Lionel Messi speaks on Argentina win vs. Poland, game vs. Australia


Lionel Messi spoke about Argentina’s 2-0 win vs. Poland and the Round of 16 game vs. Australia.

Messi missed a penalty in the 2-0 win vs. Poland but was involved in creating chances for Argentina. Speaking to the media after the win, here is what he had to say:

“Angry for having missed the penalty but the team came out stronger after my mistake. We knew that once the first goal went in, it would change the game.

“The previous game gave us a lot of peace of mine and we went out onto the pitch thinking we had to win.

“The match against Australia is going to be very difficult. Anyone can beat anyone, it’s all even. We have to prepare for the game as we always do.

“We should be calm and take it match by match. Now, another World Cup stars and hopefully we could continue to maintain what we did today.”


  1. Currently Julian is better in all aspects than Lautato. In his day Lautato is a beast, no doubt. But for now, Julian should be the starter. Besides Angel Correa & Dybala deserve some times I think. Finally Macalister changed my view regarding him! Enzo is just superb in a word, may be going to be a big star soon.
    Anyway, if we play like this game, really we can dream for something big inn shaa Allah! 🇦🇷🇧🇩💪✌️💙

  2. Match against Australia would be tough considering the number of days left between this win the the match. Many players who gave their all to today’s match and stayed till the end might have tired feet like De Paul, Messi, Romero, Otamendi. But that would be true for Australia. Australia has been fast and furious after their big defeat in the first match. Would Scaloni consider bringing in some fresh legs in the starting line up like Dybala, A Correa, Foyth …

  3. Defense was top notch today, 2-3 defenders RUSHING at and around any polish player who had the ball is what we have gotten accustomed to with this team and obviously what was missing in the first game.
    Great WIN today but Messi needs to take his time and not rush PKs and I HATE when they say Missed a PK, he didn’t it was a simple gamble on the GK and he simply stopped it.

    Did ya’ll see The Wall celebrating on the bench after the goal, I have never seen him show any emotions from all the previous games until today

    • Can somebody check on El-principe😂😂
      McAllister is here to stay 🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷. We should always support our players the moment Scaloni announced the list for the tournament. Vamos Argentina

  4. Mcallister surprised me today, played really good. I always thought he is a defensive minded player but he proved me wrong. Probably he is the only guy in our midfield who will get in behind from midfield and can also get into some really good positions to score, he is a better finisher thn lo celso no doubt. Overall a very good game for all our players. Vamos Argentina! 🇦🇷🇧🇩

  5. It was a very great match of Argentina, objectively speaking, probably the best performance of any big team so far of this world cup. Poland had 0 shot opportunity, does anyone know what’s the color of jersey of Emi Martinez? Argentina could have won by 4-0 easily. I haven’t seen such a domination so far in any match of this world cup.

  6. RDP turned it around when we needed him the most. Lots of back passes but it’s alright, he hustled, created tons of passing options 145!!, passed accurately 94%, and defended valiantly. He’s crucial to La Scaloneta so the important thing is that he improved massively today. Messi’s duals are high but that’s the nature and risk of good dribblers.

    Accc Passes- Duals (Won)- Ground Duals (won)- SofaScore Rating
    Rodrigo de Paul 137/145 (94%)- 8 (3)- 8 (3)- 7.1
    Nicolás Otamendi 88/91 (97%)- 4 (2)- 2 (1)- 7.3
    Enzo Fernández 86/94 (91%)- 5 (5)- 2 (2)- 7.7
    Leandro Paredes 77/80 (96%)- 4 (3)- 1 (0)- 6.9
    Cristian Romero 70/78 (90%)- 8 (3)- 3 (0)- 6.8
    Nahuel Molina 60/67 (90%)- 5 (2)- 4 (2)- 7.6
    Lionel Messi 59/70 (84%)- 14 (7)- 12 (6)- 8.2
    Alexis Mac Allister 50/52 (96%)- 5 (4)- 4 (4)- 8.2
    Ángel Di María- 39/44 (89%)- 8 (4)- 8 (4)- 7.0

  7. Guys we can beat anybody when we play our game just like we can lose to anybody if we are off. We just have to peak at the right time. I think USA has a legit shot against Netherlands. And Brazil will habe to battle Spain and that may be enough to slow their ass down for us to pound their arrogant asses. There is not a drop of humility with Brazil.

    • There is not a drop of humility with Brazil -> yeah man… it’s when they are the most arrogant that they will fall down.. let them have it! ha!

  8. Enzo Fernandez vs Poland:

    79 mins played
    99 touches
    100% duels won
    100% accurate long balls
    100% tackles won
    92% passing accuracy
    86 accurate passes
    10 final third entries
    5 duels won
    2 chances created
    2 ball recoveries
    2 tackles
    1 assist

    A gem

  9. It’s a gift that Argentina will play Australia and then the winner of Netherlands-USA. Argentina need to crystalize that. Once the players get rid of stress and fear like against Poland, they can make it. Netherlands players are not ready yet physically, USA lot of intensity in the midfield can create the surprise. Total respect for Australia with their best player in 2nd division of Japan. It is a good example collective football can work.

      • Yes like many coaches they need 2 first matches to observe the players and made the adjustments. Like Acuna, MacAllister, Enzo and Julian Alvarez in the 11 which was not expected. I think Germany will be the next team which wakes up.

        • Germany woke up against Spain 2nd half and I’d bet they do well tomorrow against Costa Rica. Spain too so Germany will place #2 and challenge France on the other side of the bracket if they get passed Portugal

    • I’ve said after the KSA match that the opening match upset was beautifully rigged and manipulated by multiple groups of interests, and we would certainly get something in return. Here we are. We now have the easiest path to SF! Vamos!!!

  10. BTW I will keep posting this after every game until all is fulfilled. Enzo, MacAllister, Alvarez all **MISSION ACCOMPLISHED**

    On November 21, 2022 At 7:49 pm I wrote this:


    Cuti will be a rock!
    Emi will be a Giant!
    DePaul will be an engine!
    DiMaria will celebrate with the heart gesture, symbolic love of all Argentine fans WORLDWIDE!
    Dybala will have his moment with his signature celebration!
    Enzo will get his chance and he will shine! (**MISSION ACCOMPLISHED**)
    Paredes will finally have one of his rocket shots on target!
    Alvarez will become the 9th Wonder of the World! (**MISSION ACCOMPLISHED**)
    Lautaro will set a record!
    Even MacAllister will be KEY and he will unlock defenses! (**MISSION ACCOMPLISHED**)
    Every sub will play like a starter!
    Messi will hold the trophy when it’s all set and done!
    In every major city in Argentina, the confetti will rain sky blue and white!
    Babies will be born 9 months from now!
    Broken marriages restored! “What were we arguing about again?”
    The world will sing a new song for Argentina!
    CR7 will sing don’t cry for me Argentina!

    Here in Mundo the troll, the agitator, the opinionated, the hater, and the fanatic will be in harmony and we’ll realize that we all loved our national team all along!

    • @Wisdom Right on an keep on keepin’ on posting that as i can’t wait until is fullifilled as there are obviously so many more than good ones on your list, though if u may let me pick my favourites, well here are they directly copy pasted from your great list ! :

      Messi will hold the trophy when it’s all set and done!
      In every major city in Argentina, the confetti will rain sky blue and white!
      Babies will be born 9 months from now!
      Broken marriages restored! “What were we arguing about again?”
      The world will sing a new song for Argentina!
      CR7 will sing don’t cry for me Argentina!

  11. MacAllister is better than LoCelso guys??? I haven’t talked shit about him while everyone said he was Biglia. I always felt LoCelso plays more like Biglia (except Real Betis version).

    Back in 2018 people here were saying, “oh MacAllister even looks like Messi, look at those freekicks, he is a perfect 10.”

    Since he played, I don’t see where LoCelso is missed. I even expected Enzo to play LoCelso position with MacAllister as DM. MacAllister is comfortable with the ball, moves in the box, and can finish better than LoCelso.

    • By

      MacAllister :

      Crossing — Very Strong
      Finishing — Strong
      Passing — Strong
      Holding on to the ball — Strong
      Defensive contribution — Strong
      Tackling — Strong

      Concentration — Weak

      Lo Celso:

      Passing — Very Strong
      Defensive contribution — Very Strong
      Holding on to the ball — Strong
      Through balls — Strong
      Dribbling — Strong

      Aerial Duels — Weak
      Finishing — Weak
      Crossing — Weak

  12. Being robbed and humiliated in the first game could have made this group cower and just lie down and die…They didn’t. The emotional win over Mexico, The kids finishing off Poland when Messi missed a penalty in a do or die game. This is character, That first humiliation may have been just the punch in the face this team needed. No one is laughing now…they are taking us pretty damn serious now. Arriba Argentina. Let’s beat Australia and really start to dream.

  13. Scalonis new findings Macallister Enzo And Alvarez doing very good job in current Arg. team..It is joy to watch these 3 playing together with great unit..Boys are looking and going to be a great unit in game by game.And Wing backs are also got thr foam back before quarters. And also Dmaria trying hard to get his natural dribbling and foam back to settle Messi terrific.

  14. Scalonis new findings Macallister Enzo Alvarez doing very good job in current Arg. team..It is joy to watch these 3 playing together with great unit..Boys are looking and going to be a great unit in game by game.And Wing backs are also got thr foam back before quarters. And also Dmaria trying hard to get his natural dribbling and foam back to settle Messi terrific.

  15. Loved to see this Argentina and hope we continue to play our game. Only one I see not playing his game is El toro. He’s one of my favorites so hope he gets with it. Round of applause to Alvarez !

    Curious, would we rather face Spain or Brazil in SF ? Assuming one of these teams make it.

  16. wonderful day today. our team had a very good game and i am very happy for this special day.
    just Saturday is very soon and no room for big celebrations. Australia waiting us 3 days after. i am not afraid or anything like that just we should be hamble and focused. i am sure everybody in our team will not forget Saudi arabia so in a way it has come something good from the first game disaster. it take away the arrogance.
    we are still alive and our road continue in front.


  17. Before we talk next game, let’s enjoy this victory that won us the group after a bad start to the cup.
    We had a number of Mundo members correct on the prediction of 2-0. Personally, I was wrong with 3-1, but I’m used to being wrong 😎. But we are still undefeated when your Lanus boy puts on the jersey and cooks asado! 😂😂
    I pray that our boys carry confidence from this and keep moving. Congrats everyone.

    • Totally agreeN! Felt so good I ended up cutting my grass with a smile on my face.

      Saturday I get to watch US and Argentina play, can’t wait ! If they meet in QF, I’ll be happy. Argentina is my obvious passion and would hope they win, but US is my second team.

  18. Few Points from todays game.

    1) It was not a Penalty lets be fair. Instead of a Messi miss I would give credit to Polish Keeper. He is probably the man of the match today. If it was not for him poland is out of the WC today. It could ve easily been 5-0 today.

    2) Though Messi played incredible today baring the miss. Argentina stepped up and its good to see we dominated and goals coming from the youngstars not Messi. Messi would do his Magic again but we have insurance now just in case Messi misses.

    3) Thanks to Saudi, They shaped our WC ideally. Breaking our 36 match confidence. Now we fixed our defence and not taking anyone lightly. Remember the team that grows into the tournament usually wins the cup. We are growing now at the right time. Look at England and Spain they started with a bang and nothing to follow it up with.

    4) Our defense looks solid and this would get better I have faith in Scaloni. His player rotation is on point. I hope to see Dybala in R16 if we are winning.

    5) I am happy with the display more than the goals.

  19. Victory has a thousand fathers and defeat is an orphan ……………….see a ton of new faces around here and I’m still wondering about this certain somebody that has not been seen unless I’m wrong since MEX game……the great predicator of impending doom

  20. Our route to the semis reminds me a lot of Italy’s route to the semis in 2006 WC. Once we are in the semi final we never look back. Argentina reached the semi final four times and won all those four semis. History will repeat itself once again.
    Vamoos Argentina!

    • Argentina have neirly never lost semi finals. WC, Copa, Olympics, U20WC, Confederations Cup (since 78 at least). What comes in my mind: robbery of 19 Copa with a forming team, 2003 U20 WC semi final. Thats all and at least 20 winning semi finals in these competitions. ARG either fail earlier or play at least a final. When our team is good enough to reach the semis will play a final too.

    • To be honest for few times I felt like Lo Celso in the left. He can improve a lot tho. Also he has betrer finishing then Lo Celso only thing missing is those little through ball Gio used to play and counter dribbling. Hopefully he picks those quickly. He certainly improve in that position and it was only his 4th cap I think.

      • I remember he said once he didn’t like it at the beginning playing for Brighton as a DM. Hopefully he plays more kinda creative role in this team along with Messi. Like 1/2 passing and through ball. We lacking those quick play.

  21. TOTAL DOMINATION is our natural style.

    We typically win games by creating our own chances..the Argentina I saw that was nutmegging players in their own penalty box and trying to short-pass their way into the goal IS the real Argentina…
    Our confidence is growing in this WC and we have the scars of complacency…I can say no other team has been tested like us except maybe Spain and Germany..
    As someone said earlier, we like to dominate the game in all areas and we’re starting to play like that… increasing in every game

  22. I hope the same lineup is repeated for the next match as I couldn’t find anything to complain about today. I am not pretending to be an expert of the Australian team, or care to know how they play but I think they will play exactly how Poland played today but with worse players. Don’t think they will or can press like Tata’s Mexico. It makes sense for them to try to take the game to extra time or penalties but we should be able to score.

    Unless there are injuries, I wouldn’t change a thing. Same lineup, same tactics and same attitude. We move.

    • You are exactly right. Socceroos and Poland are the same in offense – long pass + second balls. While in defense, poland is much more skillful than socceroos.

      In the last two matches, we only scored in second half. I hope we can take an early lead in R16 match.

  23. This is the prime Argentina I like to see! It would be a honor for my country, USA 🇺🇸 to play against you guys in the quarter Finals! One thing I’d like to add is I feel like Mexico would give a tougher game to France than Poland but whens the last time Mexico made it to the quarter finals?

    • You are right – Poland is more disciplined than Mexico in defense.

      I hope for a USA vs ARG meetup in QF too. It would be wonderful to have the WC2026 hosting country in QF.

    • I think Poland will give France a run for their money. Mexico has better attacks but that won’t matter much against France. Poland can play an ugly game and drag the French to extra time or PK

  24. One thing very important is that in first match we didn’t have enough youth representation and it showed…second match the youth was subbed in and the avg age of the side was much lower in second half and we saw the results…
    Third match our side was more youthful from the start and the balance of experience and youth resulted in Csezny making 6 saves in first half and 11 in total…

    Point is our youth is growing in confidence within the time frame of this WC just over 3 matches…this is a good sign…a lot of weight over messi shoulders… he no longer has to look at DePaul and DiMaria to support him… da young bloods are there standing with him shoulder to shoulder…

    Hope they carry this confidence and form so our experienced maestros can play their natural game with out worrying about losing possession too much

    Enzo, Alvarez, Almada and Molina have the energy and now the confidence to run 90 minutes and constantly keep creating…

  25. Almada with a one touch pass to Tagliafico that could have been an assist, very decent short cameo, haters can suck it….Mac Allister was excellent today, just excellent, as was Enzo.

    Molina showed that a modern fullback can provide vital assist from the byline. Tagliafico also almost had an assist that Mac did not score from.

  26. Australia have … the worst expected-goal differential (minus-3.96) of any team at the World Cup. They’ve conceded more shots (50) and more touches inside their own penalty area (110) than any other team, too. Imo they will run into Argentina knife, 6/6 big chances missed today, it will turn. 4:0.

  27. Both of our goals were tremendous – the spin on mac allister’s shot and Julian’s quick feet. Am I forgetting enzo’ s brilliant assist?

  28. I think for next game Mac is constant.De paul also. Now question is in between Paredes and Enzo whom Scaloni will choose for next game?

    Should Enzo come in 2nd half or should start from the beginning?No doubt Enzo is better player but playing without Paredes or Guido will be risky for defence.

    Scaloni knew Poland will not play attacking football thats why he choose Enzo. But Aus game will be different. Scaloni will decide but it will be difficult to choose between Enzo and Paredes.

  29. Great to see Enzo performing so well i was mocked and abused in this forum for supporting him. We suddenly have 2 midfielders named McAllister and enzo who can also score some goals that’s a big takeaway from this match. I always knew it will be easy for our midfield to maintain possession as Poland doesn’t press. I still curious how our midfield will perform when they will be relentlessly fouled and face a intense pressing side they may struggle bt thankfully we will not face that kind of side before quarter or semis. I don’t think australia will press so much

    • ARG TOYED with Poland and if it wasn’t for Szczesny, they would have scored 5 easy…people forget that Poland is NOTHING special but everybody was worried about losing out on the top 2 spots and felt as if everybody they play is special

      • Agree, Dios Maria played a good match. He’s been much better than expected this tournament given he had just come off of injuries. Unlike our other injured players, he might have been saving himself.

  30. Thankful for the win.
    I missed Lisandro cameo.
    Enzo should be playing further up the pitch.
    seeing that midfield of Enzo, De paul, Paredes and Mac Allister was a joy.
    I repeat Mac Allister i NOTHING like Biglia.
    I like Alvarez every day more.
    Central defenders great.
    Messi responded well after missing the penalty.
    Problem children:Lautaro and Tagliafico.

    • Lautaro will find his form and score a goal very soon. And Tagliafico is a standard defensive fullback who I’d like to have one on the right side as a sub to Molina. I wish Foyth was fit enough to give some rest to Molina because Montiel is not even half the player Tagliafico is. All he is good for is getting cards of both colors. Can’t make a pass, can’t run, can’t dribble, he can only kick legs, which is only fine with all South American refs in South America, not in an international tournament.

      I also disagree about Enzo’s position. He is made to play as a pivot and it’s exactly where his best game comes out. If not pressed, de Paul is the perfect midfielder to play ahead of him. Hopefully this exact same midfield lineup will be repeated next game because next game should be very similar.

  31. Wow..great game as a team.. So el pandit, i hope macalster didn’t give you a nightmare.Come on bro, he is not below average player.and most importantly he is Argentine player.Better you should try to love him…no more basketball statistics plz😂😂
    Alvarez missed 2 big chance, Lautrao 1
    Hope they more clinical in upcoming games..

  32. Dybala is going to be our secret weapon in this world cup. Let him horne his shooting skills by then. He can be our Mario Gotze.

    Hope Lautaro and DiMaria get into scoring sheet in the next game.

  33. Australia’s team is filled with big guys 180lbs+. It will be a very tough game physically I think we can tell.

    De Paul will have to pick up his game and start making more contributions instead of diving excessively. I trust this squad but we have a habit of getting careless in our back third.

    I notice our team has an excessive amount of back play. Instead of clearing the ball we try to regain possession. That works sometimes but against a striker like Lewandowski that is risky.

  34. Fcuk off so called with your hate towards certain players.

    All 26 players are our own. Let Scaloni play whoever he wishes. He and his team know ball.

    What I like Scaloni most is he just looks into performance and nothing else. And he takes decisions rather quickly. Paredes & Papu Gomez replaced after first game. Guido & Martinez replaced against Poland. Started MacAllister, Alvarez & Enzo against Poland. Players who perform are rewarded and those who dont sit on the bench. Strong message to All except Messi that if you dont perform you will sit on the bench. If you start from bench and perform, you will play from the start the next match.

    This time, we will go very far. Vamos!

  35. What a win. We got everything right today starting from tactics, player selection and performance. Huge gam by our young and inexperienced players Enzo, MacAllister and Alvarez. Messi played rhe best playmaking performance of this world cup of this world cup. His diagonal passes and throughballs were nightmare for Poland defense. If we had a Jordi alba, we would have scored a couple of goals in the opening games itself. Acuna needs to get better with his shooting and final pass. Overall, a brilliant performance. Only missing pieces were Messi couldnt get a goal to strike out the penalty miss and Lautaro also couldnt score. A goal would have improved his performance and 3-0 would have been much better.

    • thank you my friend. just i don t feel i deserve any credit. it was just clear that Australia team had bigger stamina and decipline than Denmark or Tunisia so it was easy to guess that they will qualify somehow in end.

  36. Scaloni has used total of 21 players in this 3 matches.. only foyth,Correa and dybala yet to feature other than the reserve GKs

  37. Hopefully SA give enough trauma to not take any one slightly. Also hoping for Lautro and Di Maria to pick up form and need some minutes to Dybala.

  38. I hope that was the last time we see Almada play in this WC.

    Lo celso wouldn’t have scored MacAlister’s goal.

    Second goal was made by River.

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