Ángel Di María with a muscle overload, no injury for Argentina


Ángel Di María has a muscle overload but is not injured for Argentina.

Di María was substituted out by Argentina national team coach Lionel Scaloni during their 2-0 win vs. Poland. Di María looked to be in some discomfort and according to TyC Sports, he is in doubt for the Round of 16 game vs. Australia on Saturday.

Tests done on him have revealed that he has a muscle overload in his left foot and it remains to be seen if he will start vs. Australia as the coaching staff will wait until the last moment to decide.


  1. Australia would be a tougher challenge compared to Poland. For Poland a draw was enough. So they parked the bus. Once we scored they looked into the scoresheet of the other game and decided to play safe as goals were scored on both matches in close succession. They wanted to make the bus bigger and rely on Lewandowski to make a break through. But some very good game from Enzo and Julian drove through the bus. Even after 0-2 Poland went on defending not to concede the 3rd. In case of Australia, winning would be on their mind from the very beginning. They are physically tough, young and spirited. If Di Maria is not that fit, Dybala or A Correa can be a good alternative. I would prefer the rediscovered Dybala. But in the past he could not fit into the the scheme of affairs. Perhaps the Italy match was a happy aberration. So my heart says Dybala, mind suggests A Correa. But sending Di Maria in would be costly. Scaloni would be worried because of this. Can he have some strategy to mitigate this challenge? He might be thinking I should have given enough chance to others instead of always sticking to the safe presence of Di Maria.

  2. never underestimate any opponent, I entrust Scaloni for the line-up … nonsense with line ups from fans who pretend to know football even though they are PS gamers

  3. All these dybala fan boys think we are playing FIfa game. Wake Up we are in the knockout stage we cannot underestimate anybody. We have to use our best players. Stop pressurising Scaloni to use Dybala. Australia defender is already talking about playing agaunst Leo not an honour that shows they are serious. We have to take the game like world war 3. It is do or die. We have to make good use of our chances. We have to be 1million percent focused.

    • What?? Playing against leo is not honour?? A scrappy 1-0 win and they r suddenly became cocky?? This is the same side which was smashed 4-1 by France. Hope we will smash them and show their place

    • > Stop pressurising Scaloni to use Dybala.

      First off, we’re not pressuring Scaloni…. he will never see this forum or care. We’re just a bunch of obsessed armchair buffoons wishing to see players in action.

      Second, nothing you said argues in a meaningful way why Dybala shouldn’t be used against Aus.

      • You called me an “hater.” I am not like you that cares more about your favorite player playing than the team winning. I do not care who start or sub as long as we are winning I am fine with anybody. Also you said I don’t follow Dybala? how would you know – I have been watching him since his juve years, I think he was 21 then. Yes he is superb in club but he has not been able to replicate the same success yet in Argentina. I know he will get his moment and I hope he would deliver. For now let us use what works not start changing things because of a sentiment towards a player

  4. Am I the only one that clearly saw the ball completely go over the line in Japan’s 2ng goal?
    I’m not much for conspiracy theories but that ball was clearly beyond the line and VAR said not enough evidence to over turn it!

    • The circumference of the ball was on the line. It was millimeters away from going out. It was technically still in you gotta look at it from above.

    • The ball totally went over the line. I clearly saw green between the ball and the line. Either way Germany are gone. They are not a team you want to give a life like to because they can grow into a tournament better than anyone

      • Geometrically the ball is Spherical so the midpoint of the ball may look pass the line but that does not necessarily means the ball is completely passed. If the lateral part (the edge) of the ball is still not completely over the line its still on play. And today it was a fair play because the lateral diameter of the ball was on par on the edge of the line which still keeps the ball in play and it was a legit goal. A great goal by Japan.

  5. Please start Dybala or Correa

    Rest Dimaria and Acuna (we need them fresh)
    Also rest Cuti
    Need to Rotate.

    We should be ok


    Sub in Lautaro, Correa, Paredes

    Lautaro needs a goal for confidence.

    • Yes, let’s put players in for no damn reason and assume you will win. Underestimate ANYBODY and you will lose. I could give two shits about Lautaros confidence if it costs us the game. What’s wrong with you? You think Australia is there to lose? You learn anything from the Saudi game?

      • Yes I believe if we play with the Saudi Game in Mind we will win even with the team I suggested. Its not the players its the attitude that killed us in Saudi Game. Look at the team again that I suggested. Only DiMaria and Acuna is rested. If we are well aware Australia cannot beat us with the XI above. They are all great. Rotation is very important.

      • No damn reason? You are deluded if you think those two wins against Mexico and Poland, both of whom really made no attempt to challenge Argentina were world cup winning performances. There were lots of missed passes and possessions lost. Many many chances were missed. There is no telling what will happen next time Argentina are a goal behind. Argentina needs goal scoring forwards who can break through dogged defenses.

  6. Someone made a good argument on FB. One person said “The golden generation of Belgium could not win a world cup” The other guy said, “What if .. they were never a golden generation? Just another typical European overpriced player because clubs can pay higher and higher prices each year” perfectly sums up the state of many so called big nations.

    • It’s a poor take. Golden Gen is about expectations, not about actually winning the cup. Hazard, Kompany, Courtois, De Bruyne (Lukaku was one the worlds best strikers) are/were world class players and they were always expected to go far or win. They are Belgium’s Golden Gen no doubt

    • Yeah people who think Lukaku, De Bruyne etc are typical European overpriced players don’t understand football. The same kind of argument is often used by idiots against Messi. These knockout tournaments, where teams are eliminated after one bad game often decided by luck, fluke or bad refereeing, do not define great players. How they play week in week out for a decade defines what kind of footballer they are.

  7. Good news. The referee of the game of Argentina Australia is from Poland. You know Poland thank us for “helping” them qualify by scoring only 2 against them right?

  8. So a lot of Europeans fall from their thrones: Wales, Denmark, Germany, Belgium.

    Poland got super lucky.

    Netherlands vs USA soon they can be next
    England vs Senegal.

    When the best of Europe, Italy got outplayed by Argentina and yesterday Poland also got outplayed, it looks like there is a gap of quality between the South Americans and the Europe this year. All the South American but Uruguay are superior to Europe this year.

  9. Also..Luis Enrique is a coward. Maybe that chicken shit can go get another tattoo to make him look tough. They will lose the first game against Portugal and go home. What a bunch of bitches.

  10. Japan or Croatia eliminating Brazil would make me almost as happy as Argentina winning the World Cup.
    European teams are overrated joke. Do they have several good players? Sure, but without South American players their leagues would be dog shit.

  11. This world cup is pure madness! We have the best opportunity to win this world cup now. Germany was always a contender, they are out. Im hoping brazil faces portugal next round or lose to japan or croatia in the quarters and france gets knocked out by england or spain on the other side of the bracket. Brazil and france are the only teams lleft who will challenge us in this world cup.

  12. For our next game:
    1. Australia attackers are jack of all trade. you know they are strong, young, fast, can dribble, good at heading and counterattack. Our defence will have a lot of work to do. we have to make sure that we don’t give too space in the backline.

    2. Dibu will have to be 1000%. Australia likes to try long range shots. he cannot be caught sleeping.

    3. For their defence I realise the way France was able to beat them are through “headings.” In fact 3 of their 4 goals came directly from heading. Maybe our players would have to practice headings.

    4. Toro needs to overcome his saudi trauma and start scoring goals.

    5. We have to be 1000000% ready

    my formation:



    You know we can use Leo to draw the crowd away to flank leaving enough space for Toro and Spider. Molina have to limit his overlapping or Paul fill in for him when he his not at the back. What do you think?

    • Portugal losing against South Korea, and Ghana beating Uruguay with couple of goals margin would see Portugal at 2nd position in their group which would mean facing Brazil in R16..😂

      • Romance king is still here. Just look for the guy who’s spells excel as accel. Remember he used to write “otsmendi accels in scalonis bed” 😂
        I used to edit speeches. So I can tell who is writing even if they change name, if i read enough of their posts

      • ahahahahaha “Best striker in the world after Lewandowski” to be exact now Icardi is rotting in Turkey and Lewandowski was eaten for lunch by Otamendi and Cuti hahahha and where is Germany?

  13. Brazil vs Uruguay/Portugal ..I hope not Ghana or Korea..!
    Then, Brazil vs Croatia/Japan…most probably Croatia..!

    It’s not going to be easy for them…! Considering they didn’t win a KO game against European team since 2002..!

    Then we are waiting..!

    • Stop this non-sense; Did someone give free passage to ARG? Still 2 matches to be played before thinking about your opponents…..
      If you r wishing or dreaming, dream as if ARG already won WC and start celebrating…. Why only until SF?

  14. There seems to be no team weak in this tournament othe than the host nation. We have to be extremely careful, intense and strategic against Australia. They are a young and talented side with lots of aspirations like Japan. Big test for Scaloni and Messi. Scaloni perhaps needs to think of someone else for set pieces.

  15. Germany, Denmark, Wales deserve to get kicked in their butt. Only left English now. Those nations bullied Qatar and try to make this beautiful show on earth as a political agenda. Let them now concentrate in their message coz they have all the time they need to broadcast. I am happy 😊 ☺

  16. Softies Spain were never going to take Brazil down. They don’t have the physicality or bench strength to do that!! With Neymar out Croatia or even Japan have better chances of causing an upset with some luck. Against them Brazil will go with full fledged attack as opposed to against Spain where they might play safer. However chances are very slim of Brazil getting knocked by the minnows. If they fail we will have to knock Brazil out. Just need France to get knocked out early somehow!!

  17. lessons to be learnt from belgium and germany – never underestimate your opponent. some of you had said it – thank god it happened to us in game 1. embaressing as hell but hope the scars serve as a good reminder.

  18. i am so PROUD to be Argentine. we are the ONLY ones that we do not afraid the f..king Brasil. all the others afraid. it is very clear that. the “mighty” ha ha ha Spain too 🙂 🙂 🙂

  19. Spain looks like a big P***** in all this. Never wanna hear their young golden midfiled their passing blah blahs again. Shame…

  20. Spain is taking all the risk, but they want Marocco Portugal instead of Croatia Brazil. They got what they wish for. So the gossip of them trying to be second in the group was real.

  21. my take on our game:
    1. Our team did well but there is still room for improvements especially converting our chances. We had 12 shots on target compare to the goals we scored – 2. We have to do better. Maybe they will have to do more “Shooting practice.”

    2. Leo should channel that “frustration” he is feeling as “motivation” for our next matches. Also Leo’s shooting is…he needs to shoot with more power and accuracy. he should stop making it ‘easy’ for the keeper.

    3. We must always remember not to underestimate any opponent

    4. As usual we should calm down, emotions don’t win anything

  22. In Copa 1996, we won our first 2 games easily and we rested most starters against USA in the third game and we lost that game. As a result we met Brazil in the second round of Copa and brazil won because of Tulio’s hand goal.

    It would be more devastating if we are in that situation. Better lose against Saudi and won the next 2 than winning the first 2 and losing against Poland because we rest everyone.

  23. Spain is playing dirty. Let Germany also retaliate. Lose to Costarica and take Spain out too.. 😂

    Have heared so many players who has been dubbed as “Next Messi” have seen the closest now. Mussiala, what a player…Fearless, young…

  24. I am very sure Spain won’t make 100% effort to win. Come on:
    Vs Marocco and then Portugal OR
    Vs Croatia and then Brazil

    Which one you choose if you were their manager?

  25. Japan scored. Germany is third now right?

    I think it is very tempting for Spain to meet Marocco then Portugal in the QF
    than Croatia, then Brazil, then Argentina.

  26. I know everyone hates the omens and similarities but funny fact. in 1986 Germany faced Morrocco in the R16. If Germany win today…Guess who they face in the R16.

    • then take one NO FUNNY fact. in 1990 we arrive in final and we lose from Germany 1-0. next world cup 1994 we had second round exit. next world cup 1998 we reach quarter finals against Netherlands and we lost.
      Next time we arrive to world cup final in 2014 and we lost from Germany again 1-0. next world cup 2018 we had again second round exit. next world cup 2022….we again can reach quarter finals against……yes guess Netherlands probably again !!! so we can have quarter finals exit yes? history don t play football. past is past. Now is the present. Lets wish for the best.

  27. I am hoping for the unlikely scenario of Costa-rica to hold Germany. Then Germany will be out. That team has been a real pain.
    The only bad side to that will be that Portugal will have relatively easier path.

  28. If Japan wins, Spain will play Morocco and go to the other half of the bracket. They might want to play Morocco/Portugal rather than Croatia/Brazil back to back.

  29. some people here haven t take the lesson from our first game and thinking like Australia game will be walk in the park. there is no space for arrogance. Di maria should play if he will be fit till saturday. no space for experiments too. something if go wrong then there is not exist semis or finals or quarters. No Brasil no Spain no nothing. so please.
    the knock out games beginning. Everything is serious. Every detail matters.
    something last. history is not playing football in present. 1978 and 1986 happened what happened as how it happened. we are in 2022. other world cup other conditions other players.

    • True, but Di Maria is prone to injury. We need to save him for bigger tougher matches.
      And Dybala should be given a chance. Di Maria should come in as super sub, if his condition is not that bad.

      • you should realize that there is NO OTHER GAMES if things don t go well. Not bigger or smaller. nothing. no space for experiments. if Di maria can t play then Messi , Alvarez and Lautaro will be in front. if score will favor us Dybala can enter in second half.

        • I was actually one of the earliest to point out that we should not take AUS lightly. If Di Maria is 100% fit, then sure- start him. But what if he is carrying an injury that can open up and get worse? I still remember how much we missed Di Maria in 2014 and some of the copa finals.

    • True, Algeri took Germany in 2014 to extra time. We lost to KSA in the openning game, and barely won Iran in 2014 (could be lost if having bad luck in 20214). France played better than Germany in 2014 but they lost, also due to bad luck.

  30. Kun Agüero, Batistuta, Sorín, Cambiasso, Zanetti and Crespo supporting Argentina in the stands against Poland


  31. If Fideo isn’t ready come Saturday…. Do we start Papu and change formation ? Do we keep formation and try to incorporate Dybala for dimarias position ?
    Are any of those options viable? Or are these playstation setups ?

    • Most likely Angel Correa. Dybala is Messi’s sub. Messi should be thinking about the big picture, preserve his energy if the situation allows. It’s useless to chase for his own goal like in the Poland match, in which he should take 20 minutes to rest and make chance for La Joya to perform.

        • man did you take something? you make equal Messi with Dybala?
          forgive me but while i don t like to offend any person i can t read this kind of nonsense.

        • Modern football is all about the tactical balances. Even if you field the team of tournament, you would not be beating an average team. 2 Messis on the turf will significantly reduce the pressability/defendability. La Joya is great, no doubt, but he is not the direct replacement for Di Maria.

          • So who is the direct replacement? Correa ?
            I would think that if diMaria isn’t available then we would have to edit the formation a bit.
            I too would like Dybala to play, but he should be a sub for Messi. Also I agree, he should have subbed Messi out for Dybala after our second goal.
            I know you want to make sure we win and just in case Poland came back with a brace of goals we need Messi in, but he needs to rest too.
            Messi doesn’t like to be subbed out, ever, but this is a grueling one month tournament with barely any time for rest in between matches.

          • I think you are underestimating how flexible many of these players can be. And you are also underestimating the value of ability/talent in football. Tactics can be modified at will. You cannot get real match-winning player ability at will. And best tactics is probably the one which utilizes great talents well.

  32. It looks like the news that Spain will try to be second in the group in order to avoid Brazil is false as they use their best starting 11 against Japan (line up confirmed). They only make 3 minor changes: 2 upfront and Balde replacing Alba.

    • I don’t think Spain are that worried about Brazil.
      They have more defensive weapons than us.

      Also, they aren’t qualified yet. So they will not take much risk.

  33. Acuna and Montiel have Yellow.
    ADM not fit.
    Some players may need rest…!
    I think there will be some changes. Dybala and Correa deserve to play.

    • Some changes ?
      Bro it’s the World cup ! Now you fail you are out ! There no “management” anymore. The best valid players will play to win the games
      4 games : 4 big games.

      you need to Respect Australia ! People have a short memory and already forgot South Arabia or what ? What is the plan ? Use “bench players” and take the risk to kill us ? Nothing could be more ridiculous than to be out because we let some key players on the bench to have some rest for the flight back to Argentina …

  34. Loosing ADM in crucial matches has been the norm for Argentina. In his absence Argentina has struggled to score.Hope he recovers in time. I am not thinking too much ahead. I will take it one match at a time.

    With Argentina you are not sure which version will turn up for the match that particular day. Just hope its the best version that we will get to see on Saturday

    We have already lost once to a 53rd ranked side in this tournament. Australia is ranked 38th and they have reached R16,coz they have played well in their group. This team is famous for their grit, determination and never say die attitude. Argentina is weak in that department.

    Reaching R16 is already a bonus for the Aussies.They will play with a free mindset. Pressure is on Argentina to deliver. By the way, Australia had defeated peru on penalties to reach this WC.

    Australia just need to hold on for 120 min. Penalties are more like a toss of the coin it can go either way. Pessimist in me says, better not to look too far ahead. lets take it match by match.

  35. just yesterday Sevilla have announced that they have released both Papu Gomez and Acuna

    Where is this? I can’t find it anywhere. They don’t create any mess and they are still under contract. Why being released? I think false news

  36. I love the ARG team over any individual player. If Messi plays like shit, I will bash him too. If the MLS fraud can score a WC winning goal for us (no way this can happen), I will be rooting for his Atlanta United and buy his jersey. Anyway, what I can see is that our team is looking much better now and our R16 opponent is good for us to get even better. I’m very happy now. Vamos!!!

  37. So the first giant to be shown the door is Belgium. Over to Germany and Spain now. Morocco is a genuine surprise such a strong defence they have.

    Dybala can replace Dimaria who will be as equal threat like Dimaria but he wont get start. Its not gonna happen,Angel correa may come. Dybala is an unlucky player who unfortunately has similar style to Messi.Which is costing him.

  38. In 2002 Brazil had a pretty easy run in the sense that they only faced 2 big names in there way to victory : Germany and England.
    I hope that we too do not face more than 2 big teams. Because big clashes are usually energy sapping.

    • Germany 2002 was the Croatia of 2018. Their main striker was from Bundesliga league2 . That team was the weakest and Luckiest German team ever to play in a WC.

      • Yes, but I wouldn’t really compare Germany with Croatia. Germany were 3 times winners at that time. But you are right, it was a weak Germany.

        also a correction for my post: their(way to), not there.

  39. Also Lautaro might have lost his starting spot to Alvarez who is in great form. I was among the strong critiques of Julian for his decision to be a bench warmer at City. But he has proved all of us wrong. He has learned a lot from Pep at City. I remember how raw he looked against Brazil in his first appearance as a sub. Now he looks a striker with full confidence and experience. His positioning, off the ball movements and body language has improved by leaps and bounds. We were all looking for a proper backup to Lautaro and Alvarez has benched him instead.

  40. Morocco top their group for the first time and also qualify for the knockouts for the first time since yes 1986. Ironic, they did playing their final game against Canada, who qualified for the WC for the first time since 1986.
    Mexico fail to qualify for the knockouts for the first time since 1978.

    • I said it yesterday also, that it is easy to get excited and carried away by this kind of stuff.
      So just to calm down – here is a not so positive info:
      In both 1978 and 1986 we played Italy in group stage. We didn’t this time.
      Nor did we miss penalties in 3rd game.

      So let’s just not get carried away.

  41. Whom may concern, guys pls stop macallister topic it has been way too long and getting too much boring about it
    We all here bigger reason and purpose which is Argentina hoping that they will lift the gold come to 18 December insha Allah, I don’t care who starts or who plays well as long Argentina win yes fair enough we have give credit where is due for me otamendi was the best player for last three matchs and no one is talking about him plus likes de Paul, alaverz and some extened di maria played well yesterday remember team wins you tournament individuals wins you matchs .

  42. If dimaria can’t play. Then I would like to play 4 midfielders Enzo, paredes, MacAlister and DePaul along with Messi and Alvarez. This will definitely help us to control the game from middle and Messi near the penalty box..

  43. I remember back in 1999, me and Ziad (Ziggy one of the moderators here) we were friends. It was a different forum, though. We had a fun discussion about Argentina players. I was a “bostero” back then, I was a huge fan of Riquelme and Martin Palermo who just made their debut for the national team.

    In 1999 Argentina decided not to bring their best 2 strikers back then to Copa America: Batigol and Crespo and they wanted to give a chance to Palermo who many believed, including me, was just as good as Bati or Crespo. They also omitted some regulars like Veron because they wanted to see Riquelme. So it was pretty much a mix of regular players and B teams players like Palermo, Riquelme, or Aimar.

    I remember Ziggy was not a fan or Palermo at all. He always said bad stuff about him. Then here came the first match. Martin Palermo debut vs Ecuador. Palermo was the MOM and scored 2 great goals there. Then I went to the forum right away asking for Ziggy. He showed up and said “I am glad that I was wrong. He said Palermo was great”. I was really happy.

    But then here came the second match against Colombia. Palermo, if you guys remember missed 3 PK in one game and because of that we finished second in the group so we would have to face Brazil A team in the second round.

    So what I am saying is MacAllister did good yes, let’s see if he can keep performing well for us. If he can duplicate his performance then I will be happy. But the real matches start from Saturday. It is the match that matters. Anyone who performs well for us will be welcomed.

    4 years ago Rojo was also a hero against Nigeria. I remember he was making an insta story after the game while eating his meal in the bus. But the same Rojo also was also responsible for our loss when he gave that penalty to Mbappe against France 3 days later.

    I hope MacAllister and all others realize this. Don’t get carried away. Just stay humble, get locked in. It is dangerous to be carried away like Palermo or Rojo.

      • And, you kind of turned yourself into a knee-jerk mouthpiece for McAllister, looking for all sorts of legit as well as made up analysis to cover up.

        Dude, you might become as much biased as those who have been critical to Mac.

        • Yeah man I don’t read that Insider dude comments, but all I know he’s the most biased fan here. That’s why I stopped reading his messages. It wastes your time replying to him man. You get dumber doing that. I stopped reading his message when he insisted that Enzo is worth 35 millions euros only. SMH and I am done.

    • MacAllister was good, but he was more good in the sense of being in the right places at right times. His play did not have as much penetration as for example Enzo. Nor did he have the work rate of say De Paul.

      But yes, he was pretty good and his stats were great. I will start him, especially since Di Maria will likely miss the next game.

      • Yeah MacAllister and the whole 10 others deserve to start. They put a historical performance for Argentina. Maybe rest Di Maria if he had muscle overload, that’s all.

  44. Who will start between Dybala and Correa depends on what Scaloni approach will be against Australia. If he wants to go for a kill early on he will play Dybala but if he wants to play safe he will go with Correa. Also, Messi Dimaria Otamendi and Depaul have played 4 matches in 14 days and 3 of them have been under extreme mental pressure! Next match would be 5th in 17 days! So, Australia a knockout round of 16 will game ironically be the match with least pressure on the team. So, beside not using Dimaria against them Messi , Otamendi and Depaul also needs to be subbed , obviously after we are comfortably on our way to win the match. I also like to thank Saudi for kicking out ass and waking us up. Even though in the next match our team will be under lot less pressure but the bad memories from Saudi match will keep them on their toes!!

  45. I think Enzo will turn into a De Bruyne type of player one day. They both always want the ball and have amazing vision and shot. I believe he will not be DM that long. He is too good for that.

  46. Di Maria is one of our key players. But Australia is not so scary that we need him. Give him a rest and start with Dybala.

    And of course, since MacAlister had one of his career best games last time, he deserves another start. If he is not having a good game, then we can bring Di Maria as a super sub in the last few minutes.

  47. With out DiMaria, we may play different formation like 4312 , Messi behind two strikers (any two of Alvarez, Dybala, Lautaro), or There is a chance to stick to 433, one of Papu/Correa as LW.
    Match is on Saturday, players will have less rest. Hopefully some players will be rested.

  48. For me the best sub for Di Maria is Lautaro Martinez. Lautaro needs to get his mojo back. He needs to play but Julian is on fire. It is unfair to bench him. So let Lautaro replace Di Maria and Messi play on the right, Lautaro as 9 and Julian as left winger. That works.

  49. Little bit worried about gap time between next game. Like of Fideo,Leo,Otamendi & Cuti are risky for us. Can’t even rest them anymore. After R16 there is few more times to heal but next game will be hell of a game. Aussie will be stubborn and will give everything on the pitch. Certainly we can rest Di-Maria next game because Papu can easily fulfil that spot or even Angel. We need him later for sure

      • Papu is more devastating in the wing or front three then Papu in midfield three. If Scaloni doesn’t wanna play Di Maria then it will be Papu or Julian replacing him. In Julian case Lautaro might start as number 9.

        • Papu’s washed-up…Couldn’t hold it steady against Saudi who’re physical. What makes you think he can do better against a similar phyisical side like Australia? He’ll retire after another year or so from European club football if Sevilla renews him but if not, he may as well retire after the tournament.

          Even the MLS fraud – Almada looked better last night.

          • just yesterday Sevilla have announced that they have released both Papu Gomez and Acuna. They are free agents now. Acuna likely to return to Racing while Papu may go to MLS.

            Macallister could be on his way to Inter Milan next season.

  50. “77 – Leandro Paredes completed 77 passes (out of 80 attempted) against Poland, despite only coming on in the 59th minute. No substitute has ever completed more passes in a World Cup match. Automaton.”

    That is why I’m a fan for leo paredes moves the ball smoothly

    • Losing his spot actually kicked him hard. Good kick from Scaloni making everyone competing among them. Even Cuti was phenomenal. Lewa couldn’t even move.

    • I will be happy if Paredes is back but Scaloni already says that Paredes and Enzo are similar type of players, although he said they both can play together. I think when in important big matches like final or semis or something, Paredes will be used.

  51. I also need to admit that McAllister was very critical in our last win. I had been a staunch critic of him (maybe second to el_principe) and I am happy that he made me eat my words for a day.

    What I like about him is that he is quick in releasing the ball and intelligent. He find space for himself and read the game well. But, the thing I don’t like about him is that he gets less involved into the game, and stays as a spectator until the ball comes to him. You will get what I mean if you compare the total number of touches our midfielders made in Poland game:

    Rodrigo de Paul /145
    Enzo Fernández /94
    Leandro Paredes /80
    Alexis Mac Allister /52

    So, Alexis had the least number of touches in the game among the midfielders, even much less than Enzo and Parades despite playing more minutes than all midfielders except DePaul against Poland. I don’t know why he doesn’t get more involved in the game and not make more exchanges with other players.

    This is over area DePaul, Parades, and LoCelso have been excellent- and now Enzo.

    • Well observed. If he improves those aspects in next games we will do even more better then this. Certainly he has the ability and talents otherwise our coaching staff wouldn’t have choose him for the role.

    • I was waiting..El Principe..will come up with this…!
      Somehow you just like el Principe wasted time and found something to criticize his performance…

      You both same..? Your words and understanding looks same..! Just my thoughts..

      You didn’t understand why Mac Allister has less touches..!
      He was playing higher up the pitch, kind of CAM or like a second striker..so, he will have less touches..it’s common.
      Check, Alvarez, DiMaria and Messi touches and compare.
      Enzo, Paredes, and DePaul was playing bit behind, so they will have more touches. Basics.

      • What i loved about most MacAllister game was he always arrives in box to give another option. That is scary to defend & pick your man to mark when there is player like Messi,Di Maria & Alvarez/Lautaro to mark. I felt like he has another few gear to go. I still want him to bloom like Boca days like to get out his shell and enjoy.

  52. Australian starting 11:

    GK Matthey Ryan: sub in danish Kobenhavn.

    RB: 3 players played there
    CB: Rowles played in 2 matches in the scottish Hearts after long injury
    Souttar played too 1 match after long injury in english second divisional Stoke City
    LB: Behich plays in the scottish Dundee United which stand on the last position.

    MDF: Mooy sub in Celtic
    Irvine fights against the relegation with St. Pauli in Bundesliga 2.
    McGree plays in Middlesbrough, close to the relegation in Championships.

    Duke 37/8 in japanese second division.
    Irvine plays in Australia
    Goodwin from australian league too

    This team is absurd LOL, per advanced stats they are maybe the worst team of the whole WC btw. Fighting spirit and luck on their way so far.

    • No don’t underestimate any opponent please. whether it’s Australia or Brazil we have to give all. Same level of celebration whether the goal is against Australia or France. This is the right way.

      • Yes they could handle out of form danish and lower level tunisian attackers, but not french and no way they can argentine forwards. If you want to here the truth they are way worse than Poland. Argentina wont underestimate any team after KSA match. Comfortable win, maybe Australia wont even make a single shoot like quasi Mexico and Poland did.

  53. No injuries to report, if Di Maria needs a rest then so be it and others will step up plain and simple. Defense was on high alert , 2 3 defenders rushing to any Polish with the ball instantly and that’s what its all about.
    I’m looking forward to enjoy the games today with a happy heart and a smile on my face.

    LET’S GO ARGENTINA keep on doing what you do baby 😉

  54. with all due respect I don’t understand the obsession of Dybala yh I got it he is very very good player can win the game on his day but I don’t see where he will fit in our starting 11, btw Julian Alvarez deserves big shoot his overall performance his movements going to flanges creat space for others plus his fitness and sharpness is the reason we created a lot chances for yesterday match and we need that to continue

    • Are you kidding? Dybala can fit in anywhere in the forward left, right or center. He can dribble past defenders, he can cross, he has got great acceleration, he can hold off defenders, he can make defense splitting one touch passes, and most importantly he scores lots of difficult goals often against ultra defensive teams.

      Kudos to Alvarez for his important goal and great finish, but he missed a lot of opportunities and his passing or crossing are not impressive. If Dybala played in his place yesterday the result would have been 4-0. Argentina only scored 27 goals in 17 matches during qualifiers. Yesterday, 2 goals in 23 attempts. Argentina needs more goal scoring forwards.

  55. Dybala is the ideal no-brainer alternative, but it is virtually guaranteed he won’t be allowed to play. Most likely they will switch front three to Alvarez – Lautaro – Messi. Or return of Paredes – basically yesterday’s formation after 59th minute.

  56. Time to use Dybala or Angel Correa in the upcoming game, although unlike Di Maria who is quite comfortable starting very wide on the right and dribbling inwards, I don’t think Dybala likes that at all. He is at his best playing centrally behind a striker.

  57. Playing R16 within just 2 days break will be a huge task for the players..I think if we can take a lead of 2 goals early we can use the subs who haven’t played yet, just to avoid any injuries..

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