Argentina to wear alternate purple kit vs. Poland at the World Cup


The Argentina national team will wear the purple alternate kit vs. Poland at the World Cup.

Argentina wore the sky blue and white shirt with black socks against Saudi Arabia and Mexico but will wear purple against Poland on Wednesday. It will be the first time that the team wears the kit in an official game, having previously worn it against Honduras in September and against the United Arab Emirates in November.


  1. @roy nemer.

    Roy you were wrong.. Argentina wored white socks against Mexico..
    Only with Saudi they wored Black socks..

    Home kit with White socks looks more classic compare to Black…

    Moreover black absorb heat too, bad for players to wear it

  2. I’ve been been looking for that white 1997 jersey for a long time. Let me know if you run into one!

    In terms of the new purple aways, I own it. It looks much better in person. I’m not a purple fan, but this is the best shade of purple I’ve seen. Only complaint is how the neck fits. But the flames and the borders make it so elegant and slick. I wore it riding my bike thru the city in September and I got compliments. People thought it was a fan made jersey. I had to explain multiple times that this is our new official away 😂😂😂.

    I’ve owned every jersey of Argentina since 2002. The best were 2006 home, 2006 away that roy had hanging in the back….. 2014 home, 2018 home and away, and 2019-2021 home and away. I love how the 2019-21 camo stripes and navy away fit. Just so elegant .
    The best fit tho were 2006 models and everything after 2018 except for the purple neck in the 2022. The new home and away are awesome, they just fit different than what I’ve been used to from Adidas.
    2010 were the worst jerseys, home and away. They were almost like t shirts.
    I also own the 1994 away collared polo jersey. I have worn that with slacks and have went to business casual meetings with piece of shit golf players and have received compliments 😂.
    If only they knew about my cocaine dreams of wearing that jersey and wishing I was preparing a cigar for Diego.

  3. This Purple jersey looks Cool, its something different with a argentine sun pattern coming from the bottom.

    Was going through the last match. Couldnt see Macallister doing anything at all. Palacios was better. Infact on form Paredes would be the best option. Enzo is a must starter for sure who adds much needed variety in the middle.

    Germany given a real life line by Costarica. Japan wasted an opportunity.The real surprise is Morrocco. Who has a solid defence and the real upset is gonna happen in that group i think. Belgium is struggling. Its been a hell of a crazy start to this WC.

    • Belgium is probably the most overrated team of the last few years. Hazard is a shadow of his former self, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Mertens way past their prime. Even De Bruyne has not played well so far. Apart from Courtois this is a bad team although they have some decent youngsters that are largely unused on the bench.

      • True that, but noone expected this, same like us and Germany. Germany now has a great chance to qualify with a huge margin victory over Costarica. For us also we have to win vs Poland no if and but. We are not ready for France. We have to slowely get back to our best. The last 20 minutes vs Mexico we have to build on that. But Belgium are in real trouble. They have to beat Croatia. Morrocco looks solid at back they squeeze past Canada that qualifies them. So either Croatia or Belgium go back.

        Anyway lets see fingers crossed.

  4. De Paul has been the most disappointing player of the NT at the World Cup. He looks like a average amature player at the moment. If he continues to play like this he must be dropped before the half time against the Poland.

  5. The colour of the kit is just FYI. What would matter is if at all Scaloni has a solid strategy or would he still depend on individual brilliance? Poland has immense strength, specially their defence. We have to be sharp with our set-pieces especially the corner kicks, where we have been extremely poor for quite some time now. In Copa we were good with our set-pieces. We have to be sharp with defending against set-pieces too, where Poland has a Lewandowski. A big test for De Paul, Paredes and the seasoned team members.

  6. Latest report:

    Argentina will have a normal team training tonight local time. There Scaloni should give an idea of the starting 11. Before the training, TYC reporting that 8 players are safe: Emi; Otamendi, Acuna; De Paul, Enzo; Di Maria, Messi, Lautaro

    3 players will be:
    Molina or Montiel
    Cuti or Licha
    Paredes or Guido or Palacios or MacAllister or Papu

    As for the midfield, it will depend on where Scaloni will put Enzo: DM or MCL.

  7. It’s Simeone barbaric style ruined Molina and de Paul this much. Molina has that great flow when going forward during those Udinese days and that lost completely the moment he arrived in Simeones hand. He handled the brazilian wingers nicely during those qualifiers against Brazil and Uruguay. And now one mundo member even disrespected him that he is not even good for playing for Canada.

    • @vishnuvenu lol obviously he will not be in canada 11 as canada has arguably the best right back in the world in Davies i don’t see any right back who can be termed as better than davies in any team in this world cup

      • Just FYI, as a Canadian I can state this, Alphonso Davies is a LEFT-BACK, not a right-back, for Bayern Munich. For Canada he usually plays in attack though, usually as a attacking left midfielder or a winger.

      • Who mentioned Davies here? 😏. Molina made a great contribution for Argentina during those qualifiers and finalissima. Even in this forum almost all favoured with his enormous ability in overlapping. Scored goals from that position for Udinese and he was on the way to become a very good right back and all became vain when he rooted to Atletico. Even you @anuparno supported this move for improving his defense and atlast he lost both. Now with our favourable group he can be that 2021- 22 Molina.

        • Molina is okay. He was always weak in defense that’s why i wanted foyth in the squad but he may played better in qualifiers buy there was not enough pressure like he was facing here so he looks damn nervous

      • Typical Anuparno comment. Making a strong claim about something you clearly don’t understand. How can you be so confident he’s the best in the World Cup in his position if you don’t even know what position he plays in? Huh? How did you come to that conclusion? Seems like you skipped every stage of the logic process and went straight to the conclusion

  8. According to tyc lip reader experts after messi scored the goal messi told the players ” I hit the goal of progress now i have scored don’t let me down now you have to focus defend it like savage hyenas ” Messi told DePaul that if he loose another ball he don’t want to see his face after the match. Focus and never miss a ball

    • Here some people..”No problem, DePaul is our hero…let him lose ball no issues….we don’t care…he runs so much.!”

      It’s tournament…if we do mistake like this…we will be out.

      So many time I was shocked seeing..What DePaul and Montiel doing at right… Infront of my eyes… Somehow we escaped, Thanks to Otamendi, Emi..and MX players could not capitalize on that.. Poland is very good in finishing.

      BTW, When Enzo arrived, my friends were asking who is this guy…I told..”he’s Enzo, an inform player..good in distributing the balls, and shooting”…now they all know him.

  9. What’s the deal with Canelo Alvarez? The video doesn’t really suggest Leo doing anything intentionally to disrespect the Mexican national colors. They are making a mountain out of a molehill.

  10. Depaul against KSA
    Passing accuracy 76%
    Key passes 0
    Accurate long balls 3 out of 10
    Possession lost 23
    Ground duels won 3
    Aerial duels won 0
    Interceptions 1
    Clearance 0

    DePaul against Mexico
    Passing accuracy 86%
    Successful crosses 0
    Successful long balls 0
    Dribble attempts 0
    Ground duels won 3
    Aerial duels won 0
    Possession lost 16
    Interception 1
    Clearance 0
    These are horrible numbers

    • horrible yes but he will bounce back. De Paul is still one of the best midfielders in the world. He is a key player and he gets star treatment from the coach which is correct. Not only he almost always started, he also (like Messi) almost never got substituted. That’s how the coach thinks highly of him. The same as Van Dijk played a couple of bad games in a row for Liverpool. The coach still started him right? Especially now Lo Celso is out, Paredes is slowly back to himself, we can’t drop De Paul. All new 3 midfielders who never play with each other are not wise at all.

      • I say De Paul is in similar situation to Lautaro in Copa. Lautaro went through a bad period of time, but one goal was enough to make him back to the real Lautaro. The same as De Paul. He needs only one good game to be back to himself, which is going to happen against Poland. I don’t believe world class player like De Paul will have 3 bad games in a row.

    • More days with Argentina more chance of getting back our prime de Paul. Many factors affected his poor form. It’s not completely his fault. For that Paredes needs to be his best. If de Paul is man marked he can compensate that with his passing range and he knows de Paul well. And with Enzo in sublime form it should be de Paul Paredes Enzo trio.

  11. I think the only difference between Locelso and Palacios is not skills, I believe is the way they use their heads. Unlike palacios, Locelso always thinks ahead before receiving any ball

  12. On current ROMA form Dybala is a game changer, match winner and of course world class. He should start every match. On current form De Paul is mediocre. He should not be a starter. Lisandro Martinez proved that he brings immense solidity to our defense. Enzo earned his place in the starting 11 after his sublime performance against Mexico. This is a world Cup and Argentina is one of the title contenders. Argentina came to Qatar to win the world Cup, not to just qualify for the knock-out stage and hence our best players should start.

    Dibu Martinez
    Molina Romero Otamendi Lisandro
    DiMaria Enzo Acuna
    Dybala Messi Lautaro

    This is the best line-up to start, well balanced offensively and defensively.
    All three Midfielders are good in offense and defense. Even if Lautaro is also needed to lend a leg in defense when required we still have two world class players (Messi and Dybala) to hurt the opposition with a counter attack.

    At the 60 minutes mark DiMaria can be replaced by De Paul. Dybala or Latauro with Alvarez or Palacios Or Mac Allister. Molina with Montiel depending on the situation. Acuna with Palacios Or MacAlister Or Almada

    Somebody please send this World beating line-up to Scaloni. 😎😊

  13. To qualify as group winners , we just need a solitary goal win vs Poland & also Saudi shouldnt win by more than 2 goals against Mexicans. So Tata also needs to do his part for Argentina

  14. I know DePaul played super poor in 2 games and he is not in form for club also but i will still give DePaul another chance. Just because he is very important for us but if he again plays poor against poland then i shall drop him because there is no place for off form players for the knock out round matches. Hopefully with that win DePaul will also improve. We are looking awful because locelso is not there and DePaul is awfully off form and paredes lacks match fitness. I would like to see enzo paredes DePaul midfield and if paredes is not 100% we can play McAllister enzo DePaul midfield or even palacios can play in lcm as well

  15. Before the match against Mexico we worried about the left flank. The absence of Lo Celso and Nico Gonzalez left us with huge gap to fill. Papu failed to fill that gap, Mac Allister did his best and Enzo appeared to be the answer. The right flank against Mexico was however the problem. De Paul lost possession numerous times and Di Maria ran into a wall of bodies over and over again and forgot to pass on time. Normally a coach would replace an out of form De Paul. However, he is the only one shouting at his team mates to get their act together. He screams and gives instructions and is the extension of the coach on the pitch. That is absolutely necessary because Messi keeps to himself. Playing with a group of friends is maybe not ideal, they don’t criticize each other enough.
    After the coaching has re-watched the game, they will have noticed that Cuti-Otamendi-Licha works perfect at the back. So a 5 3 2 line-up is the way forward. Molina plays wingback on the right side (unfortunately we do not have a Zanetti in the squad) and Acuna the wingback on the left side. Midfield will be De Paul on the right, Enzo on the left and either Palacios of Parades in the middle. Guido is too defensive and we need to win against Poland. Upfront we need to sacrifice a player. That has to be Di Maria, so we can start Messi and Alvarez in attack. Hopefully we will see Dybala in the 2nd half. Once we have the lead, we can put Guido in midfield.
    Vamos Argentina.

    • Second your thoughts. Guido in once we have the lead.
      To take Di Maria off the line up will take quite a doing … But we have become predictable for teams now since he is the only creator.
      Coach has to try different approaches to tackle our crisis situation since we do not have Lo Celso and Nico. Angel Correa will drag defenders around.
      Dybala a must try, not sure why they brought him to the world cup if they had no idea to play him. Is he the surprise factor for the knock out stages?
      Players will have to work a trick or two for set pieces (do a Zanetti)… Still relying on Messi to hit the top left for free kicks has become predictable and btw he balloons it to the stands nowadays.

  16. May be many won’t like this. But we all know this..! We need to discuss this fact.

    Out of all the Argentine midfielders played in this WC, DePaul is the worst as per Sofascore stats.
    Enzo, MacAllister,Paredes, Guido, Palacios, Papu and DePaul.
    He’s the only one midfielder played full minutes in both the matches. He lost the ball around 40 times in these 2 matches. The BIG team can kill the game with just one mistake. Here 40 times..! No midfielder is close to him. No one should..! His long passing success rate is worst (Just 3 success in 12 attempts). Successful dribble is Zero. Just 2 tackles in 2 matches and Zero clearance, . He is clearly out of form. One of the primary reasons of our struggle is DePaul..!

    I am not forgetting what he has done since Copa 19.
    But, We are in a crucial situation. Continue our hope that he will comeback to form?..or use a midfielder who can contribute better than him.?

    The way he was angry with Montiel for his own failure was not good at all…! This team needs good chemistry.. DePaul should not think he’s bigger than others…!

      • He read the tactics of two opponents wrong and kept trusting the wrong soldiers. He was forced to do a barrage of changes in the second half. Thankfully, he did it with better timing than against Saudi. Poland would park the bus because a draw is enough for them and then there is Lewandowski for the counter. Does Scaloni have any plan to drive through? Has he studied each individual in the defence of Poland. It looked rock solid in both the games. I think Scaloni would again leave it up to luck and Messi to do some magic for him.

  17. A few quick points on the game, even if it’s a little late
    – the game was ugly, especially in the first half. Part of it is down to the nerves and possible lack of confidence. Part of it is also due to going for a Mac Allister – Guido -RDP midfield. Is that a bad thing? I don’t think so at all. Some people were commenting days before the match that our main focus should be not to concede. Seeing the line up and watching the game it does look like Scaloni’s first focus was to make us difficult to beat. That being said, it doesn’t make sense to criticize the midfield we put out because it did exactly what it was supposed to do. Not concede. Of course there are flaws and those were addressed by bringing on Enzo and Palacios who breathed life into the team and made things more exciting. Still, the Mac Allister – Guido midfield did its job — be kind of ugly.
    – it felt a lot like a conmebol match, being riddled with fouls, kind of jammed at times, and above all a match where you wonder “why is it so difficult to beat this team that doesn’t have much talent?” (Mexico, with all respect that’s in comparison to us) — which is basically like every qualifier game.
    – This also reminds me of our early copa games, which many trolls and criticizers are quick to forget. We didn’t begin the competition playing pretty, we just made ourselves hard to beat and break down and grinded out results. None of our tournaments so far with Scaloni have we won our first game. Initially in Copa things lacked chemistry and looked jammed. I think in the World Cup, while it seems counterintuitive, it may be better to go unperceived and win by smaller margins instead of winning by five goals every match in the group stage. We still have to see if this logic plays out because we aren’t even qualified yet, hopefully against Poland and beyond we exhibit that upward trajectory that not only characterized Copa but Scaloni’s tenure at large. I feel like that early Copa smell is in the air, at least I hope that’s what it is.

      • Anuparno, think. After Copa we improved significantly with our chemistry and played incredible games against Uruguay and Italy. We showed that we are capable of playing good football and keeping a 36 unbeaten run. I think this form is due to other reasons

  18. OK 8 hours of futbol everyday, got no time for other things as I watched them all. Decided to stay awake to do my homework about MacAllister and De Paul connection. Here is the complete extremely explicit result.

    Minutes 13:50-13:57 De Paul had the chance to give the ball to Mac who was just next to him unmarked, Mac asked but De Paul ignored

    22:57-23:00 De Paul and Mac both stood in the middle when Di Maria made penetration, as a result Di Maria had limited options upfront and got dispossessed. One of the midfielders should have moved forward not just stand there.

    24:04-24:06 Mac had the chance to give the ball to De Paul who was close to him and was free but he sent to Messi on the far right

    27:00 De Paul passed to Mac for the FIRST time

    29:42 De Paul got the ball and marked heavily and Mac was very close to him. De Paul passed it backwards instead.

    30:25 De Paul passed the ball to Mac for the 2nd time and Mac got fouled

    39:28-39-30 De Paul passed the ball to Mac who went to the final third for the 3rd time

    44:50 De Paul passed the ball to Mac for the 4th time

    46:49 De Paul had a chance to pass to Mac who was completely free and asked for the ball but he did not want to do that and he lost the ball

    Second half

    45:37 De Paul had the chance to pass the ball to Mac who was very close to him and was free and asking for the ball, De Paul passed backwards instead

    54:52 Mac had a chance to pass the ball to De Paul who was close and free and asked for it but he passed it to Montiel instead

    57:00 Enzo came replacing Guido

    From 48-60+ minutes Argentina got booed

    68:07: Mac was replaced by Palacios

    The summarry:

    1. How many times De Paul passed the ball to Mac? 4 times and 0 time in the second half.
    2. How many times Mac passed the ball to De Paul? 0 (ZERO) or Z-E-R-O!!!!!
    3. De Paul lost the ball a lot and made bad passes
    MacAllister rarely made mistake but they simply can NOT play together as there is 0 chemistry between them
    4. De Paul and MacAllister almost always were CLOSE to each other almost never far but they almost never passed to each other. If we have 2 midfielders who just passed to each other 4 times in the whole match, it is guaranteed we are in a big problem.

    The solution: MacAllister maybe played OK, but he has his own standard. The team does not work anytime he played. That’s to answer why anytime he started/took part in 7 games, in all of them we played bad but the UEA game:
    1. Venezuela we played bad
    2. Ecuador we played bad
    3. Estonia first half we played OK
    4. Honduras second half he played few.
    4. Jamaica first half we played horrible
    5. UEA we played above average
    6. Mexico first 60 minutes we played super bad

    I repeat, the number of passes MacAllister to De Paul in Mexico match? 0

    Think about the world greatest like Xavi-Iniesta or Kroos-Modric. We are the complete opposite.

    He has a lot of back passes though and passed like 5 times to Messi.

    Th solution is Mac and De Paul can not play together. A bit of situation like Messi-Tevez back then who can’t play together. Individually against Mexico he was not bad but he does not have the team knowledge or chemistry yet. And World Cup is not the proper stage to practice that.

    The good thing is we have Enzo.

    Go ahead trolls attack me for this. I will ignore.

    • “De Paul and MacAllister almost always were CLOSE to each other almost never far…”
      Wrong understanding or a lie…

      What I saw at ground was opposite.
      They were in different side most of the time… MacAllister connecting with Acuna and Messi and DePaul connecting with Montiel and DiMaria.. mainly.
      They came close later though..when MacAllister moved more centrally…

    • DePaul and MacAllister played in UAE match…how was that..? Coaching staff decided to keep MacAllister after his Ecuador game .for you that’s horrible…as always..
      You have your own findings…and weird conclusion.
      When MacAllister played good against UAE, and came up with new findings…
      You are wasting your valuable time… because of your hate words you wrote against MacAllister…
      Now you want to prove it always,don’t lose your sleep brother…..carry on..good luck

      • On current ROMA form Dybala is a game changer, match winner and of course world class. He should start every match. On current form De Paul is mediocre. He should not be a starter. Lisandro Martinez proved that he brings immense solidity to our defense. Enzo earned his place in the starting 11 after his sublime performance against Mexico. This is a world Cup and Argentina is one of the title contenders. Argentina came to Qatar to win the world Cup, not to just qualify for the knock-out stage and hence our best players should start.

        Dibu Martinez
        Molina Romero Otamendi Lisandro
        DiMaria Enzo Acuna
        Dybala Messi Lautaro

        This is the best line-up to start, well balanced offensively and defensively.
        All three Midfielders are good in offense and defense. Even if Lautaro is also needed to lend a leg in defense when required we still have two world class players (Messi and Dybala) to hurt the opposition with a counter attack.

        At the 60 minutes mark DiMaria can be replaced by De Paul. Dybala or Latauro with Alvarez or Palacios Or Mac Allister. Molina with Montiel depending on the situation. Acuna with Palacios Or MacAlister Or Almada

        Somebody please send this World beating line-up to Scaloni. 😎😊

    • McAlister has never played well for Argentina. Let the trolls attack for stating the fact. Inclusion of McAlister always kills creativity of our midfield, he is not the McAlister of Brighton. But I won’t blame him, I will blame Scaloni who had 3 good years but couldn’t indentify natural backup for Locelso and larger portion of the blame should go to him.

  19. Not a big fan of Mac but he did what was instructed. He might continue to start. 60 mins of no creativity suddenly changed with the influx of fresh legs and creativity came along. Julian Alvarez played better at the centre than the left in the previous game. Montiel’s selection into 26 is a mystery maybe he is related to Tapia or Scaloni’s family.
    We scream at De Paul but he is a must … Runs everywhere nonstop. Hope he improves his game.
    Montiel was non stop passing backwards to Otamendi and putting him in trouble most of the times. Otamendi was on double duty, looking after his regular defensive duties + extra leg for Montiel. Scaloni needs to watch out not to overload Otamendi. Probably Scaloni can try Foyth for the 1st half and bring in Molina for the 2nd half.
    Diego Simeone should never confess that he is an Argentine anywhere anytime… Such a mad man, an anti-messi chap.
    Argentina should not take the foot out of the accelerator now, please no more being lethargic.
    bring in Dybala at least for the final 15 mins.
    Hope we can get to see Almada too.

    • Not integrating and trying newer players during the 4 years seems evident when newer players find it difficult to play with.
      players like Montiel, and Molina won’t even make Canada Squad. They are a big liability with players around them having to constantly bail them out.
      Scaloni is completely clueless. poor coaching and complete lack of instruction while he is silently witnessing his team struggle to string 3 passes together. No movements at all from players. I am shocked at what I am witnessing.
      On the other hand you see a team like Ecuador, Morocco and how well they are drilled. Every outfield players is committing himself constantly. Sadly ours is not a team but a bunch players playing to the emotional and physical tune of Messi. If Messi walks the team walks, when Messi drops his head, they all go hiding.

      • I read you Sergio. Argentina in total was not at all prepared for this world cup. We were riding on hyped presumptions and Copa and finalissima victory’s.
        But our beloved team now needs miracles in each game to bail them out such as what we saw against Mexico.

        • Sad but true. Every world cup , I tell myself I’ll catch as much of the world cup action as I can. Then you get a result like the Saudi and then I lost it mentally and emotionally. I just couldn’t enjoy watching other matches. This time the Japan result vs Germany cured me for now.

        • That’s where problem is but bigger blame should go to Scaloni. He called some of these players like Almada, Garnacho, Lanzini and never gave them playing minutes.

      • > Not integrating and trying newer players during the 4
        > If Messi walks the team walks

        Have you seriously ever watched Messi play? Messi has been walking for 10 years and teammates are not walking. The actual performance of the team contradicts your point.
        For Molina, Montiel, and Foyth. They were injured or out of form. Not Scalonis fault for integrating new players. Who should have come instead of those 3?

  20. The yellow “Malmö” away kit story is absurdly hilarious!!

    I’m really diggin’ the white adidas 3rd kit from 1996-97, I’m going to try to buy it :). To your point, the home kit has too much white so we’ll never see it again since FIFA requires “one predominantly colored and one predominantly white”. Assuming the home kit satisfies “predominantly white”.

  21. During the qualifiers, someone posted a link to An Argentina TV channel showing all Argentina games, I believe it was also sebastian Vignolo commentary, it was wonderful with great quality. Anyone still has it? I had it on my old phone. I can watch the games with English commentary, but it’s not as exciting. Much appreciated 🙏.

  22. I think the new color would give new life to the players. They all looked very stressed before the Messi Magic. And I liked the fact the players celebrated a little at the locker after the match which brings back champions spirit from the Copa. We needed that. And guess who was leading the celebration- Scaloni. I think he was trying to break the threshold. If our players can bring back their self beleif they can be lethal.

  23. In wc 2006 packerman (4 df, burdisso, ayala, heinze, sorin)… Please mr scaloni, 4 df: romero, ottamendi, licha, acuna)..please line up/433 :
    Gk ; emi
    Df: romero, ottamendi, licha, acuna… Enzo, dipaul, mccalister/palacios,…messi, dimaria, julian alvarez….. Sub : dybala to dimaria…. Lautaro to julian… Palacios/mccalister….viva argentina

  24. Purple like the bruise Poland will receive on Wednesday. My predicted line up:
    Molina, Otamendi, Licha, Acuna
    De Paul, Enzo, Paredes
    Di Maria, Messi, Lautaro
    Could be wrong about Paredes but I think Scaloni brings him back to see if these 3 can create a dynamic middle. Poland will be playing with an awful bus at the back and creativity and aggression will be key to breaking the lines. For me Guido lacks the tempo needed and MacAllister feels a little too cautious (so far). But who knows.
    I’d like to see Alvarez come on earlier if Lautaro can’t find his space. The kid was a bright spot and knows what to do.

  25. Wowwwwwwww …such a wonderfullllllll news ..purple is great ..ii just oozes class .. Give dibu yellow tshirt and shorts .. This is the way to go .
    Purple purple all the way , have so many stars on your shirts … Its the beginning of the purple galactico…. purple galactico … The albiceleste …go go go… Hip hip hurrey ..hip hip hurrey

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