Argentina starting eleven vs. Poland at the World Cup


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has his starting eleven vs. Poland at the World Cup with a few changes to the team.

Lionel Scaloni has made a few changes to the team which started vs. Mexico. Nahuel Molina and Cristian Romero start in place of Gonzalo Montiel and Lisandro Martínez.

Enzo Fernández also starts in place of Leandro paredes and up front, Julián Álvarez is in place of Lautaro Martinez. Here is the elven:

Dibu Martínez; Molina, Romero, Otamendi, Acuña; De Paul, Enzo Fernández, Alexis Mac Allister; Lionel Messi, Julián Álvarez and Di María


  1. Dale Tango. The team finally showing what they’re capable of. The loss against KSA was a timely wake up call. Mc Allister gave another slap in the face to the haters and trolls, he’s good in tight spaces and around the box, keeps it simple and ticking and has been consistently doing it for Brighton, Scaloni knows what he is doing. Enzo was mercurial in the Regista role, De Paul and the rest all getting their confidence back. Only worry is Toro, we still need him firing, and Dybala, boy he needs game time, hopefully against Australia. Wish we had scored one more for Mexico’s sake.


  2. Scaloni had the perfect Substitutions, introducing pezella instead of inform lisandro as the 3rd CB to avoid last minute set piece chances and paredes to gain midfield control 👌👌

  3. Happy to see the team play their game without too many nerves! Enjoyed the win and I know you’ll did as well! Onwards it is!!!

  4. the first game loss has woken up the sleeping giant…1978 WC Mexico out of group stages… Argentina lost one of its group matches but Argentina went on to win the World cup…too many similarities… it’s like history repeating itself…I hope this history comes true again…VAMOS ALBICELESTEEEEE

  5. 1978: Mario Kempes missed a penalty in the 3rd game

    1986: Diego Maradona missed a penalty in the 3rd game

    2022: Lionel Messi missed a penalty in the 3rd game

    What is loading ?

    • History is for sh1t and the present is always there to rewrite that! Don’t get excited…Let’s enjoy the journey!

    • 1978 WC Mexico out of group stages… Argentina lost one of its group matches but Argentina went on to win the World cup…too many similarities… it’s like history repeating itself…I hope this history comes true again…VAMOS ALBICELESTEEEEE
      Also, poland advanced to the second round in 1978 and was in the group with Mexico

  6. If any penalty we’d like to miss, it’s a penalty in a win. Also today, the team won with Messi missed penalty and had no goal or assist, it’s good to see some independence from Messi.

        • You need to control your language! SA caused a giant upset and it’s okay to get excited but maybe a few fans went over the line! I don’t like the regime there but don’t make the people and players responsible for the horror show in that country. We moved past it…Let’s enjoy the win and there’s no reason to hurt another.

          • Don’t lecture me on language you fucking asshole. Saudis were being overly disrespectful and now we showed them.

            I will say whatever the hell I want against that country, they are racist and homophobic country. I can never respect that.


  8. Messi playmaking is out of this fucking universe. Cheat code. His penalty was rather a big save than a horrible penalty, but who will score the penalties after this? Macallister? Di Maria is horrible taker too.

    • MacAllister seems to be the right fit. Glad he show-cased himself well and we’ll must be happy for him that he got a goal for us.

  9. One of the best performances I have seen since Finalissima. Amazing performance. Argentina played “can’t touch this” (MC Hammer) futbol. Everyone played great. MacAllister has the best game of his life which came at the right time and at the right moment. He was definitely one of the MOM, if not the MOM.

    As for him. I disagree completely if any of his matches in the past he played good. Including against Mexico, he looked fine but not connected to the team. However, I am never a biased fan. If someone plays good, I would tell you that he plays good. Today he is the MOM and a difference maker. That’s good. If he keeps playing like this, then he deserves to start.

    But again, it doesn’t mean that I was blind before. This is the only good game he plays for Argentina. The good news about him is his graphic performance is improving. Against Ecuador and venezuela he was very poor. Against Jamaica he was the worst. Against Estonia he was okayish. Against UEA he was okayish. Against Mexico he was so so. Now he is good, so it is good that he is improving.

    As for others. They all played amazing. Julian Alvarez maybe another MOM. Enzo Fernandez is a star. His consistency is amazing. He showed his offensive ability too today as a left midfielder. Cuti is the Cuti we know. Molina is underrated, he needs to be given more chance to cross the ball. Messi was very unlucky not to score. Acuna played like the prime Sorin. De Paul was so so, but he was improving. Almada looked great too.

    Let’s hope we will keep playing better and better.

  10. Just amazed by the performance of macallister. How can he make those runs without even get noticed by their defenders and get into the right space? A player with great positional sense and coolness. Woww I also criticized him for his lack of forward balls. But he is becoming another 💎 for Argentina. May be against these physical European teams macallister seems better than lo celso. He has that grit. And Enzo lethal player. Great physicality and stamina and attacking instinct. Atlast our worst criticized players like macallister de Paul Molina got to the right rhythm at the right time.

  11. I said this before, our weakness is playing at 0 – 0 and when we’re down.

    Looks to me like we start playing our best game after a first goal.

    Scaloni needs to turn this around…against Aus we need to be ruthless from the get go and relentless…it is ok to rest players but all subs must come in with a fire already in their belly

  12. Total domination. Enzo what a player. MacAllister coming through. I can’t believe I said that. Saving DiMaria at 60 minutes. Only negative I see are, one what happened to Lautaro’s form? Two, no Dybala sighting. All in, the team is rounding up into form. Fantastic job on Lewandowski.

  13. Finally a good and dominant performance. Great assist from Enzo. River chemistry?
    Julian did better than Lautaro. Good decision to start him.
    DePaul was much much better than in previous matches.
    We could or should have scored 4 or 5.

    Only disappointment was that Dybala did not come on for Di Maria or for Messi who looked tired at the end.

  14. @Wisdom, remember the day we lost to KSA and I said we WILL reach the next round, but you never believed that and with anger you said me “STOP the nonsense” lol
    I think you are very happy now with our performance. Vamoooooooos Argentina!!!

  15. Argentina has showed his true strength today. Best game in this tournament by our team. Fuck off Scalonay haters. Don’t care who is playing if Argentina win. Scalony read the game perfectly. Most of the troll guy always says Mac Alister should not be in the team. Yet he is make the difference. Some people here annoying us too much. Admin please take care.

  16. The Polish had some fine women in the stands 😉

    Ahhhhh SORRY Mexico, WE TRIED you reap what you sow BITCHES hehehehehe
    Like I said, ARGENTINA IS THE BETTER and an easy win AS IT SHOULD what was that Polish Striker called, I didn’t see him Ballon d’OR my ASS..

    GREAT PLAY BOYS, On to the next

    • It was Mexico’s turn to crash out of the group stage. It happened to Argentina, France (2002), Spain (98, 2014), Italy (2010, 2014), England, Portugal (2014), Germany (2018). Every world cup one or 2 big names don’t make it out of the group.

  17. So finally the objective of group matches achieved with a great lesson of first match

    Now it looks more meaningful for this tournament..

    Let’s go.. Vamosss 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

  18. The table now looks righteous. However I think we did France a favor…

    I mean if this was Poland’s must-win game, might as well give France the QF ticket right now…

    I do hope a diff Poland shows up in R16 and knocks out France.

  19. This Poland dont deserve to go for KO. They dont have no game plan to counter. Mexico was a better overall than this Poland. So sad they missed out.

  20. Clinical, 10 out of 10 performance with pure possession football, couldn’t expect for a better performance. The real Argentina is back. Now lets see whose gonna stop us.

    Only glitches Messi penalty miss, Still no sign of Dybala, Lautaro looks far off touch.

  21. Is it just me or does Molina look like he’s scared to make mistakes every time he gets the ball up field on the wings? He always looks scared. I’m surprised he was scoring a lot for Udinese.

  22. Can some one explain to me please. Now poland and mexico are tied. Both four points. Goal difference zero for both teams.goals scored same. When go for head to head, they drew. So in this case which team will proceed to next round.just curious

  23. It’s simply a world class game today! This type of game play can make a team champion!!
    VAMOS!!! 🇦🇷🇦🇷✌️✌️💪💪

  24. Wow young guns are firing #future
    it’s that dream combo of alverz and enzo something we see at river this future combo is good,
    I don’t know when was the last time we had a combo of mid-striker.
    So happy for maclister too always supported him here and got blamed, he is a star thats why he wears no. 10 for a premiure legue club even before turning 23 people wont accept him

  25. This is what I love about the game , Saudi Arabia beat us , they lose against Poland that we are beating and that beat them, they’re losing against Mexico that we defeated

  26. Not a good idea with these defensive substitutions.

    Who will play on the wings for us? Di Maria and Acuna were our main creative forces today.

    We need a second one to kill this.

  27. Poland will come hard at ARG in the 2nd half…. ARG need to score…. else will be doomed…. Messi looked tired and had a bad game…. Dybala should have started….
    Acuna could have passed the ball instead of just shooting from weird angles….
    Some1 needs to step up other than Messi, to make ARG safe…..

  28. Now that the match slides into the second half with 0-0, we should be more tight at the back. Don’t rush for all out attack. Goal will come. If we concede now, it’s over.

    PS. Julian should have converted at least one of the big two chances he got.

    • I don’t think we look vulnerable in defense at all. Anytime Poland tried counter attack, we neutralized it very easily. I would say just keep doing what they have been doing. If we have 9 shoots on target again in the second half, at least one of them would be a goal.

  29. You can say
    ‘Well..that is the beauty of sports’
    ‘That’s bloody football for you’
    Or anything else..but
    I cannot take this ‘die another day’ situation I find my beloved team in…game after game…

    Even Messi..smh..

  30. Forget about saved penalty, that was not a penalty in first place.
    Meanwhile Scaloni should assume Poland will come second half with different approach, defenders ought to be careful

  31. I wish Acuna had some finishing abilities, wonder why Molina is not receiving balls like that inside the box he got super finishing ability
    Also, de paul could have taken penalty and I love to see Messi inside the box when corners taken that will put extra pressure and man marking on opposition defenders also panick from them even though messi is not good at heading

    • Acuña lacks the skill and decision making to apply the offensive opportunities he has been getting. I wish we had wing backs like Zanetti and Sorin who are actually skillful and can score.

  32. When it is 0-0 but there is a lot of chances then it is not worrying. If it is 0-0 but there is no chance then you should worry. But we have a lot of chances here. It is just a matter of time I guess. I mean 9 shots on goal in 45 minutes, that’s good man.

  33. Mac Allister and Di Maria are the best so far.
    But this Match scream for Dybala… He can make the difference. Maybe bring Dybala for Di Maria around the 60 min

    and let’s hope for Messi that he scores in this game

  34. This looks like its gonna be bad, it looks like we are following the same pattern, creating endless chances but not scoring, same like what happened to us in endless times so many examples.

    No idea how we gonna score a goal past this Poland GK. It looks cursed. Worried.

  35. Thats fine!! That penalty wasn’t supposed to be awarded anyways as the ball had already passed Messi before the contact. I would like to see Lautaro in for Alvarez as he is getting tired and Dybala for MacAllister. Depaul dropping deep to defend.We are playing great and we are going to win this guys!!

  36. DePaul again looked very bad. Alvarez helping defense, but should have buried that chance. Messi..what a put the game one bed…
    MacAllister again done really well…he’s playing more centrally…

  37. Good fighting spirit in this half, it doesn’t help that Poland are playing park the bus because they only really need a draw, but we need to score.

  38. We are showing some urgency and fighting spirits after the penalty save. Everyone wants to score on this polish motherfucking goalkeeper.

  39. Terrible miss by Messi. He looked more nervous than Alvarez. He can’t lose this match cause the pundits are waiting. He need to score hattrick now.

  40. McAllister and Enzo needs to switch positions. Playing in higher up the field. McAllister is barely touching the ball. Whereas, Acuna is missing chances.

    Did McAllister ever take a shot at goal in his last 11-12 appearances?

  41. Lionel Scaloni mind games.
    2 days before the match: “We will likely repeat the same formation. We are happy with what we see, although we are trying some variations”

    Today: 4 changes:

  42. Why dybala never get to play, is it politics between players or the coach don’t see him fit in his plan , bc the guy been amazing why not at least sub I’m in in the 70th minutes?

  43. I am not that nervous at all about this game. The first 2 games were typical of Scaloni’s in any tournaments he faced before.

    I mean in Copa 2019:
    Game 1 Lost against Colombia 0-2
    Game 2 Draw against Paraguay 1-1
    Game 3 Win against Qatar 2-0

    Copa 2021
    Game 1 Draw against Chile 1-1
    Game 2 Win against Uruguay 1-0
    Game 3 Win against Paraguay 1-0
    Game 4 Win against Bolivia 4-1

    Scaloni always started every tournament slow and then they got better and better as the tournament progress. Be sure to know that the graphic of the performance is going up instead of staying the same.

    Those 2 tournaments are the best comparison of what happens today, NOT in 2002 with Bielsa NOT in 2018 with Sampaoli.

  44. Players should have won first match against Saudi Arabia to minimize such kind of tension.
    This is not fair. I won’t bear to see the team eliminated leave alone facing France

  45. Alvarez will play pressing football. So would Enzo. So they both would need replacement around 60-65 mins. Who are their replacements? If Lautaro is not on reserve who comes in in place of Alvarez? Dybala? A Correa? And who for Enzo? I hope Scaloni has situational plans for the replacements and I hope the bench without Lautaro is still good.

  46. Hopefully DePaul comes back, he has to hold the ball well, turn around as fast as he used to. Maybe his mentality wasn’t good in the last two games. MacAllister, Enzo plays really well.

  47. As I hoped, we would be flooding the final 3rd of Polish half with attackers and Scaloni would go back to defensive formation after a 2-goal lead… just like in the beginning stages of our WC Qalifiers…

    Watching the pre-game warm-ups now..

  48. On Licha and Romero: Licha and Romero both are excellent players with different attributes. Licha is one of the best ball playing defenders in the world who can take the ball to the forwards skipping midfield links. However, Licha’s ball playing skill is liquidated by the fact that we are already playing 3 ball playing midfielders. On top of that, although Licha is extremely good in air for his height, he with Acuña are not a good match to defend aerial threat. Also, Licha needs a genuine DM strong in air in front of him which is evidenced by his instant improvement after Casemiro joined Man U. On the other hand, Romero is equally good defender, comfortable than Otamendi playing on the right (Ota plays on the right when partnered with Licha), and better match Molina

    Bottom line is, Licha matches betters with either Taglo or Guido, and Romero does so with Enzo/paredes and Molina. Licha is best suited for a 3 men defense.

  49. I am very tensed. It feels like a final. Do or die for us. If we manage to win this match then i have to say scaloni managed rotation very well. 5 changes in 1st game and 4 changes in 2nd game so if we win we will be fresh for australia. Today in later stages australian players looked exhausted. But im very tensed. Poland will be tough to beat. I don’t need a close match. I want a comfortable win. Plz Argentina plz don’t bottle this time

  50. Poland not starting Milik. So it looks like defend and counter strategy similar to Mexico game. We will most likely be camped in the Poland box with the occasional break away and aerial balls from them.



  52. For those asking about Licha instead of Cuti, let me tell you this. In Copa America, Scaloni had his starters, and sometimes he gave a chance to the subs to show what they got by putting them in the starting line up which included: J Correa, A Correa, Papu, Aguero, Pezzella, Tagli, Montiel, and Di Maria. Almost all of them did well whenever given a chance but J Correa. A Correa did well in a game with those twisting turns. Papu scored a goal from Messi’s assist. Aguero assisted Messi. Pezzella had some amazing tackles. And Di Maria always looked even better than the starter, Nico Gonzales.

    BUT… it is TOUGH to permanently replace the real starters. I remember A Correa did so good and we thought he deserves to be in the starting line up, but he did not make the starters the next game. The same with Papu. Di Maria only made it to the starting line up in the final, after a series of amazing games. that’s how tough it is to get into the starting line up for Scaloni.

    The same with now. Licha played good yes. But if you think just because he played good, then he already replaces Cuti in the starting line up, then you’re wrong. Scaloni never does that UNLESS the one that he replaces with is someone whose quality is way lower than the new comer, for example:
    Emi-> Armani
    Cuti -> Pezzella/LM Quarta

    Now Enzo finally makes it to the starting line up after a series of good games (from his debut in friendlies up until the Mexico game yesterday). He needed 5 games (Honduras, Jamaica, UEA, Saudi, and Mexico) to convince Scaloni that he is a starter material. I totally believe he will stay there.

    How about Paredes? According to the latest report Paredes competed with MacAllister for the starter, so it should remain that way after this match. Paredes is very close to making it. He doesn’t start ONLY because he is on the way to his best, but when he is back to his best, be sure to know that he will start for sure.

  53. If Argentina beat Poland they’ll face Australia in r16, then either USA or Netherlands. All reasonably beatable opponents for an easy route to the Semi finals. Vamos Argentina!

  54. Lewandowski, Zielinski and goal keeper Szczesny are the only 3 big players in the Poland team.

    Mark first 2 player and beat the GK…this is the task.

  55. Love the line up! I’m just not sure about el toro. Is he hurt ? Starting Alvarez could deflate the striker or motivate him even more to get his spot. Either way, el Toro is a super sub compared to the other way around. As much as I like Alvarez hustle and scoring abilities, I don’t think he was a super sub just yet.

  56. Good team, Lautaro is not 100% fit, with Alvarez our left side should be more lively and not non existing. Enzo is a must as DM/regista, not as an AM, a player who makes connection between the lines, makes progressive passes to find the attackers in good positions. Not that pathetic U-passing as vs Mexico in the first half again wo progression. Macallister is a better box to box player. Romero over Lisandro for height issues vs Lewandowsi and Milik. Molina over Montiel that our right side be better with helping for Di Maria. Perfect selection from Scaloni.

  57. I think the idea is playing Messi upfront as a false 9 and putting Julian on the left flank. This looks a very balanced system, at least on paper. We are strong on both flanks and Messi won’t have to drop down.

  58. The mighty france got defeated by tunisia. So france is not strong after all. And how about the overated denmark? Packing things to back to home. They went Qatar to promote homo sexuality, not to play football. I wanna belgium, debmark, germany, wales, england and nedherland to be out from world cup. They are worse than animals, promoting most disgusting thing in the world during the most important sports event in the
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    • Dont make this platform political. You may hate Denmark for political reason but this is not the right platform to discuss. Delete your comment and talk about football only

    • @Farzan, No one cares about your political or religious view. Keep that to yourselves. There are plenty of Argentina fans who may be LGBTQ. This platform is also for them. I hate racist and xenophobic people, and u r a bloody racist. I don’t wanna curse you, but go and do something better…

      • Does not matter relavant or not. Is it relavant to promote homosexuality in the world cup. Is this the most appropriate platform to promote and discuss about homosexuality. Denmark decided to withdraw from Fifa coz they cant promote LGBTQ.hehe.Cowards.i will not delete coz I am a supporter of football and argentina.But i will stop supporting arg once they start promoting gay rights on the football field. Sorry guys. I hope argentina wins tonights match. It will be a touch match. My question is why scolani not starting lisandro martinez.Is he too short for the polish forwards?

    • > They are worse than animals, promoting most disgusting thing in the world

      This statement reflects who you are. Enough of your bigoted trash views. Take your vile opinions elsewhere.

    • Fazan you may not like homosexuality and i can understand and I respect your view, you have the right of opinion but you cant attack people like this. You may hate the idea but do not hate people. Everyone is God’s creation. This is a football forum and lets keep it that way. You may have a point of view I may have mine but attacking is not justified. I dont like European Football teams either but I dont hate the people.
      Alhamdulillah we won today and showed the World what we are. It was a total domination. If we play like this we would win this World Cup In Sha Allah.
      Hats off to the players hats off to Scaloni.
      Vamos Albiceleste.

  59. I hope you bustardos got your jerseys on and your mata straws ready.
    I put on the purple away, Roy better be right. 😂 I already left the house and can’t change back
    Vamos Vamos !!!!

    • I had my jersey on for the first match and kept it next to me for the second one..

      No points for guessing what I will do today 🙂

      Vamos bustardos..and bustardines..

  60. Romero showed against Mexico that, he’s back to the level. Hope he perform better today. Montiel, Lautaro, Guido and DePaul were the bad players against Mexico. Except DePaul, all removed.

  61. Romero ?? After his shit against saoudi arabia licha was tough vs mexico hope they won t lose again because of cuti
    Julian alvarez hope he ll do good or everybody will cut him after the game
    It will be tough game hope they re gonna play good and win hope to see dybala on place of di maria in the 2nd hope this country will raise again and make the most beautiful tribute to diego he deserves it for his loving Argentina

  62. Yes it must really motivate the players to know if they win they will top and have Australia next.

    Now I keep thinking of our Final must win game last WC where the penalty was given and made things difficult.

    Hope none of that stuff this time.

    • Exactly. I would also give Lautaro another chance to get his scoring rhythm back. Coaches need to count on their players when they’re off form. Just dropping is not a solution.

      • Why take it that way? Lautaro can come and make some immediate impact in the 2nd half against a relatively tired defence

        Alvarez has more natural ability I guess
        Good to see him starting

        • Yes, he can. This omission can also charge him up and revitalize his yearning. I was just thinking what Scaloni will do in the next match should we go second round and Lautaro or Julian can’t score or have a good game today. Will he again switch back to a now less confident Lautaro ?

  63. Enzo is world class. At least Scaloni finally acknowledges this. It took him the final game to finally start Di Maria, although he kept playing amazing game after game in Copa America. Thanks goodness for Enzo it is not that long. I believe Enzo will stay in the starting line up. The guy is everything we need from a midfielder. His confidence level is amazing for a 21 years old. He’s got that “mamba mentality”.

    Expect these players to make the subs in the second half no matter what the situation is: Lautaro, Licha Martinez, Paredes/Palacios, Dybala, and one more.

  64. It all depends on us now! Australia is the perfect opponent for us in the round of 16 to gain more confidence and build more chemistry. In 2006 WC Italy’s didn’t play the best football in the group stages and even in the the round of 16 when they faced Australia, but they started playing better in the quarter final vs Ukraine and the rest is history. I think we can do the same and guess what? Our round of 16 opponent is theirs (Australia). Vamooos Argentina!

  65. Vamos!! This game is win or go home situation.

    Facing France in R16 is a death penalty. Wining and playing Australia in R16 will further boost our confidence!!

  66. According to my stats, Julian is the third highest offensive rating. We scored 15 goals in 425 minutes he is on the pitch compared to 11 goals in 673 minutes Lautaro is on the pitch.

    NOT SAYING that Julian is better than Lautaro because the sample size is still a bit too small, but at least Julian is a quality. He’s not a Joaquin Correa for sure.

    Would have liked Paredes better instead of MacAllister, but hope it is Macallister who will play 5 and Enzo playing Lo Celso’s position not the other way around.

    • MacAllister did a good job last match as LCM. Enzo will play CDM.

      Julian is faster, especially when we need to use more open space on the left side.

      • Not really. He did good for his own standard, not making mistakes, so on. But he did not connect with the whole team at all. He was one of the reasons why we had a really bad first 50 minutes, not because of all mistakes he did but because of lacking of team chemistry.

        • I disagree. Mac had really a good game. He always showed up for the ball and didn’t put a foot wrong. Yes, he didn’t do anything spectacular to unlock the defense or test the goalkeeper. But again, who did?

  67. So it will be :

    —-Alvarez——-Messi—–Di Maria
    ———McAllister—–De Paul

    I dont really trust in McAllister but im keep curious.. And this 11 start could be so good with Lo Celso… What a shame he is out.

  68. Scaloni seems like panicking the most. He’s built up this team for the last 3 years and now making five changes every game.

    But this time, I’m happy with the changes. Five changes in last match was unnecessary.

    • Those changes made are all valid
      It proved to be better players who contributed to our winning against Mexico
      Enzo & Alvares
      Romeros fits in this game as most of poland attack will come through high balls
      Lets be optimistic and final pray all our players meet their fitness and luck

      I guess you panic more than Scaloni 🙂

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