Lisandro Martínez speaks at Argentina press conference before Poland game


Lisandro Martínez spoke at a press conference about Argentina’s game vs. Poland at the World Cup.

Martínez was the player who spoke at the press conference on Tuesday with Lionel Scaloni speaking after him. Lisandro was a substitute for Argentina in the 2-1 loss vs. Saudi Arabia but started against Mexico in the 2-0 win. When asked about the game vs. Mexico and the Argentina team, here is what he had to say:

“It was a decisive game. We did very well and after the match, we were all very happy. The team responded very well against Mexico.

“You can’t compare a World Cup game. Be it a Copa America or a Finalissima. The matches are very closed and we are looking to be able to give much more. We still haven’t gotten to what we can do.

“We have to remain calm, we can’t overload ourselves with too much pressure. We have to let it flow. We have to keep working like this. We know how important it is to represent the Argentina national team and wear this shirt. We are going to give our all.”

“We know that we have a big team, a big player, big potential. But it’s not only Argentina, it’s the World Cup. It’s not easy to play against every team, every game but we have to believe in our qualities. I think that we have to do it.

“Us as players, we have to adapt to any system and we are working to be prepared. We adapt to everything, be it a line of three or line of four.”

Regarding the game vs. Poland:

“I still don’t know the team. Poland is a very difficult team, they have important players like Lewandowski. We have to think about ourselves.

“We have to remain focused during the 90 minutes and play a swift way in defence.

“Poland is a very difficult opponent, defensively they are very solid and they have very good players.

“It’s going to be difficult, I think it will come down to details. We have seen Poland, we can tell that it’s a very tough opponent and they defend very well, that’s the reality.”

In regards to the loss vs. Saudi Arabia, here is what he had to say:

“It’s when you learn the most. The group is stronger, more prepared. When you are with the national team, you live everything.”


  1. “It was a decisive game. We did very well and after the match, we were all very happy.”

    That is the biggest problem of Argentina : they never learn. No introspection. “We did very well” For real ? Messi saved the game, the first half was the worst of the WC.

    This guys need to realize

    • Totally agree! It’s the mentality of a 3rd world vying for relevance/desparation. The team need to start playing like they normally would and not run around like head-less chickens with no identity. For once, let’s just get the midfield of DePaul, Enzo and Paredes (replaced with Guido/Mac for defensive stability or Palacios for 1 touch football and a mix of everything) and let Molina do those over-lapping runs.

    • Ya a lot of people are jumping to conclusion and media outlets keeps saying this bs as well. If Dani Alves can be a sub at age 39, Messi can be more than that. The only way this is Messi’s last WC is if we win it. Also messi says a lot of things he doesn’t follow through with like “Barcelona will be my only club” or his “retirement” from Argentina after the copa america 2016

  2. With the euphoria of our victory against MX settled, the pressure of the next match is slowly creeping in my mind.

    Having watched the 2002 group stage exit to a similar opponent, i dont know how we will overcome our next opponent.

    On paper we are a far superior team but so we were in 2002(aimar, batistuta, crespo). We threw even the kitchen sink at them but couldnt get the all important goal to calm our nerves down. Eventually sweden scored and we did not know how to respond. Although we tied the match in the 88th minute. But that was not enough and we were out of 2002 WC.

    We are poor in such scenarios where the opponent scores first. We loose our bearings, sense calmness. This is not a scaloni thing. Historically, its been like that unlike any european sides who are stone cold and doesnt get the situation to get the better of them.

    This WC we have been poor in both the matches. Its like 2018 WC, as some one mentioned in one of the write up. The only saving grace here is the camaraderie within the team members.

    Hope they will be able to turn the corner against Poland.

  3. My only concern. Molina vs montile ( prefer romero )
    DM. guido/enzo. LCM- MacA/Enzo. If playing both molina and acuna you need proper number 5. Guido is prefect. But can’t see guido and macA. In same team.

  4. Him and Cuti are the future and there was a time when having One solid defender was a dream and now there are two. Lots of things will change after this WC, Messi and Di maria will retire, Otamendi will probably stick around for a while, Papu will follow Messi’s lead and on with all the young Players.
    The new generation will have a whole lot less pressure on them to perform and that will bring out a lot of positives.
    Its hard to believe that somebody else will wear the #10 other than Messi but that’s life and nothing lasts forever, NOTHING.

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