Rodrigo De Paul speaks on playing for the Argentina national team, Lionel Messi


Rodrigo De Paul spoke to the media about playing for the Argentina national team and Lionel Messi.

De Paul has been the only Argentine midfielder who has started all three games at the World Cup. Under a lot of criticism from certain fans regarding his performances at the World Cup, De Paul continues to improve. Speaking with TyC Sports, here is what he had to say:

“You always learn from the losses. At first, we found ourselves in a position that was unusual for us and we showed that we have a lot of character and personality.

“I am happy to wear the shirt of the Argentina national team. I love the country in which I was born in and I will always give more for this shirt. At times, things come off well and at times bad. But I will never hide. I’m never going to stop running. It’s who I am, which is what brought me here and it will always be like this.”

Regarding Lionel Messi:

“Messi is our captain, he drives the boat. Against Mexico, he opened the game and today, when he failed, we showed that we are behind him to support him.”


  1. Happy for yesterday mach, but i wonder why we always provided more changes, in a substitute? And if dybala is well, team need him, thanks God our hero has naw improve Depaul

  2. Hotpur, Atletico, and Napoli want Emiliano Martinez.

    Hotspur pleaseee. My dream seeing 2 of my favorite players playing together. Lloris has past his best. They clearly looking for his replacement.

    Anyone who wants Emi better do it quick; his value will go up like crazy after the WC.

  3. From 1990 to 2018 (8 world cups):
    Argentina have played 16 knock out matches.
    Win 6
    lost 6
    draw 4 (3 pen wins; 1 pen lost)
    goals scored 18
    goals against 21

    Top scorers in knockout for Argentina in these 16 matches
    Claudio Caniggia 2 goals
    Gabriel Batistuta 2 goals
    Angel Di Maria 2 goals
    Carlos Tevez 2 goals
    Gonzalo Higuain 2 goals
    1 own goal
    Balbo, Claudio Lopez, Zanetti, Maxi Rodriguez, Ayala, Aguero each with one goal and 1 own goal.
    Argentina’s top 2 scorers at the world cup Gabriel Batistuta and Lionel Messi have both never scored from open play at the knockouts, intact Messi has played the most number of knockout games for Argentina ever without scoring a single goal.

  4. Spain may fancy their chances against any team bar Brazil. If one team whome anyone want to avoid at the WCs are the 5time champs. Its gonna be a tricky decision for Spain. If Spain losses to Japan, Germany meanwhile can hit back Spain by lossing to Costarica which will take themselves out and Spain too. Interesting scenarios.

  5. The whole team did not have much time to rest due to the skillful arrangement of FIFA. Like in the Copa, there were some things that weren’t in our favor, but that’s okay. The group can celebrate a little asado with wine. They should drink plenty of juices from vegetables and fruits for the fastest recovery.

  6. Btw there is an issue that Spain will probably not try to get the top spot of group E to avoid Brazil in the semis.

    They will face Japan. They have to lose against Japan to get the second seed spot. Draw is not enough. Let’s see what kind of line up they will use tonight.

    IF they do lose against Japan, then Germany will likely be out because they will need to win 7-0 against Costa Rica to qualify.

    • the problem is the 2 rank team in group f is morocco. so for brazil, it will be ghana/ Uruguay in the rd16 and japan/morocco in the quarter-final.the only risk for spain is if costa-rica wins against germany. then both spain and germany are out.

    • I also think it is possible that the USA will win against holland then for Argentina it is Australia in the rd16 and USA in the quarter-final.

      • So far this World Cup has been similar to WC 2014 in terms of the stronger teams always win. Almost no major surprises. The only surprise so far is Denmark is out.

        The remaining matches today and tomorrow should remain as the most likely scenario:
        Spain will top the group E and Germany second

        Only one of Belgium and Croatia will go through no matter what along with Marocco in group F

        Brazil will top the group G with Switzerland

        Portugal will win group H with Uruguay or Ghana.

        All the group winners are all predictable just like when WC drawing was held several months ago. Again.. similar to WC 2014.

    • If Spain does that its gonna be an embarrasement for them with all the hype and praise they are recieving they would look like p*****y.

      But it will all gain if they loose becoz they can knockout Germany also avoid Brazil too. So i think they will go for it. Also Begium, Morrocco or Croatia any one of them also looks a likely easy team for Spain at the moment.

  7. Really liked when Paredes, Enzo, Macallister all were rotating the ball in between, its always gud to see more midfielders in a line up.

    Messi should seriously consider more spots while taking penalties. He is mostly going leftside of the GK. If we go through his penalties. Most of those are going to that same side. Where as when he is going to the right side its mostly week kick which mostly are saved. Like against Iceland 2018 penalty. Its a serious issue. He is gonna take most of it for us for sure.

    By now all GKs easily knows Messis techniques of penalty.

  8. MacAllister was the MOM he deserves it. Some people wait for my comments here about him. I said it already last night and I will add more.

    The fact that Scaloni sticking with him after several poor matches where MacAllister played result in gold for us. It is risky because Argentina have many midfielders, but he keeps sticking to MacAllister as his project from the Venezuela/Ecuador game. If you ask me does he deserve to be praised last night? A big yes. But does he deserve to be praised in the past before last night? My answer is a big no.

    I will be balanced here. I won’t be biased saying that it was a fluke performance. But I also won’t go too far saying that I am wrong, he is the next big thing because he still has a lot to prove. If you ask me why I criticized him in the past because it was clear that he was bad in the past. It is as simple as that.

    Enzo yes, everyone is not divided here. Everyone agrees that he’s been consistently good since day one. Very easy to see and obvious. MacAllister played the best game of his life, which is good. I want to see him doing the same next time. Let’s see if he’s really that improves for us.

    It is a very amazing game overall. The best since finalissima and a bit similar to our performance vs Serbia in 2006. All the starters deserve to keep their spots.

    Latest news: Di Maria had a bit of discomfort in his quadriceps. Hope it is nothing as we need him.

    • Mac was also miles ahead of every other player during the Mexico matcch during that first half, and before that he neither played bad or well, he just did his job in other matches. He is different thank Lo Celso in the sense that he doesn’t accomplish the job with his perfect pass but his positional sense combined with his acceleration allows him to properly do the job asked of him at LCM. I think it would be interesting for him and Enzo to rotate who plays 5 and who plays the LCM role while they are both on the pitch instead of Enzo only having that opportunity when Macallister leaves the pitch, I think that it could add for a surprise factor similar to when Di Maria switches flanks throughout the match

  9. In various foreign media Enzo is hailed as the missing link. And rightly so.

    Football purists wonder why Dybala is still not playing. There are many hardworking players, but few with creativity. Again, spot on.

    • Dybala should have come on at the end of the match however they are practicing to use him on the right flank instead of Di Maria as a variant and seems to be somemthing we will see happen in the near future, but again should have been tried in this Poland match after we were up 2-0

  10. I m excited to watch how our team play against Aussies and if they progress how they field thr tactics against Dutch /Us.i think USA is little easy opponent than dutch

  11. Think Alvarez is going to start until proven otherwise. I felt bad for Toro, his face looked so defeated after he missed that easy chance. His head doesn’t seem like it’s in the right place. Hope im wrong.

    • Yes I think so too, no reason to change something which works. It’s been proven that the attack Lautaro-Messi worked in the past and now there is a good connection between Alvarez and Messi, Alvarez’s dribbling skill, running and 1st touch really helped the team a lot

    • That wrongly denied Lautaro goal really took a number on our preferred number 9 however I think Alvarez’s speed and link up play really works well with this midfield. Maybe Lautaro misses Lo Celso’s sweet driven crosses into the box

    • I think Dybala should start for Di Maria in this next match if he has an overload could be a risky move to play Di Maria from the get go and have Dybala’s wc debut in a knockout stage , but also a smart move to preserve Di Maria. The upside could be two fold though if Dybala steps up we have another option on RW and we could also rest Angel for matches down the line. Just my two cents

  12. no one loves Messi more than me but i don’t want him to be our penalty taker at the World Cup or any left footers we have in the squad

    left footers has always been bad at Penalties

    in pecking order, they should be our penalty takers :

    maarc alister
    De Paul

  13. Kinda glad Papu got rest because we’ll need him for depth. People quickly forget he could have had 2 assists against SA if Messi and Toro timed theirs run properly (or 1 if var didn’t eff up).

  14. People here don’t rate scaloni. He is youngest manager at WC. Support staff are all legends. Just trust the coach and there staff. They know team better. I know we are going to make few changes again

  15. Messi set the record with 2 penalty miss in WC, 2 out of 3 is very high. Time for Messi and our team to practice a lot more penalties. The keeper was too good today though

  16. Alexis Mac Allister Man of the Match against Poland.

    Alexis Mac Allister versus Poland:
    84 minutes played
    66 touches
    50/52 passes completed (96%+ pass completion)
    3 key passes
    1 big chance created
    Ground duels won 4/4
    3/3 tackles won
    2 shots
    1 goal scored

    He’s still only 23…!!…🇦🇷🇦🇷

    • yeah the whole team turned up today… so glad RDP turned it around from the last 2 matches and played like the player we know during the copa and qualifers (yes, he runs non-syop but his passing and control was so much better), Mac’s was the hardworking player who works necessarily and efficiently in the background, Enzo! (21 years old controlling the midfield so calmly like he has been playing in the team for some time).

      yes, Poland didn’t really bother playing today. other than the freekick header from Glick that flashed just past Dibu’s goal, nothing of note. didn’t even bother counterattcking or pressing us much for the 2nd balls.

      but take nothing away from our team, our teams of the past would have struggled to create chances against park-the-bus teams. ok, no need teams of the past just see us vs KSA. no fluidity and disn’t really test the goalkeeper. today, they were passing well and creating quite a no. of scoring opportunities and if not for Szczęsny, we would have been 2 or 3 up in the first half. so kudos to the team, stay calm, maintain the tempo, form and we should be there. AUS or whatever, here we come!!!

  17. It was an overwhelming victory both offensively and defensively. Poland didn’t stand a chance. The team is back. DePaul comes back when the mentality is better. Some people were able to see how talented Scaloni was. MacAllister opened the scoring today. He almost got two goals, he’s smart, he’s calm and he finishes well. Enzo too, he gave an assist today, they are the two scoring midfielders I’ve always dreamed of. I hope the defender will also score. Messi was unlucky, Acuna played very well but did not take advantage of the opportunity, otherwise the score would have been 5-0. Poland didn’t even dare to risk it when the score was 2-0, perhaps because they were waiting for a miracle from Saudi Arabia and they were right. With only 4 finals left, we will be crowned champions. After this match, the morale of the whole team was very high, fortunately no one was injured.

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