Alexis Mac Allister, Julián Álvarez score for Argentina in 2-0 win vs. Poland


Alexis Mac Allister and Julián Álvarez scored for Argentina in their 2-0 win vs. Poland.

It was Argentina’s best game at the World Cup and they were rewarded with a place in the Round of 16 at the World Cup. Argentina controlled the entire first half and were awarded a controversial penalty kick.

Poland’s goalkeeper Wojciech Szczęsny had his hand in Messi’s face after Messi had already headed the ball out of play. The referee went to VAR and a penalty was given.

A penalty for Argentina and Messi had his effort saved. The first half ended 0-0 with Argentina creating a few chances.

Mac Allister gave Argentina the 1-0 lead very early in the second half. A low pass into the penalty area by Nahuel Molina and it fell to Mac Allister and his effort would make it 1-0 for Argentina.

Enzo Fernández started the match and had an assist on the second goal. A pass in to Julián Álvarez as Álvarez would shoot from outside of the penalty area and score to make it 2-0 and extend Argentina’s lead.

Argentina play Australia in the Round of 16 on Saturday.


    • What’s up with el Toro? Agree Alvarez runs are crazy good. Let’s hope he can work on 1×1. Seems like he misses them often but then scores golazos.

      El toro seems off. I hope he gets goal scoring form soon.

  1. No hate to MacAllister. He did great. But I would still play Dybala in his place. How come Dybala didn’t get chance even when MacAllister was subbed!?

    Instead of defender Molina going so far up, that job can be done by Dybala.

    • McAllister played a heck of a game. I’m sure he’s now becoming a known starter.

      Enzo – world class, a little scared at first but built confidence throughout game and assisted

      I think dybala will have his moment vs Australia.

    • No. Dybala should play in right wing as dimaria replacement dimaria is not playing that good frankly speaking. Dybala should play right wing as he is playing in roma this season plus under mourinho he is pressing and helping in defense

  2. Relief Relief Relief . Also the momentum is uphill.
    Acuna & Montiel should ensure they dont pick another yellow which rules them out of QF. After QF – card accumulation is wiped out.
    An old debt of an Olympics game loss vs Australia to be repaid with interest in coming days !!!
    Hope Scaloni is keeping Dybala hidden to unleash him in knockout stage. Thats my only remaining crib on coach. But got to call out his selection of Macclister & Alvarez fully vindicated today.

  3. Great game by beloved Argentina. Scalony tactics was perfect for last two games. Timely changes. Scalony haters please shut up. He won us Copa. Hopefully WC too.

    • ………and the uniform was almost the same……….the blue Albiceleste uniform akin to what they wore today. That 2006 goal had something like 22 passes. I’d also love to know how many passes we had…….perhaps 15? I didn’t count. I was over the moon to care.

      WE MARCH ON!

    • ………and the uniform was almost the same……….the blue Albiceleste uniform akin to what they wore today. That 2006 goal had something like 22 passes. I’d also love to know how many passes we had……..perhaps 15? I didn’t count. I was over the moon to care.

      WE MARCH ON!

        • About Socceroos, they play counterattack and have a young team. BTW, we struggled to defeat Saudi during qualifiers.

          They are young and spirited but I don’t see any reason why it will be difficult to beat them.
          My prediction
          Argentina 3-0 Australia.
          The best part is we have lost against Saudi so there is no way we will take Socceroos lightly.

          • Agreed.
            The best thing that happened to this team that we love is to lose against KSA.
            That was a blessing in disguise.
            I was kind of sick about it but we are all over it now.
            We needed it. We needed that. We needed the pressure. We needed two finals whereby, you lose and go home and we delivered.

            Now, there’ll be no such pressure. We’ll definitely beat the Socceroos God willing.

            With God’s grace, we’ll beat the US. I see them beating Holland but regardless, we’ll beat the Dutch.

            Then we take on (Brazil?)

  4. Give credit to scaloni.. perfectly managed the roster, Substitutions👌👌 introducing pezella and paredes.
    Concerning thing is the form of lautaro Martinez and exclusion of dybala

  5. Good that team played well despite messi missing penalty. Lautro being shit is bad news for us. Hopefully Di Maria and Lautro play better.

  6. Team absorb the early pressure. It will definitely help them and boost up confidence in big matches. Inshallah we could go all the way this’s 3.33 am in bangladesh and people are celebrating the win

  7. @Roy Nemer.

    Eagerly waiting for you, Seba and Osvaldo. This was one of the best game I ve seen Argentina played in a WC. Total domination ❤️🔥.

    – Shovan from Florida

  8. Best game of the tournament simply total domination. When we lost to Saudi I said we will beat Mexico and Poland and go long this tournament that is exactly what will happen, losing to saudi made wake no underestimate no team

  9. Great Game from Argentina… Scaloni did great with the Midfield.

    But still one question: why the hell no Dybala?????????
    What about the talks before WC that Scaloni will give Time to Dybala???
    He is so good right now I don’t get it why not play Dybala instead bring Almada that’s a joke

    I think Dybala would be a starter in almost every other team in the WC

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