Nicolás Otamendi: “This is a team that gets stronger under pressure”


Nicolás Otamendi spoke about the team following their 2-0 win vs. Poland at the World Cup.

Otamendi has helped the team top the group at the World Cup. After an opening match defeat against Saudi Arabia, Otamendi and Argentina have not allowed a goal in two matches.

Argentina will play Australia in the Round of 16 on Saturday. Speaking to TyC Sports, here is what Otamendi had to say:

“This is a team that gets stronger under pressure, it’s been shown. Against Mexico, we had an opportunity and we made it happen. Today, we had another final and we never lost focus. We always try to do the things that the coach asks of us to be able to continue advancing.

“We are aware and strong. As of now, a new cup starts and whoever the rival, we have to think of ourselves and try to function as a team as we have shown today.

“And now we go with the dream of what is to come, that it will be another difficult opponent like Australia.”


  1. Vamos !

    This is beginning to look like a balanced squad where youth fight side by side with the old guard… and starting to gel together…. fantastic to see… onward Argentina!

    Dybala must get minutes against Aussies. Lautaro must get a goal…That way we can hope for a battle tested squad should we make it to the Qf and beyond…

  2. Scaloni the mind master. Ladies and gentlemen, this maybe not the best Messi version we have all witnessed, but this is the best argentina side he has ever played for.

    • In my opinion, Messi is doing very well. HE may miss a penalty, goals e.t.c. but the nitty gritty of what he is doing on the field is what has put us where we are. His game against Poland was a masterclass.

  3. Alvarez is better than lautaro , he always in the right position and his pressing method is on point. I’d rather see him upfront and get lautaro as a sub

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