Leandro Paredes or Enzo Fernández to start for Argentina


Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni has not yet decided on who will start between Leandro Paredes and Enzo Fernández.

Lionel Scaloni is set to make some changes to the team vs. Poland on Wednesday. According to several reports out of Argentina, Scaloni hasn’t decided on who will start in midfield with Rodrigo De Paul and Alexis Mac Allister. According to reports, this is the expected eleven:

Emiliano Martínez; Nahuel Molina, Nicolás Otamendi, Cristian Romero, Marcos Acuña; Rodrigo De Paul, Enzo Fernández or Leandro Paredes, Alexis Mac Allister; Ángel Di María, Lautaro Martínez and Lionel Messi


    • I really hope we don’t underestimate Socceroos as one thing I always respect is the spirit and without that, this team wouldn’t have beaten Denmark.
      In a way, Saudi loss is a blessing in disguise, just imagine with that 37 unbeaten record, we could have been cocky and complacent.

      I’m sure we (Argentina) are going to Semis and then with bit of luck, we go all the way.

  1. Griezman scored!.. it is completely doe to inexperience of Tun defense.. their #24 had NO FRICKIN clue what happened…and he deflected into the net…Tun is lucky if VARcalls this back

  2. Argentina va a jugar con Dibu Martínez; Molina, Romero, Otamendi, Acuña; De Paul, Enzo Fernández, Alexis Mac Allister; Messi, Julián Álvarez. y Di María.

    The starting line up

    Wow Lautaro is benched! Julian starts

  3. In 2002, we could have the best path to SF (Sweden’s position) but failed to get it.
    In 2018, we could have the best path to SF (Croatia’s position) but failed to get it.

    This time, I really hope we can top the group..

  4. Today’s match shows that, if the opposition scored, it will very tough to comeback…France used all their 5 subs…super players… still could not…
    Better play safely…and win..

    • Not necessarily, all depends on a number of factors, sometimes bad VAR call, a penalty, team not defending well enough, etc. Of course, it’s better to score first, gives your a higher probability to win but it’s not an overwhelming factor.

  5. If Denmark score then we will face Tunisia. Tunisia is less likely to park the bus than Australia. both are much better than Denmark though. France getting serious now. they put Mbappe and Griezmann.

    • I just realized that too! An even better case scenario is Denmark ties and Tunisia wins!

      Argentina plays Tunisia in the round of 16!

      Vamos Argentina!

    • Yeah someone said France’s C team is playing… their A team is playing well as expected but not much impact.

      Griezmann’s inaccuracy in front of goal and Dembele’s miss-passes are in full view..

      Besides a compact defense seeks to do the trick with France A team – which is mostly attack.. their defense is just OK.

  6. Argentina will win today.. waiting for that moment…and then the easiest path to SF. Bit of luck we will be in Final.
    I don’t care whoever play…we need to win..that’s the only target.

    • We must win, and we will win!!! God bless Messi and Argentina.

      If we get to SF, we will become the most dangerous team. There will be no other team that can match our toughness and experience in the final 4.

  7. My priority is qualification.
    I would prefer a win but qualification would do for me, too.
    We lost our first game and put ourselves in this position so I am not picky.
    Live to fight another day.

    Scaloni chooses the team, all that is left to do is hope that he makes the right choices, right tactics, right adjustments and subs.
    Hope also that the players perform.

  8. Many of you have mentioned, and I have to agree, I just think about 2002 again and again. I hope we have a different day today. I remember Crespo scoring in like 88th min. Remember the miss of Claudio Lopez. Veron casually walking to take a corner with no sense of urgency. What a frustrating day it was.

    Lets have a different day! VAMOS!

    • I am thinking the opposite. The loss in the first match was a blessing in disguise and with the hard fought victory last match we have got our confidence back! We will most likely outplay Poland!

  9. This France B is a bad joke, nowhere near to our B team level. (Dybala, Alvarez, Correa, Enzo, Guido, Papu, Lisandro, Tagliafico etc. Every sub makes France wronger and wronger, maybe only Coman is an exception (worse than Dembele). ARG have potentially game changers Alvarez, Correa, Dybala, Enzo, Papu, Lisandro etc. with clutch factor.

  10. News just in, is that Pelé has been hospitalised in Brazil after he developed swelling, heart issues and mental confusion. His cancer treatment appears to be ineffective.
    He is now undergoing several health tests.
    (Source: ESPN Brasil)

    My thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family.

    • nuevodiarioweb.com.ar/noticias/2022/11/30/367347-cambios-confirmados-para-argentina–polonia-quienes-entran-y-quienes-salen

      Thanks Mafioso. I found the article posted less than an hour ago. It should be valid.
      He said Enzo starting for sure. The only one not sure yet is Paredes vs MacAllister. Finally Scaloni is not dumb as I always said.

  11. Feels a lot like 2002 vs Sweden lol.

    I was in school, and I remember back in the days we didn’t have cellphones and instant internet updates and had to rely on guys sneaking out of the classrooms to listen to updates (and they had to come back to tell the rest of us too). For most of the game the update was Sweden 1 Argentina 0 and we al thought meh ARG scored and those guys weren’t telling us. Lo and behold, after that infamous class was over we all went out with the teacher too to get updates and it was 1-1 and Aimar was shooting everything over the bar LMAO. Still this date I regret going to school that day.

    So to not regret, I have told my boss to fuck off and I am not coming back after lunch today. Gonna close my door and will watch the game alone in darkness.

    • Back in ’02, I first heard the news from a commentator that Argentina’re out before the game got televised. It’s horrible and was so disapponting…I will be watching alone this time around. The pain is real, man!

  12. De Paul is crucial for us. A lot of people don’t realize that he a two way midfielder. Meaning that he is good both offensively and defensively. So even if his offense was off, but his defense remained strong. Only him and Enzo Fernandez are two ways midfielders.

    Others are a bit one dimensional. For example: MacAllister, Guido are one way player (only good defensively). They can attack but very limited. Papu, Almada are one way too (only good offensively). They can defend but they are not known for defending. Palacios and Paredes can do a bit of both but not that good offensively or defensively compared to De Paul/Enzo or MacAllister/Guido.

    One of the reasons why we looked good after the 65 minutes against Mexico were the 3 midfielders were all two ways midfielders (De Paul, Enzo, and Palacios) and they connect to each other.

    • Well, the reason we looked good after the Messi goal was Mexico quit pressing De Paul as they had to come out of their shells and attack us. Not because De Paul suddenly learnt how to evade pressure. I do agree that putting Enzo helped a lot because Enzo can share creative burden by wanting the ball in areas that are difficult to want the ball. Not everybody has the heart to ask for the ball when they have a marker.

      On the ball, De Paul is Argentina’s 2nd most important player and Martino realized it very clearly. He made sure that Mexico always had couple of players pressuring him and combined with the bad patch of form he is in, he was losing every ball and late to play out, taking extra touches etc.

      • Yup I agree. De Paul needs another midfielder like Lo Celso who is a two way next to him so if the opponents too focus on De Paul, they would be punished heavily for leaving the other (creative) midfielder open.

        It seems like Scaloni is back to the basic. Hope Papu will be considered as a super sub too. The guy was always useful for us. It is too unfair to blame him for the loss against Saudi. All in all, we played our best futbol in the first half of Saudi Arabia where we actually scored 3 goals there (2 were unfairly disallowed).

        • Yeah the Saudi game was a weird match where they scored 2 in 2 shots, what’s the odd of that? Papu sucked not because he sucks but he was too wide and too far from Paredes and De Paul, and before Scaloni could fix it Saudi scored twice and he got the blames.

          I feel Papu could help us more than Alvarez when we are 1-0 up and at the 75th minute.

  13. What did MacAllister do in so many minutes he spent on pitch to be still considered by Scaloni? Was there a single thru that broke either Mexican or Saudi defence? Why not Palacios to start? A better starting line up was needed in this do or die match. Benching Dybala who can dribble and get past a couple nicely!!

  14. Guys it seems like France is letting Tunisia win. They use their third team mostly. If Tunisia win, they have a chance to qualifty. If both Tunisia and Denmark let’s say with 1-0. Denmark will qualify with a better goal difference.

    Tunisia already had a goal disallowed. They should be up 1-0.

    Tunisia or Australia would be perfect for us.

    • If Mexico beat Ksa by 3-0 then our goal diff will be same and then probably fair play points will come to consideration. However if they beat by 4-0 then they will go directly..

  15. Honestly I can’t complain about this line up. Def would rather Enzo than paredes but I guess he can use Enzo as a super sub again. Paredes is obviously the safer bet for Scaloni but I really hope he starts Enzo who I think is a better player.

    Glad Pezzela wasn’t real and I agree Cuti should start but only if 100% fit. I think Lisandro should start if Cuti is not 100%. Height or no height

  16. Here are my thoughts:
    This team was undefeated in 36 consecutive games, due to chemistry, some luck but mostly putting in the right players in the right place.
    ARGENTINA WAS/IS among the favorites to win the WC, so what changed? A lousy Loss that could have EASILY been a win had it not been for the VAR decision and them actually doing what made them undefeated in 36.
    ARG qualified for the WC with two games to spare or one (forgot) plus the game that should have been a win Vs Bullshit Yellow…….when was the last time ARG beat Bolivia in their stadium in the clouds?
    POINT to all this is this, they are better than what they seem and better than Poland.
    Let them play the way they can and they should win easy.
    It’s in the hands of GOD just like everything else in this life and them playing their game won’t hurt.

    • Totally agree ! Let the boys play.

      RDP is a must. Not to win group but def going into knockout stages. I believe in him. I see a ton of negativity but we def need him.

    • You are right my friend..This team shouldn’t be too worried about Poland. But again the situation is quite different this time. Its a huge pressure game and thats the reason to worry. I feel bad for messy, such a great player is being thrown to such humiliating situation in every WC by his below average team mates. I think only players who can handle nurve should play today. I believe we should win but at least a draw will take us through. When the points are equal our Goal diff will come to equation. I don’t think Mexico can beat KSA by 3-0 difference..

  17. Goal reported today that suddenly down of Argentine game at world cup because of lo celso missing, de paul and paredes out of form due to lack of playing time with club,lautaro bad form and romero due to injury.. They all are our base player.. Hope whoever play they back to the form and help Argentina..

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