Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni speaks on the game vs. Mexico, Poland


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni spoke about the game vs. Mexico and the game vs. Poland on Wednesday.

Lionel Scaloni was at the press conference on Wednesday speaking prior to the game on Wednesday vs. Poland. Scaloni commented about the 2-0 win vs. Mexico. Here is what he had to say:

“Against Mexico, we ended up defending with five players. But we started as usual. We will do the same tomorrow. Poland also have very skilled, very fast players. We have to adapt but we won’t change much.”

Scaloni also spoke about the game vs. Poland:

“We are expecting a difficult game. Poland is a team that at times, will close the area very well and also generates situations in the area. It’s different depending on who is there. Our idea is clear. We will try to defend the dead ball with a lot of concentration.

“It’s true that most opponents change their way of playing against us but Poland have a good idea of playing and they have eleven players who could change a game. They could play with a line of four, a line of five… Although it’s known that our opponents play differently. We expect something similar, that they adapt to our idea of playing, which is pretty clear.”

When asked about Robert Lewandowski:

“He’s a great player, it’s a privilege and a pleasure to be able to see him up close like any other fan. If he is at the same level as Messi? You have to enjoy him, you don’t have to compare.”


  1. Our success in the Copa was largely due to the stability and chemistry among the players. We basically played a very similar or the same team for a long time, which was instrumental building the trust and connection between players. Our midfield was basically DePaul, Parades, LoCelso and to a lesser extent Guaido and Palacios.

    Now, that setup has been broken not just because of LoCelso’s injury but also of parades’s off form. Scaloni needs to stop his experimentation right from the Poland game and find his midfield ASAP.

    We will not suffer for LoCelso’s absence but will suffer for not finding his replacement sooner to allow the new midfield click.

    Scaloni has been trying different mix for the midfield trio during the group stage as well as in trainings. He is taking one game at a time, which is a good tactic when you already have a setup for the starting eleven. If our ultimate goal is to be the champion, we also need to use all available game time to let Enzo integrate into the team.

    Sadly, Scaloni is giving less time to Enzo. He is putting most of his chips for McAllister while Palacios has been sidelined. Given the off form of parades and DePaul, Enzo should have been prioritized.

    • Guys, after 2 played games i am not confided in out team. I think that we are playing slow and predicted football. You are more familiar with the team (i am from croatia) and you know squad better but i am to experince not to see how bad it is right now. I hope that we can build our game but the time is thicking. Hoping for messi magic but all the rest have to do better. It seems to me like the fear is too big and that we are suffering enormous amont of pressure. After first 2 games, brasil and france are up high. We are not even close right now.

  2. Gastón Edul

    4 min
    Lionel Scaloni está entre Cristian Romero y Germán Pezzella para jugar al lado de Otamendi.

    Gastón Edul

    13 min
    Lisandro Martínez saldría del equipo titular para Argentina vs Polonia

    —What?? He says Licha will start against Poland and then he said Cuti or Pezzella will partner Otamendi. So 3 men defense or what??

  3. 5-3-2 is good and Argentina played well with this formation against Mexico in the second half, but our fullbacks aren’t at the level to play in this formation for 90 minutes. So, expect that Scaloni will implement this tactics for 30-45 mins in certain games depending on situation but not for the whole match.

    His player selection will depend on which half he wants to play 4-3-3 vs 5-3-2. But, in either case, benching Enzo will be a trigger for many to start questioning his intelligence. No matter what, you give the maximum minutes to your best midfielder.

    It’s absolutely necessary to play as much minutes as available both DePaul and Enzo together to gel as you progress to the notch out phase

  4. Right now I am watching Argentina vs Mexico the third time. I think everything related to this match is talked and analyzed by the members but one thing that none is talked about is one attribute that differs Montiel from Molina; the sliding tackle. I have never seen Molina making sliding tackles since I first saw him at Udinese up until now. It’s a very important skill for fullbacks and wingbacks, but I don’t know why Molina can’t even try it. Antoine Griezmann can make clean sliding tackles, but Molina who is a defender can’t make it. SMH.
    Molina needs to improve his positioning and sliding tackles a lot, other that he is a descent fullback/wingback.

    • > I have never seen Molina making sliding tackles

      2 good and unique observations for the Molina vs Montiel comparison.

      Yours and Mafioso said something about Montiel being better at passing triangles and possession.

  5. Qatar breaking all the key records
    1) 1st host nation to lose the opening match
    2) 1st host country eliminated from group stages
    3) 1st host nation to not get 1 point in group stage
    4) 1st host nation to spend more on infrastructure than yearly GDP (200b v 175b)

    • I always support the African countries over most countries. I’m not sure they “deserve” it more than Ecuador, it’s kind of bittersweet for me. Nonetheless, congrats Senegal!

  6. Usually Argentina performs okay under pressure except the first half of last match. In recent past I remember few matches prior to 2018 WCQ like against Columbia (3-0) , Ecuador (3-1) and also against Nigeria (2-1) in the 2018 Group stage . Pressure was huge on those occasion , and we did well .I hope they will some how manage to win this time.

    • In these matches Messi scored 5 and assisted 2, just like vs Mexico 1 goal 1 assist. Wo him we couldnt get out from the WC group stages in 2014 and now, and no WC participation in 2018 for sure. Im 100% sure he will score again and win the match tomorrow.

    • I flew all the way from Canada to Qatar to watch the first match against KSA. Until the first half the atmosphere was electric , too good to describe. I didn’t know that so many people around the world love Messi, Argentina. I can say 90% of the attendees were supporting Argentina. The way the locals were cheering for Messi on the streets, on the gallery is simply unbelievable ..I hope for the sake of all its supporters through out the world , this team delivers..and if we manage to top the group I have a firm belief , we will be a different team from then on..

  7. If I follow the latest news by Edul or TYC, it is very depressing because Scaloni yesterday said one thing, today said another.

    After the match vs. Mexico he said “We did not do well in the first half. We did well in the second half after the introduction of Enzo”

    Today he said, “We likely will repeat the SAME TEAM against Poland as we are satisfied with how they played but we are going to try some variety”

    SO guys there is a chance that he is going to play with the same shitty 11 as the Mexico one!
    I really hope this is just mind game because that team looked like they never played with each other before.

    The varieties that he talked about according to TYC is:
    Cuti or Licha
    Molina or Montiel
    Guido or Enzo

    The formation is confirmed 4-3-3, not 3-4-3 (Hernan Castillo twitter). Maybe Scaloni prepares 3-4-3 for the second half.

    So as usual, I will wait one by one player confirmed by Edul tomorrow like the last time. Really hope it’s not the exact same team. AT LEAST one change pls. Molina instead of Montiel or Enzo instead of Guido.

    • Whatever the starting 11, getting the desired result at the end is the most important. Scaloni, along with Aimar, Ayala and Samuel, has better plans than what we think. Be relaxed.

    • “Shitty team”?? This message board is toxic. Argentina hadn’t won a major trophy in nearly 30 years, and then Scaloni delivers one, but now he’s a moron?

      GLC and Nico G were major contributors to this team. Cuti came injured to the WC. Peredes too. Acuna as well. He’s had to deal with all of that. Then Argentina allows two goals on two shots and loses to the 52nd ranked team in the world. His fault? I guess. In any case, he’s had to adapt the next two games accordingly.

      I’m not giving him a pass on everything (I don’t want Montiel in there), but damn people on this board are morons and have bad spirits.

  8. Looking at what Scaloni said,

    “Against Mexico, we ended up defending with five players. But we started as usual. We will do the same tomorrow”.
    “We expect something similar, that they adapt to our idea of playing, which is pretty clear.”

    I think Scaloni is playing mind games. Why would ANY coach experienced or new, say their team’s gameplay is very clear..or that they will play the same way as last match?

    I smell a role-change coming for one or more players in next match..
    Most likely Enzo.. maybe even Dybala starts..who knows?

  9. If you can’t beat Poland of all the countries to save yourself some embarassment after all these years, MBappe would be right as except Brazil, all the other SA nations are going out in the 1st round incl. Argentina. Life’s full of tragedy/irony and wouldn’t be surprised to end my final hours of watching football with a loss!:-)

    • You seem to be a guy wanting Argentina to lose more than a supporter of team wishing that they play to their best of abilities… I know they are many wolves in a sheep’s clothing in this forum but off late this is getting out of place .. @roy please keep tab

    • Every game will be like this as it’s a do or die. I feel the same…The destiny of that team is NOT in our control. Don’t take things personally as none of us has any control on how they play. It’s disappointing to see horseshit football every minute barring some individual brilliance…The guys had it in them but now they play like toddlers being asked to kick the ball around a field and them having no idea what to do with it otherwise. They need a freaking psychologist to calm their nerves and not behave/think just like the fans. Aimar, Ayala, Samuel etc despite them being exceptional players, I don’t think they are capable of tactics and calm the hell down and make the players on the pitch play exactly like what they are capable of playing.

  10. Why does Scaloni feel the need to tell the opposition exactly what their game plan is? He is either really naive or really arrogant.

    Also..Alfaro game plan was dog shit.

  11. I love when a team sets up not to lose instead of trying to win and then lose. Loving the fact that Ecuador are losing after trying to be a bunch a pussies.

  12. I hope he has planned for Lewandoksi like Mexico had planned for Messi and Dimaria! We can’t give Lewa any space whatsoever!! Again, keeping it tight in the back and not conceding early and not conceding at all should be our no-1 priority! If we concede zero goals nothing can stop us from scoring atleast one goal and also there is no way in hell Saudi can defeat Mexico unless FIFA pulls that VAR crap again!!

  13. “Against Mexico, we ended up defending with five players. But we started as usual. We will do the same tomorrow…”

    Does that mean a 4-2-3-1 qua 3-5-2 with Guido again dropping deep a la libero/sweeper, before switching to an actual 5-3-2 with an addition of an extra central defender?

    • 3-5-2 is difficult to master but our final minutes vs Mexico was good with Acuna and Molina having more freedom and provide ample width. A defence of Licha-Cuti-Otam also looks solid enough.

      Anyway lets see who all starts.

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