Lionel Messi: “We knew that today we had to win”


Lionel Messi spoke about Argentina’s 2-0 win vs. Mexico at the World Cup.

Messi had a goal and an assist for Argentina in the 2-0 win and spoke to the media after the game. Being named as the Man of the Match, here is what he had to say:

“It was a difficult match to lift ourselves up because Mexico plays well. We played the first half with a lot of intensity and the second half we were calm and we went back to being ourselves.

“The first game cost us, there were a lot of factors. We knew that today we had to win, that another World Cup was starting for us and we knew how to do it.

“We can’t give up now. We have all the finals to play, we can’t make mistakes.”


    • I’m affraid that will be unlikely, but offcourse that will morecthan good if leading for example by 2-3 goals as i’m not sure that will happen, even i think and morecthan hope and wish that Arg will beat Poland as every game from now on is like final until one reached the final and i really want Arg to end up in final as they did last time’s at 1990 and 2014, though sadly lost both to German’s, well this time i think it may not be the German’s, though offcourse depending hugely now if they are able to beat Spain as Japan i think will beat Costa Rica etc…

  1. “The first game cost us, there were a lot of factors. We knew that today we had to win, that another World Cup was starting for us and we knew how to do it.

    “We can’t give up now. We have all the finals to play, we can’t make mistakes.”

    I’m so happy that La Seleccion our beloved Albiceleste won today and also that they scored 2 very important goals and did not let any goals from the opponent as Mexico besides that one free kick with, which Dibu was more confident as he made an important safe for the game itself etc…

    Some thoughts about the game:
    – well, first half was obviously very difficult one as also the second wasn’t really that much easier, but somehow Arg was able start create more play on Mexico’s half and were also able to push a bit forward as Mexican defence had to or decided to withdraw as i think this mostly hapoened more less in the last 30 or so on etc…also i belive that Arg started slowly to move the ball a bit faster, though Still it was very far from the best possible from Scaloni’s Arg as obviously Lo Celso’s miss is a big one and i don’t know yet if Arg can really perform on it’s best level as sometimes for example with Lo Celso playing, bit as he is not with Arg now, the way or another we as fans have to realize that and also how important he has been for Arg, but now the real question for Scaloni is find out to play without him as that is obviously not yet fixed etc…
    – so Scaloni has to know decide more or less his best possible starting 11 and also the best tactic, which will fit the best for his best 11 etc…as it is obvious, Still that many players are not fit and we as fan’s can’t know, when or if they will be fit enough to perform and push them selfs in LA SELECCION’s best starting 11 etc…
    – also Scaloni needs to find out his best possible subs for his best possible starting 11 at the very present etc…
    – so in the there Still so much work for Scaloni to get it right as possible etc…

    so now instead may little bit more positive thoughts:
    – first of all this victory was a must win and Arg got it with 2-0 vs Mexico
    – secondly every win in WC is a win, regardless of performance win is allways win
    – it was more than important to score 2 goals, specially in game like this with such a pressure of a must win
    – the result and the win, regardless of performance was obviously more than huge relief for LA SELECCION, as that was the most important outcome from this game as tjis was obviously on reachable with win, regardless of performance again
    – this will or at least may be the boost that LA SELECCION needs to continue their path in this WC, though there i Still one more group game, which i think will or at least may very well be also as must win as Saudi’s can beat TATA’s MEXICO who has so far in this tournament really not yet created that much at all for going forwards and creating opportunities to score etc…and therefore i’m a bit scared that Saudi’s might win Mexico, though i hope for a Medico’s win or at least for draw etc…
    – regardless to Mexico vs Saudi’s i think LA SELECCION. should better Still win over Poland also by not letting Poland to score as now Arg’s goal difference is +1 and Saudi’s -1 etc…

    About players against Mexico :
    – sorry, for all and specially for the player itSelf, though i think Montiel was more or less the weakest player against Mexico and also lucky that they only gave him yellow, though obviously the Mexican player did not hurt seriously at all, but Still in the WC there are so many different referee’s, so one can’t be never really certain about what decission’s from referee’s neither VAR and how this combination really between theese 2 will really work….?
    -also is obvious that Acuna as he has had some issues with his fitness are not on his beat yet, but hopefully he will also grow as everyone else from this huge boost as it was must win for Arg and Arg will need him, regardless of his form as i think TAGLIAFIGO should onlynplay if Acuna is not fit to play
    – also on the right as RB i think Arg should stick with Molina as there are not so many options if playing with 4 at back, as i don’t know Foyth’s situation also it might not be so good idea to use him as he’s been injured and obviously according to UAE game he lacks game time etc…so only if a must etc…
    – ENZO needs to start from now on also LICHA as i would even start now with ALVAREZ too, though hopefully Lautaro will score sooner or later
    – don’t know the DYBALA’s situation as is he ready to play at any moment as from now on more or less allmost every player in the team will be needed, but i don’t want Scaloni to field any player who are not ready to perform to their best as obviously this has hit Arg on the worst possible time etc…
    – therefore Scaloni has to reallly think about those players playing on the Wings as fullbacks or wingbacks…etc…

    Therefore, About best possible line up for me might be not the way Arg has been used to play, though for sure they must had at least practiced that at some point as obviously Arg’s weakest point now in Arg’s game is playing from the wings as also if not able really able to play from the wings, then there would not be any space opening for the to be able to play more centerally as this also more or less works vice versus etc..
    — and therefore even i know Scaloni will stick to his tactics, Still with all my respect Arg may be able to field their current best 11 based on form and fitness as playing 3 at back with if Cuti just fit enough as i think Pezzella’s pace may not be enough, though he may be able to play as RCB with support of right wing back as LICHA forvsure can play LCB and i think OTA will be best as in the middle etc…
    – so who will be my wingbacks ? Well on the right DI MARIA, A.CORREA and also DE PAUL and obviously Molina, but will he be the best option, well i’m really not sure about that as ENZO is must for any position in middfield and can play i think pretty much in every position, but i will use him even as DM and above him RDP and Palacios, Almada or i will try Mc Allister as DM, but i’m not sure if he fit’s Arg’s best starting 11 etc…, but it more than obvious that he will play either as starter or as an sub, but against Poland i would like Arg to play Arg’s current best starting 11 based on form and fittness and also now from performances from last 2 games in WC etc…

    So this will be my line up, though i know it won’t be Scaloni’s and obviously he knows more better than me as i’m just creating this one from my own only for what i have seen so far from last 2 games from this WC and purely or mostly to players performance and fitness and form what i have seen so far, but obviously i have include some that i have not seen and some that may have some issues with, but hopefully not






  2. 3 points always vital doesn’t matter how you get specially in a international tournament. It ain’t Premier league. In first half all the player was in immense pressure. They all were playing safe. Literally they wasn’t taking any risk in passing tight areas. You could see the lack of confidence and they were scared of what if Mexico scores or worse result. Doesn’t matter what Scaloni says I still believe they still could not find an proper answer of Lo Celso loss. MacAllister looked little bit sharper when he was carrying the ball forward few occasions and was trying to link with Messi however he lacks off the ball movements. He needs to find those little pocket of space when our opposition depends with 10 players. Also Starting with Guido was precaution also assessing how Tata would go about his game plan so Kudos to Scaloni. But Enzo should start for now if Scaloni sticks with MacAllister. I still believe Almada would been perfect for that role. De paul-Enzo-MacAllister could work but MacAllister has to be more mobile then this like his Boca days. He can’t be like Brighton MacAllister. Anyway hopefully team turns around now.

    • Fully agreed with everything u wrote as i would alao prefer RDP ENZO and maybe i will try Almada or as u said Boca version of Mc Allister or Palacios if he is ready to start…?

      Also i will continue with Licha and Ota and maybevat some point, though i know this ain’t necessaryly Scaloni’s way of thinking as also as discussed before openly here on Mundo many don’t see that 3 men Back line will suite Arg, but as i’m thinking of best possible 11 to allways more or less and therefore i might try backline of 3 as Cuti Ota Licha with on the wings some speed

      • For those on the wings there are several options as obviously Molina Acuna, but alao A.Correa Di Maria Alvarez could be used as up front if playing 3-2-3-2 with wingbacks can be easily also changed to 3-2-3-1-1 as Messi as no. 10 and for no.9 Lautaro or Dybala or even Dybala-Messi as vice versus or play with 2 strikers, but i highly doubt that Scaloni will go for this, but i see Alvarez making some difference today as obviously ENZO should had start allready against Saudi’s, but maybe as that is now in the past. Though it Still hurts ENZO’s todays performance as MESSI’s too with alao Alvarez, Licha and Di MARIA’s pass to Messi’s goal were positive signs as obviously Ota and Dibu did great too alao happy to see Palacios getting minutes and therefore i would give offcourse depending on how Arg’s game and gameplan is working against Poland as i heard from some commentators as x football players saying that they thought Mexico was slightly better against Poland, but that does not guarantee anything as every game is it’s own so we can’t really know yet, though offcourse we must hope and obviously support, but also i see that in the end Arg must also be prepared to use A.Correa Dybala and Almada too, though don’t know yet if it will happen against Poland, but i will defenetly start with RDP ENZO and either Mc Allister or Palacios if he is ready to start as i would like too see Almada too, but i think Scaloni will start with Mc Allister and hopefully RDP and ENZO over Guido and Paredes who i think is not fit and not on his best, though obviously every player cannproove them in training, but so far on the pitch in those 2 games even RDP Still not up his best ENZO clearly is and i think and hope RDP will get that beast mode of his as now, maybe the last decission’s or the end product Still not there, but in general i think he had at least on the second half so far his best performance etc… as the obviously Lo Celso miss is huge as we knew, but it is never too Late to try cover that as best as possible and therefore i’m hoping for more Palacios and Almada, though hardly seen so far nothing from those 2 compared to Mc Allister who has been Ok, but could deffenetly improve much more while playing, well will he ? I don’t know as at WC every player has allways a chance to TaKe big steps forward when given proper amount of time, though Arg is not right now in ideal situation with time as obviously Arg is in rush to Qualify and hopefully to Still be able top the group, but Arg must win Poland and we need Mexico to win Saudi’s to be sure about top spot, though i don’t know the rules if Arg and Saudi’s end up both with 6 points, then will it be first decided by goal difference or will Saudi’s automatically top the group as they won against Arg ?

  3. Thank you LM10, for opening the deadlock..
    Otherwise it could have been different..
    Mexico was not giving space easily and they play more physical too..
    After Messi score, there was a open play..
    We find a good rhythm in passing too..

    Montiel oh my gosh,,
    This is World cup, he doesn’t have the intensity to play this level.. we are lucky enough, eventhough montiel make many errors Mexican attackers can’t make use of it..

    Scaloni was trying foyth in UAE match, but I think scaloni was not confident with foyth, so he decided to go with him.

  4. Martinez

    Molina, Cuti, otamandi, Lisandro, acuna

    Alvarez, Enzo, DePaul, Palacios

    This lineup played brilliant today. Scaloni should continue with this line up in the next game.

    • Aimar was crying like a baby, too. I still see before my eyes the sandness on his face when Argentina drew vs Sweden in 2002 WC. I think he remembered that day and how luck wasn’t in their side with all those great players in the team. I hope this game will be our turning point. Scaloni needs to to take a good lesson from this game and select his very finest lineup.

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