Officials named for Argentina vs. Poland match at the World Cup


The officials have been named for the Argentina vs. Poland match at the World Cup.

It will be Dutch official Danny Makkelie in charge of the Argentina vs. Poland game on Wednesday. The referee for VAR is Pol Van Boekel, who was also in charge of VAR during the Argentina and Saudi Arabia game.

During the game vs. Saudi Arabia, there were three offside calls, two of which on Lautaro Martinez. The first assistant Hessel Steegstra with the second assistant being Jan De Vries, all of them from the Netherlands.

Fourth official Said Martínez is from Honduras. The assistant to VAR is Bastian Dankert of Germany with the offside VAR being Kathryn Nesbitt of the United States and the VAR support is Juan Soto of Venezuela. Here are the officials:

Referee: Danny Makkelie
First assistant: Hessel Steegstra
Second assistant: Jan De Vries
Fourth official: Said Martínez

VAR: Pol Van Boekel
AVAR: Bastian Dankert
Offside VAR: Kathryn Nesbitt
Support VAR: Juan Soto

Argentina and Poland could potentially face the Netherlands in the quarter finals.


  1. I think 532 is the best formation against Poland which plays with 2 wingers and 2 forwards. Cuti and Lisandro against Lewandowski and Milik, Molina and Acuna on each side against their wingers and Otamendi to cover. Enzo, Palaccios and MacAllister as the mildfiedlers. Messi and Julian Alvarez in attack.

  2. “Leandro Paredes is the heart of this team”

    “The best Futbol this team has played has been with Paredes on the field”

    “For Scaloni he is the heart of the squad”

    “He hasn’t played because of fitness issues & Enzo Fernández has imposed himself. they could play together.”

  3. Paredes, Romero and Dybala impressed in training.

    I don’t think Mexico first half will be repeated.

    Mexico second half indicates that Romero back to rythm.

    Dybala trained yesterday with regulars and impressed. This is confirmed by Hernan Castillo.

    Scaloni in today’s press conference mentioned that Enzo will see more action whether as starter or sub. This is not decided.

  4. Andrés Guardado: “We all know the respect that Leo Messi has for everyone. Canelo doesn’t know how a locker room works. I thought what was said was nonsense.”

    Respect to Guardado.

    • I doubt VERY much that Messi did that on purpose just for the fact that we all know what Messi is all about BUT then again all the Mexicans’ shit talking about La Pulga and ARG after the loss and how they gonna kick them out and what did MESSI do?
      Kicked the ball from the kitchen table that landed inside the mailbox

    • Sergio ‘Kun’ Agüero, salió en defensa de Messi. “Señor ‘Canelo’, no busques excusas o problemas, seguramente no sabes de futbol y qué pasa en un vestuario”, escribió en Twitter. “Las camisetas siempre, después que se terminan los partidos, están en el piso por el sudor”.

      El exfutbolista español del Barcelona y Arsenal, Cesc Fábregas, también defendió a Messi diciendo que es normal que los futbolistas dejen las camisetas en el piso antes de llevarlas a lavar.

      “Ni conoces a la persona, ni entiendes cómo funciona un vestuario o lo que pasa después de un partido. TODAS las camisetas, incluso las que usamos nosotros mismos, se van al suelo y se lavan después. Y más cuando celebras una victoria importante”, tuiteó el campeón del mundo en 2010.

      Sandra de la Vega, esposa de Andrés Guardado, comentó que el capitán mexicano le explicó lo que sucede en los vestidores y éste no se ofendió por la acción de Lionel Messi. Considera que se hizo polémica sin razón.

      “Ya sabes que quieren hacer chisme de todo, la gente siempre hace más problema de lo que realmente es. Yo no lo vi mal, solo vi que Messi se quitó el zapato. Le pregunté a Andrés y me dijo que es algo normal porque todo lo que se necesita lavar lo dejan en el piso, pero la gente siempre está buscando alguna oportunidad para hacer el chisme más grande”, comentó al salir de su hotel en Doha ante la prensa.

    • Had Mr.Alvarez taken the same route of going to a strong team but in tier-2 league , he would have big clubs after him too. If Darwin Nunez can sell for $100 million dollars, imagine Alvarez!! Julian has the potential of surpassing Lautaro in the team. He is more dynamic and creative!

      • Julian scored more goals than crybaby Jesus playing WAY less. And this is his first season under a manager who is known to not rush things with a new guy.

        Alvarez will score a LOT of goals for Man City. Way more than Jesus or Richarlison or Nunez ever has.

    • We have a Rolls-Royce midfielder on our hands for sure. He is going to be a world class midfielder baring any injuries.

      Teams that needs a midfielder like Enzo next summer:
      1. Liverpool
      2. Man United
      3. Man City (Gundogan will leave, and Bernardo could leave too and they want Bellingham)
      4. Barcelona

      All of them minus Barca wants Bellingham, but it is likely that at least 2 of the above will be priced out of Bellingham and Barca might get a Spaniard to appease their base (Zubimendi). Assuming Man United will spend 100m+ for Bellingham, Pool and City will have to fight for Enzo because the 3rd option Bruno Guimaraes is in a Saudi owned club and Newcastle looks like will be in UCL next season.

      Not going to lie, I want Enzo to play for Pep. Not a lot of coaches develop a midfielder as good as him.

  5. If im scaloni i would have start 1 combination out of following options for midfield trio
    1.depaul paredes enzo
    2.depaul enzo McAllister
    3.depaul guido enzo.
    Enzo needs to start. Its now time to give him a start now

    • 1st option would be great in attacking wise. But Paredes has to be at its very best physically and concentration wise. Otherwise is a liability.
      2nd option is also not that much balanced due to the lack of chemistry between macallister and Enzo with de paul. But both are in good shape.
      3rd option is the balanced one I think.

    • If Scaloni doesn’t start Enzo and keep the same fugly team like yesterday, he should be questioned. He is a good coach yes, he had 36 winning streaks yes, but when under pressure he acts so scared like he was coaching Iceland (put an ugly team in order not to lose), then it’s bad. We are Argentina. I mean have you seen all the top coaches like Klopp, Pep, Ancelotti went ultra defensive when facing an important game?

      He won Copa and Finalissima because he used the best possible team in those 2 finals, not ultra defensive teams and hoping for Messi miracle.

      • Absolutely right. And speaking as someone not from Argentina, I have to say I support Argentina for the kind of football they play. I hope they never give up on that.

        The three best Argentine performances in the past four years – Copa 2019 3rd place, the qualification match against Uruguay, and La Finalisma – all three against strong teams, were free flowing attacking performances.

        • You can’t expect a free flowing football in a tournament like world cup. All teams came here to win that prestigious cup once in 4 years. All are ready to do any dirty works to win each match. Coz they know this is the biggest competition. For lower ranked teams even getting past the group stages would be remembered by their fans for their life time. Get the win by any means and prepare for another challenge. Coz in wc one dominating match never assures you that the next match would be the same.

          • Yeah that attitude has settled into the heart of football like a deep rot. Mostly due to the money involved. The fact that football is a sport, meant to entertain both the players and the audience, is forgotten. The beautiful game is on life support. 90% of football “fans” these days are unable to appreciate or even understand football beyond counting who scored how many goals.

        • That is why I really support 4year world cup rather than wc in every 2 years. Coz of this much time gap and wait for this great tournament the results matters the most than the beauty of the game. Only neutral fans may find it boring and they have UCL or club football. Even our first half against Mexico was boring but that wait for the goal will keep us engaging and it’s also due to the results of a 4year gap of this tournament. Club football is very different from this one.

  6. After just a game against MX, Inter interested in MacAllister.

    As described by Gazzetta dello Sport, before returning to Milan, Ausilio was “spellbound by the quality and tactical intelligence” of Mac Allister. Thus, he did not hesitate to write it down on the list of possible reinforcements for the next season. The Nerazzurri sports director believes that Alexis could guarantee him solidity and balance in midfield.

    Inter ‘s sports director , who traveled to Qatar precisely in search of players.


  7. We have to do what we have to, score goals may be from outside the box. So that these guys dont mess up the goals into the offside traps.

    Just curious to see Dybala atleast one time. Why Scaloni is not giveing him any minutes at all. He is such a quality player. Where as Lautaro is struggling left and right still getting ample minutes.

    Off the topic did anyone see Cr7 trying to claim Brunos goal. LOL what an embarrassing selfish player is he. Pathetic…

  8. If DePaul continues to be selected to start after 2 weak games, hopefully Scaloni doesn’t risk too much or at least he has some plan for DePaul to receive better support to bring DePaul back to top form. Anyway, I still believe Scaloni is doing what is best for the team, because he does not choose according to personal taste but based on a suitable tactical system.

  9. Wanna see di maria – messi – dybala final 3 with Messi as false 9… Will make team perfectly balanced… Lautaro or Alvarez replacing messi after 65 or 70 mins…

    • Messi can’t play false 9 he is slow cant run can’t press doesn’t have the burst of speed. He played false 9 in 2018 wc and the result was not satisfactory. You have to remember he is 35 not 23-24

        • Yes but its too late for experiment dybala can even play as a direct replacement of lautaro who is not that great a striker. Lautaro is quite inconsistent. He may score in next 2-3 matches thn can suddenly goes missing in semis and finals

          • It is not really an experiment to play someone with phenomenal quality like Dybala. At this point he should be the obvious first choice.

            What if the same dumb excuse “Yes but it’s too late to experiment” would have been used to exclude Enzo or Lisandro Martinez against Mexico? When your first-choice team continues to struggle because of mediocrity, you cannot keep phenomenal players on the bench with such flimsy excuse.

  10. I really hope Qatar would do something at least to get 1 point from the match. They don’t want to be the first host in the history to get 0 point in the group stage right? That would be embarassing.

    Hope Ecuador would do well against Senegal. IF Netherlands is second in the group then of course the Dutch referee will want Argentina to top the group so they would avoid each other in the QF. Nobody wants to meet Argentina for sure.

  11. To be fair, the referees in KSA game was harsh on us, but I don’t think they are that bad. All of our disallowed goals are offsite actually. It’s just they didn’t check VARs for some other teams.
    Let’s be positive! Fifa want Messi to play, the longer the better for them.

  12. The reason why depaul performed so badly is because we are missing lo celso . tactically lo celso and de Paul interact with each other to benefit both upfront and behind . without lo celso ,Depaul is the axis of midfield ,he connects the whole team ,therefore if you think messi is an engine ,dimaria is the fuel then depaul is the axis . The easiest way to shut down argentina’s engine is to put pressure on de Paul then the midfield will be in chaos .That’s why depaul was specifically targeted vs saudi and Mexico.

    To resolve ,we need to supplement another axis who can give key pass ,good at ball possession ,and connect the team . Enzo can do it.

    • Vs Poland, I prefer Depaul ,Guido ,Enzo combination .Guido tactically very useful,.He can drop back to be a central defense at the same time Molina, Acuna can overlap with the formation changing to 343 .
      From 433 to 343,Enzo and de Paul as axis connect the whole team. Guido give us more height. Enzo give us more vertical ball distributions ,de Paul as a 50%defense midfield .50% box to box . The whole team is more balance .

    • Well put, I 100% agree. Martino is smart. He knows our team really well. If I were him facing Argentina and I saw that they put Guido-Mac-De Paul midfield. I would do 100% the same. The first 2 are not known for delivering the ball forward, have no creativity. Then just put 2 people on De Paul at all times and you will shut down Argentina.

      That’s why during the match both Messi and Di Maria dropped really deep to help De Paul. As a result, Lautaro was isolated.

  13. Possession won in EPL :

    1. Rice 139
    2. Mac Allister 124
    3. Saliba 120
    4. Rodri 119
    5. Trippier 107

    This is from official twitter account of EPL.

    I think we are not using Mac Allister correctly. He should be the CDM if he starts in a 3 man midfield.

    His ball holding ability under pressure is decent, can play simple ball retention passes from the back. In brighton, he often drops between center backs.

    Enzo should be given freedom to push forward.

    I just read somewhere that idea is to drop Guido for Enzo. The starting XI might remain the same as Mexico.

    We may start as 4-3-3 and change to 3-5-2 in second half. Just like Mexico game. That is my assumption though, no source.

    • Yes I would also like to see enzo going forward, macallister is very good on the ball, he finds spaces regularly but he is kinda static sometimes and doesn’t involve in the game Or make runs in the box but no doubt macallister never looks like he will loose the ball, he is technically gifted. I hope de Paul will learn a thing or two from macallister and enzo even palacios to how to take the first touch and pass the ball. 😛

        • Doesn’t Mac A play next to a defensive midfielder though? I suppose it can’t be any worse than Paredes that needed GLC and RDP to offset his defensive weakness.

          • @Choripan, Yes Maca plays alongside Ecuadoran Caceido in brighton. 2 holding midfielder.

            However, in build up he often drops deeper to continue ball retention.

            I believe he would do well as CDM for us with protection from Enzo and De Paul.

            I am quite sad that we have to talk about this. From my experience, when fans need to talk about player’s best position, best possible formation, that team does not go very far.

            Hopefully Scaloni will fix thing fast. Sabella did it in mid tournament. Argentina group stage vs knockout was totally different beast in 2014.

    • That’s why I am telling from starting…his ball recovery is second to none…and with ease…you won’t see the hard fight…!
      He is top in tackle also… again you won’t see any hard tackle..!
      His passing will look simple because just before getting the pass he will move to a place where he can receive the ball and immediately he will pass to other player that he already has scanned. Many people will receive the ball and think, will have some skill then pass. But, here also MacAllister will make everything simple. So, you would think, he doesn’t so much. He’s good in everything the coach instruct to do, that’s why coaches like him. His inclusion in the team will be tactical. Nothing else.

  14. If the news about Thiago Almada is true, his Argentina NT career is over … before it started even.
    Is there a way that Garnacho can be added to the team or FIFA has closed the doors on the 26?

  15. Many people here are criticizing why Guido would start and I understand that it makes us less creative may be. But I think the coaching team is thinking about the height factor as well. Because of his form Lisandro will atart most probably. Now Poland consists of very tall players. They are desperate not to lose so they will mainly focus on set pieces to score and we cannot afford to concede first. With Guido, there will be an extra protection of a tall physical player. So I understand why the dilemma.

  16. I think we should give rdp one more chance we need to play 2 ball playing midfielders alongside him.
    Lo celso and paredes hid is incapability on the ball, it’s not in this world Cup he struggling to create anything, he always needed too much time to pass the ball which He got due to the movement of lo celso/gonzalez/fit di maria(as they were always on the move and creating space).Rdp takes too many touches before passing the ball.
    But none can match his fighting spirit and energy in our team. So he is important but we need to play ballers alongside him. Macallister is good on finding space(not as good as lo celso though), see the movement of enzo in the last match before his goal, how he get to that postion that is needed more to get the best out of de Paul so he can have time and space.

  17. During the qualifiers, someone posted a link to An Argentina TV channel showing all Argentina games, I believe it was also sebastian Vignolo commentary, it was wonderful with great quality. Anyone still has it? I had it on my old phone. I can watch the games with English commentary, but it’s not as exciting. Much appreciated 🙏.

  18. Watching argentina play in this world cup reminds me of the argentina in 2018 world cup and qualifiers “MESSI DEPENDENT” argentina. We were really playing like a TEAM in copa america and against italy, everyone was contributing, we were like unbeatable, where is that argentina gone all of a sudden? If we continue playing like this we might get out of the group but will surely be knocked out later in the tournament. Messi can’t bail us out everyday. I wish scaloni would go back to sabella style football like 2014. 5 man backline with romero otamendi lisandro and two wing backs acuna and molina. During attack which will transform as 3-5-2 and while defending 5-3-2. What do you guys think?

    • loss of form and playing time for majority of the players. De Paul, Di Maria, Parades, Acuna, Cuti Romero, Mintiel, Dybala etc have come in with short of match fitness. GLC and Gonzalez absence all is a big factory. GLC was ever present as the playmaker during Scaloni tenure, but Scaloni never tried options in his position. So he didn’t know who to play in the match against Saudi instead opted for a 2 man midfield and piled up a 4 man attack where Di Maria and Messi were occupying each others’ spaces, when one had the ball the other was standing still.
      An unforgivable mistake from Scaloni. Not just formations but he doesn’t react to what is happening on the pitch on time. He just waits for things to happen with a fake “looking calm” persona. Against Saudi no miracle happened but thankfully against Mexico it happened thanks to Messi. Goal was out of the blue. This team is clueless, completely lack of ideas, unfit and surprise surprise don’t understand or help each other. They follow Messi’ fart around the pitch.

  19. Slowly all our Wing backs are getting thr rhythm back. They can silent like how they tight marked Lozano.Similarly they can silent Vinucius and raphinha or dembale type players. I think Foyth need to get couple of minutes and hope to get his foam back also..

  20. I know the ref draw seems like a disadvantage, but at the end of the day we still have to come out to play and win.

    On Rodri, I’m of the sentiment if we lose, I want to lose with RDP on the field. The guy is playing his heart out – I believe he’ll turn it around.

    • Uruguay will have yellow banana shoved up their a$$. They don’t have quality upfront to trouble Brazil. Darwin Nunez is overrated. Suarez and Cavani are done. Only a team with tight and a little bit dirty defense with quality attack can defeat Brazil, like Argentina. However with Neymar out injured, Spain could also knock them out!! Spanish team will send Neymar back to hospital by targeting his ankle if he features in the quarterfinal against them.

  21. I almost never believe in sports conspiracy theories, but looking at FIFA’s choice of referees and VAR referees, I am beginning to think that there might really be something going on behind the scenes.
    (Especially looking at the Saudi match when at least 1 of the 3 disallowed goals was legal)

  22. If we are good, we will win. If we are not, then let’s plan on rebuild for the next world cup, we will have our new generation for next competition.

    That being said, I don’t think we will go down without fighting. I want to see the same aggression as we showed in Copa final. If we can win in Maracana against Brazil, we can play in Antarctica and win.

  23. He was the referee for Spain-Germany game.

    How can the VAR referee be the same as KSA game? What the heck is going on with FIFA?

    This ducth group of motherfuckers are beyond horrible. They were referees for Bayern-Barca UCL game this year too and made series of mistakes.

  24. My question is, do we bench DePaul if he doesn’t perform in first half?
    He has been our mainstay for some time alongside lo celso and paredes in the mid. One injured and other coming off injury respectively.
    So paredes has been benched because of his fitness and performance.
    I love DePaul, and I don’t think he was terrible last match. But he wasn’t the DePaul we have come to know.
    My question is, if we get to the second half in trouble, and he isn’t performing, do we bench him???
    And moreover, probably more important, who is his replacement?

    • A player which is not performing should be replaced. No question about that. The only exception is Messi in Arg not even in his club PSG. RDP is just not delivering in the first half, maybe due to tension and pressure, he is the engine of the team. His off-form becomes the off-form of the whole team. RDP is irreplaceable.

      Scaloni is very fortunate to have Enzo on the team. He can be the creator and distributor from the midfield. And Palacios’s fitness is crucial for the team. They are the ones who can take the role.

      • Exactly what I mean. He is NOT replaceable. Or at least in my humble opinion he isn’t. He really is our top three most important players.
        He is our workhorse sliding back and forth. Who on our team can fill his role? Palacios ? Macalister ? I really don’t know? I’m asking .

        • We are struggling to even fill the gap for LoCelso, let alone DePaul.

          What’s the point of having Enzo if Scaloni keep preferring McAllister for the starting eleven! How on earth you play Enzo for 30 mins?

  25. I think we will be fine, even though I don’t like the refs. At least the offside ref is not Polish.
    On another note, a public service announcement. Cánelo is a very dumb guy. A warning to all to not choose a profession that you get punched in the head for a living. You need a brain to think clearly.

  26. No need to overrated Portugal. Uruguay is very weak this year .I had watched the game .Here is my opinion

    uruguay played 352 or 532 for defense .But their biggest problem is lack of midfield creativity. They use 3CM (2defensive midfield plus Valverde ) which I think is the worst midfield ,actually I am not convinced Valverde can be uruguay’s Messi . they also didn’t have proper wingers however they had two powerful strikers Cavani and Nunez.

    the whole midfield lack of creativity disconnect from upfront and behind which make two strikers useless. Actually uruguay is over conservative, they need to use at least two wingers for two strikers . they are weak in ball possesion and team work ,because most of them are box to box players.

    Finally I don’t think uruguay can qualify for knock out stage .They have lots of problems.

    • balance is the most important thing. A team need to have different type of players .Wingers ,Striker ,false 9, DM ,attacking midfield, box to box player ,Skillful wing backfielder, proper L&R backfielder.
      Uruguay played 532, with two proper L&R backfielder ,two defensive midifleds ,one box to box midfield plus two strikers . Totally lack of creativity.thats why Portugal totally control the midfield when you lost the control of midfield it will be dangerous. Even argentina ,we have messi di Maria, still can’t 100%control the midfield not to say urugiay

  27. Any how i think if Arg will win it’s group and play most propably Netherlands, though who Still for me have been far from convincing as, maybe with goal difference and if winning Senegal Ecuador could Still top that group A, but even so i don’t see any team from group B Still winning neither what ever team from group A, so if Arg will and (hopefully do so also) to reach QF’s they will end up playing most propably team from group A and if winning QF, then ARG will most likely to play neither Spain or Brazil or maybe Croatia in the semi’s as i think Morocco has a very good chance winning group F etc…
    And i think on the other hand of the pool depending if Arg will win it’s own group it may turn out again depending mostly if Spain win’s Japan, that semi will be a so called Classic between France and Germany, though maybe the Swiss could end up playing against France too as i just can’t see honestly Portugal or Serbia making it pass the German’s if they will Qualify to KO’s so in theory if Arg can reach all the way to final, which will be more than hard, but Still possible, though Spain and Brazil are looking dangerous as in KO’s u never know until the game’s are played etc…so if Arg will play more than good and have some very needed luck too, then if ultimatly reaching Final Arg will most propably play…, if the German’s will Qualify play against either them or France as i see 2 teams making it hard for the french if Arg top’a it’a own group and those 2 i think will be (offcourse depending firstly from the results of the final round) either Swiss or German’s as with a good day both can harm the french, but let’s not get ahead of ourselfs as i just did as rather just concentrate from now on game by game and may Arg win them all in the end no matter who will they play !

  28. FIFA is trying to make sure Argentina is kicked out of the world cup… It’s clear and loud.
    Argentina needs to score early goals and make sure we do not play into the hands of these officials. If we score early goals then we can sit in comfortable position otherwise it will depend on the referee and his var team playing up.
    We score more then we don’t let others rule our destiny.

  29. So FIFA put a Dutch Referee in charge of officiating a match that decides who might go on to play Netherlands (possibly) in QF?
    Also putting those same dumbass moron in charge of VAR seems like a fucked up mind-game…where is the accountability? I mean you have one fucking job you retard..
    (Please pardon my french)

    FIFA is really vile and disgusting.

  30. What a joke again even most been UEFA’s referee’s, so why FIFA won’t use only UEFA’s referee’s as they clearly choosed too, but Still not all as UEFA’s referee’s, which is no good, because once u start mixing referee’s from different countries continents u end up in chaos, and offcourse that is just FIFA’s way try to escape their famous FIFA SYNDROME ! Well as FIFA has allways choosed their referee’s for every WC i can remember and as having VAR it is even more easy for them to favor who ever they want, as some UEFA’s referee’s were left out and others got chosen by FiFA, well even i can’tproove it, but most likely these UEFA referee’s are also not only chosenby FIFA, but also they may be bought by FIFA too, which would not surprise me a single bit as FIFA cashing for every WC day in Qatar as 5 million euros more than less and also more than plenty to share some their prophet as for example to favor others etc,,,even i know they are more than greedy bastards who do not only care about money, but also about absolute power and in football terms i’m affraid that offcourse is more than fully corrupt and very questionable indeed as i’m affraid that this has been their very trade mark since the beginning of founding FIFA as i’m sorry for the game itself to make an such an comment or write an just a post, but so far it is way more than clear that others been favored over others, for what ever reason behind it as money obviously one, but i think there are also other reasons too as alkways with FIFA SYNDROME ! ANY HOW ARG MUST WIN AND ENZO MUST START WITH LICHA TOO AS I WOULD GO FOR 3 AT BACK WITH CUTI OTA LICHA AND WITH MOLINA AND ACUNA WITH MID’S

    • WITH MID’S AS RDP PALACIOS ENZO AND START WITH MESSI AND LAUTARO AND BRING LATER ON IF NEEDED ADM AND ALVAREZ A.CORREA DYBALA ALMADA OR WHO EVER WHO CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE AS ENZO HAS DONE SO FAR as i have been surprisedly happily reading post’s about 3 as back from many Mundo members as i know that had never realky worked before, but this time Arg has got the at least right 3 at the back with CUTI OTA LICHA it is clearly ARG must or should use them all at same time as it is more than obvious, though RDP may Still be struggling with his attacking game, Still ARG will need him as ARG will need ENZO as obviously MESSI alone is way too predictabke for the opponent and therefore i wish at least theese names starting, maybe with Palacios and Alvarez, though ADM can obviously make the difference too any given day, but for him to be succesfull also u need players like RDP and ENZO on the middfield as i think Alvarez will also make the difference, but i’m Still okay with Lautaro as i think he has not been that many proper opportunities yet to score as ARG been struggling obviously, because lack of LO CELSO, but must find a way to get over it and also must start to use those that have not played yet if they they are fit to play, but it is not easy fir Scaloni as he’s back against wall now literally in every game, therefore couple of early goals and with proper sub’s sticking to same game plan until the very end, when if Arg leading is fine to go more deffensive, but if Arg and Scaloni start that too early it may cost Arg badly as i’m wishing Arg going against Poland with all cylinders fired the very maximum as just not letting the polish to be able get in the game at all as like in ala Finallisimo style !

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