Possible Argentina changes in team vs. Poland at World Cup


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni is set to make some changes for the team vs. Poland at the World Cup.

Emiliano Dibu Martínez, Nicolás Otamendi and Marcos Acuña are all set to start for Argentina in Wednesday’s final group stage match. According to TyC Sports, the two spots that remain in the back line are who will play alongside Otamendi and the right back.

In the opening game of the World Cup, Cristian Romero and Nahuel Molina were in the starting eleven. In the second game vs. Mexico, it was Lisandro Martínez and Gonzalo Montiel who started. Not one of those four players is guaranteed to start.

Rodrigo De Paul will start in midfield with reports that Enzo Fernández, who scored vs. Mexico, also has a chance to start. Alexis Mac Allister, who started vs. Mexico, could also be in the starting eleven.

There would also be a case to be made for Leandro Paredes and Guido Rodríguez, with Paredes having started against Saudi Arabia and Guido vs. Mexico. No changes are expected in attack as Angel Di María, Lionel Messi and Lautaro Martínez are set to start.


  1. Does Argentina not have a decent coach? I can only see sturbbon coaches who sticks with pathetic players when there are decent like scolani sticking with Armani,montiel etc. It seems he does not have any game plan and a back up plan.His sturbboness only gives more and more pressure to the team specially messi and co. The whole world sees it that way. IDK why he is starting medicore players when there are decent players on the bench like montiel,Macalister etc. Looks like he has been experimenting for the last three years. IDK why AFA giving chance to such unexperiences coaches. He won copa by luck and the hard work of players. This is not copa America, This is world cup. Im cery sure a decent coach will be more than happy to play any formation with these players. We have souch talent, however our coaches do not know how to utilize them. If it were not messi, dimaria this arg team had never won the copa. Arg won the copa not the plan and tactics of the coach, but they won becuase of individual brilliance. They have played as a team only in few matches eventhough they had 36 unbeaten streak. Arg will never win the worls cup unless scaloni leave his sturbboness and come with brilliant plan ( and plan B too) to play free flawing attacking game hence defending at the same time. Among the so called title contenders I can only see argentina plays like a shitty team where there is no connection from midfiled to the forwards. The midfielders what they do is back pass and just passing to the back,no long ball, no through ball, no bulid up play, and our wings were’nt able to make one decent cross. I have not seen the spirit and the hunger amongst the playerswhich they had shown in yhe copa.

    • @wisdom, as we clearly has seen from those 2 games from Portugal, well honestly the first one vs Ghana should at least been a draw as i think it should had been a win for Ghana as Leao’s goal looked a bit similar or more than similar to my friend who is a referee and has got his orders directly from UEFA as for example LAUTARO’s first one which was decided as offside as Leao’s goal standed and was allowed, well i watched theese 2 games with my referee friend who has received all the info straight from UEFA as FIFA’s referee’s are chosen by FIFA etc, so again like in the first match where he clearly pointed that cry baby’s AKA Penaldo’s penalty should had never been given and again today he clearly stated according those new instructions he has received from UEFA that GIMENEZ hand ball should had not been penalty also as FIFA’s referee’s decided otherwise based more propably for that they thought GIMENEZ made him bigger as he was falling down and touched the ball with his hand that he actually tried to land down from falling down and my friend as referee clearly stated that if it had been only UEFA’s referee’s as european one’s it would not been penalty as in UEFA’s rules it clearly state’s that player falling down and trying to land down with his hand as trying to get some support from the ground and while during this inside the box if the ball touches his hand, then it is not an penalty according UEFA, so again if UEFA’s referee’s it would had not been penalty, but with FIFA as we well know from the past and the present they have their own refereee’s and therefore Portugal got penalty, Ok one could argue that Uruguay did not create enough or more correctly perhaps that they could not capitalize from their chanches as that is also a sadly a true, but Still i must say that Ghana should had got at least an more than well deserved draw as a win would had not been a Crime of history too, as again vs Uruguay, well Portugal again they played shitty for my eyes, as against Ghana too, though i was also expecting more from Uruguay and specially from Darwin as he been obviously big disapointnent for me to watch as Betancur and Valverde clear,y the best players so far for Uruguay, but what pisses me of even more is that Portugal been clearly favored so far with 2 more than unfair penalty’s, which according to UEFA’s referee’s would had never been given at all and also in the both of Portugal’s game’s they were the ultimate game changers as specially against Ghana as offcourse Uruguay should played from the start as they started to play at 1-0 down and Ok, i know that they could not score, but fairly also more than close enough, but in the as Portugal been clearly favored in their 2 games, well as it is typical FIFA, Still it is more than unfair that they alkready qualified with 6 points as at least 4 would had been the obvious truth as also one one could speculate that looking at their performances in theese 2 games they have not been the better side as also not only clearly favored by FIFA’s referee’s, but has played more than poorly, so i’m not happy about that others get favored and others not ! As i know this has been alkways typical FIFA style and my friend as referee don’t have any favor team as he only concentrates on every FIFA’s referee’s performance and alkready now he has pointed out so many faults and cheats as Canada’s second penalty against Belgium should had standed and been given by UEFA’s referee’s as obviously the FIFA’s referee’s decided that it was offside even it was an Belgium’s own player giving that pass to his own box or to that canadian player who were clearly fouled in Belgium’s box by Belgium’s player, but FIFA’s referee’s decided that it was an offside even passed by Belgium’s own player, OMG WHAT A JOKE, LOL! As i think honestly i never ever seen such a bad referee’s in WC like one, though obviously there been so many during the history as they all been selected by the one and only FIFA ! my friend as referee who has been given Direct order’s from UEFA also has stated so many other penaltie’s and quetionable offside’s too etc,,,as he thinks the FIFA’s referee’s, maybe not all, but many even some from UEFA has got ir wrong, because of FIFA’s other referee’s in the same game as for example in VAR box are not all from UEFA, so in that Sense many UEFA referee may or had been suffering most likely also from this FIFA SYNDROME !

  2. As, always, Tactical game from Uruguay. The only chance was ..that big miss.
    Uruguay fans are very passionate.. even though they are very few in numbers…
    I don’t this teams can beat Brazil, their next PQ opponent…may be Uruguay can..!

  3. Brazil showed the right intensity how to face an European team like Switzerland, Poland, Serbia. All these teams keep the game simple, physical and accurate. You need intensity and pressing attitude to do good against them. The first half team against Mexico lacked the intensity. That was shocking. Each individual might not have faltered, but the collective game was zero. Hence, the two friends in the frontline failed to connect well. Scaloni’s inability to read games and opponent quickly costed us in the first game and the first half of second game. Strange that nobody is talking about Palacios and only referring to Enzo as he scored the goal. I hope Scaloni is also having some strategy around handling set pieces cleverly.

  4. tycsports.com/mundial/brasil-suiza-neymar-lesionado-hotel-mundial-qatar-2022-id479686.html

    Did you guys see Neymar ankle? it got more swollen. In my case when having such injury, around 3 weeks before being able to walk normally (no jump or running).

  5. Let’s GO Uruguay, I know you don’t wanna lose to the cry little girl aka the Ultimate prima donna AKA Penaldo AKA her majesty AKA Christina AKA Speed’s so-called obsession AKA did I miss any adjectives

  6. Great players win you trophies, as el principe once wrote an article in old mundo website of ZiggY.

    I am in favor of 3-5-2 is because it allows us to add one more world class players. Why drop one of Romero and Lisandro? Formation must be according to the strengths of players.

    Otamendi may not be world class by recognition but he is up there with his performance with benfica and Argentina.

    You have Enzo, Messi and Di Maria. World class players.

    If you can field 5-6 world class players, others just need to do their job, be the role players. This is enough to win the world cup with a little luck.

    • Scaloni is a fan of players/formations that did well in the previous match. When we played 3-5-2, we looked very lively. Yes we had never looked good playing with 3 men defense before yesterday.

      To choose just one out of Licha or Cuti is unfair for all other 31 World Cup teams as any team would love to have both of them. So I say use it is worth using 3-5-2 (or 3-4-3) either from the start or at some point in the second half.

      We need to get ready to face all the deadly left winger. This WC has so many deadly left wingers. Portugal also have one: Leao. Brazil have Ney and Vini. France has Mbappe.

      Oh I add 2 more to your list of world class: Emi and De Paul.

      • Emi was world class in his first season of aston villa. He made some errors this season and villa defense let him down.

        But his Argentina form remains the same. His long ball catching ability is the best in the world. It is almost comical how easily he catches them. His anticipation is also top notch.

        De Paul took a dip in form as it is obvious. But his stamina remains superb. We need him firing.

    • Can’t agree more
      All the 3 CBs should start
      Acuna, RDP can stay wide
      MacAllister, Enzo in the heart of midfield
      Di Maria can drop deep in the RW and cover the RW all alone
      Molina can be introduced at 60 mins odd
      Messi the #10 and 2nd striker
      Acuna anyways covers the wide left midfield mostly
      Lautaro doing his regular thing
      Coming in from the left wing into the box in the CF position

      • @BasuArnab,
        3 or 5 in the back means means both Molina and Acuna will start and only 2 mids can be played at one time to accomodate Messi, Dimaria and Lautaro similar to what PSG is doing. So that means Enzo and Depaul!! 3 CBs and Depaul are enough to stall quick counters until the wing backs arrive back!! I am up for 3-4-3.

    • Messi,Di Maria, Lisandro, Romero,Enzo, Dibu, Depaul, Dybala,Alvarez, Lautaro. Are these world class. In my view atleast world class all of them. Its 10. Can we crack the nut.

  7. I have two serious questions:

    1)Why paredes is dropped after first match? Is it because injury or Fitness problem
    2)Why Scaloni is using so short height defender? Acuna, licha, Otamendi, Montiel. How can you play all the short height defender. This is very risky. Football is physical game. No trophy contenders are using short height defenders? See Brazil side today. Not only Brazil, France, Netherland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, England no one. You can’t play so many short height players in defence at a time. This is basic of football.

    • 1. Paredes due to lack of match rhythm only, but again I wouldn’t rule him out completely if we play 4-3-3 but if 3-4-3 (only 2 midfielders) then for sure De Paul and Enzo. Tomorrow there is one more training and interview as usual
      2. I agree, if playing in Copa America, it is fine if using all short players but in World cup it is risky. In 2006 Germany equalized in the 84th minute due to Sorin being too short.

      • I mean one or two short players is ok. If all the players are short it will be suicidal. I never expected this kind of mistake in world cup match. And Montiel. Omg! Does he have enough mental toughness to handle his pressure game? No physicality, No speed, No height. How can you select such a player in world cup match. Its clearly visible that he can not handle high intensity game. I am so frustrated with Montiel’s selection. I don’t hate any other player in this squad but Montiel I can’t resist my self.

  8. Nobody told, Guido will start yesterday… until the last minute…so wait…!
    3 back was good to close down the match, many times..but always struggled when we started with..!
    4231 now 343..!!

  9. I think Mafioso is right. Hernan Castillo is tier 1. The team started with the exact Mexico starters then he changed it to what Mafioso posted. But I think it is more like 3-5-2 than 3-4-3. More like

    Montiel-De Paul-Enzo-Acuna
    ——Di Maria—Lautaro

    It also says Dybala for Di Maria and Julian for Lautaro.

    That means Dybala starts to go up in pecking order, not just Julian now.

    • I think Montiel is there because he is better in possession, triangles etc. He understands the ball retention better. That was his trait while playing for River.

      I hope he regains rythm quickly so that we can keep our sanity.

      • Yeah Montiel maybe to cover Di Maria so our right defense is fine. But again this line up still a bit too early. In 24 hours we should know better. I am generally not a fan of Argentina playing 3-4-3 or 3-5-2 but with the absence of Lo Celso and the emergence of 3 world class center backs in Cuti, Licha, and Otamendi. It makes a lot of sense that the best player to replace Lo Celso is Cuti.

  10. Scaloni has to be joking right? The latest news of the training. He started with

    Emi Martinez; Montiel, Otamendi, Licha, Acuna; Guido, MacAllister, De Paul; Di Maria, Messi, Lautaro.

    Yes that’s right the exact same team as the one against Mexico.

    Enzo then replaced Guido. Paredes is seen as not in good rhythm yet.

    So in his eyes our first half team was great. Speechless.

    I know its is not final but it is shocking seeing what he did.

  11. Our players also should attempt direct shots from within the box whenever they get a chance like Casemiro. However it was very poor defending from Swiss team leaving him unmarked like that inside the box.

  12. Is Tete a gay? His assistant coach looks like his little sweetie boyfriend..

    This is not a good sign for them in Qatar…… 😂😂😂😂


      • De Paul has not played very well since Copa 2021. But Lo Celso was absolutely brilliant against Italy in the Finalissima 2022.

        Besides they are central midfielders. There primary role does not really involve going past 2 players or scoring lots of goals. Lo Celso for instance is great at winning balls in the midfield and launching counterattacks. De Paul is, or used to be at least, good at holding the ball, winning fouls, and complicated through balls.

        • Against italy who are not able to qualify for world cup 2 straight time, de Paul is just good @ yelling, shouting, tatouing, pretending, and all this vulgur stuff just to keep his place… I can bet u if de paul is one & one on gk he will miss.. He is just simply not good @ ball control

  13. Argentina missing that kind of pace.surly garnecho deserved a spot.Argentina will may be humiliate like 2014 brazil.brazil one tuch pass is like a video game.Argentina having problem in one tuch pass.

  14. We have to win the game against Poland. We must top the group and avoid France in R16.

    We need to get our ryhthm and chemistry back before facing any strong team.

    • Why do we fans even dream about the world cup if we are to avoid this opponent or the other during knockouts? Is this the way, a team becomes champion? Whatever the ground reality is, the midfield needs to step up in the absence of GLC and put up a better show every day. That’s what we should be talking about. Yes, of course we need to win against Poland. but not worry about who’s next. If the opposition of the R16 is at the back of the mind rather than sticking to a strategy to defeat the Polska, we are doomed.

      Am sure Scaloni and his men are only thinking about the game on the 1st and not about the next match.

      • All the teams are fighting for group top position to have a weaker opponent in R16. What’s wrong with this?

        Don’t let your ego ruin your ability to understand basic facts. This team right now is no where close to go toe to toe with France/Brazil/Spain. If we want to win this WC, the only possible way is to get an easier path to QF/semi-final and hope we pick up some rhythms by then.

        • Teams play to win, just win and not expect weaker opponents at their disposal. This is simply beyond their control. How would Argentina beating a quality opponent on the biggest stage feed my ego? Doesn’t that simply make you happy?

  15. Poland is a tall, physical team, height and defensive stability is an important factor, but they are unable to park to bus like Mexico, no need to risk too much. Goals will come. Not that agressive, dirty team, defenders are beatable on the ground easily. Romero, Guido and Enzo are starters for me. Montiel/Molina dont know.

    • Oh they definitely will park the bus against us. They gave up over 60% possession to KSA and Mexico. They are a counter attacking team. Using their height for set pieces and taking advantage of their world class striker. They will most certainly play for the tie.

    • Stop talking about Lo Celso.

      (1) GLC failed to take good care of himself during the summer transfer window. No clubs want him for some reason. He is at least 80% responsible for that.

      (2) He could also get injured anytime during the tournament given his injury-prone history. He doesn’t have match fitness for a long time.

      (3) Stop pretending that GLC is Kevin DeBruyne who can change the game by himself. If a world cup team relies on a player with 18M (or even lower) price tag, then this team never deserve to win the WC.

  16. In 44th minute mark, Swiss defence so easily beat the press of 4 brazilian forward players and ball went near Brazil’s d box with 2 passes. Swiss players are facing no challenge in ball possession.

    Also Brazil has no creative spark without Neymar. They don’t have a single player who can take creative burden. Very one dimensional midfield.

    Also it is easier to defend their wingers when there is no quality wingbacks overlapping.

    They have more problems than us and they have no option to fix them. Naturally, Brazilians are more physical, fast and cohesive as team, so these problems are not exposed until a quality team faces them.

  17. For the first half, I will go for


    I will use Guaido’s high and have him shot between two CBs allowing Molina and Acuna to move forward. This formation has both defensive and offensive character

    After 55 mins if we score no goal, introduce Palacios for Guaido and move Enzo to DM. Bring on Julian for DeMaria/Lautaro

    If we score a goal take out DeMaria and bring Lisandro and pay 5-3-2.

  18. Poland will definitely park the bus. We have to be accurate in the passes in the mid field area. By dominating mid we can turn into prime Argentina that won finalissima.

    • I hope that continues, not watching the game due to work but curious how Militao who is a central defender doing as a makeshift RB. Seeing Brazil lose or even draw would give us a delicious schadenfreude!

      • Militao as RB make them more like 3-5-2

        Militao plays Cuti’s role in the Spurs. Raphinha becoming the right wing back. Upfront Vincious and Richarlison.

        More like Alisson; Militao, Marquinhos, Silva; Raphinha, Fred, Casemiro, Paqueta, Sandro; Richarlison, Vini

        • Interesting. Raphinha is left-footed though and uses his left a lot to cut inside, much like Fideo. Those kind of players never make a good wingback in my opinion because of their tendency to play narrow, drift inside. If a winger is asked to play a wingback he better play on the same side as his preferred foot is, but that’s a Tite problem…

  19. Our defence has to be ready for aerial duels, Poland players are tall and good at heading that is why I don’t know whether using Acuna and Molina together will be a good idea since both of them would likely be overlapping leaving spaces in the wings for crosses for Poland. We need to cut off any crosses they might try to play and avoid commiting fouls around the box especially on Lewandowski – you know any slight touch he will dive that is why to be safe, our players must make sure they touch the ball before he does. I am thinking the formation:


    ==== Cuti === Otamendi =======

    Montiel ================= Acuna

    Dimaria === Depaul === Guido === Enzo

    Messi =============== L.Matinez

    Leo and Fideo can cover the right flang with Paul giving enough protection both in front and back. Montiel stays in the back cutting off any crosses. Even if it is Molina, he will have to stay in the back.
    On the Left Acuna can assists in the front, Enzo fill in the back for him. Both Acuna and Enzo will have to alternate when Enzo goes forward Acuna stays back and the other way around – Acuna Front, Enzo back. Giving enough attack and defence. All i am saying stability. What do you think?

    • With Montiel Dimaria had nobody to pass the ball forward to once he dribbled his way out and which is why our right flank looked so non-threatening. Montiel did a good job in defending , wasn’t great but he did his job but we will need Molina to make that runs for the one-twos with Dimaria to put in crosses and balls in the box.

  20. POLAND is different from Mexico, Poland didn’t play possession football instead they utilized their counterattack and Height.

    That’s why Height is an important issue .Our Right side definitely no need to change .Molina is far more better than Montiel .Left side Acuna is a must .as to who partner otamendi ,I will choose Romero .

    Midfield 3CM is a must . Enzo deserves a place ,last match he is used as a CM .I would prefer to LCM partner with Guido and DE paul .With Guido who can be a CB when both Molina and Acuna go forward . Tactically Guido is useful.

    The line up should be
    ###depaul ##Enzo
    433 Formation,If needed can change to 343 Guido as a CB,Enzo as a DM .

    Second half if need to be more aggressive can use Alvarez replace Guido ,Enzo as DM return to 433 that is the second half vs saudi . As to ultra aggressive can replace Enzo with Dybala or A correa .De Paul as DM .Hopefully we don’t need it

  21. Our starting 11 is still a work in progress. Lo Celso and Nico gonzalez both have been so vital for Scaloni. Without those 2 Key players no wonder Scaloni is struggling to find rhytm or fluency in play.

    Our only hope is the form which we showed against Mexico for the last 20 minutes. If we can start from that would be great. So far only Enzo is the player who has stepped up. Atleast little bit. De Paul has been a massive dissapointment. He was suppose to guide the midfield. In absence of some key players. He has to step up now.

  22. Whoever think, we won against MX, so we have to go offensive against Poland from starting, need to think twice.
    We have done this mistake against SA. Poland is very good at finishing. For SA, it was lucky. Two shot, two goals. But Poland can score like that. They don’t need many opportunities to score.
    If we lose, we are out.
    If we draw, we need to wait for other match result. There is a chance but not sure.
    A win is must again, to make sure the progress and top the group.
    But, don’t lose should be the first priority, make sure of that, and then try to win. We need to try to score first with Messi, DiMaria and Lautaro, same time should not allow Poland to get into scoring chances.

  23. Most of the attack of Poland comes from their right side with Cash and Zielinski and they play with 2 forwards. Mac Allister will have an important role here to stop the offensive of Cash. I don’t know if Otamendi-Lisandro can handle 2 forwards. Ideally Argentina score 2 goals in the 1st half and then replace Di Maria by Cuti to secure the score. That’s why we need to score early. I think it’s necessary to have Julian Alvarez as forward, with him and Enzo, it gives more dynamics to the game.

    • As a Napoli fan I can tell you that Zielinski can be a very dangerous player, with a great shot, pretty good passing and he’s a real box-to-box threat. De Paul will probably battle with him in the middle of the park.

  24. Very good news as per sky sports ( information from Messi close circle) Messi will be in Europe atleast until june, 2024 even until 2025 because Messi thinks he has 2-3 years left in European football. He’s yet to decide his future because he is currently fully focused on world cup, after that he will decide his future …ATM psg is favorite…

  25. Enzo- should start as he is a box to box player.
    Licha should also start a long acuna otsmendi. As for rb, why can’t Romero play there, and if not Molina please.
    Guido Enzo DePaul in middle with the same attack force up front. This should be El-toros match.

    • Not too sure about Guido. Yes he would add height to our midfield but he had a bad game against Mexico. Offered next to nothing going forward. He’d be great if we can get maybe a 2-0 lead and have him close out the match. I still feel like Enzo or Paredes should be our #5 and have Mac Allister/Palacios on one side and DePaul on the other.

  26. Even the dumbest knows that this is a world cup, not a friendly. If you play badly but you are still given a chance in the hope that you play better, because your past is considered world class bla…bla… then that is extremely risky. It’s not hard to admit that some of the “coachs” here are calling for it. They are just impostors.

  27. DePaul, even if he unable to generate his long passes and crosses in the box which he used to but doesn’t lose possession , keeps it tight and help win back ball similar to the last 30mins against Mexico then it will help our backline and midfield tremendously.

    Messi with that goal in that kind of pressure cooker situation should have his confidence sky rocketed and confident Messi is a different breed !!

    Enzo is a MUST!!! He will provide that missing creativity from the midfield and doesn’t matter if he plays CM or LCM.

    MacAllister will play if Scaloni wants to go safe trying to not concede early like last match but if he thinks playing too safe almost knocked us out then could bring in Paredes who when in rhythm can generate good defense piercing passes.

    Cuti vs Licha. It is a difficult situation! One of them will certainly come in if we are leading! Licha certainly looks in better form and fitness but the team management would know better. Scaloni might even go with 3 CB and 2 wing-backs with Enzo and Depaul in the midfield.

    Lautaro needs better service for sure!! We will need to find him aerially if we can find him through ground passes!! Lack of creativity from the ground play in the last two matches means we will have a lot of shots from outside the box and crosses into the box. These crosses can also backfire and result in counter and that may temp Scaloni to go 3 in the back!!

    Dimaira has been okay/good so far but he still hasn’t produced his spectacular performance which is when he provides amazing assists and goals!! Just his presence alone will force the opposition flank on their toes and not venture forward.

    Again, we have to win the next match and we cannot concede early under any circumstances and we also have to try to score and lead in the first half!! If we lead in the first half and the other match is drawing or Saudi leading then Poland will attack leaving their back line vulnerable!!!

  28. In Defense, hearing that Romero might start in place of Lisendro. Romero is my favorite but Lisendro is our most inform defender. I am not sure if this will be wise to drop Lisendro especially after his superb performance against Mexico.

    Right back problem is serious, as none of Fyoth, Molina or Montiall are convinced. I feel Lisendro can start and may be later on Scaloni can use all 3 of Ota, Romero and Lisendro like he did against Mexico.

    Also in midfield, one of Parades or Gudio must play. With RDP, Mac and Enzo our midfield may looks good in attack but could be vulnerable in defense. Although RDP worked hard but he was very very poor in last 2 matches. Can’t believe he lost ball 40 times in 2 matches? Seriously 40 times?

    In Attack Lautaro’s lack of form, lack of involvement is a concern. Although Di maria- Messi and Laurtaro will start but I won’t mind to start Alvarez in place of Di maria or Lautaro.

    My Starting XI would be against Poland:

    Messi – Lautaro – Di Maria
    Enzo – Parades/Gudio – RDP
    Acuna – Otamendi – Lisendro – Molina

    But I think Mac will retain his place and Enzo might start from Bench. Also Parades will be back in midfield for Gudio.

    • The only issue I have with Lautaro is his off the ball movements. Yes, he hasn’t had the greatest service but when Alvarez came in he was able to to find better positioning than him and which is why he was able to draw the defenders away from Messi.

  29. If Montiel starts again any match 100% we will loose. Foyth and Montiel don’t have enough mental toughness to handle worldcup pressure. Foyth still can be considered but Montiel -Get out

  30. This is my xi, Emiliano Dibu Martínez,Cristian Romero Nicolás Otamendi Lisandro Martínez and Marcos Acuña
    Rodrigo De Paul. Leandro Paredes Enzo Fernández, Angel Di María, Lionel Messi and Lautaro Martínez
    Cristian Romero as a Rb.We can easily shift from 442 to 334 When we attack with Acuna as he play also LW. De Paul need another chance we can’t change to many. As a sub I would like Dybala in When we need goal.

  31. Lionel scaloni lost his head.why every time di maria,lautaro.did he blind?why he didn’t start with dybala and alvarez.after mexico match i lost trust on scaloni and may be they our out from Group stage or round of 16

  32. Not a consolation for De Paul’s lack of form per se and ignore it if you must, but even Kevin De Bruyne has not been playing well so far. Yeah, maybe it’s neither here, nor there but not all players are firing on all cylinders…

    • World class players are world class players. U have to keep relying on them. It is just a temporary thing. De Bruyne is the best example. It would be extremely idiot to bench him just because of 2 bad games.

    • Bro we can’t drop de Paul he will come good not chance
      Yes he played sh…t for last two matches but we need him and I believe he will regain his confidence and fitness level which he lacks atm.

      • This is what somebody said about DePaul:

        “Here some people..”No problem, DePaul is our hero…let him lose ball no issues….we don’t care…he runs so much.!”

        The fact is, you need DePaul to win the cup. You can progress from the group stage without DePaul, but your chances to win the cup without him is paper thin. You better keep him playing and he will get there soon.

    • If Scaloni still want to have De Paul in the 11, I hope he would play in a more advanced position because having him deep can cause lot of troubles to our defense when he lost the ball like the 1st 2 games. He need to wake up, he is far from that Udinese playmaker capable of everything. He looks a bit heavy and slow in his moves, his tempo is bad and he even missed some pass of 5m. The stress must be on him.

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