Enzo Fernández speaks on his goal for Argentina at the World Cup, the team


Enzo Fernández spoke about his goal for the Argentina national team at the World Cup and the team.

Fernández was substituted on for Argentina against Mexico and scored to give Argentina the 2-0 lead. Speaking to the media after the game, here is what he had to say:

“I always dreamed of playing with this shirt and today my dream of scoring a goal in a World Cup came true.

“I am very happy for today’s win, this group deserves it. For everyone of Argentina that came to support us and for those that are at home supporting us, this win is for them.

“This group will represent Argentine’s in the best way. We want to get one more win, which is very important for us.”


  1. Very well done Enzo. Both the goals were sublime. But the whole match leaves behind a lot of doubt in the minds of us about the team because for most part of the game they were clueless. Poland would not take any strategy different than Mexico and on top of that they have a Lewandowski unlike Mexico. They are going to make like extremely difficult for us if we remain as clueless as today or if we start with the same lineup. Have we got a combination going now? Not yet. Scaloni really needs to be a bit creative and risk taking in his approach in the next game. There were moments when he was screaming at players to press press press. That surprised me. I thought pressing would come naturally to the players after what happened against Saudi. And this continued till Enzo and Julien did not take the field. Once both of them were they the story changed. They, along with Palacios, really pressed well and we could see the result.

    • agree with you again @MarioKempes. we got two good goals, three moments of individual brillance (if one also counts Dibu’s freekick save) but the rest of the team laboured through it without clear attacking intent and goal chances (btw, it is goals that win us matches, not good ratings, certainly not in a draw too) especially in the first half. they cannot take 1.5 matches or even 50+ mins to settle down and only start playing after. by that time, we might already be 1-2 goals down and it would already be impossible to recover from. hate to compare against the french but it’s about learning lessons learning from other people. they seemed imperious vs denmark. denmark scored and made the french look normal. the french just came storming back and scored once more. we need that mojo. and quickly during matches.

  2. Let s hope we re going to see a better team raising up game per game
    Hope to see dybala i m sure he could bring a plus to the attack especially in the last quarter
    And hope to see the same defense intensity as the second half more confident and more focused
    Hope to see also more precision and more investment from lautaro and more focus from de paul the key player of last copa
    Then we could start dreaming for the trophy
    Poland isn t a shit team for those who are claiming so don t forget that they ll play the game of their life as sweden did in 02 and lewa is a messi hater as mbappe they ll give their all to defeat messi not Argentina
    They have to stay focused and play more confident than today

  3. A speedy recovery and a turning point in the Mexico game; in the second half the team plays so well with the intro of Enzo and Alvarez. Trust the players gain their confidence back, next game is not an easy one, Poland has a lethal striker. A world-class indeed. No single error and carelessness are accepted, otherwise, Albiceleste will be punished hard.

    I would be happy if Dybala could be given a chance and make a good combination with Messi.

    Vamos Albiceleste. On forward you go.

  4. Congrats everyone.
    I have some things to comment on.
    But for now I’m just thankful.
    So much emotion and noise from my place!!!
    I was so thankful that my neighbors became Argentina fans today. 😂
    Insights and what was on the menu next time.

  5. These kind of hard fought victory changes the confidence and belief of a team and what a hard fought battle it was!!

    Scaloni was unable to hide the tremendous pressure on his face from the start of the match. Messi had similar expressions!! Seeing their tensed faces gave me extra stress.Scaloni went with extremely tight backline and midfield to avoid conceding any goals early. Ultra defensive approach, tremendous pressure on the team and Mexico parking the bus with 11 players was the reason for the worst half offensively, I had witness for a very long time.

    Well it goes without saying Enzo needs to start from here onwards. Both Messi and Dimaria failed to provide any service to Lautaro whatsoever! MacAllister and Guido were totally focused on winning back possession and defending. Depaul wasn’t able to get anything going in the first half when attacking but he came through in the second half. But he still has a long way to go reproduce that Copa form.

    Only one of MacAllister, Paredes and Guido can play against Poland. They will again park the bus and counter attack as they have better attack than our last two opponents. I would go with MacAllister Depaul and Enzo in our midfield. MacAllister and Guido perfectly executed what they were asked to do. Mexico couldn’t trouble our defense at all.But playing MacAllister, Depaul and Guido made our attack look sparkless. We couldn’t create single chance and we can’t afford that against Poland.

    Nothing much has changed for us. We still need to keep it Extremely Extremely tight in the back and can’t concede any goals whatsoever, especially an early goal. We also need more creativity from the midfield and Enzo is that answer. Beside his great goal under tremendous pressure, he also provided pre-assist for Messi goal. He is the perfect replacement for Locelso and is an even better finisher. All in all, great game!! I Lost 1000 calories during the match!!

  6. We don’t need to criticize how the team played today because we all said all we need from them is to win either with or without style. They got the job done. From now on, it’s all in the hands of Scaloni he needs to get his shit together and feature the best talent of his roster.

  7. ALL players did well. After first halfs panic mood Arg. team more United in second half. Wonder goal of Messi completely changed our team.Locelsos Abscence is clearly seen in midfield. Huge gap feels in midfield . Messi not got enough passes. when locelso is thr oppositions planning is entirely different than today’s..

  8. Poor Tata, I doubt he goes back on the plane to Mexico and we know he ain’t going back to ARGENTINA anytime soon……..they shred him on ESPN, didn’t know homie was the highest MEX coach ever and the 6th highest paid among all the coaches at the WC.

    • Well, let’s hope Mexico will beat Saudi’s 3-0 as if Arg beats Poland 2-0, then Arg will win the group with 6 points and Mexico and Poland will both end up with 4 points and one them will play France and let’s also hope they could upset France and knock them out as i don’t want Saudi’s in KO’s simply because what is hapoening in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and alao their coach the european one is way too arrogant too ! Alao if Saudi’s win Mexico they will end up with 6 points and Arg needs to win Poland to be able to have those 6 points too, though i don’t know the rules if that will be the case then will they first look at goal difference or will it be automatically decided for Saudi’s as they won Arg ?

      • Yes Mexico is capable of beating Saudi Arabia, and I believe Argentina will score more goals against Poland, like 3 goals difference.

    • I fear Mexico more than Poland. The rivalry ignites Mexico more and their coach knows our style and specifically Messi’s propensity. Poland will fear us more than the Mexicans, I think.

  9. For everyone here bashing Paredes……..real world does not work like you think it does….from Roy and Seba what I understand is that Paredes was not totally match fit and very much in Scaloni’s plan…he would be a starter if he was fit

  10. En Argentina nací, tierra de Diego y Lionel,
    de los pibes de Malvinas que jamás olvidaré,
    no te lo puedo explicar, porque no vas a entender
    las finales que perdimos cuántos años las lloré,
    pero eso se terminó, porque en el Maracaná,
    la final con los brazucas, la volvió a ganar papá

    Muchachos, ahora nos volvimos a ilusionar,
    quiero ganar la tercera, quiero ser campeón mundial
    Y al Diego, en el cielo lo podemos ver,
    con Don Diego y con La Tota,
    alentándolo a Lionel

  11. This is a funny story that I just saw on ESPN.COM, it talks about FIFA’s Technical Study Group discussing Her Highness’ PK, basically praising , PRAISING him for CHEATING to get that call, call him a genius…..PRAISING HIS CHEATING ways………that’s some pathetic Bullshit from none other than FIFA

  12. Now I’m really excited for our future Midfield. With Mac Palacios Dominguez DePaul GLC Enzo Paredes

    Imagine if we had Lo Celso at WC

    Enzo RDP GLC what a dream team…
    I’m really happy we won the Game now the focuse has to be who starts against Poland.

    Molina—-Cuti———-Licha— Acuna


    I know Dybala is not gonna start maybe not even gonna play this WC, but I stll can dream…

  13. That Tubby Tata saying that he’ll do everything in his power to KO Messi…….you pathetic traitor I understand you’re coaching another NT and want them to win but to KO Messi…..Go F yourself

  14. I can tolerate any player except Montiel. Please don’t want to see him again on the pitch. He is not a football player. We have better player in our locality than him. Any other player I can tolerate but no Montiel please.

    • There are more differences but GLC is a better dribbler, he can beat defenders. He’s also better with quick 1-2 & between the lines passing. Enzo might be better defender and scoring boots.

    • GLC has that burst of pace and dribbling. Enzo is more versatile, good with one touch passing, receiving the ball under pressure, long range passes, switching plays.

  15. On November 21, 2022 At 7:49 pm I wrote this (Enzo fulfilled his part so far – need more from the rest) :

    Cuti will be a rock!
    Emi will be a Giant!
    DePaul will be an engine!
    DiMaria will celebrate with the heart gesture, symbolic love of all Argentine fans WORLDWIDE!
    Dybala will have his moment with his signature celebration!
    Enzo will get his chance and he will shine! **MISSION ACCOMPLISHED**
    Paredes will finally have one of his rocket shots on target!
    Alvarez will become the 9th Wonder of the World!
    Lautaro will set a record!
    Even MacAllister will be KEY and he will unlock defenses!
    Every sub will play like a starter!
    Messi will hold the trophy when it’s all set and done!
    In every major city in Argentina, the confetti will rain sky blue and white!
    Babies will be born 9 months from now!
    Broken marriages restored! “What were we arguing about again?”
    The world will sing a new song for Argentina!
    CR7 will sing don’t cry for me Argentina!

    Here in Mundo the troll, the agitator, the opinionated, the hater, and the fanatic will be in harmony and we’ll realize that we all loved our national team all along!

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