Lionel Messi, Enzo Fernández score for Argentina in 2-0 win vs. Mexico


Lionel Messi and Enzo Fernández both scored for Argentina in their 2-0 win vs. Mexico.

Messi got his second goal of the World Cup and Enzo Fernández his first goal in a game that Argentina had to win. In a tense and physical first half, Argentina were unable to create many chances but would turn it around in the second half.

With the game still closed and no opportunities being created by either side, Messi would receive the ball from outside of the penalty area and his left foot would beat Ochoa and he would score to give Argentina the 1-0 lead.

The stadium would erupt as Messi would now reach eight World Cup goals. Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni would make several substitutions, with Enzo Fernández coming on.

With the score at 1-0, it was a corner kick for Argentina and Messi would pass it to Enzo Fernández. He would dribble inside the penalty area and a curler of a shot would beat Ochoa and Argentina would lead 2-0 and get the win.

Argentina and Saudi Arabia are on three points each with Poland on four points and Mexico no point.


  1. MX fans mocking me… before the match..when they saw I wore Messi’s shirt…They were asking Where is Messi..?
    I will see him today…
    I am laughing now.. 😂

  2. Ok ok well well well, I lost my voice and my fingers hurt from clapping too hard, we got the Win, 3 points, Messi AKA CAPO DEI CAPI responded with a ground to ground missile, ENZO paid off, and the cowardly Mexicans and their fans CAN SUCK IT.

    Good work boys, NOW off to the next one no more no less

  3. This game, especially the first half, to me felt like an away CONMEBOL game in South American qualifiers. Very physical, lots of challenges, Mexico pressing us a lot.

    Scaloni decided to play Guido as a makeshift libero or sweeper between Otamendi and Lisandro and push both Montiel and Acuna way up. It was scrappy and nerve wracking.

    Thanks to Messi magic (he received the ball in a good area) we were leading and then I think Scaloni got his subs right.

    This was far from a dominating or convincing performance, other big countries look more up to the task than we do, but hopefully we grow with every game and peak just in time.

    Vamos Argentina!

  4. I believe Scaloni was very calm, intelligent, more involved in both the half(giving just needed instructions). He came up with the plan and stick to it. Not going crazy in the first half, I felt if we had tried too much to score in first half then there could have been a frustration in case of no goal.(Lesson from first game)
    Also Mexico would have been playing too defensively which they did in first half.
    I guess plan was stick to the basic in the first half , not allowing any score that’s why he went for gudio n more defesnsive RB montiel in first half.
    At half score was 0-0 Mexico thought they also have a chance in second half, and tried to play the game which opened spaces for us.
    Our team didn’t got panicked in second half , I saw Scaloni calming down Acuna? around 50 mins. He believed in the plan and team. Purposefully making changes to punish tired legs of Mexico team.
    Mac Allister did great I believe , Lautaro was similar in copa – quiet first few matches and then didn’t stop scoring .
    Palacios , Enzo brought the energy and Julian runs crated havoc in Mexico half.
    As a fan we should congratulate Scaloni and team for the patience and effective game plan

    Can’t say more about Leo .. very confident , calm and great leader. Talking continuously with his team, true leader.. simply GOAT
    Vamos Argentina….

    • Sorry but Scaloni gets no credit for this one. His changes did not work, and Argentina still looked mediocre rescued by individual pieces of brilliance from Messi, Enzo and Lisandro.

      Palacios did very little, and Julian’s runs created jacksh*t, not havoc. He is utterly lacking in creativity and style, absolute necessity in that position. The team game still needs a lot of work. Having to play 5 defenders against a toothless attacking side like Mexico is not a good look.

      Scaloni needs to set aside his favoritism and play the best possible players like Dybala. It is a bloody shame it took him this long for Lisandro and Enzo to finally start for Argentina.

  5. Man first half was the worst Argentina I ever watched Please don’t play Guido and MacAllister again together
    Tbf MacAllister was OK but him and Guido are the worst combination Montiel worst player by far , second half we come alive Play better with great goals from messi and enzo, man i like licha, enzo , cuti and palacios. De Paul wtf is wrong with him he has to man up worst version of de Paul i saw first half . Great substitute by scaloni well done subs wins the match and that exactly what was got over the line for us tonight. Every match is knock out for us , I’m confident we will beat Poland as said before when lost to Saudi.F…k off haters for the last three days the rubbish you were talking about.

    • The Saudi game was robbery, toros goal would have made 2-0 and game over but var robbed us. We should have at least. Had a point from that game but it is what it is. 3 big points and Destiny is in our hands now.

  6. Anyone notice DePaul shaved his head? 😂 I said it on this forum earlier that enzo was going to make a name for himself at this WC. What a goal and what a way to rise to the occasion for a 21 year old.

  7. Lautro has been shit lately. He is being complacent knowing he is starter. Hope Julian start next game to give kick in his back.

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