Current Argentina scenarios in the group for World Cup


Argentina could be eliminated with a loss vs. Mexico but a draw and a win would have them still competing.

Poland lead Group C with four points after their 2-0 win vs. Saudi Arabia. That win gives Poland four points and Saudi Arabia with three points.

The other game in the group is Argentina vs. Mexico and a loss for Argentina would mean they are eliminated from the World Cup. A draw would have everything decided in the final group stage game.

A win for Argentina and they would be on three points. Two wins for Argentina in their final two group games and they could top the group. Here are the current standings with Poland and Saudi Arabia having played two games each:

Poland: 4 points, +2 goal difference
Saudi Arabia: 3 points, -1 goal difference
Mexico: 1 point, 0 goals
Argentina: 0 points, -1 goal difference


  1. Now Tunisia is almost certain out. They will meet France in the third game and they need to win.

    Australia just need 1 point to qualify
    Denmark need to win to qualify. Denmark is not an offensive team, but they still have a chance to upset Aussie. Hope Australia second though.

  2. This should have been the lineup in the first match. Later should have subbed in Paredes, Enzo and Romero ideally. Because clearly Paredes, Romero etc are not in great rythm.

  3. We should look to win win this match at least 3-0(or 4-1).
    That way we will have the same GD as Poland, but ahead in GF.
    So in that scenario Poland will not park the bus.

  4. NOW OR NEVER Argentina! MacAllister with at least one goal contribution (assist or score)…

    Play like you are meant to, victory will follow.

    Vamos Albiceleste!

  5. It’s now 100% on us! If we win the next two matches, we will very likely to play Australia in R16 and USA/Ecuador in QF. Let’s do this guys!


  6. Argentina line up confirmed:

    Emi; Montiel, Otamendi, Licha, Acuna; Guido, MacAllister, De Paul; Di Maria, Messi, Lautaro.

    Let’s pray that they will do well. The last time Guido and Macallister played together, we played horrible in the first half vs. Jamaica. they were together with Lo Celso though not De Paul that night.

    Hope for no injury. One player I hope to show up today is De Paul. It is almost like he will play today because Guido and MacAllister are much more defensive minded than him. My prediction 2-0.

    Also hope the real starters Cuti, Paredes, will get some minutes. Julian Alvarez for sure will play too in the second half as he is the 12th man.

    • That’s not how things work.
      Anyone who can get out of the group can win world cup, those who cannot, won’t. Mathematically.

      And in Football too, there is no precedence which says, if a team who can’t beat minions cannot beat Giants later on.
      Argentina needs to reach R16. Then it’s another story for another day.

      • History has not shown. With the exception of Croatia, same countries go to semi finalists and finals more now green than not. Only 8 countries have won the world. Again if Argentina cannot beat Poland and Mexico it means they are not good enough as a team and is not deserving of a spot in the knock out stage. Most team so far came to World Cup with their game face on. Argentina must find theirs.

      • Very true Arun, but still if a team is not playing convicingly has few possibilities to win, they still have, but few.

        The point is that if Argentina plays the way we all knew up to just a month ago, it would be very difficult to lose but if they play like the way they played against Saudi Arabia we will probably be out sooner or later.

  7. Argentina is always like this in world cup, looks very unconvincing, now I am not expecting Albiceleste to win the world cup again or even able to qualify from this group…the best after maradona area was 2014, that is it. khalas…

  8. Although I am nervous but at the same time, I am telling myself that we want to be world champion. If we can’t win against Poland and Mexico we wouldn’t be ready for the challenge. we had 3 chances, we blew one away and now we have to manage the competition. That’s what champions do guys. Again If we can’t do that we wouldn’t achieve our goal….

  9. I wish Argentina players will move the ball faster. Even if you give back pass but do it faster not after holding the ball 30 sec and then back pass. A draw is good result for Mexico as their last game is with Saudi. In this type of games 5/6 shots are not enough. So please no slow play to make just 5/6 good attempt. Before 1st game, only I wanted here Guido as CDM. Although I am scared about going to the second round at this moment, good luck to the Albiceleste!!!!

  10. Poland win makes our job tougher. We have to win both. But advantage is that if we win both the matches we will top the group and avoid France who is looking super strong

  11. I will be going to stadium today.
    I will be one of 80 thousands supporters today. Most of them will be Argentine supporters.

    I can’t expect a setback or I don’t want to see it infront of my eyes.

    I am expecting a win. Any score line…but I wish we score more..A big win… please..!

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