be happy too.

    • What logic were you using to back up your argument that Argentina will win the WC? Now that is stupidity and you know rubbish about football. Thank you for making me laugh a bit this morning. They won’t even win Arab world cup, let alone the world cup. The team that reconfigured starting 11 and formations amidst the tournament is not ready to compete, let alone winning a world cup. You need to read more about sports and competitions.

    • You moron, Kid lives in USA as I know for a fact, I live in Canada, west coast. So eat your shifty assumption you blind Messi fanboy.

    • I remember the kid from this time period too. Way, way different kid now. The kid from before was always an optimist. This kid uses different language (for me, doesn’t write the same way). I’m not sure it’s the same person.

  14. Emiliano Dibu Martínez; Montiel, Otamendi, Lisandro Martínez, Acuña; De Paul, Paredes, Enzo Fernández; Messi, Lautaro Martínez and Ángel Di María.

    yes this is the team for the latest practice. Should be this one. Montiel always partners with Acuna. Molina with Tagli as Montiel and Tagli would be too defensive minded. Molina and Acuna would be too offensive minded. So Cuti is benched. Hope Licha would play good then.

  15. To me, McAllister for Paredes, Paredes has not played many matches for Juventus and PSG, he is not match fit, the Saudi Arabia match already proved it to us.

  16. If we show the same motivation and aggresiveness and put in the same effort as Ecuador today, we should be able to win.

  17. Lineup is good. Would prefer Guido for Paredes since the latter seems to lack match fitness. Also Molina instead of Monticello but that is a 50-50 since one does not have a distinct advantage over the other based on recent form. Hope Scaloni utilizes the subs judiciously to freshen up things if the match does not initially go our way.

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