Argentina national team trains on Sunday, players recover


The Argentina national team trained on Sunday with those having played against Mexico recovering.

Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni held a training session on Sunday with the first 15 minutes being open to the media. No player has a knock or an issue but those who played against Mexico did some recovery work.


    • So much disrespect for lisandro. He played a fantastic match and they are considering dropping him. So why would one player want to play good when they know there is favoritism of coach and even if u play well you will get benched.

  1. Most probably we will see De Paul-Enzo-Palacio combi in next game although De Paul-Paredes-Enzo wouldn’t be bad. Man I just want them to settle down whoever them three are and start gelling before knock out.

  2. Wow haven’t posted since the beginning of the game other than a quick message. Been reading comments and taking it all in. First, super excited for the win. Messi brilliant and Enzo is a top notch player.

    Been watching Poland highlights and the flood the middle so outside play will be important. Scaloni had me worried with guido and macalisster in middle for a game we needed to score, but once subs came in it was different.

    Poland have lew and few other known attackers. I wonder if scaloni could play Romero, Ota, and licha in the back. Molina and acuna out wide. Middle controlled by Enzo, RDP, and McAllister/Paredes. I’m biased to see McAllister bc I enjoy his play in EPL and I’m not a fan of paredes much.

    All I know is Wednesday is another win needed so I will continue to pray. Glad Messi and Enzo got the goals. Never seen Messi celebrate a goal like that.

    We def need to stick with el Toro and I hope he finds the back of the net on Wednesday. We need him to be at 110% for knockout stages.

  3. Coming on to Win from behind has never been a strong suit of this squad. In fact the last time we were scored on first was back in Oct 2020 against Bolivia.

    When KSA scored the second we just didn’t know how to react..we have not been in this situation for over 2 years!
    This is not something one can train HAD to be a small thanks to KSA for giving us that in match 1 of this WC.

    Form, skill, confidence etc are good but really every match goes to the better team of the day…all rankings go out the window once the whistle blows.

    Vamos Albiceleste! ! Now we know what feeling to Avoid… unlike every other team that has since been humbled in their federations cups

    • That’s a good point. In the past our play, movement and pass gets more in precision after we score too.
      Our issue has always been psychological.
      For as far back as I remember, im talking about the nineties. We always had a “emergency scramble” whenever something went wrong. 2010 vs Germany, we get scored on early ,and then was like we forgot what the original plan was.
      Every time something goes wrong we lose our heads.
      We have the players, the experience, and the heart to overcome this in our current selection. I hope they can change that pattern

  4. Logged in after a long time (last time probably in 14 world cup) but always been a follower of this site. Really enjoy reading everyones opinion about my beloved argentina.

  5. It so amazing ppl worried about our defence or conceding goals, let me tell you our back has been solid since scaloni took over what we need is balance and to have balance you must have midfielder working as unit, keeping and moving the ball well and that midfielder should be de Paul, paredes, enzo. Believe me we need paredes he make our midfielder tick, that is why scaloni puts him there whenever he is fit I Hope he is fully fit now so he can start vs Poland and onwards.

    • If enzo plays we can play paredes and i think paredes DePaul and enzo can work. And if DePaul again under perform against Poland we seriously needs to think about replacing him. No place for out of form players in the knock out phase

  6. This was Finalissima line up.
    Argentina played 4-2-3-1

    Lo Celso/Dybala====Messi===Di Maria/Nico
    =====Guido===========De Paul====
    ============ Emi =============

    The only changes I will make are
    Enzo for Guido
    Acuna for Tagli
    Lisandro for C.Romero(C.Romero can come as a substitute)

    Dybala=========Messi=======Di Maria
    =====Enzo==========De Paul======
    ============= Emi ============

    J.Alvarez can sub Lautaro

  7. Whoa. In the video, I saw what looked like Leandro Paredes come in with a slide tackle on Enzo and my heart sank for a sec. Enzo saw it in time, passed the ball, and lifted his leg over the sliding tackle. Even little things like this impress me about this guy

  8. Just wondering, has anybody seen a comment by this particular PERSON who shows up out of the blue and disappear just as fast and his posts are usually newspaper length…….without saying his screen name, has anybody seen him comment since ARG’s win? Very curious!

  9. I just hope now that costa-rica hold germany so that germany gets eliminated.
    or even if japan has a narrow victory over spain and costa-rica’s loss is narrow then germany will be out.

  10. Why can’t Scaloni use Angel Correa who has insane work rate and drops deep to help the midfield. I have seen a number of times, Correa being used as a RM or forward by Simeone.

    • It all depends on the match day! The one who makes fewer errors and forces opposition into making errors while taking their chances wins! Like Saudi against Us!! I won’t be surprised if Mexico hammers Saudi even with all that cheating and VAR bullcrap !!

  11. It’s not being negative or critical. You talk shit and troll, i’ll talk shit. Simple. Only a troll would make it a point or be confused over negative objective remarks vs trolling.

    Prove me wrong, eh?

  12. Germany chance to get out is high. Even Spain lost the Japan game, they will be still top the group, so they will be fielded all the reserved.
    As I am writing Germany equalized!

  13. My take on our match:
    1. Enzo is a must for next match
    2. Molina is great but for defensive stability use Montiel, there is no need for Molina since Messi and Dimaria will be operating in the same wing. Moreover, Poland has very good strikers – Lewandowski, Milik and Piatek. They are going to give our defence a lot of work, using Molina might not be a good idea he will likely be overlapping to help in front line leaving spaces behind for Poland to use.
    3. Scaloni should focus on balance formation.
    4. Let’s also remember not to underestimate our opponents.
    5. Tagliafico needs to step up particularly he needs to hit the gym: He is good but lacking in the physical aspect. he needs to help Acuna reduce the workload. At this rate Acuna might burnout.
    6. Let’s all calm down, emotion does not win cups
    7. Rodri needs to work on his passes
    8. Dimaria needs to attack more – you have pace terrorize the opponent defence with it.

  14. I would love to see Scaloni flood the final 3rd of Poland half with attackers leaving one DM and a 2 man defense to play a high-line to envelop Lewa. Additionally Dibu should be ready to play sweeper-keeper if necessary.

    If we find ourselves in a 2-goal cushion in 60th minute, then flood the midfield with fresh legs, some play-breakers like Guido and then rest all attackers except one runner to stretch Polish defense

  15. Scaloni should start with the same starting 11 of Finalissima. Only Enzo for lo celso. I am sure this will be effective. Bring Romero and Paredes again in starting

        • I guess you know football better than all the pundits and players who have played the game at the highest level. Last time I checked all the players got 7 out of 10 and more except Montiel and lautaro Martinez who got 6. 7 to Guido means he must have been doing something good? Heck what do I know about soccer, you clearly know something about Paredes that Gallier (PSG) and Allegri (JUVE) couldn’t see 🤣🤣

          • Don’t take personally, so you want a player who plays for Real Betis & not a PSG/Juve player; How come Paredes play more for Argentina? As per your logic Scaloni and their coaching staff are dumb?….. One match performance can never make a player great or worse….

          • Not taking anything personally don’t worry. I am gonna answer your question. Under Emery and Pochettino, Paredes was playing regularly for PSG. It was him and Verratti in the middle of that PSG team. So he was getting play times under his legs. But if you follow PSG, you’ll see that the defensive responsibilities always ended up on Verratti’s shoulders. Not saying that Paredes wasn’t defending but he isn’t as good as Verratti…that’s a fact. Now Galtier realize that they need to strengthen that midfield so they wanted Paredes out which is fair. When Juventus came out showing their Interest, I was super happy for him because I’d believe that his style of play would fitted with Juve. Have you seen him played at Juventus, he has been terrible…I don’t even know where to start. Go watch the Juventus-Monza game…last time he started for Juventus, the guy was atrocious…Now Guido Rodriguez isn’t as skillful as Paredes we know that…he can’t stretch the defense with some pinpoint passes the way Paredes “could” but he is good at breaking plays. He is not Mascherano but the guy know his position on the field, he won’t get caught out of position like Paredes and he is not lazy. Not a flamboyant player but he get the job done. Real Betis finished 4th last year and he had a lot to do with that achievement. He plays on a regular basis, he is an undisputed starter in his team, the guy plays in la Liga and plays maybe not in the Champions League but C3 has some decent matchups against good teams ManU, arsenal…ect. The larger point is that Galtier and Allegri aren’t stupid. The pundits commenting on ESPN FC, l’Equipe or other sports outlets are almost unanimously saying the same thing about Paredes ( liability defensively) well I have a tendency to believe the greater number. I don’t think that anybody is out to get Paredes, we just look at his performance on the field and draw our conclusion…plain and simple.

  16. The team celebrated after beating Mexico. The stress they were in, the celebration came out natural. But they should remember, they did not do well in the match in many fronts and until and unless Scaloni finds an answer to those problems Poland would be a very difficult match:

    1. They could not create any chance against a tight defence. Without the brilliance of Messi it could have been a doom’s day. Enzo’s goal also came from a half-chance. With a non-creative mid-field and tightly marked Messi and Di Maria, the scenario cannot change until and unless De Paul and MacAllister steps up their game.

    2. The team is looking poor with their corners. None of the corners looked dangerous for the opponent. Messi has not been good with his corners even with PSG.

    3. The team is looking poor with freekicks distant from the box. Look at the freekicks that Morocco took today. Even Mexico created a great chance within first 15 mins against us.

    4. The team is not looking good in defending against the freekicks of opponent irrespective of whether they are taken close to the box or far from it.

    5. We need to develop something creative with the freekicks taken from near the box. Depending only on Messi is not helping. He has not been at his best with the freekick conversion % over the last two years. He had a few stunning goals this year, but % has been abysmal.

    6. Where are those sublime though passes from Di Maria and Messi? Messi did one against Mexico but there was none to pick that up. Why can’t Scaloni have a strategy like PSG? I know Lautaro is not as talented as MBappe and there is no Neimar. But collectively the team can support Messi play a similar role as in PSG 2.0.

    Time is running out. Some players like MacAllister, De Paul, Lautaro, Di Maria need to get their game improved by big margins. Scaloni still looks an emotionally connected coach than a very tactical and strategic one.

  17. well we are still alive. nothing is over but we get back our good mentality. this is the most important. against Poland sure the legs of our players will not be so “heavy” from stress.
    our players didn t forget football in one day and the real truth Emi said it clearly. we had 45 million Argentines in our shoulders to carry (which i will add that all of them if result was bad they will demand their blood). the view of Scaloni and Aimar reaction in goals speaking loudly. As same loud was speaking about the mentality when you see proffesional football players to make mistakes in passing to teamates 3-4 meters beside them. or header passing 3 meters far from the teamate you target. this my friends mean that your legs shake from stress and your brain is mixed. Anyway. now i expect the team play better against Poland.

    Choripan every Argentine channel will satisfy you as has to do about national team. in there you live Mexico is beside so it is normal what is happening. if you can watch Tyc sports it will be fine because it broadcasts the world cup games. you will like it. As has to do about my personal prefer it is not about channels. it is about journalists. when i see in tv journalists of Boca i change channel. i don t hear them at all. the reason it is obvious to you of course. But when the subject is the national team then it is ok. no problem.

  18. Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but Messi could have won at least 3 world cups with Spain NT. However if he chose Spain, then I wouldn’t be his fan😂

    • Germany have 3 wonderkids below 20 in their squad: Moukoko, Adeyemi, and Musiala. This year is a transition year for them, but in 4 years they should look much stronger. All half foreigners I think.

      • Yes, all “Germans”
        Mourinho is correct. If African players would represent their own countries their football would be unstoppable. Such a shame they choose otherwise and these countries poach their players.

    • They don’t.
      They had massive immigration numbers over the past 2 or 3 decades. Some change nationality so they can play for the Mannschaft.

      Argentina is the opposite, massive emigration numbers because of the 22 year economic crisis with no end in sight due to incompetent and corrupt politicians.

  19. It is the opposite, we need to support Spain because the winner of this group will meet Brazil in the QF. Spain is stronger than Germany and have 50-50 chance against Brazil.

  20. Spain is SO GOOD on the ball.. remind me of our Finalissima match… come on Argentina..we can do better..we have the flair and style.. just lack the form and confidence….

    • True, Busquets is a walking University in “Mastering the midfield” – especially after age 30. Not trying to race everyone on the field, no drama, not picking fights..just cold hard ball movement.

      • Sometimes people have to understand team knowledge, team chemistry does matter too. Our midfield looked amazing in finalissima because De paul-Lo Celso has the amazing mutual understanding already. The other one was Guido that night, Guido played just like Guido. but De Paul-Lo Celso mutual understanding is something that we are missing in the tournament.

  21. I think Argentina need to attack

    Poland will sit back and park the bus
    Therefor no need for Argentina to play counter football
    Just need possession

    I’d bring Dybala for Martinez and let messi be false number 9

  22. As @el_principe pointed out, Molinas run dragged the defender, opening up very important space for ADM. ADM deserves massive credit here. He was still marked by 2 and I’m not sure if another player at that moment could have made such a great pass between 3 defenders.

    Similarly to Molina, Alvarez deserves credit too for pushing the line and opening up space for Messi.

  23. I won’t be surprised if Scaloni goes 5 in the back and only have DePaul and Enzo in the midfield. Depaul will be instructed to stay deep to cover for Molina/Dimaria and Licha and Enzo to cover for Acuna. Scaloni might be tempted to try it as he likes to keep it tight and safe in the back and also due to the fact that our midfield failed to produce any creativity and off the ball movement until Enzo and Palacios were subbed in. There is no doubt Poland will sit back and defend and attack on counters which is why he might go with one extra CB to ensure more protection when defending counters.


    • Wouldn’t that play right into Polands game plan? Poland only needs a tie to advance but a loss would see them eliminated. I can see Poland parking a “cruise ship” in the box and low block defending.

      • 5 in the back means 5 when defending and 3 when attacking. The LCB and RCB will be drawn wide with Cuti/Ota in the centre. We be will attacking from both flanks with Molina and Acuna which we couldn’t yesterday with Montiel. In the first half we had no threat at all from the right as Dimaria had no support as Messi was playing central man-marked. Dimaria would be able to dribble his way out but no body to pass to. With one extra defender in the back , Molina a natural wing-back when in form has that great cross & speed can press forward and can play that one-two with Dimaria and DePaul will stay back to cover him. Same thing with left flank. Acuna will need someone to cover him and it will be Licha and Enzo will provide that balance of creativity and covering defense on left flank. If you can remember, Scaloni did try 5 in the back against UAE for last 20mins.

        If it were up to me I would start Alvarez but Lautaro has done so much that it will be unfair to drop him, especially when he received no service whatsoever. Same with Paredes, if he is fit and in training he shows that he can still provide those good passes he supplies when in form then it will be Depaul-Paredes-Enzo and traditional 4 in the back. But Scaloni likes MacAllister who is not as static we all think and also can provide good protection to Acuna. So he might stick with Depaul-MacAllister-Enzo.

  24. Cox4, estoy re harto de los comentaristas en USA. Es obvio que no apoyan a arg (muchos son mexicanos lol). que canales de arg te gustan mas? voy a probar con VPN.

  25. Time to use Back 3 formation with Acuna and Molina wide.
    No point of waiting for substitutions, start with the most effective game plan in a must win game.

    If not for Messi’s goal, God knows what would have happened

  26. Did anyone watch a viral video how Bangladeshi people celebrate the last night victory of our beloved team?
    @Roy Nemer I thought you would make a post regarding that Video.
    Vamos Argentina Love from 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  27. Time to try Di Maria like Real Madrid did during the UCL 2014

    –Alvarez——–Messi——Di Maria
    ———Fernades—-De Paul

    Romero in Right Back is a big deal… But the reality is Molina is weak and Montiel is not a professional Football player so …. They are shit in defense and have not offensiver Impact so try Romero, who can be faster and faster game after game, could be a option… In tottenham he play in the right side of 3 defensers … He could be try there … If not Molina is better than Montiel.

    I think Lautaro is outside of this World cup. Try Alvares who can play Left Winger and run in the center

    • The first goal was also because of Molina’s movement. He was running down the right so one mexican defender had to focus on him instead of double teaming Di Maria. Di Maria then gave that assist to Messi. Molina is not one of the best RB in the world, but his running down the right draws at least one defender to mark him. That usually frees up the space for Di Maria and Messi. I say Molina is fine.

      Cuti is a perfect RCB but not RB (never tried there before but I think he can). In 3 men defense, Cuti is and Licha would be perfect RCB and LCB.

    • I think lautaro just needed that 1 goal to boost his confidence. If he can means then he can turn into one of a lethal striker. That 1st half all played badly. And forget to mention lautaro did a nice nutmeg. He is not getting the right chances.

  28. I know Poland game is a do or die match but still Argentina should have given all who played or started the match a day off. Messi, dimaria, otamendi, lisandro, depaul, molina, acuna should all be rested.
    Both otamendi and depaul looked very tired yesterday. We need them fresh for Poland and also for the knock outs

  29. 88,966
    Yesterday’s attendance is the most in the WC history for the last 28 years .!

    “Mexico and Argentina broke an attendance record at Qatar 2022 that had not been seen in 28 years”

  30. Oldies 💪, get rest!!! Ota looked gassed at the end. Hope Romero fully recovers either form or fitness and RDP wakes up. Same for Paredes although i take Enzo from here on but we need depth.

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